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  • celo spiky
    celo spiky 2 месяца назад only usain bolt can celebrate before the finish line and still win
  • Doom Archvile
    Doom Archvile 2 месяца назад @Chocolate Banana sundaes lmao
    KELSAK BAARDE HUDUGARU VIDEOS 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂
  • Carol Zielinski
    Carol Zielinski 2 месяца назад Ib I mjuzj 0u nd z8m h oh LG jb LG ib IB in bd njn bnnmmkj1wj7z vh h
  • 蔡西西
    蔡西西 2 месяца назад Doom Archvile 0啊 3
  • Dylaneilton62
    Dylaneilton62 2 месяца назад Drugs help him, that's why
  • Noah S.
    Noah S. 1 месяц назад Any black person, they can run at 50,000 MPH.
  • art roxas
    art roxas 1 месяц назад lol, this comment wins! :P
  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 1 месяц назад @Chocolate Banana sundaes HAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA!
  • Amelia Cruz
    Amelia Cruz 1 месяц назад @Dylaneilton62 he doesn't use drugs. Smh
  • WertyMartin
    WertyMartin 1 месяц назад And Petter Northug
  • Ancito Laurent
    Ancito Laurent 1 месяц назад @Dylaneilton62 how
  • Amadeo Koutroulakis
    Amadeo Koutroulakis 1 месяц назад still win and break and world record
  • billy giles
    billy giles 1 месяц назад Yeah because he’s got drugs on his side
  • 001-254 TV
    001-254 TV 1 месяц назад bolt celebrates before start between the whole continent of usa and still win by a mile
  • Akshay Sunil Bhadage
    Akshay Sunil Bhadage 1 месяц назад So true
  • DOOM
    DOOM 1 месяц назад he also doesn't run long distance ..
  • evoule
    evoule 1 месяц назад He can celebrate when he starts running. :D
  • J Wil
    J Wil 1 месяц назад Yeah, and blow an even better record that might have never been touched. Stupid.
  • Jah
    Jah 1 месяц назад Chocolate Banana sundaes 😂😂
  • MrGolden
    MrGolden 1 месяц назад Dylaneilton62 He doesn’t use drugs..
  • Sunder Raj
    Sunder Raj 1 месяц назад He also lost in 100m race
  • シムランドグラ
    シムランドグラ 1 месяц назад @Chocolate Banana sundaes lmao
  • Candy Xoxo
    Candy Xoxo 1 месяц назад Dylaneilton62 if that was the case he wouldn’t be the man he is today eh? Hater:)
  • Glen CoCo
    Glen CoCo 1 месяц назад @Sunder Raj one time
  • Sunder Raj
    Sunder Raj 1 месяц назад @Glen CoCo 1 time or 100 times, it doesn't matter. He lost, tats wat matters. am nt a hater. I just told the fact
  • Your Mother
    Your Mother 1 месяц назад He was on steroids, so there is that.
  • subZer0spain
    subZer0spain 1 месяц назад And Mark marquez
  • Gabsters vlogz
    Gabsters vlogz 3 недели назад Jamaican here
  • Nae S.
    Nae S. 3 недели назад He can take a nap halfway through and still win 🤣🤣🤣
  • oliverlaw02
    oliverlaw02 2 недели назад He may have won but he's dumb.
  • Bbenton
    Bbenton 2 недели назад @Noah S. WTH us white peoplez can run too bruh
  • Wolfgang Gaming
    Wolfgang Gaming 2 недели назад LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooL
  • Jiovanni White
    Jiovanni White 2 недели назад Bbenton pfft, I don’t see you guys running from cops
  • 罗小兵
    罗小兵 Неделю назад celo spiky 我靠
  • 罗小兵
    罗小兵 Неделю назад celo spiky 哈哈哈哈哈哈
  • Kanna Playz
    Kanna Playz Неделю назад Chocolate Banana sundaes true tho 😂😂
  • joku random
    joku random Неделю назад He can celebrate before the race even starts
  • 앤써니박
    앤써니박 Неделю назад 일부러 저러는거아닌가?? 조작?
  • Sm P
    Sm P 6 дней назад He can afford to look across and smile before the finish line.
  • epicfail
    epicfail 6 дней назад @Amelia Cruz he does its called a speed potion
  • Johnny Kiehn
    Johnny Kiehn 2 месяца назад Why do so many cyclists think it's the last lap when it's the second to last?
