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Cars 3 - Movie Review

Published on Jun 13, 2017 452,983 views


Chris Stuckmann
P.O. Box 1028
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Chris Stuckmann reviews Cars 3, starring Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Larry the Cable Guy, Armie Hammer, Tony Shalhoub, Bonnie Hunt. Directed by Brian Fee.

  • Mello
    Mello Год назад "Even the kid sitting next to me kept asking his parents questions... he'd just be like, 'Dad, I'm tired; I'm thirsty; I'm hungry; Dad, my shoe fell off'..." Uhh, Chris, buddy, those aren't questions...
  • The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+
    The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ Год назад LovePatchSour: Can I ask you something? I like the blue color of your upper body garment.
  • B P
    B P Год назад LovePatchSour I think he was getting at the kid was bored.
  • Lars Sandnes
    Lars Sandnes Год назад Followed by a forced laugh :s
  • OhSoDelicious
    OhSoDelicious Год назад Lars Sandnes right, I literally audibly said not funny lol
  • jod hod
    jod hod Год назад Lars Sandnes see, the joke was that the kid said, "mommy, the tall guy next to me keeps sighing loudly." the guy was Chris.
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Год назад Thats what i was thinking
  • The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+
    The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ Год назад jod hod: Yeah we know! We get it. It isn't making us laugh but we get it!
  • jod hod
    jod hod Год назад The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ are you sure? I can explain it more if you want. See, the humour comes from the hypocrisy of the child regarding appropriate behavior while watching films in theatres, with the essential messenger of 'it's wrong, unless I do it" this message is present in many classical and pseudoclassical jokes, and there's a reason for this. it presents an issue that's relevant no matter the time period and because the issue will always be relevant, the joke itself will remain relevant to all audiences.
  • The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+
    The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ Год назад jod hod: Wow! Dude.. let me just point out that if the joke was ever the least bit alive, you just killed it, cut it up and freeze dried it.
  • jod hod
    jod hod Год назад The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ well, maybe I can fix this by explaining the context. see, the context can often completely alter the impact of the joke, and there are many tiers and diagrams to show points where jokes stop going. I can use such diagrams to come up with an algorithmic equation to show you that the joke does in fact fall into the perimeters of being funny. unfortunately, I don't have the necessary funds to complete such a project, but I think with enough effort, I can Start a kick starter to provide the necessary funds.
  • tintinismybelgian
    tintinismybelgian Год назад They are implied questions.
  • Jack Timothy
    Jack Timothy Год назад tintinismybelgian -They're really not...
  • tintinismybelgian
    tintinismybelgian Год назад They could be(?).
  • rajeshy2j
    rajeshy2j Год назад LovePatchSour He never replies
  • Shahan
    Shahan Год назад LovePatchSour u want som fuk?
  • Sammyyam
    Sammyyam Год назад LovePatchSour thankfully i went during the day during the week so there were only a handful of other families and the kids were all quiet once the movie started.
  • Rishi Rajan
    Rishi Rajan Год назад LovePatchSour 🤣🤣🤣
  • The Warrior محارب
    The Warrior محارب Год назад He didn't say what he wanted to. It was shit and unfulfilling, but better than the previous movie.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад OP Topi he didn't hate cars 3. Like he said the first half was mediocre but the second half was awesome
  • XoreaZ
    XoreaZ 6 месяцев назад i actually liked the 2nd one
  • Evan welsh
    Evan welsh 2 недели назад Fuck off
  • Clyde Cooper
    Clyde Cooper Год назад Why do so many people hate on Cars 1? It was awesome. (not talking about cars 2 at all). Cars 1 had a great plot, good character development, and epic animation. And, if you're a car enthusiast like myself, then it was that much better. The fact that they put the idea of drifting into a kids movie is amazing and I loved it for that.
  • Jadi Peperzak
    Jadi Peperzak Год назад Clyde Cooper Good character development? Breaking Bad has good character development
  • Gummymon123
    Gummymon123 Год назад Jadi Peperzak not saying Cars has good character development but you can't really compare Breaking Bad to it because it's a TV Show, and any good TV Show will have good character development as it runs through multiple episodes js
  • Jadi Peperzak
    Jadi Peperzak Год назад Gummymon123 Lion King had great character development..
  • Cooking Catastrophe
    Cooking Catastrophe Год назад Jadi Peperzak what's your point
  • Jadi Peperzak
    Jadi Peperzak Год назад (изменено) Cooking Catastrophe To prove that Cars Ain't that good
  • V I X I E
    V I X I E Год назад (изменено) Clyde Cooper I've just watched cars 3 and I dont know, I was about to cry. Cars series was my fav, my childhood's film... I was watching cars 1 in every week when I was 5 years old. ( I am 13 now) Then cars 2 came out and I was like, ok not that bad. BUT WTF HOW MCQUINN IS A OLD CAR NOW, WHY DOC DIED?? The worst cars movie, MAYBE WORST MOVIE, I WASNT EXPECTING THAT IT MADE ME CRY 🙄
    KUSASIRA PAUL Год назад Clyde Cooper in life there will always be haters and likers so if u enjoyed the movie that's all that matters
  • Yapeseguy
    Yapeseguy Год назад you're too young to understand. Cars 3 is more for the old people if anything
  • Ruben Tongiani
    Ruben Tongiani Год назад sweet girl ok so... Doc got old too and, if you didn't noticed, he died in the two already. so... idk... and of course, that mcqueen is slower! it's logic! you know, evolution... like that... and if you really liked the second one, am kinda desperate... the only thing that I agree with is that part about childhood, I saw cars one like a thousand times...
