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Regular Car Reviews: 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Part 1

Published on Feb 23, 2015 1,317,732 views

Weeaboo! Weeaboo! Weeaboo! Weeaboo! Watch part 2 The AE86 is the king of internet-window-shopping and message board fact battles. Raaaagh! FACT BATTLE

  • Pickleman
    Pickleman 2 года назад he called initial d a cartoon... *unsheathes katana
  • kebab remover 9000
    kebab remover 9000 Год назад I HAVE THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON MY SIDE
  • Pre-Teen Asian Kid
    Pre-Teen Asian Kid Год назад Pickleman I THINK I'M JAPANESE NOW
  • guy guy
    guy guy Год назад *TELEPORTS BEHIND YOU
  • biskut nation
    biskut nation Год назад anime is cartoon
  • wb c
    wb c Год назад Hey not a sheath ITS A SAYA REEEEEEEE
  • Bebx
    Bebx 11 месяцев назад but they are cartoons
  • brano13177
    brano13177 10 месяцев назад Bebx not really: anime has a lot more different connotations, cultural history and subjects of its content then "cartoons". Anime and western cartoons are animation, sure; thats an accurate and more honest statement. But Anime; aren't "cartoons"; they are their own genre of animation.
  • Bebx
    Bebx 10 месяцев назад Never said anything about the content of them, but they're still animated TV shows.
  • Saint Noodles
    Saint Noodles 10 месяцев назад oak ley *teleports behind you Nothing personal kid
  • Chemtrail Dreams
    Chemtrail Dreams 9 месяцев назад That's like calling king of the hill a cartoon
  • Eyes Over heaven
    Eyes Over heaven 8 месяцев назад Pickleman it is a cartoon
  • E 7
    E 7 7 месяцев назад its a Japanese Cartoon
  • TheF1zH Kaiser
    TheF1zH Kaiser 6 месяцев назад holy shit a weeb
  • uhh tubric
    uhh tubric 4 месяца назад @brano13177 who defuq told you that. Cartoons are animated, so is anime. SO IT IS JAPANESE CARTOON.
  • brano13177
    brano13177 4 месяца назад (изменено) @uhh tubric That's frankly a grossly inaccurate and reductionist understanding of the two mediums and their historical/cultural influences, their particular styles in not only graphics but also also charicter building and exploration approches, themes and even styles, methods of storytelling and conveyance of its content and message. Anime and Cartoons are not synonymous and its not only an inaccuracy to claim otherwise: but is objective, historical, cultural, artistic and factual falsehood. Anime and Cartoons may be forms of animation; but anime are not cartoons and cartoons are not anime: so conflating and equating anime to "cartoons" is not objective, factual or even truthful; and i say this someone who has consumed both forms of animation in his life and has studied them.
  • ang Sern
    ang Sern 4 месяца назад Bebx well, they translate to Japanese Super cartoons, so in a way, they are cartoons.
  • ang Sern
    ang Sern 4 месяца назад Chemtrail Dreams that is also a cartoon.
  • Toyota Prius
    Toyota Prius 3 месяца назад @biskut nation r/wooosh
  • Toyota Prius
    Toyota Prius 3 месяца назад r/justneckbeardthings
  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 3 месяца назад Adam from "Adam Ruins Everything": That's why im here
  • MrNoFaceGuy
    MrNoFaceGuy 2 месяца назад @guy guy nothing personel kid
  • GoldenLG
    GoldenLG 1 месяц назад IMA go Super sayin
  • Lai William
    Lai William 1 месяц назад points rocket launcher at house
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад I didn't buy this car because of the show. I bought it because I actually like the car. Shut up. If a Daewoo was the main car on the show you would have bought it
  • Lizy Mihawk
    Lizy Mihawk 2 года назад YellowBeanieBoy it would look really stupid if it would be a daewoo
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад Lizy Mihawk yeah
  • Lizy Mihawk
    Lizy Mihawk 2 года назад YellowBeanieBoy just imagine takumi on a daewoo XD it would be hilarious
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад Lizy Mihawk Best hero car
  • Andrew Samy
    Andrew Samy 2 года назад YellowBeanieBoy weeaboo
  • Hot_Wax
    Hot_Wax 2 года назад I'd love to see Takumi trying to corner in an Aveo.
  • aceiroo
    aceiroo Год назад if takumi drive a hyundai accent, it would be a hype car hahaha
  • gencreeper
    gencreeper Год назад YellowBeanieBoy reminds me of how the original Dodge Charger is immortalized because of dukes of hazzard and the general lee and because of that everyone thought that car could actually do all kinds of jumps and stuff.