  • MJ Zoom
    MJ Zoom 2 месяца назад Johnny Kiehn Seriously, it's called the "bell lap" just like in track! Ridiculous they lost because they ignored the bell.
  • Sick Nightcore
    Sick Nightcore 2 месяца назад Oh yeah yeah
  • Triumph The Comic Insult Dog
    Triumph The Comic Insult Dog 1 месяц назад Johnny Kiehn -I slapped your momma!
  • Seb Seb
    Seb Seb 1 месяц назад Well there is probably a reason why they become cyclists and not mathematicians :D
  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 1 месяц назад @Sick Nightcore OPERATION BLACKOUT! STOP! Our supreme fellow leader... KSI.
  • Cheetos
    Cheetos 1 месяц назад Why cant you find an original profile pic
  • xtremelemon
    xtremelemon 1 месяц назад why so many users have arnold with sunglasses profile picture?
  • Cheetos
    Cheetos 1 месяц назад @xtremelemon 10-14 years old!
  • HK-47 Droid
    HK-47 Droid 1 месяц назад Oh yeah yeah, a good question.
  • mohamed hussein
    mohamed hussein 1 месяц назад Johnny Kiehn I’ve seen u so many times who are u lol
  • OrbitalSteak841  Fire Demon
    OrbitalSteak841 Fire Demon 1 месяц назад @Triumph The Comic Insult Dog she voted for Obama
  • Triumph The Comic Insult Dog
    Triumph The Comic Insult Dog 1 месяц назад OrbitalSteak841 Fire Demon -yeah oh yeah!
    John ROBINSON III 1 месяц назад Could it be....that they lose count? You know, it does happen.
  • justin dawick
    justin dawick 1 месяц назад @HyperMangi your leader has crumbled and crushed by Max
  • seylermoon
    seylermoon 1 месяц назад @Seb Seb I would hope that more people than only those who qualify as mathematicians can do mere counting. :D
  • CeeWorld
    CeeWorld 1 месяц назад well i didn't become a cyclist and i'm not a mathematician so..... @Seb Seb
  • kuntknuckles
    kuntknuckles 1 месяц назад @xtremelemon I don't 💉🐇
  • Chris
    Chris 1 месяц назад Not all, but one of the possibilities. They actually ran out of stamina and pretended it's the last lap. This happened in sports.
  • Douglas Beaumont
    Douglas Beaumont 1 месяц назад yeah im really annoyed maybe they should all go under a course on what to think during your cycle race.
  • Zaheed Chapman
    Zaheed Chapman 1 месяц назад @HyperMangi ksi is on ourside lol
  • Roger Hughes
    Roger Hughes 1 месяц назад The Giro d'Italia one was a short urban circuit at the end of a long place to place stage in a three-week race, so probably just hadn't read the race manual properly and didn't realise there was even a circuit finish involved. The cyclocross one is definitely careless, but in slight mitigation, races are timed (finish the next time through the finish after fifty minutes are up, or something along those lines) so the actual number of laps is not known until the officials do their sums part-way through the race.
  • TheRocketman136
    TheRocketman136 1 месяц назад @Seb Seb being healthy enough and having sufficient interest in sport partaking? Think before you say something.
  • Nicola Zagdanska
    Nicola Zagdanska 3 недели назад Maybe because they cycle so much and their counting gets messed up?
  • Ridhwan Sabeer
    Ridhwan Sabeer 3 недели назад Seb Seb xd
  • Sharif Hussain
    Sharif Hussain 3 недели назад Coz they're dumb🤔
  • Abishek Dumpala
    Abishek Dumpala 3 дня назад Time dilation
  • Siobhan
    Siobhan 1 месяц назад (изменено) 3:16 - When you accidentally pressed the taunt button and you realized it was too late to dodge
  • Rating Ashark
    Rating Ashark 1 месяц назад Good one! It feels like a thousand wiggling feathers on my to feet on this Island on planet Earth floating in infinite space!
  • Babe don't Care :3
    Babe don't Care :3 1 месяц назад lmao😆
  • Dogu Cag
    Dogu Cag 1 месяц назад Hahahhahahahahaha
  • Rating Ashark
    Rating Ashark 1 месяц назад I'm not crazy I was exagerrating it
  • DannewK
    DannewK 1 месяц назад relatabale
  • Anders Bjorklund
    Anders Bjorklund 1 месяц назад Siobhan HAHAHA 😂
  • SnowJolteon
    SnowJolteon 1 месяц назад Taunt to get bodied.