  • Neel Parmar
    Neel Parmar Год назад I'm in the same boat as you, watching these movies as a bit of a car enthusiast. The first Cars movie remains my favourite as it sticks truest to what cars are all about. From a personal perspective, I really loved it even if most thought it was ok because it is a satisfying movie to watch as someone who enjoys cars. Cars 3 tries to pick up the same vibe but unfortunately falls short and leaves a lot of unfulfilled potential. It's too much of a kids film and doesn't have anywhere near as many intense moments as Cars did. It's so unfortunate that this movie was released mainly to sell toys rather than redeem the franchise.
  • Billboardguy1
    Billboardguy1 Год назад people hate on Cars because they're not what people expect from Pixar. When people think Pixar, they expect a masteripiece and to be taken on an imaginative and magical jouney. The Cars movies don't really have any of that. They're also pretty weak in comparison to most of Pixar's other work. If it belonged to any other property, no one would take issue with them, but since it's Pixar, the movies are a huge disappointment and people obviously take issue with that. Personally, the first one was okay, but not memorable and doesn't leave a lasting impression. And I personally didn't think it was all that special in terms of plot or character. I personally skip the Cars movies in terms of Pixar movies I'd watch.
  • Ionclast
    Ionclast Год назад Clyde Cooper well cars 1 was boring and slow moving, cars 2 was a botched action and too much mator.
  • Bobtheblob20
    Bobtheblob20 Год назад I don't know? I feel that Cars is actually one of Pixar's best movies! I even enjoyed Cars 2. Sure the secret spy thing was kind of a weird plot for the second movie? But I didn't think the movie was terrible.
  • As Always
    As Always Год назад Cars was okay, I think the hate came from Cars 2 and both films were affiliated together. It also didn't help the main drive of the franchise was to selling toys.
  • Sam 121905
    Sam 121905 Год назад Clyde Cooper cars 1 is much memories for me when I saw 3s trailer I had nostalgia points!
  • Sean Wolf
    Sean Wolf Год назад Character development is the only thing I have to disagree on. Character development felt quite rushed and some unneeded information although I understand there was high amount of characters with low amount of screen time in the movie and it made it feel like the story was being pushed too fast. Although I still love Cars 1
  • William Jirak
    William Jirak Год назад Clyde Cooper I feel the same way
  • Jeeses99
    Jeeses99 Год назад Uh.. no one hates cars 1..
  • Jacobliterator
    Jacobliterator Год назад I'm not gonna say no one should like it, but I just didn't see the appeal. Predictable story, uninteresting when not flat out irritating characters and awful comedy, ESPECIALLY MATER.
  • Logan Rines
    Logan Rines Год назад Clyde Cooper @
  • Riel Whittle
    Riel Whittle Год назад I totally agree! I loved cars as a kid! One of my favorite movies as a kid and I still love it ^_^ I don't think cars 2 is as bad as most people but I agree it wasn't the best... and this third movie wasn't as good as the first movie but better than the second. I probably had my hopes up to high for this movie because I was actually really excited for the movie (one of the few that can say that lol) So yeah! I agree with you whole heartedly
  • Kerchoo Productions
    Kerchoo Productions Год назад Clyde Cooper same I love the first one it never gets boring and it has lots of smart funny jokes
  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins Год назад (изменено) Pixar films Ranked (that I've seen) 1. Cars (IK its controversial, but I loved this film.) EDIT: A lot of this is just because of nostalgia 2. Toy Story 3 (Heartfelt and with a much more interesting plot than toy story 2) 3. The incredibles (One of the best superhero movies ever made.) 4. Finding Nemo (I love this film) 5. Up (Heartfelt, and sad for most of the movie) 6. Cars 3 (Because of the part with doc's friends) 7. Wall-E (A good love story and interesting themes) 8. Toy Story (Wonderful film) 9. Monsters Inc. (Great film) 10. Toy story 2 (Forgettable) 11. Monsters University (eh) 12. Brave (This is Pixar?) 13. Cars 2 (Ugh) 14. Ratatouille (I hate this film and I don't know why)
  • Riel Whittle
    Riel Whittle Год назад Dicky Collins Why don't you like Toy Story 2? I personally like it the best out of the three.
  • White Nova
    White Nova Год назад Clyde Cooper yea cars1 is hella good but 2 nahhhhh
  • Indiana Solo And the Fellowship of the Ewoks
    Indiana Solo And the Fellowship of the Ewoks Год назад Clyde Cooper I love it for nostalgia but I will admit the first half is pretty slow. The 2nd half though is really good. Cars 2 is garbage though. I actually did really like Cars 3 though.
  • Robert Ri
    Robert Ri Год назад luna xx everything you said is the same for me,damn we are twins lol
  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins Год назад +Riel Whittle I did Like Toy Story 2, it had its stand out moments (Esepcially Jessi's backstory), but I just kind of found it forgettable. but that is my opinion.
  • Galaxy 2000
    Galaxy 2000 Год назад Cars 1 - B- Cars 2 - D+ Cars 3 - C
  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins Год назад +Galaxy Gaming For me because of Nostalgia: Cars - A++ Cars 2 - Z- Cars 3 - B
  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller Год назад I really liked the first Cars. Absolutely hated the second one. And didn't like the third.
