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Regular Car Reviews: 2001 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird WS6

Published on Dec 7, 2015 770,443 views

NNGH! HRRGH! *Snorts* UGGS. hut hut HIKE!
Thank you to: Pypes Exgaust
2705 Clemens Road,
Building 103B
Hatfield, PA 19440

  • Kevin Jokipii
    Kevin Jokipii 2 года назад My wife took the kids to meet me for lunch. This exact version of the Trans Am in the same color was parked in the lot at my work. My 10yo son was flabbergasted. He asked me whether it's a race car. If the styling was aimed at the inner 10-year-old, it's still hitting the mark.
  • Personality Crisis
    Personality Crisis 6 месяцев назад Someone in my neighborhood has this exact trans am, but white. The dude lives right down the street so he passes by my house nearly every day and my little brothers lose their minds every time.
  • Meadow Creek
    Meadow Creek Год назад Kevin Jokipii this warms my heart so much
  • classic kool
    classic kool 2 года назад The car looks like it will slit your throat ....
  • PushingUpRoses
    PushingUpRoses 3 года назад When I was 15 and lookin' for cool cars to "buy" (when I say buy I mean my mom had to basically buy it for me), I REALLY wanted a Firebird. She got me a Saturn SL1. Eh.
  • smokejblow66
    smokejblow66 3 недели назад ​@Guy Jones Those saturns are cheap reliable cars. This is a surplus of those parts.
  • Slit Wrist Misfit
    Slit Wrist Misfit 1 месяц назад No one should have to drive a SL1...
  • Ryan Adam
    Ryan Adam 1 месяц назад Your parents bought you a car? Cute.
  • David Angle
    David Angle 5 месяцев назад same first car!!!
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 6 месяцев назад Look down. See those mountains on your chest? You can have any car you want if you know what you're doing. Over here acting all sad that you didn't have money when you have a get out of poverty free card to play anytime you want.
  • ZB classic vehicles
    ZB classic vehicles 7 месяцев назад I just sent my sl1 to the scraper. Not because there was anything particularly wrong with but because it scared the ever living shit out of me to drive. The car was completely stock to. For those of you wondering why a factory 98 sl1 was scary well it had 418,000 miles on it and even the glass shook if you drove it more than 30mph
  • Mike Northrup
    Mike Northrup 7 месяцев назад My dream car in HS was my grandpa's 1982 Cadillac Sedan Deville......I bought my grandma's 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass.....fair compromise
  • AaronGoSoFast
    AaronGoSoFast 9 месяцев назад My first car was a tricked out 92 firebird 😝 My parents didn't but it for me though. I did way back in 2000 for $3,800. ($2,200 off asking price) I totalled it two months later but proceeded to continue driving it for another two years. Bought a 2000 in 02. Still have it to this day. Sold the '92 for $750 to a chick who continued driving the totalled bastard for another 7 years until it finally died due to the fact all she did was put gas in it. Reliable as hell. Poor thing had a rough life though.
  • timeroller
    timeroller 11 месяцев назад I had to work for my car and it took about 4 years to save up about $600 which i used to buy a 78 blazer I only bring it up because Im proud of myself for managing to get a car that won't rapidly decrease in value like the 85 trans am that I almost bought so don't loose hope and buy that god damn 2001 trans am
  • Willens Marquise
    Willens Marquise 11 месяцев назад The amount of verified cunts on here never ceases to amaze me.
  • ThunderAppeal
    ThunderAppeal 11 месяцев назад It was and is what you deserve bitch.
  • Art Chavez
    Art Chavez Год назад PushingUpRoses my dad got me the ls2 saturn!
  • 505 enthusiast
    505 enthusiast Год назад PushingUpRoses right cause parents dont buy there teenagers muscle cars
  • Ryan Yoder
    Ryan Yoder Год назад Cool to see Pushing Up Roses on here. Firebirds and Kings Quest games ftw.