  • Sergey M
    Sergey M 1 месяц назад (изменено) SaintRows, low level of life -> wasted
  • FoxyThe Pirate
    FoxyThe Pirate 1 месяц назад Exactly me in smash bros 😂😂😂
  • Alfie A
    Alfie A 3 недели назад The guy who got knocked out is now a PE teacher at my school
  • fatp00syistasty 248
    fatp00syistasty 248 3 недели назад @Rating Ashark wtf are you talking about?
  • MR. GOAT
    MR. GOAT 3 недели назад Assasin's creed has joined the chat
  • Br!an Delta V
    Br!an Delta V 2 недели назад Thats what taunt cancelling is for. But it only works if you're autistic.
  • Bbenton
  • Grace See
    Grace See Неделю назад Oof
  • asyraf mukhriz
    asyraf mukhriz Неделю назад TF2 JOINS THE CHAT
  • Rendahedron
    Rendahedron 1 месяц назад (изменено) 4:00 and 4:20 don’t belong in this compilation it wasn’t their fault Edit: at the beginning, put on captions
  • Gurpreet Kaur
    Gurpreet Kaur 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Turner Anderson
    Turner Anderson 1 месяц назад Nice
  • ninjanizzle
    ninjanizzle 1 месяц назад IT DOESNT MATTER! in my Rock voice
  • Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
    Philo Judaeus of Alexandria 1 месяц назад Well, 4:00 is referring to the woman. She celebrated too early and caused (her son?) to fail.
  • mausam kumari
    mausam kumari 3 недели назад BeanMan
  • Ridhwan Sabeer
    Ridhwan Sabeer 3 недели назад His jump hurt him 4:00
  • C4azy_Girl_Ty
    C4azy_Girl_Ty 6 дней назад ikr like the one with the lady bruh why she put that on him and he didnt finish yet like wait dang
  • mourn-a-lisa
    mourn-a-lisa 4 дня назад @Philo Judaeus of Alexandria haha can't be her son. That's a little girl (but I get it, she's dressed like a grandmother) lol
  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 1 месяц назад 4:20 is too much 😂🤣
  • Quero Falar 40 Idiomas
    Quero Falar 40 Idiomas 1 месяц назад So funny!
  • Rendahedron
    Rendahedron 1 месяц назад that’s sad
  • MasterN00B 011
    MasterN00B 011 1 месяц назад Hope there was another run
  • WhyDidntIInventYT
    WhyDidntIInventYT 1 месяц назад that was sabotage.
  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 1 месяц назад @WhyDidntIInventYT 😂
  • David hatcher
    David hatcher 1 месяц назад Wow
  • Turner Anderson
    Turner Anderson 1 месяц назад Nice
  • Sasha Sauber
    Sasha Sauber 1 месяц назад That is the saddest loss i've ever seen lol. That is such bad luck.
  • Gema P. Hekmatyar
    Gema P. Hekmatyar 2 недели назад Nice trap
  • TheGreenSlayer77
    TheGreenSlayer77 2 недели назад Florida Man So much bad luck.
  • Tom
    Tom 2 недели назад When you know there’s a devil.
  • Pirex
    Pirex 2 недели назад Florida Man w
    SWAPNIL MASUREKAR 2 недели назад Hard luck
  • Tom
    Tom 2 недели назад SWAPNIL MASUREKAR bwahaha. Look at it from my perspective: I think it was one of the best pieces of luck I’ve ever witnessed. ...The pleasure and laughter it has afforded me has been absolutely priceless!
  • Rushil Desai
    Rushil Desai 2 месяца назад 4:20, that wasn't his fault.
  • I O I
    I O I 2 месяца назад I Think...
  • David Lundmark
    David Lundmark 2 месяца назад Blaze it...
  • H2o-Man 'Aquaman'
    H2o-Man 'Aquaman' 2 месяца назад I Think...
  • Emanuel Nunito
    Emanuel Nunito 2 месяца назад That was his fault... for be a "unlucky man"
  • I O I
    I O I 2 месяца назад Emanuel Nunito i dont think it his fault
  • Shukla Brothers
    Shukla Brothers 2 месяца назад Yes but jeetna kisi aur k naseeb me tha
  • Itz. YaGurlNxka
    Itz. YaGurlNxka 2 месяца назад Rushil Desai He should have came 1st
  • David Gervais
    David Gervais 2 месяца назад yet it's the most hilarious of all these clips
  • Charmy Charmed
    Charmy Charmed 2 месяца назад It was karma
  • Muscular Giraffe
    Muscular Giraffe 2 месяца назад That was some bull.