  • Galaxy 2000
    Galaxy 2000 Год назад Dicky Collins yes I have nostalgia for cars 1 too but I've rewatched it a few times now and realised it drags a little in the middle its like the directors just put something in there for lightning to do however the cast was good and the ending was cool
  • Rahman Permana
    Rahman Permana Год назад Cars 1 is one of my 2nd favorite pixar movie (1st is of course The Incredibles) i dont know, i just feel nostalgic even when thinking of cars 1 (maybe because personal experience?), watched cars 2 and already forgot about it, and cars 3 i really enjoyed the movie.
  • Angus Ng
    Angus Ng Год назад Dicky Collins Here is my list for the best to worst Cars movies: 1. Cars 3 2. Cars 3. Cars 2
  • TK NaNdo
    TK NaNdo Год назад Jadi Peperzak screw breaking bad stranger things 4 Life
  • Cinestar Productions
    Cinestar Productions Год назад It's not funny, it's a dumb idea, and it's kinda boring. If you still like it, good for you. These are reasons why some people don't. (A lot of people do like it, btw.)
  • Travis Talks TV and Movies
    Travis Talks TV and Movies Год назад Clyde Cooper Cars 1 and Up are my 2 favorite Pixar movies.
  • Robbie Gabito
    Robbie Gabito Год назад It was fcking boring
  • Scotty Babb
    Scotty Babb Год назад I don't hate cars 1. I think is just good.
  • Alexander Hernandez
    Alexander Hernandez 9 месяцев назад Clyde Cooper You lost me when you said you were a car enthusiast. I call bullshit. Stop trying to get attention
  • Josh Gandy
    Josh Gandy 8 месяцев назад What are you fricking talking about? People love cars one. And in my opinion, cars 2 is da best. Dont even respond if your gonna hate
  • Benjamin Avila
    Benjamin Avila 4 месяца назад Yeah and I feel like people don’t get the whole point of the first movie where it was about slowing down and live life because you won’t know what your missing.
  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster 3 месяца назад Jadi Peperzak if another movie has better character development it doesn't take away from the movie's character development, good character development is good character development, doesn't matter if other movies have better character development or not!
  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster 3 месяца назад V I X I E you hate on cars 3 cause it changed some things? Bruh, you must be a fucking child then, lmao The movie's whole idea is that change happens and that you need to accept it, and you're here denying everything, oh my the irony
  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster 3 месяца назад Billboardguy1 honestly the first cars movie impacted me more than any other pixar movie, yes even more than the incredibles(which is a masterpiece) and even more than wall-e(again, a masterpiece) and i saw all three of those in my early childhood. But then again i'm a huge car enthusiast with a big eye for movies about being the underdog and then coming up to be on top or finding a way to get past such things, i also love mentor and student relationships and the idea of moving a legacy from one person to the other. Like here from hudson, to mcqueen, and now to cruz.
  • DragonFangs
    DragonFangs 6 дней назад I actually think Cars 2 is the best Cars movie. Even though I still count McQueen as the main character instead of Mater
  • TheCoconut
    TheCoconut Год назад CARS 1 WAS AMAZING!
  • Billboardguy1
    Billboardguy1 Год назад nah.
  • TheCoconut
    TheCoconut Год назад Your opinion
  • Rishi Rajan
    Rishi Rajan Год назад Darth Coconut Nope!
  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho Год назад Rishi Rajan shut up! 😒😒😴😴
  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd Год назад Absolutely. It was a very entertaining movie. I found it to be very uplifting
  • Diwani James
    Diwani James 1 месяц назад @TheCoconut it's facts
    OVREZ Год назад “This kid kept asking questions” chris says many examples of non-questions
  • EJK k
    EJK k Год назад OVREZ I thought that exact thing..
  • Ty Savage
    Ty Savage Год назад EXACTLY
  • Matt C
    Matt C Год назад Am I the only one who loved the original cars
  • BobbyBigBallsツ
    BobbyBigBallsツ Год назад Matt C No I loved the first Cars and Cars 3
  • Matthijs
    Matthijs Год назад Matt C Nope I love it as well
  • Vasu Gupta
    Vasu Gupta Год назад I loved it. I remember watching it in theatres when it came out. The first 7 minutes of it were so exciting to me and I always like to rewatch the beginning race. The song "real gone" really fit the intro well.
  • Froppy
    Froppy Год назад I love it
  • kmailow
    kmailow Год назад Matt C you can love it, but that doesn't make it good
  • Galaxy 2000
    Galaxy 2000 Год назад Yep the first cars is the only one I like
  • Mike -_-
    Mike -_- Год назад Why does everyone hate so much on cars 2 and 3? I love that they made more movies. I'm a big fan of cars and as a racing fan i will always be. Even though cars 2 was a bit blurry and weird in my opinion i still liked it. Cars 3 was just an amazing movie. I enjoyed the first half as well since i am a REAL cars fan. If you are a cars fan you will also have enjoyed cars 3. And you will have been touched by the ending of cars 3, when Cruz made that move for the lead that was the same as the one Doc hudson made all those years ago.
  • Bookhead714
    Bookhead714 Год назад No, I loved that movie and still do.
  • Jason Chilado
    Jason Chilado Год назад and yet Incredibles 2 hasn't been released yet.
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад nba73 we are almost there my friend! Next June!
  • Jason Chilado
    Jason Chilado Год назад @JONATHAN PINZON yeah!
  • Syamantak Dutta
    Syamantak Dutta Год назад Pixar is never good a sequels
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад Syamantak Dutta only Cars sequel. Toy Story 2 & 3 are masterpieces. Finding Dory was great. MU was pretty fun but mean spirited.
