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1966 Ford Mustang GT 289: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Nov 20, 2017 278,648 views

We drive a classic Mustang. It's full of nostalgia from a time before our birth. This is a 1st gen Mustang. Also today is an opposite day. Roman is doing the narration and Mr. Regular is singing and rapping.



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  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone Год назад Call me tasteless, but I liked mr. Regular's rapping.
  • Race The Stig0
    Race The Stig0 3 месяца назад I have on of these but it is a I4 😞
  • Useless videos
    Useless videos 8 месяцев назад @THE BRAIN SPECIALIST thats so good
  • Sir Underbridge
    Sir Underbridge Год назад Sounds like Jamalski
  • TheAnalXylophone
  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone Год назад PT Cruiser review was a masterpiece. But if you were here for the videos like Tacoma, Echo, Caravan and Citi Golf, I can understand why you're unsubbing. Also, Roman reviewing light blue Fords seems to be a tradition now.
  • 1red_6
    1red_6 Год назад TheAnalXylophone it was the best part of this review.
  • D Hill
    D Hill Год назад TheAnalXylophone Better than anything out today, spitting rhymes and facts like it ain't no thing.....It's easy, Rap is black pop, jazz and blues with no soul.
  • hugonubario
    hugonubario Год назад fuck yeah!
  • TLR_Eden
    TLR_Eden Год назад Better than most rapper you hear on the radio
  • mitchell duchesne
    mitchell duchesne Год назад TK481 yes! Someone else got it
  • Crack
    Crack Год назад It's Hand on the pump by Cypress Hill that he's doing a variation on. Very old but great song
  • Günter v. G.
    Günter v. G. Год назад I'd even call you artosis for that.
  • Cleveland Maker
    Cleveland Maker Год назад TheAnalXylophone I'm sensing a rap about BROWN!
  • Hello There
    Hello There Год назад And we're studying William Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe when we really should be studying Mr. Regular's work of art. That was the deepest, most poetic string of words I've ever heard.
  • hugonubario
    hugonubario Год назад we take it in a second degree just like his videos
  • Hubert J. Farnsworth
    Hubert J. Farnsworth Год назад I'M YOUR DAAAAAAAAAAD! GO TO YOUR ROOM.
  • ethan salsbury
    ethan salsbury Год назад idillit nuh uh youre a poopoohead
  • gabriel TDU
    gabriel TDU Год назад youre not tasteless he s really cool
  • funkyninja
    funkyninja Год назад They were taken from Cypress Hill on Hand on the Pump which I think makes it even better.
  • Friday'sThe Bomb
    Friday'sThe Bomb Год назад HOLY SHIT THAT WAS GREAT
  • brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap
    brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap Год назад You're tasteless. I was just about to unsub from this channel. Mr regular has been sucking more and more over time. Hearing the Roman do a review, was pleasantly surprised.
  • Milton Waddams
    Milton Waddams Год назад Cypress Hill in da house yo.
  • chronicle a
    chronicle a Год назад You're tasteless
  • Mr NOAHTheJoker
    Mr NOAHTheJoker Год назад TheAnalXylophone tasteless
  • AntLion Red
    AntLion Red Год назад Hi tasteless...... I'm dad :^{)
  • SimonTrent8000
    SimonTrent8000 Год назад Human music...i like it!
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains Год назад HAROLD SLOVINSKI
  • tszki yan
    tszki yan Год назад same here, not sure if this is a good sign or not haha
    THE BRAIN SPECIALIST Год назад Hubert J. Farnswoth This is the rap that kids like
  • neilomac
    neilomac Год назад Bars, son.
  • Chet Ubetcha
    Chet Ubetcha Год назад It's better when you realize he's parodying the closing lines of Da Rockwilder by Method Man.
  • Ott Joon
    Ott Joon Год назад unintelligible = "borrow me your Glock"
  • Bryan Moore
    Bryan Moore Год назад (изменено) *Well I put away the shotgun, borrow me your glock Drive a Mustang to the funky weed spot
  • Hubert J. Farnsworth
    Hubert J. Farnsworth Год назад Mix some Cypress Hill with some classic Harold Slovinski and you get Track List Bro! Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Goobin Pls
    Goobin Pls Год назад Sounds like the dude from Cypress Hill 😂
    THE BRAIN SPECIALIST Год назад (изменено) Well I put away the Shotgun borrow me your Glock Drive a Mustang to the funky weed spot Tried to jack me but the homie got shot la la la la la la la la
  • chbrules
    chbrules Год назад "Instead of letting down her hair, she'll let down the English language." I had a hearty chuckle at that.