  • Frankie Basile
    Frankie Basile Год назад birdofpreyful First car,86 Ford Thunderbird 5.0,dark Grey with Mustang Turbine rims,walked with my friend 3 miles ,didn't even test drive ,paid 2200 ,drove home...great car,filled with great memories in 98
  • Vamsi Puppala
    Vamsi Puppala Год назад I was in the same situation and ended up with a 1987 Honda Accord. It was so cool.
  • Kansas Sam Brokeback
    Kansas Sam Brokeback Год назад Sensible transportation that Saturn.
  • SalveMonesvol
    SalveMonesvol Год назад You got a car... as a gift... and you wrecked it because you didn't like it. And your punishment was another car. Fuck you.
  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon Год назад I'm 46 so my First car was a 76 delta 88 Olds .... indestructible... kept that car as a winter car for 10 years went through two Vetts ZR1's and a Z28 still had the Delta88 who knew
  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon Год назад I bought my girlfriend a SC2 blue black with tan leather not a bad little car .. for a big shot 20 year old ughh what an idiot I was
  • PoppaBear
    PoppaBear Год назад Well showflake, if you worked and saved up your own money, instead of "mom had to basically buy it for me", then you could have had your Firebird, and not have ended up with a Saturn.. but hey, who am I to correct you snowflake? Entitlement children now days. I had to deliver newspapers, every day, for 2 years, just to end up with my first car, a Volkswagen bug, which I absolutely loved. Nobody helped me with a single penny of it. Sure, my parents had money, but it was my own personal goal to buy my own first car.. I didn't want help with anything, and instead, made a goal, set a goal, and at the age of 15, bought my own, "Cal Style Bug". A nice, plush, fixed up, tricked out VW.. which I was so happy about. Mommy didn't buy me a car. they tried giving me a truck.. I said nope, sell it.. I'm buying myself a car.
  • Tony Cervantez
    Tony Cervantez Год назад Hey Cutie
  • Clever Kitsune
    Clever Kitsune Год назад (изменено) PushingUpRoses could be coulda saved up money for years wanting a firebird and your parents turn around and buy a sunfire with that money insyead saying it looks the same
  • Durnehviir
    Durnehviir Год назад RegularCars getting one for 4K for a first car mom told me I had to buy my own
  • Austin J
    Austin J Год назад PushingUpRoses you should be grateful your parents bought you a car at all
  • Bonesaws
    Bonesaws 2 года назад Oh shit its roses...................... review Dark Seed 2 D:
  • GrexTheCrabasitor
    GrexTheCrabasitor 2 года назад probably saved your life though!
  • BigWheel
    BigWheel 2 года назад PushingUpRoses I have an sl1 and i fuckin love it.
  • Hamboarding
    Hamboarding 2 года назад PushingUpRoses Oh, cool to see you here! I really like your channel as well as RegularCars! Keep up the good work 😊👍🏻
  • Doug Payne
    Doug Payne 2 года назад My first car was (it's still my daily, it's just undergoing some body work after a fender bender) a 2005 Chevy Astro, my mom and dad bought it from my uncle for 500 bucks as a beater van (it was owned by a tour company before we had it, the interior was fine and is relatively rust free. It was parked every winter and had the oil and fluids drained out of the engine when it was stored, luckily it runs fine and doesn't have any huge mechanical issues) When my uncle bought it first he though the engine was blown but he got a distributor coil off a 4.3 V6 from a Silverado and it turned over and ran fine. It's not fast, doesn't have all the latest tech or the sleekest styling, but it's a solid and reliable daily really the only thing it sucks at is winter driving because it's rear wheel drive and due to being a half chassis van, has almost no weight over the rear axles, I'm looking for an AWD or FWD that I can use for the winter. Your SL1 might not be a badass performance machine but it got you from point a to point b without having to rely on a bus, taxi, or someone else to give you a ride.
  • Darth Masher
    Darth Masher 2 года назад I got an 92 beetle...
  • Joesolo13
    Joesolo13 2 года назад PushingUpRoses same story, but 04 Elantra at the end.