  • EarthsGeomancer
    EarthsGeomancer Год назад nba73 Incredibles sucked.
  • Cuz I'm a wanderer
    Cuz I'm a wanderer Год назад The incredibles can't really sell as much toys as Cars
  • Skillerboy
    Skillerboy Год назад see the thing is, do you really want another incredibles movie? Because if it sucks everybody will be saying "why did they make another one? They ruined the movies"
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад EarthsGeomancer SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU FUCKING MORON!
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад Cuz I'm a wanderer uh, yes it can. They had a comic series. I'm not sure if they are cannon.
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад Skillerboy the sequel has so many ideas. Don't be a jerk and let the people have their Incredibles II movie.
  • J
    J Год назад nba73 Cars came out after the first Incredibles movie and this already has 3 movies.
  • ZacStrikesBack
    ZacStrikesBack Год назад nba73 And yet it's the 1 Pixar movie where a sequel would make the most sense.
  • ZacStrikesBack
    ZacStrikesBack Год назад Skillerboy We know the director of Incredibles really cares and said he wouldn't do a sequel if it wasn't going to be good.
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад ZacStrikesBack this is why I love Brad Bird. He knows what he's doing in each Pixar movie he directed.
  • Adam Tatti
    Adam Tatti Год назад Uh, YES!!!
  • Osterman
    Osterman Год назад We do have an Incredibles 2. It's the video game 'Incredibles: Rise of The Underminer' and I remember it being awesome.
  • blackfox1320
    blackfox1320 Год назад That's because the first one was boring. Hands down the worst movie in the Pixar library.
  • hoàng huy
    hoàng huy Год назад nba73 Neither does Bee Movie :(
  • Osterman
    Osterman Год назад +blackfox1320 You are incredibly foolish. No pun intended.
  • Daniel Monteiro
    Daniel Monteiro Год назад 2018 my man. One more year for the good stuff
  • Youssef Rachad
    Youssef Rachad Год назад Daniel Monteiro sorry but it is 2019
  • Zleep
    Zleep Год назад Daniel Monteiro 2019. rip
  • Daniel Monteiro
    Daniel Monteiro Год назад (изменено) Whaaaat? Noooo. Kkkk
  • Nexus258
    Nexus258 Год назад Lt.SnubSnub Reviews ugghhh 2 more years!
  • RetlocLive
    RetlocLive Год назад Good lord people, get over it already with these "Incredibles 2 isn't here yet" comments. IT'S ON ITS WAY.
  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson Год назад nba73 Preach!!!!!!
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад Youssef Rachad Are you fucking stupid?!? It's June 18, 2018!
  • The Misunderstood Assassin
    The Misunderstood Assassin Год назад nba73 It will next year!
  • Fernando Sosa
    Fernando Sosa Год назад blackfox1320 No, you just have bad taste
  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL Год назад nba73 only because incredible merchandise won't sell as well as cars shit. I can enter any store and any section and I would see cars merchandise there for sure. From attire to fucking food packaging.
  • Youssef Rachad
    Youssef Rachad Год назад no im not stuipd because in the early news it was scheduled for 2019 and i didnt hear news since that time thanks for telling me
  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Год назад Just wait another year
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад Youssef Rachad always look up before saying something.
  • DIOcelot
    DIOcelot Год назад LONG LIVE STEELO rip steez
  • Tae Ahn
    Tae Ahn Год назад stfu its on its way for fucks sake
  • Youssef Rachad
    Youssef Rachad Год назад @JONATHAN PINZON ok man
  • notoriousbeast
    notoriousbeast Год назад I hope it will be terrible so you guys can fuck off
  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Год назад bluntrz what the fuck are you talking about?
  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Год назад (изменено) I don't know, Finding Dory was pretty good, so chances are it will probably be really good too
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад (изменено) JONATHAN PINZON June 15th I believe I am quoting you when I say "always look up before saying something." Also I'm on your side. I want another Incredibles before Cars 53 comes out but you don't need to snap at the people who are obviously just trying to get a rise out of you.
  • abbie
    abbie Год назад probably taking so long bc the director actually wants it to be good
  • Zach M.
    Zach M. Год назад It's comin. Just gotta wait a little more.
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад ughabbie It doesn't take 14 to write a good sequel. It's taking so long because director Brad Bird is working on other projects and Pixar wanted to make a Trilogy of films that essentially were made to sell toys to kids.
  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Год назад But Cars 3 hasn't come out yet
  • Lee H.
    Lee H. Год назад nba73 merchandising!
  • j-dizzle time
    j-dizzle time Год назад that awkward moment when incredibles 2 is incredibly shitty
  • Jluyoungzone
    Jluyoungzone Год назад nba73 They have a lot more to live up to with the Incredibles.
  • ricarleite
    ricarleite Год назад Cars sells a LOT of merchandise. It's the most profitable Disney IP related to products, toys and IP licensing. So they are forcing Pixar to make more at gunpoint.
  • McFrozenNuggets
    McFrozenNuggets Год назад It will be, next June...(2018).
  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy Год назад nba73: incredibles sucks
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад Thomas Miller Interesting opinion. What makes you say so? Elaborate.
  • LazyScorp
    LazyScorp Год назад For me I just didn't like the characters, good or bad side. The story didn't get my attention and overall just ended up falling flat to the point I actually don't remember anything from it, not even one name. Now of course allot of people like it and I'm not saying it was horrible or other people shouldn't like it, It just wasn't for me personally. Strangely I actually liked Megamind...