  • 한동훈
    한동훈 Год назад PINEAPPLE EXPRESS
  • Samtell
    Samtell Год назад Daewoo Prince master race
  • Troy B
    Troy B Год назад And the 1977 Firebird Trans-Am... so many people think it's insanely fast
  • Madeline Monahan
    Madeline Monahan Год назад YellowBeanieBoy what's your excuse for using Bones Reds though?
  • Siknik64
    Siknik64 Год назад "IF police drove Dodge Caravans, that's what you'd be buying"
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад lier, you don't know shit about this car until you watched this.
  • Lawrence Carrillo y Morales
    Lawrence Carrillo y Morales Год назад Fuck Daewoo!
  • Mirai Kuriyama
    Mirai Kuriyama Год назад It's Your lie in April all over again
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy Год назад Madeline Monahan They used to be my favorite bearings
  • Randromix
    Randromix Год назад aceiroo Yeah, it totally would
  • JReckline 410
    JReckline 410 Год назад i got a ae96 trueno :) actually let me turn that smile upside down after seeing what i wish i had lol my fwd 4a-fe is in no comparison to the rwd 4a-ge,
  • JReckline 410
    JReckline 410 Год назад i do like my interior better though ,
  • Tyler TheGamer/male Jesse
    Tyler TheGamer/male Jesse Год назад No
  • Tyler TheGamer/male Jesse
    Tyler TheGamer/male Jesse Год назад YellowBeanieBoy it sucks
  • Tyler TheGamer/male Jesse
    Tyler TheGamer/male Jesse Год назад WorthlessGeek lol
  • really dude
    really dude Год назад Troy B faster than a Corolla
  • Nirius Bosc
    Nirius Bosc Год назад I bought a Daewoo Nubira (aka Chevrolet Lacetti) because of Top Gear Reasonaly Priced Car.
  • Maybe Live
    Maybe Live Год назад YellowBeanieBoy what if I put a 5AGE 1.7L engine in an AE86? Would I be a cool kid then?
  • SPayee
    SPayee Год назад Lizy Mihawk Daewoo??Tico??Korean piece of shit?!?!
  • Raiden Snake
    Raiden Snake Год назад A Daewoo wouldn't fit the plot, dumbass
  • gotto go now
    gotto go now 11 месяцев назад Well no. I like old cars
  • gotto go now
    gotto go now 11 месяцев назад Troy B Cuz of K.I.T.T
  • Tam Ago
    Tam Ago 11 месяцев назад Stop hating on Daewoo... It gave us the M A T I Z
  • MercurySable99
    MercurySable99 11 месяцев назад The only place where you can find a Daewoo in the US at this point is behind a garage in some alley that no one's been down for 5 years
  • Thecloverr
    Thecloverr 10 месяцев назад i just like the race scenes and the car is cheap for my first car when i am old enough
  • Lowry
    Lowry 10 месяцев назад to me the car revs way to quick and 5 gears on european autobahns isn't enough
  • carter
    carter 9 месяцев назад YellowBeanieBoy not true at all man lol
  • Inu Lesedi
    Inu Lesedi 8 месяцев назад I bought a Daewoo once. I regret every day I owned it.
  • Malina Lungu
    Malina Lungu 8 месяцев назад The 86 inst a daewoo aka korean car
  • oof kek
    oof kek 8 месяцев назад Imagine a lanos drifting xd
  • Phil Gudet
    Phil Gudet 8 месяцев назад Well no, Initial D is kinda boring as a series after 3rd stage, I got an AE86 while they were still affordable because I liked classic 90s style JDM Initial D just introduced me to it.
  • Malina Lungu
    Malina Lungu 8 месяцев назад Phil Gudet like the gts(TORENO)
  • Equalizer
    Equalizer 8 месяцев назад I have a Daewoo lol
  • treerexaudi Official
    treerexaudi Official 8 месяцев назад feel better now after making fun of him?
  • Tury Rascon
    Tury Rascon 8 месяцев назад I legit like this car from gt3 and i didn't know about initial d until literally early this year. Boxy cars are my favorite
  • treerexaudi Official
    treerexaudi Official 8 месяцев назад (изменено) I feel ya
  • a chicken
    a chicken 7 месяцев назад My grandpa has a Daewoo
  • Yuuki Chan
    Yuuki Chan 5 месяцев назад @Andrew Samy Daewoo is a Korean car brand you fucking dumbass
  • Black Shibe
    Black Shibe 3 месяца назад @Lizy Mihawk then why is it cool with a still cheap and economy oriented car?