  • T-Man
    T-Man 2 года назад 98 Toyota Camry for me....ugh
  • justin leopold
    justin leopold 2 года назад PushingUpRoses I am the exact opposite I bought a 95 ws6 m6 in high school and just bought an sl1 yesterday for a work car 5 years later hahaha so many burnouts in the parking lot lol my principal loved me
  • Hayden Formica
    Hayden Formica 2 года назад my life
  • Donovan Campbell
    Donovan Campbell 2 года назад (изменено) PushingUpRoses well, at least she bought you a car😂 I'm looking at a 1995 Eagle Talon ESi 5 speed.
  • panzer waffen
    panzer waffen 2 года назад Frostoss hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha
  • trillriff-axegrinder
    trillriff-axegrinder 2 года назад i think the term your name is trying to emulate is "pushing up daisies"
  • Abr3200
    Abr3200 2 года назад PushingUpRoses--- I love your channel. You are really hot, fun and smart girl :D
    THE HAWK 2 года назад +Talford Winstonworth I had a 1978 Ford F-350 4x4. It was so many different colors that on the title when I sold it under the " color part " they put , " misc"
  • Tyer Estes
    Tyer Estes 3 года назад @slayerdearly It's a bad idea to buy any kid a car, especially a nice one. ESPECIALLY if it's their first. They're going to grow up with no respect or perspective and they're going to be so soft and sheltered that they'll think that getting their order wrong at Starbuck's is the worst thing that could happen to them.
  • slayerdearly
    slayerdearly 3 года назад @mike02467 yeah I agree about the crashing the car part but still its bullshit if ppl have money that they screw there kid out of a nice car specilly if they had money ya know?  
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 3 года назад @slayerdearly You can be pissed off fine, but to purposely crash a car because you wanted something better is absurd. It's like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum at dinner because he wanted mac n cheese, not grilled chicken and broccoli, and knocking the porcelain plate off the table, shattering it. Childish BS, except as an adult! I don't think kids should be stuck in a pos car, but if you are given a car, ANY car, you should consider yourself lucky and be happy with what you got. Cars are not cheap, insurance is not cheap, etc.
  • Tyer Estes
    Tyer Estes 3 года назад I'd honestly probably take the Saturn over this. I don't want men who frequently participate in rodeos and scrawny blonde 19 year olds with 12 kids to flirt with me, thank you very much.
  • justin mccaffery
    justin mccaffery 3 года назад first car 1984 300zx turbo
  • Justin Fabricius
    Justin Fabricius 3 года назад my firstcar was a 91 3000gt vr4. less than 80,000 miles and rarer jamaicanblue (turqoise) paint. got it for 7k, and payed for it with money from day tradingon the stock market. I think I found my career.
  • Hercules Rockefeller
    Hercules Rockefeller 3 года назад @Motorsports7 Ahh I too once had the rotary bug.. Then I got tired of spending all that money getting spanked by s2ks and getting 17mpg!.. But hey, its your 1st car, and it sounds like you know what you've gotten into so i'll digress.  My 1st car was a Ford Fairmont that I traded a guitar for, and it got stolen before I even got to drive it.
  • Motorsports7
    Motorsports7 3 года назад +Hercules Rockefeller oh trust me, I've read the forums and I premix my gas. Oil changes before 3000 k and check the oil levels every other fill up. I do all the work myself so it's not too bad. And it gets taken to the shift buzzer every time I come around a slow corner. She runs for no less than 10 minutes before each drive and I always take the long way home, it's a fun car and it can be reliable if you know what you're doing. I still bike to school the car is just for trips to see my gf or taking my friends for rides. I love the rotary church of LATTER DAY TAINTS and will never leave
  • Hercules Rockefeller
    Hercules Rockefeller 3 года назад @Motorsports7 Thats a awesome 1st car. But also a terrible 1st car in reality if you have to keep up the maintenance or pay for repairs..? (Mazda is no stranger to lawsuits about the rx-8).  You've still got some miles before the shit hits the fan though. Is it an automatic? I'm sure most of the problems are due to ignorance of the driver about the extra maintenance RX-8's require vs a 'regular car'. The car burns oil on purpose, so make sure its never low. The burnt oil builds up carbon around the seals, so it needs to be 'revved' every now and then to blow the carbon out.. otherwise damage to the side seals can occur and cause loss of compression.. But ALWAYS let it warm up before driving it hard, Avoid short trips, dont turn it off cold.. There are lots of 'tricky' things about rx-8's, so id join a forum and browse there for more info 
  • Motorsports7
    Motorsports7 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses First car for me, bought 2 weeks ago, a 2007 Mazda RX-8 with 45000 km for 9500 bucks in Canada.