  • InnerRise
    InnerRise Год назад November1986 you're WRONG
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад InnerRise According to the first ammendment, he has this thing called freedom of speech. With said freedom, one may voice any opinion one has without it being wrong. It is an opinion. You don't have to agree but he can have any opinion he wishes.
  • LazyScorp
    LazyScorp Год назад Well, I did say it was my opinion of the movie and that allot of others liked it. Do I think my opinion should never be challenged just because it's an opinion? No, not really, as much as I have a right to state my opinion others have a right to challenge said opinion. Granted, I can't say much to the challenge of my opinion when it's on a first grade level nor was I looking for an argument or discussion exactly. More or less a random statement about what I personally thought. On a side note I expected a response against the post but I sort of was expecting something more're wrong...
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад November1986 People now a days sadly don't want to take the time to divulge there beliefs on certain matters so they rely on saying things like "your wrong". If anyone disagrees with them they are "wrong". On another note, I know what you meant when you talked about the Incredibles. When I was a kid I didn't like the Incredibles that much but retried it a couple months back and was pleasantly surprised. I came to the conclusion that it is targeted towards youngsters but speaks more to an older demographic. I recommend watching it again if it has been a while.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад nba73 Jesus fuck! Can't even go through the comments of a Cars 3 video without finding some asswipe complaining about the Incredibles 2. Just be glad it's coming out at all
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад MyName is Jeff 1. Can't go through the comments of a Cars 3 video without seeing a peraon getting butthurt over Incredibles 2 comments. 2. People who are fans of the film will naturally be upset that there is no sequel yet but 3 movies about talking Cars. 3. The comments regarding Incredibles 2 never say anything about one NOT coming. They are very clear about saying certain things. Check out this sentence: It sucks that we have three below average Cars films before we got a sequel to the Incredibles. There was one key word in there: before. They are very grateful, as you demanded they be, but they also can freely express their feelings towards the Cars trilogy.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Abdul Zlitni 1. Only cars 2 was a below average animated film. 1 and 3 were great, but people are biased because they sold a lot of toys 2. People keep blaming Pixar for not getting Incredibles 2, when it was brad bird who spent so much time thinking about it. Even John Lasseter called the Incredibles 2 ' the one I've been waiting on as well'. 3. Countless people always complaining about that exact same comment pretty much everywhere and can't stop hating the Cars films only because the Incredibles 2 didn't come out yet
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад MyName is Jeff 1. Your beliefs about the quality of the Cars films are entirely your opinion. You like what you want to like. 2. Brad Bird has been thinking about it since the release but only started coming up with an actual plot recently. If he began thinking of an idea for a sequel right after the release of the 1st, we would have one by now. It doesn't take 1.3 decades to come up with a sequel idea. 3. Your final issue is a fragment of a thought and doesn't make sense, but I'm assuming you ment that all the comments are annoying. Let me ask you one thing: If you despise reading comments like those so much, why do you read them or even visit the comment section of videos like this. I'm not saying you can't, but don't be surprised that people will express their opinions.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Abdul Zlitni 1. The fact that all three Cars films are below average is your own opinion as well. 2. Brad bird also had to direct ratatouille and tomorrowland. A director can't spend time on two films at once. Each film takes 5 years to make and he wants the sequel to be superior to the original so he really wanted to take his time on the story ideas. 3. All I said was that in every cars 3 video was someone complaining about Incredibles 2 when so many people already commented that for so many years
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Also tomorrowland was a critical and financial failure
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад MyName is Jeff 1. I never said it wasn't my opinion and never got fussy about people disagreeing with me. 2. Directors Can actually work on two films. Spielberg made Jurassic Park and Schindler's List both in 1993. 3. Brad Bird making those films and revitalizing the MI franchise is the reason we don't have a sequel. He hasn't been thinking about it for long the way he is now. When Incredibles 2 was announced is when he began writing the plot or shortly before. 4. I say again, if it bothers you so much, try to ignore it or even try refraining from reading those comments.
  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Год назад You forgot Mission Impossible 4
  • Abdul Zlitni
    Abdul Zlitni Год назад Matthew Hunter I don't know if you were talking about me but if you were I said he revitalized the MI franchise.
  • Christopher Gongora
    Christopher Gongora Год назад exactly
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад nba73 that's it! I've had enough! I will start reporting every person who keeps complaining about Incredibles 2
  • Noah Sosa
    Noah Sosa Год назад MyName is Jeff Calm down, man, you don't need to go that far over some impatient crybabies.
  • Rebellious Robot
    Rebellious Robot Год назад I just dislike.
  • JustinsWorld4U
    JustinsWorld4U Год назад JONATHAN PINZON Hey, Incredibles 2 is comming out June 2019 not 2018, in 2018 toy story 4 comes out in June.
  • JustinsWorld4U
    JustinsWorld4U Год назад Daniel Monteiro *2019 in 2018 is toy story 4 :)
  • JustinsWorld4U
    JustinsWorld4U Год назад JONATHAN PINZON That is toy story 4 next year. 2019 dude.
  • Noah Sosa
    Noah Sosa Год назад RetlocLive Thank you! Finally someone who understands.
  • Theangryguy09
    Theangryguy09 Год назад Right!?
  • Random l
    Random l Год назад Az Plasma Most people don't agree.