  • sumboi
    sumboi 1 месяц назад Charmy Charmed For what? Explain.
  • OktayUrsa
    OktayUrsa 1 месяц назад @Charmy Charmed doesn't exist
  • ҉邊҉ ҉緣҉
    ҉邊҉ ҉緣҉ 1 месяц назад It sucked
  • Gerry Berry
    Gerry Berry 1 месяц назад (изменено) Rushil Desai It wasn’t his fault but he was going to be beaten anyway. That guy with the red hair was catching up with him and would’ve passed him on the straight.
  • Max Max
    Max Max 1 месяц назад This is the best one.
  • Jottrato
    Jottrato 1 месяц назад Rushil Desai I agree. That part pisses me off!! That stupid man threw the ribbon he should’ve waited till the race was over stupid stupid stupid!!!! 🤬🤬😡😡😡
  • Zack THD
    Zack THD 1 месяц назад BLAZE IT
  • cool Person
    cool Person 1 месяц назад Ho
  • cool Person
    cool Person 1 месяц назад @I O I hi
  • m33lover
    m33lover 1 месяц назад He should've ran faster.
    RYAN KEN WEI CHUA 1 месяц назад @David Gervais but thing is he tried to win and all his efforts to be wasted just because of an accident kinda sucks.
  • The Super Pineapple
    The Super Pineapple 1 месяц назад @҉邊҉ ҉緣҉ People can believe in what they believe For example I believe in Karma so hate if you must BUT I WON'T CARE.
  • The Super Pineapple
    The Super Pineapple 1 месяц назад @m33lover That might of been the fastest he could run
  • David Gervais
    David Gervais 1 месяц назад @RYAN KEN WEI CHUA I totally agree with you, but it's just amazing how unlucky he was. It's actually so unlucky that it felt like God himself was pulling the strings and laughing his ass off.
  • Dan Hill
    Dan Hill 1 месяц назад @Jottrato I wonder if he ran back and blacked his eye? 😂😂😂
  • Nathan
    Nathan 1 месяц назад that was funny tho
  • Vinny Booboo
    Vinny Booboo 1 месяц назад @David Gervais No, 4:05 is more hilarious and wasn't his/her fault either. 😂
  • The prophecy Is True
    The prophecy Is True 1 месяц назад 420+ no scope
  • Colton Lester
    Colton Lester 1 месяц назад Rushil Desai at 4:20 it was because he was smoking weed
  • RynoJ5
    RynoJ5 1 месяц назад Yeah wtf he didn’t celebrate
  • Amit Barjatya
    Amit Barjatya 1 месяц назад That is unfair!!!
  • GOAlposT
    GOAlposT 1 месяц назад That was pretty sad. A metaphor for life in general.
  • Lime Eirfan
    Lime Eirfan 1 месяц назад Wait..... Is that weed day?
  • milo20060
  • Amberlyn Faulstich
    Amberlyn Faulstich 1 месяц назад (изменено) Rushil Desai, What happened was he tried to throw the thingie mabob at the guy next to him, but it backfired! LOL! Karma's a bish!
  • Raceman Nascar
    Raceman Nascar 1 месяц назад Someone throwing something
  • Archie scar
    Archie scar 1 месяц назад yeah. That was unfair. poor guy
  • シムランドグラ
    シムランドグラ 1 месяц назад They should've conducted the game again..
  • Mukoro Oweh, Jr.
    Mukoro Oweh, Jr. 1 месяц назад Rushil Desai he jus got high thats all
  • RickyPro
    RickyPro 1 месяц назад Jottrato it wasn’t a ribbon. It was from the pole vault, look carefully
  • ee kenny
    ee kenny 1 месяц назад Wow! I become your 1,000 person who like your comment! I'm so lucky! Hahaha
  • Aggressive Tubesock
    Aggressive Tubesock 1 месяц назад Yes it was. How about you untangle yourself before gloating?
  • The IDK Channel
    The IDK Channel 1 месяц назад 420 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂0️⃣
  • bert fromarketin
    bert fromarketin 1 месяц назад Yeah that was some hold the wreath til I WIN
  • FoxyThe Pirate
    FoxyThe Pirate 1 месяц назад @Emanuel Nunito no
  • Primo Tech YT
    Primo Tech YT 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Emanuel Nunito Do you have to be lucky to be lucky why it's his fault that he's not lucky. Ohhh it's my fault cause im unlucky what would you feel if that happens to you. You smell like a rotten rat dropped in wet poop and dried by the breath of a 1M year old man that hasn't tooth brushed yet.