  • 저그프로토스
    저그프로토스 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses I didn't get any car and had to work hard to afford one myself.
  • Stephen Bianchi
    Stephen Bianchi 3 года назад I feel like I watched you play MM with Roo from CotGW.
  • Zac Lee
    Zac Lee 3 года назад Whats with everybody getting cars for free wtf
  • Hercules Rockefeller
    Hercules Rockefeller 3 года назад +birdofpreyful .. I Traded my Fender guitar for a 85 Fairmont as my 1st car.. I went to the dmv to change the tags, and it got towed by the city for being parked on the street (with no tags) by the time I got back.. I couldnt afford impound fees, so I never got to drive my 1st car
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 3 года назад @Jill T. I was replying to this post by "Frostoss"... "  I got a Saturn sl as my first car and hated it so I wrecked it but my parents punished me and bought me another Saturn" His parents buy him a car, he doesn't like it so he crashes it intentionally to get a different car. How is he a good kid? He wasted his parents hard earned money like a spoiled brat.
  • Jill T.
    Jill T. 3 года назад @mike02467 What's your problem? If his parents could afford to buy him a car and he was a good kid, I don't see any problem with that situation at all. 
  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 3 года назад +Frostoss entitled little shit. If I were your parents I'd have beat your ass.
  • Remy Two Times
    Remy Two Times 3 года назад m
  • Albert Deilami
    Albert Deilami 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses When I was 16 I saw a mid-90s Z28 in a classified magazine for $3,999. About 5 years later I finally came back to United States. About a year later I already had a job so I bought myself a 94 Z28. I've had the car for 7 years now.
  • Jill T.
    Jill T. 3 года назад Oh my god, that was my first car. It was nicknamed The Meth Lab.
  • PGTMR2
    PGTMR2 3 года назад It's like Sporty Spice, looks "sporty," but, you wouldn't expect her to win an athletic competition. Not to say she couldn't, but sound and looks seemed to be more important. Old ass analogy brought to you by... Mennen
  • malevolenceXXXensues
    malevolenceXXXensues 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses I remember when people used to say to me that the firebird wasn't a real sports car. I always thought they were silly for saying so.
  • goobon
    goobon 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses It's like all the people I watch on YouTube like RCR. I love it.
  • MannyFresh1x
    MannyFresh1x 3 года назад At least you get 27 city and like 38 highway!
  • Mr. AfriKa
    Mr. AfriKa 3 года назад Am i Dull for liking the intro music?
  • Andrew Rattle
    Andrew Rattle 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses hahaha. well real kids dont have their parents hand them a car.
  • Zac
    Zac 3 года назад boo hoo my mom bought me a car
  • PGTMR2
    PGTMR2 3 года назад Ah, planned obsolescence, isn't it great.
  • Alessandro Friche
    Alessandro Friche 3 года назад @Narraghetto indeed a really nice car 
  • Narragetto
    Narragetto 3 года назад My first car was a 1995 Saturn SW2. The timing belt broke and the pistons smashed the valves, but I liked it.