  • Laura Norman
    Laura Norman Год назад It's coming next year (Really do not want to wait)
  • Bob _Loflin
    Bob _Loflin Год назад nba73 waiting till 2018
  • Steve Samuals
    Steve Samuals Год назад nba73 it's coming, but to quote a certain villain "too late, 15 years too late"
    THE PMC Год назад That's because Incredibles 2 requires more thought and actually HAS to be good unlike these Cars sequels
  • Roxer
    Roxer Год назад nba73 Trailer is out
  • Minecraft Engineer1971
    Minecraft Engineer1971 Год назад nba73 because cruz sent 9569 requests for cars 3 get it 95 mcqueen 69 sex
  • Mexican Memester
    Mexican Memester 8 месяцев назад it was pretty "Ok"
  • Anios Arkhangelisk
    Anios Arkhangelisk 2 месяца назад Spoiler alert, Incredibles 2 was pretty shit.
  • SpirusOfH
    SpirusOfH Год назад "This tall, giant man next to me keeps sighing really loudly"
  • PrettyBoy Grizzly
    PrettyBoy Grizzly Год назад I love cars 1 and cars 3 was equally good but the second one is cancer
  • Ben Wong
    Ben Wong Год назад In Cars 2 They literally blew up the blue spy car... I was traumatised after walking out the damn cinema
  • Liam L
    Liam L 2 месяца назад @Ben Wong is that what really happened? I haven't watched it for at least 4 years I thought the bomb was stopped from blowing up and that was that
  • DragonFangs
    DragonFangs 6 дней назад I actually thought Cars 2 was the best Cars movie
  • Ryan P Majewski
    Ryan P Majewski Год назад Cars1- 9/10 Cars 2- 4/10 Cars 3- 8/10
  • F
    F Год назад Ryan P Majewski Cars 3 - 0/10
  • E1ite Yoshi
    E1ite Yoshi Год назад (изменено) Same score 8/10.
  • Rob Bob The Corn Cob
    Rob Bob The Corn Cob Год назад Ryan P Majewski What the fuck?
  • Ultra Force
    Ultra Force Год назад Cars 1 - 7/10 Cars 2 - 4/10 Cars 3 - 6/10
  • Andrea Escalante
    Andrea Escalante Год назад Ultra Force I think exactly just like you!
  • Aiden Hall
    Aiden Hall Год назад I highly agree with this
  • CaptainDieg
    CaptainDieg Год назад Cars 1 - 8/10 Cars 2 - 3/10 Cars 3 - 6/10
  • Jeeses99
    Jeeses99 Год назад Agree with 1 and 3 but 2 is AT LEAST a 6
  • Vasu Gupta
    Vasu Gupta Год назад (изменено) I actually thought cars 3 was enjoyable. The first half wasnt even that boring. I liked the beginning how they made it similar to Cars 1 beginning. I agree with ur list. I loved Cars 1 and enjoyed Cars 3 (Cars 2 was pretty bad but i will give 5/10)
  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho Год назад Holo the Wise Wolf Cars 1- 7/10 Cars 2- 5/10 Cars 3- 8/10
  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho Год назад Noah F WTF! Cars 3 is so good! Cars 1- 7/10 Cars 2- 0 Cars 3- 8/10
  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho Год назад CaptainDieg Cars 1- 7/10 Cars 2- 5/10 Cars 3- 8/10
  • Sam 454
    Sam 454 Год назад Wow those are my scores too
  • unique mahin
    unique mahin Год назад i loved cars one of my fav movies. specialy that time on radiator spring cars 3 is also not bad.
  • Rahman Permana
    Rahman Permana Год назад yeah agree
    MAAD TEE Год назад Why do people actually hate cars 3 it is really a good movie
  • Mir Haque
    Mir Haque Год назад Cars 1: 10/10
  • Nitin Babu
    Nitin Babu Год назад cars 3 was rocky3 sort of
  • let's go baby
    let's go baby Год назад cars 9/10 cars2 9/10 cars3 4/10
  • LEGO SpideyStudios
    LEGO SpideyStudios Год назад Cars - 8.5/10 Cars 2 - 2.3/10 Cars 3 - 5.9/10
  • Mike -_-
    Mike -_- Год назад I just saw cars 3, and i loved the movie. I loved cars 1 as well and i also didn't think cars 2 was that bad, i just didn't understand what happend with the piston cup. But luckily they brought that back. I got a little emotional near the end when Cruz made the same move for the lead that Doc hudson made so many years ago. Amazing movie.
  • Speedo
    Speedo 11 месяцев назад (изменено) cars 1 - 10/10 cars 2 - 7/10 cars 3 - 5/10.
  • KEllisTalks
    KEllisTalks 10 месяцев назад Cars 1 8/10 Cars 2 3/10 Cars 3 7/10
  • Сергей TheSergeyPlay
    Сергей TheSergeyPlay 9 месяцев назад F uck u
  • SebGoP222
    SebGoP222 6 месяцев назад Yeah I enjoyed cars 1 and 3, although I enjoyed cars 2 as a kid, I think today at its best Its just Painfully average.
  • All Time low
    All Time low 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Cars 1 - 9/10 Cars 2 - 2/10 Cars 3 - 6/10
  • The Blue Gangsta
    The Blue Gangsta 5 месяцев назад YES!
  • Kayden Garza
    Kayden Garza 5 месяцев назад Cars1- 9/10 Cars2- 5/10 Cars3- 9/10
  • Fernando Zapata
    Fernando Zapata 4 месяца назад Cars 10/10,cars 2 10/10,cars 3 9.5/10 this is my opinion hate if you want. I am a huge fan of the series.