  • Turner Anderson
    Turner Anderson 1 месяц назад Nice
  • -
    - 1 месяц назад @Primo Tech YT Couldn't you have just settled for 'May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch'?
  • ninjanizzle
    ninjanizzle 1 месяц назад imagine how pissed he was lol. he probably filed several complaints.
  • LouieGMDesign13
    LouieGMDesign13 1 месяц назад It wasn't his fault, but you have to admit that he looks alot like Jim Levenstein from American Pie.
  • BlazePlayz YT
    BlazePlayz YT 3 недели назад I O I He was joking.
  • ꧁DLC_PR016꧂
    ꧁DLC_PR016꧂ 3 недели назад Rushil Desai haha 420
  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account 2 недели назад That was unfair.
  • mamede04
    mamede04 1 месяц назад never celebrate too early.. unless you're Usain Bolt
  • richard martinez
    richard martinez 1 месяц назад mamede04
  • cool Person
    cool Person 1 месяц назад @richard martinez hi
  • เกด เน่า
    เกด เน่า 1 месяц назад ป) ๆ
  • Cruv - Games And Edits
    Cruv - Games And Edits 1 месяц назад lol
  • Tabithia Moore
    Tabithia Moore 1 месяц назад Or LeBron James
  • 187 effective
    187 effective 1 месяц назад Sef curry 3 point
  • Paradox GD
    Paradox GD 1 месяц назад U just stole a joke....
  • Tripti singh
    Tripti singh 2 месяца назад 3:25 sounds like a cow!!
  • Bonty 2
    Bonty 2 1 месяц назад Lol
  • 100 K Subs No Video
    100 K Subs No Video 1 месяц назад @Bonty 2 troll
  • Maria Albarran
    Maria Albarran 1 месяц назад True
  • Raredays
    Raredays 1 месяц назад NO ReALLY WOw WHaT ArE YoU SIx NIgGa!
  • Catloaf
    Catloaf Неделю назад uh what about it?
  • Lupin III
    Lupin III 1 месяц назад (изменено) 4:20 What are the odds of that happening...
  • Fined
    Fined 1 месяц назад In two ways
  • Mario Benedetto
    Mario Benedetto 1 месяц назад A similar thing can only happen in a dream... The runner will relive it in nightmares 😂😂🤣
  • mausam kumari
    mausam kumari 3 недели назад Deathsworn Katarina
  • Faizaan Hussain
    Faizaan Hussain Неделю назад 0.00000000000000000000000001%
  • Quinton N
    Quinton N 2 месяца назад (изменено) Imagine thinking you have won the world 🌎title and there is 1 lap to go stil 😂 1:30
  • Peaches Kong
    Peaches Kong 1 месяц назад He lost count but how?? 😂😂
  • Theodor Stein
    Theodor Stein 1 месяц назад oh my god. so. embarrassing
  • Reijo P.
    Reijo P. 1 месяц назад @Peaches Kong He slept during the 1st grade math lessons.
  • Jaasai
    Jaasai 1 месяц назад Me in Mario kart
  • Majowh
    Majowh 4 месяца назад Celebrating before you cross the line shows you how arrogant they are.
  • The Flash
    The Flash 3 месяца назад Agreed, they deserve to lose.
  • VGMStudios33
    VGMStudios33 3 месяца назад Exactly! They totally deserve it
  • project awesome
    project awesome 3 месяца назад VGMStudios33 what about the guy who had a rope around his legs and the guy broke his ankle
  • Vlaka
    Vlaka 2 месяца назад Exactly
  • 1bigjohn11
    1bigjohn11 2 месяца назад fucking retards
  • Craftuar
    Craftuar 2 месяца назад Some people look like paid for not winning.
  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja 2 месяца назад What about Usain Bolt
  • Ibrahim Turay
    Ibrahim Turay 2 месяца назад Fight video
  • Master Pole
    Master Pole 2 месяца назад VGMStudios33 They don’t really deserve it unless they lose. If they pull it off the win they win
  • York Hunt
    York Hunt 2 месяца назад Kinda like Hillary
  • Okabe Rintaro
    Okabe Rintaro 2 месяца назад Its not arrogance not all people are arrogant... It's overconfident person can seldom be arrogant and not always...