  • PGTMR2
    PGTMR2 3 года назад +SonicthePlumber Saturn is to a car, what McDonald's is to a job and/or food. I think the design people started from the premise that the EV-1 electric car looked cool. Maybe to cat people and Aztek fans?! What was with the narrower track to the rear axle? Let's make a 4 wheel vehicle look like it only has 3 wheels, because Derp car. A riced out rusted out Civic on cut springs would be an upgrade over an SL1 and at least shows some enthusiasm for driving.
  • Tyler Snell
    Tyler Snell 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses My first car was a '93 SL1! It had the 5-speed manual. But more importantly, it had automatic seat belts.
  • Nathan Rumancik
    Nathan Rumancik 3 года назад +RegularCars Its auto though :/
  • LegacyMuse
    LegacyMuse 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses My dream car when I was a kid was a third-gen Camaro. I got one, in fact, when I was 14, and proptly discovered that you need to know way more than I did about cars if you EVER hope to fix a 305-powered Computer Controlled Carbureted $400 Camaro. First driver was an '84 Ram D100.
  • Alessandro Friche
    Alessandro Friche 3 года назад +Frostoss ahahahahahah DAMN!
  • Lobotomy
    Lobotomy 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses Ugh, the SL1 is by far the ugliest car in history, and that's why it's my least favorite car overall. Performance for what you paid for was okay, nothing to shake a stick at, but okay. Fuel Economy was respectable. The looks, though. Headlights were so cross-eyed that you could park it in the front yard and have it count the chickens in the back. Grey plastic bumpers that make it somehow more obvious that you're driving a minimum-budget shitwagon. Round, 1990s bio-aesthetic. Eugh. If I ever strike it rich, I will buy every SL1 on Earth, and crush them. The Saturn SL1, the Grenade, or Ugly Betty of cars.
  • SilverPanda WS6
    SilverPanda WS6 3 года назад @silvernail6 ah I see. Well, my first vehicle was a 2011 chevy silverado 1500. Had some aftermarket cosmetics and rims and stuff when i got it. I loved the truck. But I wanted something else that was more useful for what i was doing. Which was driving Long distances for military purposes. Which then I set my sights on the 2002 pontiac firebird ws6. I found the one I really wanted. Then my mother decided she wanted a different vehicle other than her 2015 mustang 4 banger turbo and traded my truck in for a 2016 Lincoln navi. :/ talk about F'ed over.
  • silvernail6
    silvernail6 3 года назад Thanks Bray... Dad did the right thing...I would have met my maker in the '69 w/400 cu. in., Thrush mufflers (i.e. beer cans) and Mickey Thompsons...And the Gremlin had its moment at Road America during a parade lap for the 1972 Trans-Am...
  • SilverPanda WS6
    SilverPanda WS6 3 года назад +silvernail6 I'm sorry.
  • birdofpreyful
    birdofpreyful 3 года назад +silvernail6 My first car was a 1979 ford thunderbird. Paid 20 bucks for it and pushed it home.
  • PushingUpRoses
    PushingUpRoses 3 года назад +RegularCars $9,500!?! D:
  • silvernail6
    silvernail6 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses Yeah well buck up Rosey.....I wanted a a..........drum roll........wait......for gerrrremmmlin instead
  • xxFallenKnight
    xxFallenKnight 3 года назад Mine is a 2001 Camry
  • Henry Rieken
    Henry Rieken 3 года назад @Talford Winstonworth 97 Cavalier was my first
  • Talford Winstonworth
    Talford Winstonworth 3 года назад +Henry Rieken Lol, my first car was a merc
  • Henry Rieken
    Henry Rieken 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses Still, Saturns were good. My first NEW car was a 2002 SC1, which was the last year of the S-series. Great gas mileage, even with the automatic.
  • Frostoss
    Frostoss 3 года назад I got a Saturn sl as my first car and hated it so I wrecked it but my parents punished me and bought me another Saturn
  • Guy Jones
    Guy Jones 3 года назад I currently drive a 1994 saturn sl1 lol
  • xxFallenKnight
    xxFallenKnight 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses Bro did you really have to say "eh". Basically screaming I'm CANADIAN!
