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Regular Car Reviews: 2000 Toyota Celica GTS

Published on Feb 16, 2015 887,938 views

This is the 7th generation, so it runs on the T230 platform with the Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive layout, using an engine similar to the one that powered the MR2 Spyder, which adds a certain poetry, since this ended up dying the same year as the MR2: In July 2004, poor sales forced Toyota to announce that the Celica and the MR2 would be discontinued in North America at the end of the 2005 model year. Of course, I'm not entirely sure its death is necessarily the fault of the car itself, so much as the economy surrounding it.

  • simpsonfan13
    simpsonfan13 4 года назад This man needs toreview the Aztek. That should automatically shoot their value up by $5K. To roughly $5k.
  • J.D. Turner
    J.D. Turner 4 года назад Agreed
  • no decaf
    no decaf 2 года назад simpsonfan13 a mechanic buddy said aztek was his last favorite car to work on because you "always" had to take the entire dash apart.
  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 5 месяцев назад The pontiak Aztek was the first mass sold hatchback/crossover. Ugly car. But it was in breaking bad. all of breaking bad's cars stink. Chrysler 300, Toyota Tercel, Chrsler New Yorker, toyota Yaris. And that yellow crap the Lawyer drove. Yeah just ugly older beat up cars. That show had a crap budget. Great show.
  • TheBricktop
    TheBricktop 5 месяцев назад I got good news for you mate
  • xanzar21
    xanzar21 3 года назад Lets take a moment to remember the cars that spawned from the celica. Toyota Supra Toyota MR2 Toyota Camry
  • Jajuan Mays
    Jajuan Mays 8 месяцев назад Toyota Prius... Which made them the most richest/boring company to date. I know the GT86 exist but I don't wanna talk about that car.
  • Will Stapleton
    Will Stapleton 8 месяцев назад @Jajuan Mays The Prius wasnt derived from the celica
  • Jajuan Mays
    Jajuan Mays 8 месяцев назад @Will Stapleton I know, I just saying Toyota have fallen from the top to make some of the most boring ass cars to date. But I do agree, Some of the new cars that Toyota make are fine like the new Corolla Hatchback and the GT86... Maybe I am bios.
  • A80 Supra
    A80 Supra 8 месяцев назад Jawan Meizu Toyota hasn’t fallen from the top, what are you talking about ? Their cars sell very well. They are just selling to a market that cares about reliability and good gas mileage. That doesn’t make them boring, they just aren’t pandering to your specific tastes. If you want fake vents and hood scoops maybe try Honda ?
  • Will Stapleton
    Will Stapleton 8 месяцев назад @A80 Supra no one wants those things, we want real hood vents and real drivers cars that can actually take a corner like Toyota used to make.
  • Jajuan Mays
    Jajuan Mays 8 месяцев назад @A80 Supra For me at least. I see Toyota today as a feminist SJW cars because that all I see is the damn prius's on the road and they act like there the best just because they have "Better" gas mileage and saving the economy. A 95' Civic hatchback have better gas mileage then most of the Prius life span. Also you can just remove or replace the fake vents/hood scoops, I sure don't like them.
  • Will Stapleton
    Will Stapleton 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Jajuan Mays prius gets about 10mpg in the mountains, they're only good for city driving.
  • Michael Hawkey
    Michael Hawkey 7 месяцев назад @Will Stapleton my friend's 2010 prius got 40 mpg in the mountains at 80mph the fuck you talking about
  • Shane Milton
    Shane Milton 4 месяца назад @Jajuan Mays No interesting cars?? The Lexus F sport line begs to differ.
  • ethan thulin
    ethan thulin 3 месяца назад @Will Stapleton Prius is built on the same platform as the camry though.
  • HL Vlogs
    HL Vlogs 1 месяц назад Scion TC
  • Andrew Brinkman
    Andrew Brinkman 4 недели назад xanzar21 uhhh the camera started in 1955 and the celica was in the 70s
  • crazyviolent69
    crazyviolent69 4 года назад how in the hell did you manage to get me to like this car? i literally have hated this car for the longest time and now.. after this. i kinda appreciate it
  • Carter Comrie
    Carter Comrie 4 года назад I agree. I used to make fun of the Celica as a Camry's younger brother that tries really hard to be different, but ends up just being a joke. But RCR has made me respect that little car.
  • Carbon Bonds
    Carbon Bonds 4 года назад you don't know a thing about it. Look up The Celica history in Rally Racing. You'll appreciate the celica name even more.
  • Carter Comrie
    Carter Comrie 4 года назад @Carbon Bonds I'll give you that. Those old Celicas were monsters back in the day. I just do not think of those cars when I see the 7th gen ones.
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 4 года назад (изменено) The GTS (SS-II in Japan with the 189 hp) is actually faster than the ST185
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад Everyone hates this car for no reason
  • 406_Chevelle
    406_Chevelle 4 года назад @somanymods Cause it looks freaking retarded.
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад @TheCowGoesMoo o what do you drive person who still says "freaking retarded"?
  • PlzNoTickets
    PlzNoTickets 4 года назад Yeah, me too. Feel bad now.