  • SneakyAutobot
    SneakyAutobot 2 месяца назад Cars 1- 9/10 Cars 2- 3/10 Cars 3- 8/10
  • Diwani James
    Diwani James 1 месяц назад @F stop joking
  • Francis Glasco
    Francis Glasco 1 месяц назад For me Cars1- 3/10 Cars2- 10/10 Cars3 - 0/10
  • DragonFangs
    DragonFangs 6 дней назад Cars 1 - 10/10 Cars 2 - 10/10 Cars 3 - 10/10
  • The Kittydaw
    The Kittydaw Год назад I love how you casually say "well cars 3 is a movie"
  • Hannah Wisdom
    Hannah Wisdom Год назад Am I the only one who liked the movie...?
  • IIIPotatoIII
    IIIPotatoIII Год назад Hannah Wisdom nah
  • ThatOtherDrummer
    ThatOtherDrummer Год назад Nah,I thought it was pretty darn good.
  • Zoe
    Zoe Год назад No I liked it because it took a different direction than two, and I liked how Doc was brought up a lot. I really liked 1 as well.
  • Draw Kage
    Draw Kage Год назад Hannah Wisdom I just HATED how Mc Queen didn't do the race on his own.
  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho Год назад The Drawing King I LOVED how Cruz Ramirez races! So good!!!
  • FroakieTrainer54
    FroakieTrainer54 Год назад Hannah Wisdom I liked it
  • Indiana Solo And the Fellowship of the Ewoks
    Indiana Solo And the Fellowship of the Ewoks Год назад Hannah Wisdom I actually liked it too. A little bit more than the first actually.
  • Bonny Monstrosity
    Bonny Monstrosity Год назад I loved how the plot went though it's so sad mcqueen is only coaching now. It was a good comeback since cars 2 was a flop. The message to C3 is so true. Everything's becoming newer and they're leaving the old things behind. That's happening right now irl too.
  • Sepnyte
    Sepnyte Год назад I liked it. I liked the 1st movie. Hated the 2nd
  • Mel Hyde
    Mel Hyde Год назад The graphic were great in this movie, I actually really liked it as the moral in this movie was good.
  • Nashib Farooqi
    Nashib Farooqi Год назад I personally loves this one, even more than Cars 1. The theme in this movie, of knowing when to move on because of age, i thought was the most realistic.
  • Galaxy 2000
    Galaxy 2000 Год назад it was disappointing but obviously I'd watch this over cars 2
  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd Год назад No. I loved it.
  • WavesOfRed
    WavesOfRed Год назад Nope
  • Dori _
    Dori _ Год назад (изменено) I really liked cars (not cars2). I saw it as a kid and it's always has been one of my favorite pixar films. I was excited to see to see cars 3 and i thought the movie was great and quite touching.
  • Syakir Zufayri
    Syakir Zufayri Год назад I love it!
  • Pedro Espinoza
    Pedro Espinoza Год назад I thought that it was GREAT
  • BaronNation Entertainment
    BaronNation Entertainment Год назад +Hannah Wisdom Actually, a lot of people liked this film.
  • Bria Parker
    Bria Parker Год назад Nah. I loved it! I cried so much during the second half to the end. I swear, Pixar loves making tear jerking movies these days.
  • Brim Fixers
    Brim Fixers Год назад I feel like 3 really is the true successor of cars 1
  • Josh Flynn
    Josh Flynn Год назад Hannah Wisdom I loved it. Maybe because I'm a huge fan of racing and dream to be a racing driver
  • Strawbérry Milk
    Strawbérry Milk Год назад It's sad because it was so good. I actually cried at how Cruz got shut down so Hard by Sterling. It harkened back to true female equality. Not feminism, but just more of a "that's just so unfair". The taunting of Cruz as she raced her first race. I felt her struggle. I thought it was beautiful that the Lightening McQueen passed the torch to, as it appeared in the present, the ONLY current FEMALE racer. This is why I think people didn't like it. It's a telling story of how racing was mostly a male sport. They even introduced the first female racer and the first colored racer (in the old bar) who speak of their own struggles. All of it leads up to as we grow older we go through different phases in life. We grow, learn, find ourselves, then pass on that knowledge to the next generation. Thus our legacy lives on. Lightening accepting his new role as coach to a completely new generation with a female perspective
  • 4Nick3
    4Nick3 Год назад A lot of people like/love Cars 3. So that comment doesn’t make sense.
  • Juan The Neko
    Juan The Neko Год назад Hannah Wisdom I liked all Cars movies, but out of all if them I thought the sequel was the worst of the 3 and the third one was probably the best
  • Ashton Morgan 12
    Ashton Morgan 12 11 месяцев назад No I loved it
  • Сергей TheSergeyPlay
    Сергей TheSergeyPlay 9 месяцев назад Hannah Wisdom nopa
  • Alexander Hernandez
    Alexander Hernandez 9 месяцев назад Hannah Wisdom Yeah.
  • Julian Shipp J.R.
    Julian Shipp J.R. 8 месяцев назад The cars movies are my childhood well pretty much monsters inc is but you get what I'm saying
  • Taiki Mori
    Taiki Mori 7 месяцев назад Ur not alone
  • TimRT Howard
    TimRT Howard Год назад Does anyone say cachigga
  • adolfo arias
    adolfo arias Год назад TimRT Howard ma nigga
  • Certified Chutiya
    Certified Chutiya Год назад Cachigga my nigga
  • John Apple
    John Apple 11 месяцев назад You racist Nazi!