  • TrapBum
    TrapBum 3 года назад +RegularCars faaak it's AUTOMATIC D":
  • Leerseele
    Leerseele 3 года назад +RegularCars Just letting you know, the description says Exgaust instead of Exhaust.
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses If you want a firebird, have a firebird!
  • Jermaine Riley
    Jermaine Riley 3 года назад I like this car because it's extremely vulgar, the Camaro looks great but this is the idealization of the pissed off muscle car, you see one of these in your rearview with it's bellowing exhaust I see it all the time people get the hell out of the way. I kinda want one
  • Paul Zink
    Paul Zink 4 месяца назад I well remember meeting up with a Firebird club in upstate New York in 2000 or 2001 when I had just bought a brand-new Camaro SS; my club, the East Coast Camaro Club, was meeting them to convoy jointly down to Englishtown, NJ, for a weekend F-body event —1/4 mile track, car show, etc. We got on the road, all mixed together, and I recall a black WS6 being the car behind me as we all drove the Garden State parkway. Even though I had the same BHP and torque in my Camaro (maybe even more, after some mods I'd done), the sight of those angry twin nostrils in my rear-view mirror made me a bit nervous! LOL
  • Doug Payne
    Doug Payne Год назад Hell the mufflers are even called "Violator" lol!
  • camaro rider
    camaro rider 2 года назад YES! that shit is so annoying haha
  • mildphil
    mildphil 2 года назад I still have fuckheads pass me like they had to be somewhere an hour ago.
  • clutchthepearls
    clutchthepearls 3 года назад +Lucas Winders All the hoods, per each design, were the same from 98-02. A 98 base hood is the same as the base hood for 99-02, a 98 WS6 hood is the same as a 99-02 WS6 hood, and the same goes for the Firehawk.
  • Debonaire Catalina65
    Debonaire Catalina65 3 года назад i'm a fan of the 1998 model hoods, they had taller scoops on them that make it stand out a bit more, nothing obnoxious, just more defined, these firebirds in black are gnarly as hell!
  • IgoByaGo
    IgoByaGo 3 года назад Especially in black. They are the meanest looking MoFo's in the history of ever in black.
  • Jacob Godwin
    Jacob Godwin 3 года назад +Jermaine Riley Honestly I never really liked the hood on these but now that I've seen the intake under it... I need it. It's so perfectly evil.
  • A Daft Gorilla
    A Daft Gorilla 3 года назад +clutchthepearls lol thats what my dad jokingly calls his black 96 trans am
  • IgoByaGo
    IgoByaGo 3 года назад @clutchthepearls  Hellz Yes.
  • frozenskipper
    frozenskipper 3 года назад +Jermaine Riley If you ask me, which you probably won't, it doesn't look pissed off at all. Just kinda stupid.
  • clutchthepearls
    clutchthepearls 3 года назад +IgoByaGo mf'n batmobile
  • IgoByaGo
    IgoByaGo 3 года назад +clutchthepearls I still think these guys in black are the meanest looking mofo's on the road.
  • The Arkle
    The Arkle 3 года назад agreed about the look. I used to think they were ugly a few years back but looking at it now it's by far one of the most attractive vehicles I can think of
  • clutchthepearls
    clutchthepearls 3 года назад a phrase Fbody guys like to say is "An SS Camaro looks like it can kick your ass. A WS6 looks like it's on it's way over to do so."
  • Mudbone gaming
    Mudbone gaming 3 года назад +Jermaine Riley it will be the best decision of your life if you get one.
  • Cali
    Cali 3 года назад +Brandon Saunders Yes it does. I've owned three of these, amazing cars.
  • Brandon Saunders
    Brandon Saunders 3 года назад +Jermaine Riley Exactly. This car looks inappropriate and disrespectful. I love it.
  • AMDX1325
    AMDX1325 3 года назад that WS6 is soooooooooo clean!
