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1960 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile - Jay Leno’s Garage

Published on Apr 14, 2019 162,432 views

Peter Lenkov, Executive Producer of "Hawaii Five-0," "MacGyver," and "Magnum P.I.," shares his beloved Italian beach cruiser with Jay!
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

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1960 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

  • GDrift
    GDrift 6 дней назад (изменено) I’m from Italy and my grandpa had a few of those when he was young, these cars were made in desio, a city near were I live. It’s a really special car and it’s very near to my heart
  • Acca Larentia
    Acca Larentia 6 дней назад È comico come la prendano per il culo ma questa era già mooolto meglio di una 500
  • GDrift
    GDrift 6 дней назад Acca Larentia a me sono sempre piaciute, molto più particolare di una 500 e di sicuro se ne vedono poche, poi come Già detto vivo vicino alla ex fabbrica autobianchi quindi sono un po’ di parte haha
  • Acca Larentia
    Acca Larentia 6 дней назад @GDrift anche a me la Bianchina è sempre piaciuta, molto più della 500.. é normale se sei di desio direi😂 speriamo che provino anche una A112 Abarth
  • GDrift
    GDrift 6 дней назад Acca Larentia sarebbe fantastico!!
  • David J
    David J 2 дня назад It's an awesome little car built in a time when people put their hearts into their craft.
  • Acca Larentia
    Acca Larentia 2 дня назад @David J nope.. because Italy was free..
  • GDrift
    GDrift 2 дня назад David J yeah exactly! They don’t make them like they used to😭
  • thor8640
    thor8640 6 дней назад In Italy the countryside was RHD while cities were LHD until 1927. Rome changed to RHD in 1924 and Milan in 1926. Alfa Romeo and Lancia did produce RHD cars until as late as 1950 and 1953 respectively only to special order, as many drivers favoured the RHD layout. RHD offered the driver a clearer view of the edge of the road in mountainous regions at a time when many such roads lacked barriers or walls. Trucks with RHD were produced into the 60's for the Italian market
  • MichaelKingsfordGray
    MichaelKingsfordGray 6 дней назад RHD was invented by the Romans!
  • Teemoos
    Teemoos 6 дней назад Thats very confusing 🤣
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 6 дней назад @MichaelKingsfordGray and lhd was invented by Napoleon who was a lefty.
  • MrGrentch
    MrGrentch 6 дней назад You also see RHD in sports cars from Italy well into the 60's. The luxury touring cars would be be LHD, the weekend racers RHD. Not just from Italy. If you look at the Ford GT40 they're RHD(with the gear shift on the right like a LHD). The usual reason given is that European race tracks nearly always run clockwise so RHD gives better visibility and weight distribution in corners(IIRC over in the States most course run anticlockwise?).
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 6 дней назад @MrGrentch Ford GT40 was an English sports car, hence rwd. The mark IV variant was American Ford however.
  • MrGrentch
    MrGrentch 6 дней назад Oh certainly A. Based on a Lola IIRC and there were engineering reasons in the mix too, but the whole RHD and European racetracks was a thing well into the 1960's because it was thought to be advantageous. Look at Jay's Bugattis with racing history. RHD. @Arayig1982
  • 7A
    7A 5 дней назад reminds me of Bullwinkle's Mr. Know-it-all.
  • MichaelKingsfordGray
    MichaelKingsfordGray 5 дней назад @Arayig1982 Can Napoleon instigate left-hand-drive? 'Corsican!
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 5 дней назад @MichaelKingsfordGray the way wagons would pass though towns, Napoleon brought in the opposite direction of movement which they say was based upon a way a soldier would carry a sword and shield, well ole napoleon was a southpaw.
  • MichaelKingsfordGray
    MichaelKingsfordGray 5 дней назад @Arayig1982 Yes, that much is what I refer to as a "just so" story. Rudyard Kipling was a master of them. Yet they are based purely on mildly imaginative speculation, an ZERO facts. Much as is your anonymous name. I usually choose not to respond to anonymous posters, and you are merely reinforcing that urge. I request that you please cease responding to me.
    TORITO LGLV 6 дней назад One of the cutest cars/power wheel awesome, i like this better than fancy cars. In my opinion thank you
  • C W
    C W 6 дней назад I agree with you 100%. I'm a big Macho 6ft 2, 265 lb conservative jacked up truck driving sob and I would love to own this car. What a little sweetheart. Such a cool car. It's great to be able to appreciate the beauty and things that we might not necessarily first be drawn to
