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Regular Car Reviews goes to Cruise Night

Published on Aug 12, 2015 266,921 views

Cruise Night. Cruse Night. Come look at forty Corvettes!

  • Push Back
    Push Back 3 года назад I love how serious he got when he saw the Falcons. One minute he's totally mental, then he's like "what engine is this, what engine is this?"
  • Alec Kelley
    Alec Kelley 2 года назад "What is engine is this" -English Major, 2015
  • M /\ K E
    M /\ K E 3 года назад Here's my toy car. Here's my real car.
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 8 месяцев назад Which toy car is best toy car?
  • malevolenceXXXensues
    malevolenceXXXensues 3 года назад @TheVenomousViper That reminds I did Have A toy of the 2nd Gen Viper. also I picture many viper guys do that in car shows
  • Maxaxle
    Maxaxle 3 года назад @ThatBrownCarGuy 99 I actually really liked that. If only the owner had gotten 4th and 5th pictures in there somehow...
  • Offhand
    Offhand 3 года назад @ThatBrownCarGuy 99 we need to go deeper
  • ThatBrownCarGuy 99
    ThatBrownCarGuy 99 3 года назад Here's a picture of my car, On a picture of my car, On my real car.
  • SpaceManDawn
    SpaceManDawn 3 года назад Mr. Regular is in my head every time I go to a car show. Congratulations. You now officially occupy a space in my skull. Fingers crossed it never becomes a space in my ass.
  • SgtPnkks
    SgtPnkks 8 месяцев назад i work in an automotive shop... i get mr regular in my head every time i poop at work, also sometimes when cars come in
  • Josh Voron
    Josh Voron Год назад is it bad that i'm doing this now too, along with tens of thousands of others?
  • catfish552
    catfish552 2 года назад Every Cayman or RX-8 I see.... "Nice Miata."
  • Tim Ritter
    Tim Ritter 2 года назад the box said ten horsepower
  • forrysc
    forrysc 3 года назад +forrysc Shit. I'm also S Forry. SCHITZO
  • forrysc
    forrysc 3 года назад +SpaceManDawn I want to build a car that runs off the hate in youtube comments. Then invite Mr. R to review it. I want no fewer than 2 real farts and belch intro like that of the motor home. I'd settle for a toilet montage with an angle grinder for wiping.
  • nutsackmania
    nutsackmania 3 года назад +SpaceManDawn no you're just annoying and trying too hard which is just a ridiculous combination
  • SpaceManDawn
    SpaceManDawn 3 года назад @nutsackmania So? If I misspell something, or forget a word, I'm not allowed to fix it? Go fuck yourself.
  • nutsackmania
    nutsackmania 3 года назад +SpaceManDawn you're annoying and you edited your comment
  • S Forry
    S Forry 3 года назад +SpaceManDawn He's ruined me for cars and coffee, big plates of beans, and taking dumps at grandma's house.
  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 3 года назад @SpaceManDawn I see what you did there...
  • Brooke Noorbergen
    Brooke Noorbergen 3 года назад @エックザック not too big not too small.
  • Mike Houchens
    Mike Houchens 3 года назад @SpaceManDawn Every time I see something fancy, I say "soooooooooooeewwwww fauuuwwwwwnnnccccaaayyy" in my head over and over.
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад Mr Regular is a part of my head even when I don't go to a car show. Whenever I see a mustang GT, I tell my friends: "GT-Oh..."
  • SpaceManDawn
    SpaceManDawn 3 года назад @エックザック I'm not going to argue with the convenience of having a Mr. Regular in one's ass. I'm just saying, I need that space for my Cambodian drug smuggling hobby.
  • エックザック
    エックザック 3 года назад @SpaceManDawn who wouldn't want Mr. Regular in their ass?
  • Scott Brixey
    Scott Brixey 3 года назад "Come look at 40 corvettes!" -every car meet ever...
  • KenzieM
    KenzieM Год назад Golly gee, is that why local car shows suck dick? At least this one had falcons for days
  • J Recio
    J Recio 2 года назад "bro widebody gt86/brz/frs. bro 350z. bro stance. bro . bro" every car show of 2015-2016
  • Totally Kyle
    Totally Kyle 3 года назад +Scott Brixey Bonus points if it's a C5.
  • Scott Brixey
    Scott Brixey 3 года назад @egykilenckilenchet true, but since rcr is in america, I thought itd apply lol
  • egykilenckilenchet
    egykilenckilenchet 3 года назад @Scott Brixey Only in murica though :3
  • David Hoffnung
    David Hoffnung 3 года назад @Scott Brixey Well at least the Grand Sport was kind of cool.
  • Scott Brixey
    Scott Brixey 3 года назад I mean it really does depend on the meet, but you categorize jdm cars like I categorized corvettes, it's just not that way, that's like saying all car meets have integras and civics all over the place. Unless they are specific for that kind of car, it's just not true. If you go to a under the radar night car meet with a bunch of people just bullshitting around, that's one thing, but if you're at a formal event like a town held annual car meet, or a cars and coffee type deal, you will almost ALWAYS have at least 15-20 corvettes there at one time...