  • Pontiac Maniac
    Pontiac Maniac Год назад I have a 95’ Formula with 54k miles and it has a clean interior and a clean exterior. It is awesome!!!
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад @powermatt Pypes doesn't "technically" own it, either. 
  • powermatt
    powermatt 3 года назад @SpecialKLSX Testing mules are rarely treated this well.
  • SpecialKLSX
    SpecialKLSX 3 года назад an aftermarket mule with under 15k on the clock it better have been.
  • powermatt
    powermatt 3 года назад +AMDX1325 Yeah, it's impressive how nice it is. Most Firebirds from that era that I've seen are absolutely trashed.
  • LGR
    LGR 3 года назад That in-video comments section... yup
  • Michael Kaczmarczyk
    Michael Kaczmarczyk 8 месяцев назад Bruh you just owned a subscriber. Watch your videos sometimes but now I know you’re into tuner culture you’ve earned it
  • Tyler Alberico
    Tyler Alberico 11 месяцев назад omg omg lazy game reviews watches regular car reviews this is insane
  • TheRealE1337ist
    TheRealE1337ist Год назад JOHN CENA!
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps Год назад RegularCars yuuuuuuuuuuuup
  • Stephen
    Stephen Год назад Fancy seeing you here
  • Ok this is epic
    Ok this is epic 2 года назад (изменено) more undertale references pls
  • dalila calderon
    dalila calderon 2 года назад Lazy Game Revielllllllllllllo
  • Paul Denney
    Paul Denney 3 года назад +Lazy Game Reviews OMG It's like Peanut Butter & Jelly, these two <3
  • Car Dynamics
    Car Dynamics 3 года назад +RegularCars thanks
  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden 3 года назад +Lazy Game Reviews Whoa, did not expect to see you here lol.
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses YOu're a grownup now, you can have a Firebird if you want
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses "I had [x] and it wasn't [x], plus I LIKED [x].
  • PushingUpRoses
    PushingUpRoses 3 года назад +Lazy Game Reviews You forgot to mention [x].
  • eumoria
    eumoria 3 года назад +Lazy Game Reviews LGR watches RCR hooray! love both your channels keep being amazing!
  • RecklessFables
    RecklessFables 3 года назад +RegularCars This might be your best work yet.
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +Lazy Game Reviews Yeeeep
  • jecenifo
    jecenifo 3 года назад I can't believe how much RCR has made me, a person who isn't all too caring of car culture, absolutely fascinated with cars. The way you present it all, and the way you carry yourselves, really makes it all so enticing. Even when your shouting out a business you make it interesting. Thank you, RCR. To me, you're one of the most fascinating channels on YouTube.
  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez 9 месяцев назад What man doesn’t like cars??? Lol
  • timsgta
    timsgta Год назад Sam Cyanide compensate much?
  • floydbanks28
    floydbanks28 Год назад Agreed
  • Player Review
    Player Review 3 года назад +RIPCompanionCube I totally agree.
  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide 3 года назад +RIPCompanionCube only thing I love around here is BIG AMERICAN TRUCKS WITH V8S FORD F150 BUILT IN DETROIT SUPER HEAVY DUTY STYLE
  • jecenifo
    jecenifo 3 года назад I love you too.
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +RIPCompanionCube OMG I love you!
  • Roy Case
    Roy Case 3 года назад I want to see "Mr. Regular goes to the junkyard"
  • Dr. Disrespect
    Dr. Disrespect 3 года назад +clutchthepearls wait. that was THIS Channel? I have been searching for that since 5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • clutchthepearls
    clutchthepearls 3 года назад He's done something similar looking for a rear end for the Falcon.
  • Areizo Ahmad
    Areizo Ahmad 3 года назад +Roy Case this should be upvoted more
  • tdp2612
    tdp2612 2 года назад Great car, awesome rear lights, has fucking nostrils. The beauty of GM styling
  • mike C
    mike C 1 месяц назад Nostrils that can also breathe.