  • Richard Alvarez
    Richard Alvarez 4 года назад @Carbon Bonds yea but thats when the celicas were 4wd rally monsters and people were calling it the supras little brother. this generation was nowhere near as awesome as those 90s celicas
  • 406_Chevelle
    406_Chevelle 4 года назад @somanymods ? Oh I'm sorry, was that too offensive for you? I think your panties are in a bunch.
  • Rusty Shakleford
    Rusty Shakleford 4 года назад @Wade Wilson the 90s for toyota were literally the gold era. The rav4 as innocent as it is was build from the celica gt4 and the corolla alltrac. But damn that gt4 celica is something else.
  • Drewber710
    Drewber710 4 года назад @Carbon Bonds Thats giving the name more credit then it holds too this day.. Sometimes its best to just have that great pedigree and move on with other models instead of bringing it down.. It's happened countless times.. And continues to with American manufactures ruining car names.. Prime example upon countless cars ..Dart.. Civics were great for being light though the festiva was always lighter.. Most cars are but a shadow of there former self.. 
  • shane eich
    shane eich 4 года назад @GT6SuzukaTimeTrials that may be true but the st185 is awd turbo
  • PlzNoTickets
    PlzNoTickets 4 года назад Lol. Dart. That's the weakest comparo possibly in the world. The original was a mass produced poorly constructed underpowered small-ish family car that slotted into the exact same segment as the new one. You should be thanking the new one for raising the perception of the original. Might also add that most who complain about the use of the name aren't even in the market demographic for the new car anyhow.
  • Seadog
    Seadog 4 года назад @GT6SuzukaTimeTrials Not sure I believe that, seeing as jdm spec st185's were 225hp with 220+ ft-lbs.  They were quite a bit more heavy though. 
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад My brother has an st185 with st205 swap. Its a neat car, no where near as light and nimble as the 7th gen Celica though.
  • crazyviolent69
    crazyviolent69 4 года назад @Carbon Bonds i know the celica name. lol i meant this car in specific, this celica ive always loved the celica GT four and the ones before it the celica became the supra eventually
  • Carbon Bonds
    Carbon Bonds 4 года назад @Wade Wilson the supra is actually the little brother to the celica.Supra was born from the celica platform
  • Rui Duarte
    Rui Duarte 4 года назад I can see why people really hate this car, but in Europe and in Japan it gets 192hp, it's a really light car and has a better suspension tune(read this somewhere).... Even the 143hp version had leather, 4 wheel disks and AC. Of course the price was higher but it's a pretty good sports car, despite being FWD. (of course, not the 1/4 champion x) )
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад @Rui Duarte The 180hp us version puts down almost the same (if not exactly the same) dyno numbers as the 190hp lotus elise version.  There isn't really an actual difference.  The TRD m sport did come with LSD which is the biggest would have been really nice in the US version.  The 140hp GT in the us does not have 4 wheel disc brakes.  I will say this for the GT though, its even lighter than the GT-S, gets nearly as good mpg as the corolla and has better midrange torque.  The GT really is a very nice, spunky commuter car IF you get it with a 5 speed manual, the automatic just destroys the performance of both engines.  With the 5 speed manual the 140hp GT accelerates about as good as the 160hp 99-00 civic Si and probably better than the 02-05 civic Si while returning better mpg.  It's a 2400lb car so that helps a lot.
  • Rui Duarte
    Rui Duarte 4 года назад @somanymods i have a 2000 VVT-i, equivalent to the US GT, it has original 6 speed manual transmission, and it's a really good entry level sports car. I monthly help to organize car meets and have alot of friends that own porsches, ferraris, lotus, etc and they always praise the driving feel of the celica... As for the Sports M, i asked TOYOTA and in some markets, toyota offered and LSD as an Extra!!! (pitty they didn't come stock with one :D)
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад (изменено) My friend and I swapped a 6 speed with LSD and a 2zz-ge into an mr2 spyder. It was sort of cool but the gearing was meant for the spyder's 1zz so it was always falling out of the powerband. My brother sold it as soon as we got it running good though. Oh the point I was going to make was that the mr2 was actually probably more fun with the 1zz then the 2zz unless you were redlining every gear. Because of the torque.
  • Rui Duarte
    Rui Duarte 4 года назад @somanymods Yep, you're right. i have a friend that swapped a MR2.. It's alot faster of course, but it's less usable because of the lack of torque. I actually saw some guys on Spyderchat that were talking about some kind of 1ZZ tuning that would "smoke" a 2ZZ on the track, which i don't doubt, because of the torquier 1ZZ , should be alot better getting out of the bends ;)
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад We actually put the 1zz that was attached to the tranny into the Pontiac vibe gt which was the 2zz doner car and it felt way more torquey, especially with the Celica gt-s 6 speed.
  • Jade Wheelwright
    Jade Wheelwright 4 года назад Just drive one sometime. If you can kinda appreciate it right now, youll fall in love when you start driving. Really fun cars. Unfortunate that he reviewed an auto as the speed differences between GTS auto and manual is a big difference. I swapped a 6 speed into my auto gts, now the car is amazing. 