  • Sugar Mist
    Sugar Mist 3 года назад @Scott Brixey Car meets are usually all JDM cars. These car shows they host are always classic muscle cars, which I'm starting to enjoy more.
  • Twin Turbo
    Twin Turbo 3 года назад when I watch your video I think, "this is entertaining but this guy is crazy" when I watch your car show videos I think, "This guy is definitely crazy but funny" when I actually hear you speak normal and look at engine bays I think, "Yup I would get along with this guy"
  • John Lee
    John Lee 3 года назад what engine is this what engine is this what engine is this what engine is this what engine is this?
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law Год назад What engine is this, what engine is this, what engine is this, what is engine is this
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 3 года назад @John Lee this is MIVEC not YOURVEC
  • Hearthing
    Hearthing 3 года назад @John Lee WOW U SAW THE VIDEO TOO?!?!
  • GLC522
    GLC522 3 года назад @John Lee probs a 302
    BASSOONISTFROMHELL 3 года назад @John Lee Great News!
  • JDM Toyota
    JDM Toyota 3 года назад What is engine is this. Anyone catch that after he said msd.
  • HeroRR
    HeroRR 3 года назад Oh Mr.R you gotta drop a V8 in it, hearing your voice when you noticed the v8 was like a little kid on Christmas. I know you want it, we all know you want it. Get the v8 - we want it too.
  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile 9 месяцев назад he diiiiiiiddddd ittttt
  • Guy Smiley
    Guy Smiley 3 года назад @Joe Hignite Yeah man, totally. He should really drop in a single cylinder Fairmont RO motor with a belt drive, because the only thing that should guide you when modifying a car is how uncommon something is.
  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 3 года назад @RegularCars please, mr regular you absolutely must supercharge it as well complete with a big ol tower out of the hood. you insist on it being a regular car but damn that to hell, i say. drag that notion to satan's basement door with all that power from a blown v8
  • zgrad1
    zgrad1 3 года назад @RegularCars Stroked out 347! Do it. It'll be fun.
  • Joe Hignite
    Joe Hignite 3 года назад +HEROrr V8's are overused
  • Renan Martinuzzo
    Renan Martinuzzo 3 года назад @RegularCars creepy.
  • sjpro1
    sjpro1 3 года назад +RegularCars check out Clifford performance they makes stuff for ford 6s. Also that's probably a 302
  • Cory Michael
    Cory Michael 3 года назад @Bezen1213 1 or a 351 maybe?
  • Mohamed Al-Riyami
    Mohamed Al-Riyami 3 года назад @HEROrr "... my father has it, I have it, my sister has it, you have that power too."
  • Bezen1213 1
    Bezen1213 1 3 года назад @RegularCars Its either a 289 or a 302.
  • STI555
    STI555 3 года назад from a mustang 5.0?
  • Tyler Breivogel
    Tyler Breivogel 3 года назад @RegularCars Love this video. sums up all cruise nights. "gotta put dice in my car cdause its a classic" and "box said adds 10hp"
  • Bora Topal
    Bora Topal 3 года назад @RegularCars where in PA are you?
  • Thyshallsmite
    Thyshallsmite 3 года назад @RegularCars drop the goal in your patreon, i'll donate to it, also you totally need links to your patreon on all your videos/about page
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад @HEROrr <3
  • Noor Masood
    Noor Masood 3 года назад I'd like to see Mr. Regular do this at a motorcycle meet. I feel like he'd have so much material to choose from.
  • Tom Solari
    Tom Solari 3 года назад "soooo funnnnsaayyyyyy"
  • nutsackmania
    nutsackmania 3 года назад +Tom Solari wow very good you watched the video too!
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 3 года назад @956MoE Corvette C4, I think
  • iamnatman
    iamnatman 3 года назад @956MoE It's from a few weeks ago when they reviewed a corvette with an automatic transmission, which was considered SOOooo FUHNSEH back in it's time.
  • 956MoE
    956MoE 3 года назад what was the original video for this quote
  • Lars Galling
    Lars Galling 3 года назад @iamnatman sssseeeeeooooooouuuuw faaaaaaaaahhwnseeeeeh
  • iamnatman
    iamnatman 3 года назад @Tom Solari SEW FAUHN SEHHH
  • Wings & Strings
    Wings & Strings 3 года назад It's fascinating coming back to this video and seeing how it ends up foreshadowing a lot of what happened in the Vagabond Falcon build, like the need for a big pusher fan due to the lack of room for a puller between the engine and radiator, and the fact that a puller was able to fit between the radiator and V8 in the Falcon Sprint because of the different placement of the firewall.
  • Chemtech2010
    Chemtech2010 3 года назад The box said 10 horsepower, the box said 10 horsepower, the box said 10 horsepower, the box said 10 horsepower, corvette, corvette,corvette,
  • 111danish111
    111danish111 Год назад Academic probation !