  • Zli Kurac
    Zli Kurac 10 месяцев назад Jesus christ this shit is fugly
  • MisterBuklau
    MisterBuklau Год назад Old gm
  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan Год назад Before retro showed up and made muscle cars look contrived
  • Membrane556
    Membrane556 2 года назад (изменено) GM got a lot of things right during that era.
  • JediMindTricks183
    JediMindTricks183 3 года назад I paused the video to read everything you posted on the screen :)
  • Sledanet
    Sledanet 3 недели назад Played it 0.25 x speed
  • travos k
    travos k Год назад Why should we care
  • HappehMaster
    HappehMaster 3 года назад +blackstar 666525 yeah undertale blows hard. I would never play that pandery fandom garbage
  • ACoolStupidDog
    ACoolStupidDog 3 года назад +blackstar 666525 True, it was so good, it blew my mind.
  • Dennis -RIP- Dog
    Dennis -RIP- Dog 3 года назад Undertale blows!
  • Haseeb Chowdhury
    Haseeb Chowdhury 3 года назад +spessarterlandei dun dun dun dun!!!!
  • spessarterlandei
    spessarterlandei 3 года назад +JediMindTricks183 JOHN CENA
  • XGN Horizon Rex
    XGN Horizon Rex Год назад Pontiac is better then Chevrolet
  • rjonzen34
    rjonzen34 3 недели назад XGN Horizon Rex true, the Vibe is greater than the Astro
  • Mikel Whois
    Mikel Whois 1 месяц назад Than..
  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan 3 месяца назад You're preaching to the choir but Chevy is only alive just to screw up everything they ever build....... even the really good cars they have
  • Daniel Laubach
    Daniel Laubach 6 месяцев назад XGN Horizon Rex I agree the Pontiac Firebird was a great car. Wish that brand did'nt fade into the sunset like GM allowed it 2 do. I own a 4th gen bird while it is"nt at TA just a 3.8 powered model but i still luv it after buying it used 16 years ago.
  • Gabe G.
    Gabe G. 8 месяцев назад Was
  • Sergeant Speed
    Sergeant Speed 9 месяцев назад @FranciscoFJM solely because of poor management and lack of marketing. Lol. The grand prix were fun full size sedans, the firebirds were flashy muscle cars, but gm didn't care about Pontiac. It was their niche market brand until that niche changed into experimenting and they gambled one too many times. Chevrolet has always been the safe bet, all their eggs are in that basket, why would they do anything out of the extraordinary? The corvette is (next to the beetle) one of the most minimally changed designs. It's bland. The new mid engine corvette better be over the top for the money they're asking.
  • FranciscoFJM
    FranciscoFJM 9 месяцев назад Remind me: Which BRAND is alive and which Brand is dead?
  • tenth YUKILLME
    tenth YUKILLME 9 месяцев назад @Dissident Aggressor True as well
  • Dissident Aggressor
    Dissident Aggressor 9 месяцев назад @tenth YUKILLME nor the Vega
  • tenth YUKILLME
    tenth YUKILLME 10 месяцев назад Lets not forget the aztek
  • Blazing Phoenix
    Blazing Phoenix 10 месяцев назад @Kerouha The WS6 is the best Corvette.
  • Evan Walters
    Evan Walters 11 месяцев назад a z t e k
  • Kerouha
    Kerouha Год назад My Firebird is best Camaro
  • Meadow Creek
    Meadow Creek Год назад XGN Horizon Rex ofcourse
  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan 2 года назад 14 years later, this Pontiac is still the baddest
  • Big block 472
    Big block 472 5 дней назад Dave Wilson No way foreign car fanboy. The Z isn't even in the same galaxy as the WS6 TA.
  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
    Squirmin Herman the one eyed German 1 месяц назад @AntFragale right on brother! ✌☮
  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
    Squirmin Herman the one eyed German 1 месяц назад @FirebirdCamaro1220 i was lucky enough to grow up back then & had many Pontiacs! ✌☮