  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley Год назад The hi-beam switch on the floor isn't a mustang thing, or even a ford thing. That was just an old car thing.
  • Wayne S.
    Wayne S. Неделю назад I can't believe he didn't know that. Shows how little these guys actually know about classic vehicles.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 1 месяц назад It’s way better imo
  • zztechs
    zztechs 1 месяц назад My 66 Dodge Coronet has it in the floor... I wish they would put back, I keep getting my foot caught in the wheel on these new cars...
  • Mark W
    Mark W 1 месяц назад Might seem weird but very easy to find in the dark.
  • Magnolia Route Productions
    Magnolia Route Productions 3 месяца назад My 93 Ford l9000 semi has that !😂 it's weird.
  • twoeightythreez
    twoeightythreez 4 месяца назад Yep. Car and Driver actually made a huge deal about how "weird and unconventional" the Datsun 240z's stalk mounted headlight switch and turn signal switch mounted dimmer switch was when it came out in 1969.
  • Slayton Rider
    Slayton Rider 5 месяцев назад My 69 (nice) has the high button on the floor too
  • mark shaw
    mark shaw 5 месяцев назад My 1967 charger has that
  • Crystal Stanborough
    Crystal Stanborough 7 месяцев назад yaaaaaa , NOOB
  • Bill Hill
    Bill Hill 8 месяцев назад My 61 Chevy apache has that
  • GamePlayWithNolan
    GamePlayWithNolan 8 месяцев назад @FirebirdCamaro1220 I have the straight 8 silver streak. Great engine, lots of power and it "Gets the job done with affordable luxury."
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 8 месяцев назад @GamePlayWithNolan 48 Pontiac? Do you have the straight 8 or the straight 6?
  • GamePlayWithNolan
    GamePlayWithNolan 9 месяцев назад My 48 pontiac is like that lol
  • LoneSpartan
    LoneSpartan 9 месяцев назад my Dad's 92 F350 has that and i love it.
  • BananaPhoPhilly
    BananaPhoPhilly 9 месяцев назад Yeah, my '71 Toyota FJ40 has the same thing.
  • - NuclearWastE3
    - NuclearWastE3 10 месяцев назад Early toyota land cruisers came like that too.
  • Akasha Posegate
    Akasha Posegate 11 месяцев назад Jordan Wiley My dad's '77 Nova has it like that.
  • Jake Takahashi
    Jake Takahashi Год назад 1960s Mustangs: The most regular classic car
  • Seed_drill
    Seed_drill Год назад A buddy of mine bought a '66 with a Sprint 200 six cylinder out of a field when he was in high school. He tried to rewire it and found all these additional wires going all over the place. Turned out it had belonged to a volunteer fireman and had been wired for sirens and emergency flashers.
  • Ragimund VonWallat
    Ragimund VonWallat Год назад (изменено) now everyone see the v8 ones but back in the days they sold HUGE amount of those with straigth 6 as economy cars, ''wife's car'' , and 'first car' in those years they sold over 300 000 mustangs a year
  • Ed F booboo
    Ed F booboo Год назад Nothing regular about a 1969 Boss 429
  • SF44
    SF44 Год назад Henry Kincaid MGBs are hella cool. Really pretty cars. We just don't talk about the "rubber bumper" ones.
  • Baron Necas
    Baron Necas Год назад Yep, millions made. You can literally build one new from parts catalogues too. Great first classic if you get a model with few frills (because frills break and require special skills to fix)
  • bigvirgotube
    bigvirgotube Год назад (изменено) I dunno..I think getting a '68 Mustang would be seen as cooler than a '68 Torino.
  • Prius Hunter
    Prius Hunter Год назад Or the Beetle...
  • malevolenceXXXensues
    malevolenceXXXensues Год назад I imagine this is the next car a dealership will bring you to buying when you couldn't afford a Torino back in the day
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz Год назад In Spain it would be a SEAT 600, then a SEAT 124 In Italy it would be a FIAT 500, then a FIAT 124
  • MODNAR22
    MODNAR22 Год назад I dunno I've seen a lot of classic mustangs over here as well. They're probably the most popular american car in Britain.