  • Joach's World
    Joach's World 5 месяцев назад KACHINGA KACHINGA
  • Joach's World
    Joach's World 4 месяца назад KACHINGA
  • Brian Bridges
    Brian Bridges Год назад Chris and Jeremy BOTH mentioned bored children in the theater during this movie. That's pretty telling.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Brian Bridges that was only at the world premiere. Also u know how kids are
  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Год назад I went to a showing with a ton of kids. They were pretty entertained.
  • Elora Maxwell
    Elora Maxwell Год назад Brian Bridges Yeah but a lot of fans of the first one are grown up now, so in a way it worked to entertain the now older fans.
  • Reino lran 57
    Reino lran 57 Год назад Brian Bridges that just shows that kids don't give a shit about cars at all.
  • {LucyFluffyDenDecor} AJ
    {LucyFluffyDenDecor} AJ Год назад Kids have a low attention span... it what makes me not like them. They never shut up during the movie and drive everyone crazy. They do this with every movie. You can't say a movie's bad because kids can't shut up, stop moving and pay attention. Most kids just can't appreciate movies until they're older. :I
  • Reino lran 57
    Reino lran 57 Год назад (изменено) {LucyFluffyDenDecor} AJ i never had a low attention span. When I watched movies whan I was five I never got bored but hey thats just me.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Super99cinema 57 kids act that way all the time. Also little boys ADORE cars
  • Sammyyam
    Sammyyam Год назад Brian Bridges the kids in my theater were quiet
  • Sammyyam
    Sammyyam Год назад Also if you grew up with the movies like me and my brother did and not see them as grown adults like these reviewers you enjoy it for what it is
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Cars 3 is mostly meant for the teens that grew up watching the first cars. It's great but not the second half is far superior to the first half
  • Sammyyam
    Sammyyam Год назад Plus my brother was obsessed with the first movie after he saw it. He was 4 at the time it came out and we had all the merch. It really just depends on what kind of kid you are. Boys probably enjoy it more.
  • Rishi Rajan
    Rishi Rajan Год назад Brian Bridges So is this the same Chris from CinemaSins?????
  • Sammyyam
    Sammyyam Год назад Jeremy is Cinemasins.
  • Andrea Smeelie
    Andrea Smeelie Год назад When I saw the movie the kids seemed just fine.
  • Anshuman Kumar
    Anshuman Kumar Год назад Where I went , there were probably more kids.
  • Will Mcmeekin
    Will Mcmeekin Год назад A kid in my cinema was utterly riveted with the movie, in the fanalie when Cruze does the jump you could hear him go "Nooo Way"
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад MadCap Productions cars 3 was alright.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад MadCap Productions how could u say this movie sucked when there's such a thing as the emoji movie
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад MadCap Productions Pixar set the bar way too high without even intending to. So it's not very fair to expect every single film they make to be a flawless masterpiece
  • Rolanday
    Rolanday Год назад Brian Bridges I took my 6 year old little brother who loves both of the cars movies, and was bored watching the third one, I think it's probably the best of the series
  • The One Who Eats Lemons
    The One Who Eats Lemons Год назад They were probably sitting one child apart.
  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Год назад Brian Bridges both Chris and Jeremy also both stated that the second half of the movie was far superior to the first half
  • Lilmoody
    Lilmoody Год назад Has he EVER Been exited about anything??!!!
  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose Год назад Chris you're almost at 1 million, I've been with you for 4 years now when you used to have under 100k. Im so proud!
  • Dylan Venegas
    Dylan Venegas Год назад Those are not questions! They're statements.
  • Edmonton Boy
    Edmonton Boy Год назад (изменено) Say what you want but I'm easily excited for this movie, this not a "I grew up with" joke, I grew up with Cars ever since I was 5. I don't care what anyone says, I love the first Cars movie, Cars 2 did however didn't hold up for me, it's not really the best film Pixar made, I'm really excited for this movie.
  • Amelle Kyre
    Amelle Kyre Год назад Writerfirefighter 17 It was really good! You'll love it. I sure did.
  • arvin bhattacharya
    arvin bhattacharya Год назад Ok so first of all i really liked the first cars, second i have an almost oppostie opinions on cars 3 to Chris'. I really liked the first half and i found the second half ok but i personally didnt like the ending where cruz wins, i wouldve much rather had lightning win
  • Captain Marvel Wilson
    Captain Marvel Wilson 10 месяцев назад I really think Lightning winning would've been even more predictable.
  • N M
    N M Год назад Rereview the dark knight trilogy Chris! NOW! YOUD NEVER GIVE IT TO AN ORDINARY CITIZEN!!!
  • Your Opinion is Wrong
    Your Opinion is Wrong Год назад N M Except those movies suck, they're only good for making even worse memes
  • Ace Breao
    Ace Breao Год назад Omt1302 what
  • Captain Marvel Wilson
    Captain Marvel Wilson 10 месяцев назад He already reviewed them.
  • Captain Marvel Wilson
    Captain Marvel Wilson 10 месяцев назад +Big Meaty Claws What are you doing here?
  • Ryan Van beek
    Ryan Van beek 3 месяца назад You’re Opinion is Wrong tf is wrong with you
  • Jack Gillespie
    Jack Gillespie Год назад 2:04 we just discovered that Chris Stuckmann doesn't know what a question is