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1970 Chevy Nova: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Apr 15, 2019 139,554 views

It's not an SS. There are no SS Novas. All super sport Novas are fake. We drive and review a fake Chevy Nova SS



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  • The Ironworks
    The Ironworks 6 дней назад I'm so glad that the owner didn't go with an LS swap. In an era in which cars are starting to run together, character is everything, even if it's sometimes not as efficient. Well done, sir.
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 6 дней назад Before the LS era the SBC was the swapped into everything characterless option.
  • KDingo81
    KDingo81 1 день назад In nowadays times it would make more sense to refit it with a full electric drive train rather then swapping for an ls, that is if you want to go for most efficiency. That said i agree with you that for the character of the car it is necessary that the guts fit, once you replaced the heart the soul is gone.
  • AmraphelofShinar
    AmraphelofShinar 6 дней назад Don’t need no stinking turbos on a 350 Chevy. Nothing sounds like a built small block.
  • corey Wellman
    corey Wellman 6 дней назад As a driver of a straight piped coyote, I support this statement
  • Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell 1 день назад This is true sometimes its not all about power just started my restoration on my 72 ventura and my brother wont stop crowing about doing an ls swap. Sorry when i see a muscle car and you pop the hood an LS dont look nearly as sexy as a SBC. To each their own but i will keep my small block.
  • Morte Parla
    Morte Parla 1 день назад My first car was a 1973 Nova Custom with a 350. I loved that car, and regret selling. My car now is a 1985 Camaro Z28 with a 305. I love the car. But small blocks Chevy's don't sound that great. They sound great as far as the fact that they're V8's, but that's all. The best sounding engines on the planet, in my opinion are the old MOPAR 318 LA's. They sound like a race engine, bone stock, and they have this pissed off growl to then that no other engine has..
  • Obnoxious_Gamer
    Obnoxious_Gamer 6 дней назад "hurr durr the LS exists so every other V8 is pointless"
  • Clint Cochrane
    Clint Cochrane 2 дня назад Facts
  • Masayoshi
    Masayoshi 6 дней назад I'll take a classic SBC over an LS any day.
  • Ghost 74
    Ghost 74 3 дня назад Masayoshi sbc sounds way better in my opinion
  • Masayoshi
    Masayoshi 3 дня назад @Ghost 74 Plus, not much beats the sound of a 4 barrel carb on a SBC going wide-open.
  • Clint Cochrane
    Clint Cochrane 2 дня назад It's okay to be wrong
  • thatdankcat
    thatdankcat 1 день назад @Clint Cochrane curious on the shit box you daily
  • aussiebloke609
    aussiebloke609 6 дней назад An LS may make those numbers with a turbo, as you said...but going old-school gives the exhaust that classic burble and bark that turbos muffle. And they can still make decent power without stupid money. It's just that you don't find them as often in junk yard, being sold cheap - like the LS. Not any more, anyway. Chev 350: the LS before there was an LS.
  • KTM990WFO
    KTM990WFO 4 дня назад You definitely don't need a turbo on an LS to make 450 horsepower. My LS3 has a small cam, headers, and a cold air intake and is making about 520 horsepower at the crank. SBC's were before my time, but I agree with RCR. Why go the SBC route when you can have an LS? I understand a numbers matching car, but for something like this Nova, drop an LS in there and make big power much easier and probably cheaper with a hot cam to really get the muscle car nostalgia.
  • thatdankcat
    thatdankcat 1 день назад @KTM990WFO its fucking cheaper and simple!
    TRUCK OCD 1 день назад aussiebloke609 350s where in everything from cars, pickups, school buses, vans, step vans, dump trucks, boats, medium duty trucks, etc.
  • osp80
    osp80 6 дней назад (изменено) mr regular is looking at torque converters through the lens of his weak 302. also, stop comparing turbo ls motors to na sbcs...
  • Red84S10
    Red84S10 6 дней назад Spot on
  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez 5 дней назад osp80 The guy was annoying as fuck. He’s quite ignorant actually and it shows.
  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T 4 дня назад @Jacob Gonzalez true
  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious 6 дней назад I was conceived in the back of one of these.
  • ingusmant
    ingusmant 6 дней назад That explains a lot
  • Schtawww
    Schtawww 4 дня назад Me too! Lol
  • W.S. Soap Company
    W.S. Soap Company 2 дня назад In the parking lot during an REO Speedwagon concert?
  • Schtawww
    Schtawww 2 дня назад @W.S. Soap Company lmao
  • CAN Control
    CAN Control 6 дней назад Welp. Hope if he does sell it nobody watches this diss of a review
  • Mikey Johnson
    Mikey Johnson 1 день назад Watch until the end, brah.