  • Jakes BMX
    Jakes BMX Год назад Jake Takahashi pony car
  • Henry Kincaid
    Henry Kincaid Год назад Jake Takahashi unless you live in the U.K., and then it's an MG B
  • moofree
    moofree Год назад Opposite day!
  • David Irwin
    David Irwin Год назад (изменено) Roses are red; violets are blue; my speakers went hard at 5:42. ;)
  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer Год назад What's wrong Roman? Didn't pull a "Here's my toy car, here's my real car" bit?
  • vapsa56
    vapsa56 Год назад Zero Shima a l.p. ref
  • Takuro Spirit
    Takuro Spirit Год назад I wonder if, like a friend of mine who's '68 Mustang 390 GT was used by Revell to laser scan for a new kit, Johnny Lightning used this actual car to make the mold for the scale model?
  • That Regular Guy
    That Regular Guy Год назад Zero Shima that's a Regular special, Roman gotta create his own jokes
  • azhill98
    azhill98 Год назад Mr Regular's rap is lit fam 🔥🔥
  • Milesamanjaro
    Milesamanjaro Год назад The last time I heard RCR and Cypress Hill-sounds...there was a Honda Accord being reviewed.
  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass Год назад azhill98 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️
  • Alex Levy
    Alex Levy Год назад "She's like Repunzel. Except, instead of letting down her hair, she lets down the English language."
  • Segundo angulo
    Segundo angulo Год назад Only RCR would release a video at 3am when I'm high asf
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад Roddy Dykes not everyone has a life, you know 😂
  • Roddy Dykes
    Roddy Dykes Год назад Segundo angulo I’m always blown away by the amount of people in the comments claiming to be up at 3am and a Monday morning when he posts these
  • TheGameDeity
    TheGameDeity Год назад Medicating at 3am? You poor soul-
  • Boosted Fool
    Boosted Fool Год назад Segundo angulo high asf :( I'm just drinking beer alone in the dark
  • E
    E Год назад How did you do during the aesthetic moment? Lmao
  • Cody Ficker
    Cody Ficker Год назад I love channels that post yummy yummy fresh content at 3am. Other videos get cold and stale before I watch them.
  • Brap Brap
    Brap Brap Год назад I was waiting for a true RCR moment to happen and then the A E S T H E T I C moment happened and I was satisfied.
  • Kevin Melara
    Kevin Melara Год назад A E S T H E T I C
  • Shats Bassoon
    Shats Bassoon Год назад Brap Brap Now all we need is Reg and Roman harmonizing some Macintosh Plus
  • _maxximus_
  • Trev Dakine
    Trev Dakine Год назад Winga dinga personified!
  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally Год назад ...Well me and my baybuh went out on saturday night...
  • Soviet Labrador
    Soviet Labrador Год назад GOOD TIMES
  • DrClaw77
    DrClaw77 Год назад The ultimate WINGADINGADINGADINGA
  • ToyGTone
    ToyGTone Год назад That sudden Aesthetic part! Pure Regular car review there!
  • simio1337
    simio1337 Год назад That moment when they serve you Dr. Pepper accidentally instead of coke. That's what this review feels like
  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 11 месяцев назад simio1337 I'd take the Dr pepper, I haven't drank Coke since they went to cans.
  • Charles Selvage
    Charles Selvage Год назад epikmanthe3rd I guess that explains why I feel like the only way to enjoy Pepsi at all is when it's noce and cold, because as soon as it starts to warm it turns to shit for me.
  • Stevie Steve
    Stevie Steve Год назад Accurate
  • epikmanthe3rd
    epikmanthe3rd Год назад (изменено) Martin Lutz Warm Coke tastes the same as cold Pepsi. Coke's recipe was created before widespread refrigeration. Pepsi was created after and their flavors are adjusted for that.
  • Franco Castro
    Franco Castro Год назад It is not wrong. Just way too far from good
  • simio1337
    simio1337 Год назад It doesn't have any alcohol in it
  • Martin Lutz
    Martin Lutz Год назад zloychechen5150 im from Germany tho. I dont know how American Pepsi tastes
  • zloychechen5150
    zloychechen5150 Год назад it doesn't! to me, it's doesn't taste like coke. it's weird and soapy. maybe in america it's better. it is cheaper though)
  • Martin Lutz
    Martin Lutz Год назад zloychechen5150 i think you cant really compare dr pepper and coke. Its a whole different drink. But I like it. And the Pepsi, well it basically tastes like Coke but is cheaper.