  • Alexander Rahl
    Alexander Rahl 3 года назад +tomelliott9 the fact Nate Eytchson edited his comment and people can still see his retarded dumbass comment is hilarious.
  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 3 года назад @tomelliott9 You're right; that's retarded.
  • tomelliott9
    tomelliott9 3 года назад @cptnoremac he said that Mr. Regular said "boxset 10 horsepower", which makes no sense at all
  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 3 года назад @tomelliott9 What did he say? It's been edited.
  • tomelliott9
    tomelliott9 3 года назад @Nate Eytcheson Are you retarded?
  • Riley
    Riley 3 года назад @Nate Eytcheson lol no.
  • Dope Mk6
    Dope Mk6 3 года назад .
  • andrewia
    andrewia 3 года назад dat jdm mustang doe
  • akidonacouch
    akidonacouch 3 года назад It appeared to be a ford crate engine based off the 302 small block. It would be a wonderful swap into the VF. All Hail Fink!
  • T-WRX
    T-WRX 3 года назад "Speak to me engine, tell me what you are!" - Mr. Grumbles
  • JackieCoogansBastard
    JackieCoogansBastard 3 года назад I lost it at "best in trunk"
  • banpeinet
    banpeinet 3 года назад "Here is a picture of my car on a picture of my car on MY car." That was just hilarious! Did the owner drink a cup of Droste cocoa?
  • Racer Lex
    Racer Lex 3 года назад "The box says 10 horsepower" I noticed that all those parts do say that. And a lot of people had those on there at the show. Do they really improve performance of the car?
  • Nathan Sauserman
    Nathan Sauserman 11 месяцев назад Racer Lex plus you've got to be careful, since some aftermarket intakes use oiled filters rather than plain paper ones. They'll flow better, but it also doesn't filter as well. Depending on the engine, oiled filters can hurt logevity.
  • Nathan Sauserman
    Nathan Sauserman 11 месяцев назад Only when the stock airbox is restrictive. Depending on the vehicle, you may also need to re-map the ECU to make use of the better flowing intake. Even after all this, an intake on it's own doesn't do much for power. It's more of a complimentary mod.
  • Zachary Chavez
    Zachary Chavez Год назад I think gain is miniscule at best. Just super/turbo-charge the thing to any substantial gain in power without COMPLETELY burning a hole in your wallet.
  • LegacyMuse
    LegacyMuse 3 года назад +misamisatv The thing of it is, some cars actually benefit from a warmer intake temp. I know Ferrari actually had a few cars that had a heating element in the intake.
  • jaysplace01
    jaysplace01 3 года назад @misamisatv true I've seen cars with intakes right next to the manifolds and no heat shield that kills the purpose of it
  • misamisatv
    misamisatv 3 года назад +jaysplace01 That's IF it doesn't pull warm air in from the engine compartment like many of them do. A clogged cotton filter is also worse than a clogged paper filter.
  • jaysplace01
    jaysplace01 3 года назад @L30NHART I hear that they can increase fuel economy with a very slight increase of HP
  • misamisatv
    misamisatv 3 года назад @L30NHART I like to call them warm-air intakes, and some of them really do decrease the amount of power your car makes :P
  • Eric M
    Eric M 3 года назад @L30NHART Depends on how restrictive the stock airbox is really, but it cleans up the engine bay a lot, plus the filters are washable so you don't have to replace them every year. And they sound better.
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад Nah, I got one of those rainbow headlight kits for my Chevrolet Cavalier, I noticed an instant spike in horsepower, it really does help.
  • Chemtech2010
    Chemtech2010 3 года назад @L30NHART short answer: depends on the engine. Long answer: helps when the inlet restricts and it lets the turbo spool up faster on turbo cars (not always), does need a remap though. Sometimes the filters are fitted because the regular unit doesnt fit anymore due restricted room in the engine bay (engine swaps, turbo conversions...etc).
  • Robert Rowley
    Robert Rowley 3 года назад I buy them for the looks more than anything. A lot better looking than a big plastic box taking 20% of my engine bay
  • Craig Richey
    Craig Richey 3 года назад @L30NHART Should we tell him it's a joke?
  • Kaleido Motoring
    Kaleido Motoring 3 года назад @L30NHART They don't improve anything unless you get your ECU remapped, and even then you'd be lucky to get 10 HP from it. You do get more intake noise though, if that's something you're into.
  • Matt Stammzilla
    Matt Stammzilla Год назад "What engine is this? What engine is this? What engine is this?..." Cliffhanger. So what engine was it?
    TERRY LILL 3 года назад i like how you start off with a regular event overveiw then the flagship gets onto your head and all os forgotten and your all abput the v8 v8 v8
  • Zorixion
    Zorixion 3 года назад will we ever know what engine that is.. the world may never know!
  • Billy Benedict
    Billy Benedict 3 года назад 302