  • dazaspc
    dazaspc 6 дней назад Small Block Chev swap used to be the LS Swap.
    JIGA BACHI 4 дня назад 😞👍
  • nomoreheroes93
    nomoreheroes93 6 дней назад "Generally the faster you go the more incorrect the speedometer gets" is how every single speedometer in existence works, the error margins are %-based
  • InfernalAmmo
    InfernalAmmo 6 дней назад Liked just for the Malt-O-Meal comment and all the nostalgia that comes with it.
  • Herbie Husker
    Herbie Husker 6 дней назад Marshmallow Mateys taste better than Lucky Charms.
  • ingusmant
    ingusmant 6 дней назад What's that?
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 6 дней назад @Herbie Husker And the Fruity Dino-Bites. Bigger bags also equal BETTER.
  • gumballguy34
    gumballguy34 6 дней назад @ingusmant Cheaper cereal than the big name-brands. Comes in huge bags for a low price.
  • Haggity Shmaggity
    Haggity Shmaggity 5 дней назад I was all about those Mini Spooner's. Damn things were a better value than the real version.
  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot 5 дней назад (изменено) things is, I just don't know why, but the Malt-o-meal cereals actually tastes better.
  • Aaron Szerletich
    Aaron Szerletich 6 дней назад (изменено) You know why you'd want to swap a 350 Small Block instead of an LS? Sweet, sweet, winga cred at Cars & Coffee. And it's easier to trick Uncle Pulltab into thinking the 350 swap is "original" or "period correct."
  • aussiebloke609
    aussiebloke609 6 дней назад Trick? Since the '70 Nova SS came from the factory with a 350, it is "period correct." No trick needed. Just not original.
  • Caleb Nation
    Caleb Nation 6 дней назад If you want the look toss an LS in there with a big carb and air cleaner
  • aussiebloke609
    aussiebloke609 6 дней назад Only an LS doesn't really look like a 350, regardless of carb or air cleaner. It's obviously much more modern, and a little generic looking when compared to other modern V8s. The 350 small block is pretty distinctive.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 6 дней назад Why are you fellating the LS so much when you put a REBUILT bog stock Windsor 5.0 in your falcon instead of the Ford LS equivalent.
  • Christian Wertti
    Christian Wertti 6 дней назад What Ford LS equivalent? If there was such a thing you'd think people would talk about it and swap it around.
  • 金3 A.M.
    金3 A.M. 6 дней назад Christian Wertti he’s just a butthurt LS hillbilly incest fagboy trying to talk shit with 0 evidence, it’s funny you can always spot an LS cuck when they start screaming like an autistic child in a bicycle helmet when someone insults their boat anchor motor and their small dick shrivels up into their even smaller self esteem, okay rant done
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 6 дней назад Because Ford doesn't have an "LS equivalent" that doesn't cost 10,000 dollars.
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 6 дней назад @金3 A.M. Erm... an LS is like 10 pounds heavier than a Coyote. But go off I guess.
  • woottastic
    woottastic 6 дней назад (изменено) Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ it’s also far less reliable and makes less power per liter than an LS. Not to mention that LS parts are so much cheaper than Coyote parts, and that they’re way easier to work on. The dual overhead cam setup on the Coyote is prone to failure and causes piston to valve slamming. Also you can’t go to a junkyard and find a Coyote like you can find any flavor of LS. But yeah, you know things
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 6 дней назад @woottastic Oh, I agree completely. The only category a Coyote can beat an LS is when price isn't an issue and you're just trying to make as much power as possible, in which case stock block coyotes can make well over 2000hp. But in that price range, you'd probably be better off with a billet BBC or an LSXR anyways.
  • ACFM hd
    ACFM hd 6 дней назад @金3 A.M. You got some issues dude.
  • woottastic
    woottastic 6 дней назад Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ that’s also not true. Dollar for dollar I can make an LS make more power than a coyote. Even if money isn’t an issue, a blueprinted 6.2L Block with forged rotating assembly and ported heads and tall cam with good boost and tune is good for a stable 900-1000 wheel horsepower engine. Oh and also it won’t blow itself up like the Coyote will.