  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos 3 месяца назад Actually no I really like the car one pop ups 2 sounds 3 sadly INITIAL D
  • Simple Sounds
    Simple Sounds 6 дней назад What’s wrong with Daewoo they have a re-badged Vauxhall VX220.
  • MultiLelde
    MultiLelde 2 года назад Can't be legit, its missing a full cup of water
  • InkHorizon
    InkHorizon Год назад tofu everything
  • prof. stein
    prof. stein 6 месяцев назад MultiLelde that's an option almost everyone didn't get
  • yer da man
    yer da man 5 месяцев назад Spill that and I'll kick your ass
  • Turb0 Punda
    Turb0 Punda 1 месяц назад LOL
  • Delicious Man X
    Delicious Man X 11 месяцев назад I was that guy. That weeb who saw Initial D and got into car culture because of it. I started seeing Initial D memes on car pages, and I started following them. And I started to see how capable one person can be on their own with building and modding cars on those pages. Those pages inspired me to buy a 986 Porsche Boxster I found on Craigslist for cheap. After a few months in my garage and some help from a friendly neighborhood mechanic, she runs like a dream. I knew that drifting wasn't for me. I just wanted to go fast on mountain roads, and my car sure as fuck does that. All because I watched anime.
  • OrfiCaldaRi
    OrfiCaldaRi 6 месяцев назад Hell yeah man
  • LordMax
    LordMax 6 месяцев назад Are you me from the future?
  • Rexcor Jungmir
    Rexcor Jungmir 3 недели назад Awesome story. I hope I can get to that point someday. It's a long road ahead, though...
  • herbert hans
    herbert hans 2 недели назад the drift king was the ultimate inspiration. there is nothing like those old videos around anymore, chris harris does a decent job but he barely makes videos. the old 320p videos of the drift king approaching any cars' limits with ease made me want to learn more about cars and I still want to know more 10 years or so later but I've already inspired many others with my driving style, give me a rearwheeldrive car on a wet or snowy road and I'll give you thrills and the drift kings advices helped me get confident as much as watching his moves for hours and hours and practicing a lot destroying wheels, suspension parts and much more.
  • Odyssey Eurobeat
    Odyssey Eurobeat 4 года назад The first 55 seconds of this were pure, glorious magic.
  • greentea
    greentea 4 года назад omg Odyssey
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 4 года назад <3
  • yoy
    yoy 4 года назад horsefuckerbeats pls go
  • monkeyRL
    monkeyRL 4 года назад Hilarious!
  • ThatFiatGuy
    ThatFiatGuy 4 года назад Amen
  • Cetifiably Snuggly
  • Yaop117
    Yaop117 4 года назад Oh hey it's eurobeat, didn't expect to see you here :)
  • greentea
    greentea 4 года назад @Yaop117 eurobeat is a genre.
  • greentea
    greentea 4 года назад @Cetifiably Snuggly WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN
  • maxandsyd14
    maxandsyd14 4 года назад Eurobeat... Oh my god...
  • maxandsyd14
    maxandsyd14 4 года назад Is it still safe to say that I can do.. This? /)?
  • Sakura Media
    Sakura Media 4 года назад AHHH KEN BLAST!
  • Odyssey Eurobeat
    Odyssey Eurobeat 4 года назад @Cetifiably Snuggly Can't say I've measured that particular figure! @Yaop117 Yeah, a few friends introduced me to RCR last summer. Been caught up ever since! @maxandsyd14 Sure, if you want, but I'd much prefer a basic hi-five if that's alright. Mr. Regular, if you're ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, my car is open to you (currently an Altima, though I'm trying to sell my old Sentra if that's more your fancy).
  • Yaop117
    Yaop117 4 года назад @Odyssey Eurobeat Super Cool.  And Mr. Regular, i'd let you borrow my MR2, but you already did a review on the AW11.
  • PK
    PK 4 года назад hey euro :3
  • Claro1993
    Claro1993 4 года назад It deserves a standing ovation.
  • Scerttle
    Scerttle 4 года назад lol amazing rage rant XD
  • acousticbruiser19
    acousticbruiser19 4 года назад I'm watching again just for that part.
  • Haken Trigger
    Haken Trigger 4 года назад I was searching for someone who actually tested a real Trueno, and I clicked on this video... And then these 55 seconds. Pure magic.
  • Claro1993
    Claro1993 4 года назад My sister thinks it sounds like Homer Simpson.
