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Bentley Continental GT V8S: One Take

Published on Feb 26, 2015 321,525 views

This 2-door Bentley weighs 5,000 lbs, has AWD, about 12 cows worth of leather, and a smaller engine than the old one. And yet, it's obscenely quick and the most fun Bentley that Matt has ever driven.

  • XenomorphLV426
    XenomorphLV426 4 года назад One take with a Semi Truck. DO IT!
  • Tony Mitchell
    Tony Mitchell 4 года назад YES!
  • Eliminator Performance
    Eliminator Performance 4 года назад Keep doing what you're doing Matt! We love it, cheers from Canada! P.s. - If you're ever in Ontario, Canada, you'd be more than welcome to come visit!
  • Armando Alves
    Armando Alves 4 года назад It's kinda pointless to drive a Bentley thay way especially in a canyon but it's also really cool to watch. Good job as always @TheSmokingTire
  • İbrahim Ertürk
    İbrahim Ertürk 4 года назад @snoopnorris  Especially on the downhill.
  • Themayseffect
    Themayseffect 4 года назад It would have been much more at home on Kanan or Malibu canyon. But even then, i would not want to be in this car during a highspeed understeer moment...Fcckkkkkk thattttt.
  • Themayseffect
    Themayseffect 4 года назад Actually i retract that last portion. Going off a cliff in a Bentley would be much more enjoyable then in some p.o.s lmao.
  • highwaystar1009
    highwaystar1009 4 года назад I'm sure Kim K. and Paris Hilton will be thrilled to know how competently the Bentley handles the snake.
  • Jordan Hilman
    Jordan Hilman 4 года назад Did some poop creep out at 3:37. That understeer was not making the car go to a good place. @TheSmokingTire 
  • Smackindaface
    Smackindaface 4 года назад How often do people drive off those cliffs? 
  • TheSmokingTire
    TheSmokingTire 4 года назад @Smackindaface in cars? Once a month or so. People go off on bikes 10-15 per week.
  • MikefromQueens
    MikefromQueens 4 года назад I would think more cars go off. I guess the spandex on the road bikers makes em slip off their seats.
  • TheSmokingTire
    TheSmokingTire 4 года назад @MikefromQueens motorcycles. not bicycles. 
  • Kingdom Of Mog
    Kingdom Of Mog 4 года назад @MikefromQueens seeing as it's much much cheaper to go fast enough to be dangerous on bikes id assume the drivers who are driving fast cars are more prepared for it. Also that fact that cars cant high/low said and let you slide off the edge if you hit a bump mid turn 
  • Kingdom Of Mog
    Kingdom Of Mog 4 года назад (изменено) @ormand3000 probably a lot
  • Smackindaface
    Smackindaface 4 года назад (изменено) I can see how the bikes are true, I just googled Mulholland Wrecks, and theres hundreds of videos of bikes wrecking.  I'm from ohio so the whole canyon thing is hard to imagine, looks fun.
  • dog breath
    dog breath 4 года назад @Smackindaface  Ohio has some sick roads with the corner-per-mile count of a canyon.
  • Smackindaface
    Smackindaface 4 года назад @C Hastings Yeah but its dangerous as fuck to drive fast on them due to the amount of potholes, wildlife, and random patches of gravel from driveways.
  • dog breath
    dog breath 4 года назад @Smackindaface  You get that in the canyons too, unfortunately. It's always good to do a slow pass to check the quality of a road before driving it fast.
  • BileMonkey
    BileMonkey 4 года назад @TheSmokingTire OUCH! (RE:Bikes)
  • X V
    X V 4 года назад @Smackindaface I've driven backroads in quite a few parts of the country and very little compares to what we've got here around LA.  Not only are the roads - from Mulholland to Latigo to Angeles Crest - pretty fantastic but they're dry 90% of the time and offer up the opportunity to drive hard while spotting all sorts of cool cars, from GT3s to homebuilt stuff. 
  • Roger J
    Roger J 4 года назад @TheSmokingTire Coupe or Convertible? I've always liked the convertible more personally, but I'm curious as to which you'd pick.
  • Carfacts
    Carfacts 4 года назад Matt you should drive my stage 3 pro tuned flex fuel e85 fiesta st with wheels, tires and suspension upgrade on the snake.  Compare it to the 100 octane pro tuned fist.     
  • Dickhed HitlerDidNothingWrong
    Dickhed HitlerDidNothingWrong 4 года назад I remember asking the same question about 4 months ago :D
  • Antifaith29
    Antifaith29 4 года назад @TheSmokingTire Squids....... Squids everywhere....
  • Jariuana
    Jariuana 4 года назад Wow that view at 1:51 over the canyon
  • gilo1223
    gilo1223 3 года назад @Jariuana Great catch
  • Ivan Zavarzin
    Ivan Zavarzin 4 года назад It's a good looking car but they've been doing it since 2003 if I'm not mistaking, even though this is the facelifted version, I mean the basic body shape. And again it has that douche vibe, like look at me and my Bentley, who cares it's a 2006 with 200,000 miles, it still looks the same. I wonder what they do with the new Continental GT in 2017. Other brands can skip two generations in this period of time! The way it sounds inside the cabin reminded me of AMG's with a M157 engine, good job there.
  • SupercarsGermany
    SupercarsGermany 4 года назад dat torque.
  • CoinDoctor1
    CoinDoctor1 4 года назад Is it just me or did Matt look like he was going to lose it @ 3:40?
  • Tiago Mano
    Tiago Mano 4 года назад it's not just you,i was the same when i saw
  • Josh Ribeiro
    Josh Ribeiro 3 года назад 5,030lbs?????? My lifted Grand Cherokee is 4,700!!!!!
  • Renaldo Nelson
    Renaldo Nelson 3 года назад You know you are watching too many youtube videos, too often...when someone says 521 horsepower and you dont flinch at all, and are almost unimpressed. If someone takes you to lunch in a 500+ horsepower car in real life....well then!
  • David Cuccia
    David Cuccia 4 года назад "I feel so important in this" - ha!
  • awesomer45
    awesomer45 4 года назад what road is this? is this off mulholland? I've been up there countless times and have never seen this road? anyone know the name?
  • Alan Teh
    Alan Teh 2 года назад You've got some balls driving that Bentley quickly on a road that narrow and twisty. I salute you!
  • PAPO1990
    PAPO1990 4 года назад You feel like Captain Nemo because it's the same size and weight as the Nautilus :P
  • Chaseme95
    Chaseme95 4 года назад Can you do a one take with your corvette?
  • TheEryk
    TheEryk 4 года назад Audi RS models have sports exhaust as option and sounds even better.
  • Alfa Won
    Alfa Won 2 года назад Dont think the Bentley was meant to go that fast Lol
  • Adam Othman
    Adam Othman 4 года назад Also it's a GT Car GT! Not sports cars. They are capable of high speeds but that's not what they're meant for. They're touring cars which means you're meant sit back and relax and just enjoy driving on a long journey. The speeds are more meant for a highway like the autostrada and the autobahn