  • woottastic
    woottastic 6 дней назад Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ also I don’t know what world you like on where you think STOCK BOTTOM END COYOTES are making 2000 hp 😂😂😂
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 6 дней назад @woottastic Exactly my point, you can spend 1500 bucks on a junkyard LQ7 and make 800hp, or you can spend 20,000 on a coyote to make 1,300. Dollar for dollar an LS beats it every time. BUT when price isn't an issue, a FACTORY Ford motor company Coyote can make more power than a FACTORY LS of any variant. It's just a simple matter of RPM's and a ton of boost. Coyote's are amazing engines are remarkably reliable considering the mess of a million and one valves and camshafts, but the main problem with them is that they're friggin gigantic and cost a fortune. I bleed chevy competition orange, but you have to give Ford credit for the few things they do right or else you're just going to sound like a brainless fanboy. Modern Fords are shit IMO, and the 4.6 and the Coyote are the only two good things they've done in 25 years.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 6 дней назад @Christian Wertti the closest thing I can think of is some kind of modular. My point was he was saying why rebuild a boring small block when you could just buy an LS built up already. When he went through the trouble of rebuilding a junk Windsor.
  • Danny Diez
    Danny Diez 6 дней назад woottastic so much misinformation in these comments lol. What coyotes have you worked on where the DOHC are "prone to failure"? The 5.0 has already been used in f150s for years and has no problem reaching 300,000 miles. You can find low mileage first gen motors in junkyards for less than $1500. No it's not as popular or parts aren't as cheap as an LS, but I'm sick of people regurgitating false info on an engine that's perfectly fine to swap. Quit acting like you know things
  • Danny Diez
    Danny Diez 6 дней назад woottastic and I also love how you somehow changed "2000 hp on a stock block" to "2000hp on stock bottom end". It's so easy to argue when you just change what they said!
  • thatdankcat
    thatdankcat 6 дней назад isn't obvious mr.regular's got brown for brains
  • SodomySnake
    SodomySnake 6 дней назад GM > Ford Source: I own both. Fite me! This is 80s and up, mind you. The older stuff is basically equal.
  • Jamie Meadows
    Jamie Meadows 6 дней назад The ford ls equivalent would be a 351w not a coyote. OHV, capable of big power, reliable and relatively cheap......Probably not as abundant as the ls but more comparable.
    REEL SIXX 4 дня назад @Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ the 3.5 EcoBoost is an amazing engine and the coyote is a modern for engine.
    REEL SIXX 4 дня назад @SodomySnake ford>gm Any brand>gm My neighbors Silverado wouldn't start in minus 50 but my f150 5.0 had no problem with no block heater plugged in you owning both does not give you any authority. F150 ranked one of the most dependable vehichles in 2018 in Canada and we have tough weather that kills lesser cars and trucks.
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 4 дня назад @REEL SIXX Yeah sure it is... New. An aluminum bore turbo 3.5L v6 making up to 450hp is NOT going to last, I'm telling you right now.
  • Ethan Pye
    Ethan Pye 17 часов назад Ford do have an LS equivalent, it's not a V8 but the turbo Barra inline 6 can make huge power and torque and Barras cost nearly nothing at all
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 13 часов назад @Ethan Pye Yeah, sure it is. For one country on the entire planet. Where the hell am I supposed to get my hands on a Barra inline 6 on the eastern coast united states??
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 13 часов назад @Jamie Meadows The 351 Windsor is ancient and comparable to the old SBC's.
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 13 часов назад @REEL SIXX Proof or it didn't happen.
  • woottastic
    woottastic 7 часов назад Danny Diez I’ve singlehandedly replaced camshafts that have snapped in these coyotes. Also are you legit accusing me of editing someone else’s comment? Get lost bro.
    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ 4 часа назад @woottastic LMAO source or it didn't happen. How the fuck do you snap a camshaft in half?! Drop it on the floor? Maybe a sledgehammer?
  • Shayne
    Shayne 6 дней назад Dune references .. Getting me right in the feels
  • James
    James 4 дня назад The slow reference pierces the shield.
  • Webweasel
    Webweasel 2 дня назад His writing just keeps getting better and better.
  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam 5 дней назад Nova's got my respect, well built honest USA made real steel. Mr. Regular is too hard on Detroit steel, IMO.
  • Zach Comstock
    Zach Comstock 6 дней назад I honestly believe the first real F Bomb I've heard you say without pretending to be a creepy uncle was in your torque converter rant! Way to go!
  • Dustin DaHusky
    Dustin DaHusky 6 дней назад Questions people about what's the point to rebuilding an older engine when you can LS swap it, when same dude has rebuilt a 5.0 to convert into a 302 for his Falcon. Honestly, LS swaps aren't as interesting as Mr Regular or what everyone else might think. Yeah it's a good choice of engine, but these engine swaps have become overly oversaturated in the car community. The era of the LS swap installations will peak if it hasn't happened yet. Great engine, the LS, but over hyped in our modern day. The only reason why LS swaps have become so common, is that they aren't to be enjoyed. But to be sold for much more money for the poor sucker that wants one. But who knows, maybe this Nova is worth $40k, because it didn't get the LS treatment yet.