  • zloychechen5150
    zloychechen5150 Год назад nah, i'm just feeling a little fighty this evening. it's just that i can't understand how could anyone prefer pepsi over coke, and coke over d.P.
  • Martin Lutz
    Martin Lutz Год назад zloychechen5150 lord youre salty
  • zloychechen5150
    zloychechen5150 Год назад +martin lutz you're a douchebag. nobody likes pepsi. fuck off you scum.
  • Michael Yachnis
    Michael Yachnis Год назад I gotta say. Dr. Pepper is better.
  • Martin Lutz
    Martin Lutz Год назад I like Dr. Pepper and I prefer Pepsi over Coke.
  • Lamb Blood
    Lamb Blood Год назад so its not bad but its not what you wanted?
  • Aozotra
    Aozotra Год назад Roman has done multiple reviews before. Mr. Regular has said, in multiple occasions, that roman literally writes half of every review (or half of all the reviews)
  • Aperson156
    Aperson156 Год назад Christian Wertti Because it's a stupid analogy.
  • Christian Wertti
    Christian Wertti Год назад Aperson156 Why'd you assume that, Dr Pepper is garbo
  • Aperson156
    Aperson156 Год назад simio1337 So you like Roman reviews more?
  • TheBaconlover64
    TheBaconlover64 Год назад So like what happened with that intern?
  • raymond proseus
    raymond proseus Год назад He's in the trunk. Pro tip, don't open the trunk.
  • Sketchy
    Sketchy Год назад Do the interns get Glocks?
  • CMDR Alvin H. Davenport
    CMDR Alvin H. Davenport Год назад Aw, kinda wanted to see him do another video, but good for him.
  • FlymanMS
    FlymanMS Год назад Sex dungeon?
  • Two-Face
    Two-Face Год назад TheBaconlover64 internship could’ve been over?
  • Howdy
    Howdy Год назад RegularCars, so basically you killed him
  • Howdy
    Howdy Год назад Andrew Scarpati, that's how I perceived it too.
  • Tim Beck
    Tim Beck Год назад Kicked out for owning a TC
  • Hubert J. Farnsworth
    Hubert J. Farnsworth Год назад ALL HAIL FINK! ALL HAIL FINK!
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars Год назад ben completed his Internship with me and is working for someone else now.
  • SkuzzyJ
    SkuzzyJ Год назад Kevin Schrage I can see that.
  • gokartbuyer
    gokartbuyer Год назад Bill Clinton
  • qman
    qman Год назад He died in a whoring accident.
  • DSchwaebe
    DSchwaebe Год назад He's in the forest sorta potty still
  • Kane Gomes
    Kane Gomes Год назад Well, they said he was a summer intern, and summer is over.....
  • Markius Fox
    Markius Fox Год назад Fiji Customs I understood that reference!
  • Hello There
    Hello There Год назад They ate him for his youth.
  • brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap
    brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap Год назад He sucked ass.
  • Henry Kincaid
    Henry Kincaid Год назад UNNECESSARY "LIKE"
  • Revolt Larz Wolfblade
    Revolt Larz Wolfblade Год назад They ate 'em? 🤔
  • Andrew Scarpati
    Andrew Scarpati Год назад Surprise surprise, having Mr. Regular and some fanboy pretending to be Mr. Regular didn't work out.
  • Kevin Schrage
    Kevin Schrage Год назад They traded him for a microphone.
  • TheBaconlover64
    TheBaconlover64 Год назад Davinder Saini I thought he was a pretty swell fellow.
  • Davinder Saini
    Davinder Saini Год назад I personally didn't like the intern.
  • Pizza nBrews
    Pizza nBrews Год назад Yeah, I thought they consumed him, along with his soul and small dog.
  • Delaware Destroyer
    Delaware Destroyer Год назад Check the trunk of the falcon
  • Zecrid
    Zecrid Год назад TheBaconlover64 Maybe he edits the vids?
  • Deplorable
    Deplorable Год назад Duh, all dimmer switches were on the floor in that era.
  • El Pecee
    El Pecee Год назад Go back a few more years and the starter switch was on the floor too.