  • Rich MA70
    Rich MA70 4 года назад Mine's cool. Faster than you'd think considering the somewhat uninspiring 180hp. And a great daily driver. Only downside is that the 00-02 6 speed trans will wear out it's synchros in like 100k miles or less. They're also killer on gas and pretty cheap to run.
  • areitu
    areitu 4 года назад I drove a 6-speed GTS last year, and I liked it far more than I thought I would. The engine was buttery smooth, and pulled nice and hard. I was surprised, because I'd only been in the comparatively miserable Celica GT before that. 
  • Tim Beals
    Tim Beals 4 года назад (изменено) @TheZigZagg Your totally right on that one, the US alltrac was almost 1sec slower to 60mph than the base model Gt-four. My GT-Four RC walks on ever model Celica north America ever had, and my ST205 is in a different league altogether. God I wish we had the sweet versions of JDM cars over here.
  • Cheap Used Cars Hq
    Cheap Used Cars Hq 4 года назад That's what a great review will do to you....
  • Snocone333
    Snocone333 4 года назад He does a good job with this on many many "bad" cars. goes beyond the bullshit, just talks about what matters, gets beyond the prejudices.
  • somanymods
    somanymods 4 года назад He did great justice to the mr2 spyder and celica gts two cars near and dear to my heart(although he really needs to try the stick, though his driving style wouldn't allow him to make use of the insane powerband). He did however do great injustice to the 2015 wrx and for that he must pay.
  • SBdunks3
    SBdunks3 3 года назад +somanymods its true, i dont see why either.. i use mine for what it is, a form of transportation
  • Blue Neck Media
    Blue Neck Media 3 года назад +crazyviolent69 Maybe it's because of relating it to your old high school crush. Yeah, I don't like this car either, rather want an ST185 & 205, but that hits me as well.
  • djhero0071
    djhero0071 2 года назад Something about that made me want to crawl into a ball and die it hit so close to home (now being almost 2 years removed from when I graduated)
  • Jade Wheelwright
    Jade Wheelwright 2 года назад the synchros are not destined to die after 100k. they can wear out in 30k miles, or 300k miles. it all depends on how its driven. also dont use the wrong fluid of course
  • 97 YODER
    97 YODER Год назад You do know the gts 2zz head is made by Yamaha? The way you worded it comparing it to the lotus motor seemed like you didn't know or something?
  • Austinnokay
    Austinnokay Год назад crazyviolent69 uGh how I wish I had a 05 Celica GT-S ):
  • Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds 9 месяцев назад I remember looking at one for the first time and thinking Wow that looks like a lambo or something. It might have been modified but they were good looking cars. That engine too? The Jap imports had more than 200bhp from an NA - That's wild. If it had been RWD it would have been a winner
  • bflo1000
    bflo1000 5 месяцев назад It's a great handling car.
  • Titanvogelei LP
    Titanvogelei LP 3 месяца назад how 2 dislike this car ??
  • Jonathan Villalba
    Jonathan Villalba 2 недели назад @somanymods it might be because it looks like a toy sports cars but I'd be lying if I said I wouldnt drive it lol
  • Jonathan Villalba
    Jonathan Villalba 2 недели назад @Drewber710 one of my professors said the old school darts were POS. He actually looked up the newer (late 2010s) models and said they looked like they wont break apart like the older gen darts.
  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan 2 года назад how did Toyota go from this to being the most boring, vapid car company in the world?
    JXIII 2 года назад Unfortunately, boring sells. Cars like the Yaris and Prius sell much better than the poor Celica. They're so comitted to boring cars in North America, they sell the GT86 under their Scion brand here. It sucks but it makes economic sense. BTW, nice user name. I miss Pontiac. I should wrench on my Fiero project a little before winter sets in.
  • Psythik
    Psythik 2 года назад Not anymore, since they killed off the Scion brand. The new FR-S/BRZ will be called the Toyota 86.
    JXIII 2 года назад Oh really, I had no idea. I haven't been keeping up as much as I'd like lately.
  • T-Man
    T-Man 2 года назад Corrolla
  • Uzi Duke
    Uzi Duke 2 года назад Safety Regulations
  • Christopher Mondoux
    Christopher Mondoux 2 года назад Prius.
  • M
    M 2 года назад ccvv
  • Stingy's mailbox
    Stingy's mailbox 2 года назад Most boring? Did you forget that Kia existed?
  • pbfloyd13
    pbfloyd13 Год назад Modern evanescence Kia never made fun interesting cars, Toyota did and now they don't, at least not like they used to.
  • Micsmit 45
    Micsmit 45 8 месяцев назад This might sound crazy Buuuuuuut We own a Yaris Hybrid and well it's not all that bad. It's, dare I say it, fun to drive. I'm still going to get a celica as soon as I can afford to.
  • Darth Buick
    Darth Buick 8 месяцев назад They're reclaiming the fun aspect. They brought back the Celica as the 86. They're ressurecting the Supra. Finally, have you seen the new s-fr concept? $12k new!