  • Chromer Pimpson
    Chromer Pimpson 4 года назад @Odyssey Eurobeat damn right it was. :)
  • factojapspec motorsport
    factojapspec motorsport 4 года назад @Claro1993 lol mine two!
  • SuperSneakySniper
    SuperSneakySniper 3 года назад @Odyssey Eurobeat OH SNAP Odyssey! I saw you in San Fran and LA! You rock! Never knew you were into cars! WHOOOOT!
  • McGR0WL
    McGR0WL 3 года назад @Odyssey Eurobeat Me too! Saw you in LA and SF! You rock! :D :D :D
  • Shock Diamond
    Shock Diamond 3 года назад Can't say it any better than that.
  • Theonlyoneleft1000
    Theonlyoneleft1000 3 года назад @Venny TELL ME IF WE LIVE TO TELL.
  • greentea
    greentea 3 года назад @Theonlyoneleft1000 the mystery of midnight and its spell etc
  • Isaac Goldbergstein
    Isaac Goldbergstein 3 года назад @Odyssey Eurobeat Dave Rodgers is better... Traitor.
  • maxandsyd14
    maxandsyd14 2 года назад OH MY! (luv you, old fandom stuff is amazing...)
  • never go full Pony
    never go full Pony 2 года назад Odyssey Eurobeat the people I watch overlap more often than I think..
  • I'm Ctoacu
    I'm Ctoacu 2 года назад Holy shit it's my old account.
  • Prot07ype
    Prot07ype 2 года назад /)
  • insertrandomcleverusername
    insertrandomcleverusername 2 года назад holy s#%@#% I just encountered the singer of "burning up for you" yesterday in YouTube and now you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wes Netmo
    Wes Netmo Год назад i quit after 10s
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад the whole video was
  • KenzieM
    KenzieM 6 месяцев назад This comment sure did reach the top quickly...
  • TheExperts1000
  • Local Weeb Trash
    Local Weeb Trash 2 месяца назад Golden shit right there
  • Jarosław Rauza
    Jarosław Rauza 1 месяц назад Reminds of Filthy Frank's style
  • Diarrhea Baptism
    Diarrhea Baptism 2 года назад Not sure why fawning over a Delorean because of a movie is acceptable but doing the same for an AE86 over an anime is bad
  • UrDaddy WingNut
    UrDaddy WingNut 5 месяцев назад Gucci Man-- Damn good call on that one, bro. I was trying to think up something meself, but yours says it all. I've always liked the AE86, & have never even seen the anime- only heard there was a show involving one of these cars
  • Panzerfaust
    Panzerfaust 2 месяца назад The DeLorean is eons above the AE86 in how unique it is. This is a Toyota Corolla.
  • Gentleman
    Gentleman 2 месяца назад They're both legends in their own way, but both are still...meh.
    YEET MAN 2 месяца назад And the Delorean isn't as good as the 86
  • Adrian Xen
    Adrian Xen 1 месяц назад Not to mention the DeLorean had poor quality control lol.
  • Jared Chong
    Jared Chong 1 месяц назад @Panzerfaust A gullwing door that is not fun as this corolla, and in 0-60 competition its only 1 second faster than this corolla. Not to mention the delorean dosent have much of what made it special compared to this car.Less superior handling,less superior suspension,electronic failure prone... Yeah better my ass. I like AE86 not because of initial D,I like an AE86 because most reviewers said its fun. Plus its the car that gets me into initial D.
    NNNNNNNGGGG 1 месяц назад The Delorean is absolutely fantastic and utter garbage at the same time. It's so 80s and so excessive and SO awful and shitty to drive and so very, very unreliable. It's mad to its core, plus it was featured in what is now a classic of American cinema. Easy to see how it became an icon.
  • herbert hans
    herbert hans 2 недели назад that's the most horrible comparsion you can make. the lorean was designed by a legendary guy and it's design alone is worth warshipping. I don't care about the movie but an epic italian design on a US sports car with gullwing doors? if it was fast and nice it would be epic in completely different ways than an AE86. the trueno was epic because of its' handling capabilities and the 8000+ rpm redline. a better comparsion is liking the R34 GT-R or Supra because of Fast and Furious. that's perfectly acceptable just like loving the tuna-delivery car.
  • silversonic99
    silversonic99 Неделю назад Because people are racist. Back to the Future is American made, so it's ok. Initial D is not American so you gotta be a no life weeb loser to like it.
  • Spinomaks
    Spinomaks Неделю назад Panzerfaust the delorean in itself was ass. Not a good car and prone to breaking down. This corolla on the other hand isn’t