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад Mausome I think in my dad's 69 charger it's there too. Could be wrong though
  • FarginBastiges
    FarginBastiges Год назад My 57 Chrysler had a radio station selector switch on the floor as well.
  • RTG
    RTG Год назад 2005 Ford Taurus Wagon had the dimmer switch on the floor too!
  • Alex Green
    Alex Green Год назад Exactly. Mistaking the dimmer for a clutch in this Mustang is fine because it's an auto, because nothing's gonna happen. However, I mistook the dimmer for a clutch in my stick car. Nearly put it through the garage door!
  • Eagle Fat
    Eagle Fat Год назад Yea but it was great when someone was pissing you off ,stomping the floor repeatedly made you feel better and blinded them. 2 for 1
  • Jackson Bennett
    Jackson Bennett Год назад Until they realized salt water from northern winter roads got into the switches and corroded them out.
  • em
    em Год назад Mausome my '83 f350 has them
  • Lorenzo Bolla de Oliveira
    Lorenzo Bolla de Oliveira Год назад My grandpa's 74 Ford Corcel GT has it on the floor, and my dad's 68 Beetle has it on the blinker swicth.
  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally Год назад Richard Severns I still have a 78 chevy c20 with the dimmer floor switch too.
  • ElPenguinoFeo
    ElPenguinoFeo Год назад I used to have a 1978 and a 1990 F150 and they both had floor dimmers in them.
  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally Год назад Thing is these guys aren't hardly millennials. I think they are pushing 40. Myself being born in the 80s I had enough family members who drove older vehicles to also know that the dimmer button was on the floor.
  • Deplorable
    Deplorable Год назад avlisk my thoughts also, these young millennials. Lol
  • avlisk
    avlisk Год назад Kids today! What do they know.
  • Daron Aavis
    Daron Aavis Год назад Pls make more of these. Mix it up a bit. Mr Regular will always be Mr. Regular, but I like Roman narrations as well. Particularly long, essay style videos like Lee Iacoca
  • Jonathan Suszynski
    Jonathan Suszynski Год назад Every time The Roman comes on I feel a bit cheated since I was expecting Mr. Regular, but I always end up liking the video in the end. Just a bit of a surprise is all. But yes, I love Roman in what I call his "story time" videos.
  • Simon Coles
    Simon Coles Год назад Prefer these to the fastbacks, somehow they've aged better.
  • diastoleny
    diastoleny 1 месяц назад Just closed on a 66 coupe. I do prefer Fastbacks and conv. but Fastbacks are quite a bit more $.
  • mustangkraft505
    mustangkraft505 Год назад Simon Coles the 60’s fast backs looked like something fell on the back of a regular coupe. The Mach 1 looked great though.
  • SuperFrankieOSX
    SuperFrankieOSX Год назад I agree with you on that one
  • Ronald Tartaglia
    Ronald Tartaglia Год назад Con vert I ble....period.
  • Sheehy
    Sheehy Год назад Hipster.
  • Dongle
    Dongle Год назад Simon Coles agreed. I personally don’t like the look of the fastbacks, though
  • Cee Ruckus
    Cee Ruckus Год назад Slightly obsessed with trains I always thought they looked super hard, I grew up with em, while they're not a 67 Shelby or anything they look way better than a pre-new edge SN95 or even both fox body styles imo
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains Год назад Mustang II is...ehh, it's OK, but it always looks kinda frumpy next to the original
  • Cee Ruckus
    Cee Ruckus Год назад fastback II is sick
  • nismo510
    nismo510 Год назад No. You are wrong.
  • Howdy
    Howdy Год назад Slightly obsessed with trains, I mean, how about that mustang 2
  • Isaac R
    Isaac R Год назад I agree with ya
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains Год назад I agree. The fastback is fine, but the coupe is downright dreamy!
  • Polish Dog
    Polish Dog Год назад This Mustang is best Mustang
  • Delta MacK
    Delta MacK Год назад While I will always be here for the Regular voice, Roman is still an excellent writer and doesn't deserve the flak y'all are giving him
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад Daniel MacKinnon this.
  • Hello There
    Hello There Год назад Daniel MacKinnon Yeah.
  • Kershaw Silverado
    Kershaw Silverado Год назад My god that rapping at the end was beautiful
  • Nøderak
    Nøderak Год назад it aint his tho