  • Membrane556
    Membrane556 6 дней назад By that logic he might as well Coyote swap that Falcon.
  • Gage Chapin
    Gage Chapin 6 дней назад LS are not as cheap as SBCs. You can build a rock solid 300-400 hp SBC for $2-3k. That won't even get you a used LS1 with less than 100k miles if you can find one. If you're buying brand new the cheapest you got is the L96 at about $5.5k for roughly the same power. Yes the L96 is going to be more drivable and reliable but it is going to cost more.
  • Noah Ferrari
    Noah Ferrari 6 дней назад @Gage Chapin agreed he's pretending that a 5.3 can make power cheaper than a 350 with a cam and heads.
  • Nerdy Hillbilly
    Nerdy Hillbilly 6 дней назад What regular is saying. The fake SS badge and trim plus the degrading condition of the vehicle he's stating why not go cheap because while prices are high it's not worth it in the long run and just cheap out now.
  • Nerdy Hillbilly
    Nerdy Hillbilly 6 дней назад And if you think LS motors aint cheap go to a junkyard and pick out any 1995+ GM truck and 98% of the time you can get a Vortec LS motor that fits muscle car specs.
  • Gage Chapin
    Gage Chapin 6 дней назад @Nerdy Hillbilly first car with an LS engine was the 1997 Corvette. Then the 1998 f bodies. Earliest truck was in 1999 and that was the 4.8 and 5.3s (cast iron blocks, aluminum heads, 6 bolt mains, coil packs, EFI, etc). in 1995 they were called Vortecs also but they had more in common with a traditional SBC (2 or 4 bolt mains, cast iron heads and block, distributors, throttle body injection, etc) Yes 5.3s and 4.8s are cheap but would you rather have a 0 mileage SBC that drops right in or a mid to high mileage truck motor you have to pick through and run a wiring harness for? What if it needs a rebuild? That gets real spendy with LS motors if you're doing it right (I have one and have done it). These motors aren't magically sitting in junk yards for no reason. O ring seals on the oil pump supply would leak causing people to lock them up on a regular basis.
  • Gage Chapin
    Gage Chapin 6 дней назад @Noah Ferrari everyone thinks because of channels like sloppy mechanics that 5.3 can make 700+hp on a shoe string budget and be just fine. What they don't show you is the longevity of these motors they're piecing together. 5.3 vortec motors are not just laying around anymore. There is a large market for them. When demand goes up prices go up. It's the nature of the beast. If you do happen to find one just laying around you need to ask your self "Why does no one want it?" They are not cheap to rebuild. They had an O ring issue on the oil pump that would cause a loss of oil pressure (not an exterior leak). So I don't know if you had experience with an oil starved motor but it destroys a lot of components quickly. LS swaps are not as cheap or as easy as everyone thinks they are. Unless you can 90% of it yourself it is going to be an expensive project. If you can do it alone it's going to an arduous process.
  • MCatwar
    MCatwar 4 дня назад i agree. for cost effectiveness i would put an LS in it, but obviously this guy isn’t worried about cost effectiveness. i fully support the built 350-it may not be the most efficient and cost friendly motor but there’s just something about em.
  • Jeremiah Miller
    Jeremiah Miller 3 дня назад @Nerdy Hillbilly No sir you can't. You can pick up Vortec Gen-IV SBCs all day long, but not one single Vortec LS. Also have fun with that plastic intake gasket that fails for no reason, same with that expensive failure-prone spider injection setup.
  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin 5 дней назад That Chevy 350 Sounds wayyyyyyyyyy better than any LS engine.
  • Knightmare 1690
    Knightmare 1690 6 дней назад Guess I'm backwards. Walk up and see a LS swapped car and walk right away.
  • Mark McDonald
    Mark McDonald 5 дней назад You're not the only one, it's a turn off.
  • Dan Orlando
    Dan Orlando 3 дня назад Next thing you're going to say is carbs are better then fuel injection
  • blackandgold51
    blackandgold51 3 дня назад Dan Orlando I know someone who is currently taking out a Honda Engine from an S2000 to put in a 5.3 LS motor. which is not bad but I would rather keep the Honda engine and tune it
  • blackandgold51
    blackandgold51 5 дней назад (изменено) I dont give a shit if its not a SS. It's a Nova with a dual pipe 350 V8. And LS motors are ok, however you have to install the wiring harnesses and redo the computer, along with getting a transmission to be computer controlled with the LS motor