  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez 2 месяца назад idiot more likely
  • Israel Brewton
    Israel Brewton 2 месяца назад Quick how do they deserve to lose?
  • Lugit36
    Lugit36 2 месяца назад (изменено) project awesome If you’re referring to 3:47, he didn’t have to jump and touch the timer like that. As for the rope guy I got nothing, that was unfortunate and out of his control.
  • Israel Brewton
    Israel Brewton 2 месяца назад Lugit36 nobody has to do anything showboating doesn’t mean That people didn’t work hard for a victory. Doesn’t matter whether u wait before or after to celebrate u put in that hard work.
  • Lugit36
    Lugit36 2 месяца назад (изменено) Israel Brewton Yeah, and all that hard work he put in went to the trash because he had to jump and touch the timer lol. I’m not saying he deserved a broken ankle, but I’m just clarifying on why his clip is in the video.
  • Israel Brewton
    Israel Brewton 2 месяца назад Lugit36 it didn’t go to waste the comment section is talking talking abut who deserves to lose cuz they’re losers n never worked this hard fir anything in life.
  • Lugit36
    Lugit36 2 месяца назад Israel Brewton Well I cant speak for people in the comments but celebrating or not I still respect the hard work athletes put in. It’s just a shame that sometimes celebrating can cost them the win, that’s on them though🤷‍♂️
  • Cupangkoi
    Cupangkoi 2 месяца назад Why are they the arrogant ones if i'm the one who's celebrating before i cross the line?
  • Will Guzman
    Will Guzman 2 месяца назад Majowh p
  • Will Guzman
    Will Guzman 2 месяца назад Craftuar pinoyce
  • Will Guzman
    Will Guzman 2 месяца назад Master Pole lovesom Lo
  • Dimi HUN
    Dimi HUN 2 месяца назад @Okabe Rintaro overconfidence is the first step to the way of arrogance
  • Okabe Rintaro
    Okabe Rintaro 2 месяца назад @Dimi HUN no. Not every overconfident guy has been arrogant and not every confident person has been modest or humble. The point is it's not always with the flow. There are confident people who end up being successful and later that success makes them arrogant and there also are people who fail with overconfidence and realize their mistake and work hard with modesty. So not always my friend.
  • Dimi HUN
    Dimi HUN 2 месяца назад @Okabe Rintaro you don't get the point of my comments. When people are way to overconfidence in their power etc they are on the way of arrogance. It's a fact. You can be confident, in fact it's good thing but never be overconfidence, because that is what arrogance is too.
  • Okabe Rintaro
    Okabe Rintaro 2 месяца назад @Dimi HUN dude i understand your point completely i get what you are trying to convey.. But im explaining that not every confident person ends up humble and same goes for overconfident ones.. Not every person with overconfidence has arrogance. Some of them might be careless or stupid... But not arrogant.. They may be lazy but not arrogant. I was overconfident many times in my life but i never was arrogant i always stood humble but yeah i was very parents durinf my exams used to tell me to revise what i have studied.. But i used to say im sure everything will be fine no need to worry although very least of the topics i used to revise or study... And then archieved low grades.. But i always remained humble and learnt from my mistakes. So yeah i get the point overconfidence can be the step for pride and arrogance.. But it isn't the complete pavement leading to it. One has to be rude, selfish, should have a superior complex, should act bossy to get the tag of an arrogant person. Rest i understand what you mean bro.. Overconfidence is one of the steps for arrogance.
  • Dimi HUN
    Dimi HUN 2 месяца назад @Okabe Rintaro you still don't get it lol I said overconfidence is a step on the way of arrogance. It's a common fact. How can be an overconfident person not arrogant? Impossible. Since if there's 2 man who is fighting, 1 is overconfident so he doesn't think much of the other guy. That's arrogance no matter how you try to explain its not, because it is. There's no point to argue with you any further. You can't understand it. That's all there is it. I won't judge or blame you for it btw. You doesn't really meet with arrogant humans I think. I did, and yes overconfidence is also arrogance in some points. My example were a simple example which even a 5 years old understand. Confidence is not arrogance, but overconfidence is arrogance
  • Okabe Rintaro
    Okabe Rintaro 2 месяца назад @Dimi HUN dont know about you man but i have met arrogant people and overconfident people too including myself.. And i do know the difference i never ended being one. But hey i did agree on your point that overconfidence is the step to arrogance. So it's alright bro.