  • xynudu
    xynudu 6 дней назад This is what happens when you wash cars too often.
  • Tom Nekuda
    Tom Nekuda 6 дней назад (изменено) Hot dryer, no doubt........
  • Mark W
    Mark W 4 дня назад Like a bar of cheap soap.
  • John Tam
    John Tam 2 дня назад Tumble dry.
  • El Cheapo
    El Cheapo 6 дней назад "I feel like a circus bear!" What are you Jay, a comedian? 😂
  • ChemicalNBC
    ChemicalNBC 6 дней назад If Looney Tunes ever made a car, this would probably be it.
  • Pr3ct
    Pr3ct 6 дней назад Eh, what's up Doc?
  • alohathaxted
    alohathaxted 5 дней назад
  • writerconsidered
    writerconsidered 6 дней назад You know Jay put that right up on the lift and had the clutch fixed afterward.
  • 1320fastback
    1320fastback 6 дней назад I would think so ;)
  • Bilb Ono
    Bilb Ono 6 дней назад He should just buy it. He would take better care of it I bet. That guy doesn't seem like he truly loves cars. But I don't know him, just my impression of his character. "just a spur of the moment thing" - talking about buying it.
  • Paul Kojack
    Paul Kojack 4 дня назад @Bilb Ono and then just drive it around until it dies and then he'll sell it when the motor or trans is totally scrapped. If you buy old rare classics, you should at least do the tune ups people of the time would do to keep it running good. Cars that old need alot more than just periodic oil changes.
  • buzzylogic
    buzzylogic 4 дня назад I just assumed he brought it to jay to fix and jay wanted to do a segment on it while he had it.
  • toobalicious
    toobalicious 3 дня назад Lift? Just bend over, grab the bumper and pick it up. Couldn’t be more than 50 to 75 lbs!
    FPVREVIEWS 5 дней назад Why the hell can't Fiat produce it in 2020 with an electric motor? I'll take 2!
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt 4 дня назад Even if they built it they couldn't sell it, at least not here. The feds would never allow it.
    FPVREVIEWS 4 дня назад True, Sadly.. @Jeff DeWitt
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt 4 дня назад @FPVREVIEWS It all seriousness would you really want to be driving a car this small, even in city streets, where there are 18 wheelers, Suburbans, and idiots driving their SUVs while talking on their cell phones?
  • Warren
    Warren 2 дня назад I agree. Apparently the next Fiat 500 will be electric, so that's something.
  • Ben Lawless
    Ben Lawless 2 дня назад People still ride motorcycles so why not? Driving this, at least they would see you a little bit more than on a motorcycle lol. At least in that red.
  • marine drive
    marine drive 6 дней назад That poor little car was definitely leaning towards Jay's side. The roads in Los Angeles are in a shocking state, by the way.
  • Steval204
    Steval204 6 дней назад 🤣🤣🤣 Apparently you’ve never been to Pennsylvania.
  • Edward Halpin
    Edward Halpin 6 дней назад Try upstate N.Y.
  • Dale olson
    Dale olson 6 дней назад You can't try Michigan,the roads are closed.
  • Bibo X
    Bibo X 6 дней назад even in Italy the roads are degraded, every 100 meters there is a hole in it
  • Jeffrey Rubish
    Jeffrey Rubish 6 дней назад In Wisconsin we rank near the bottom in road quality. You learn to steer around potholes or you incur tire/wheel damage.
  • otm646
    otm646 6 дней назад @Dale olson That's why every Detroiter drives a Raptor, only way to get to the supermarket.
  • Doug Montgomery
    Doug Montgomery 6 дней назад @Dale olson When I moved to Michigan, I was shocked that the suburbs still have dirt roads.
  • IcantSignIn
    IcantSignIn 6 дней назад Give them some time. It's California. They've just started a new program. Instead of new pavement, they'll pay the homeless to poop in the street instead of on the sidewalks. Those potholes will be filled in no time. Just watch out for random "road crews" doing their business.
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt 4 дня назад At least northern states like Michigan have an excuse, they have winter. LA has no excuse except incompetence.
  • 187deathfromabove
    187deathfromabove 3 дня назад Don’t worry they raised gas prices to fix them 😂
  • Steval204
    Steval204 3 дня назад I drove truck for 4.5 years and by far and away Pennsylvania followed by Michigan are the worst. On top of the potholes, PA is polluted with deer. So you have a blend of different types of drivers from the state, most good, but the bad ones are incredibly bad. We drive in all weather conditions, on outdated and under-maintained infrastructure. PA is the shining example of a waste of state tax-payer funds. Full of corrupt politicians and lobbyists and private business owners writing check after check to have their way, or a amended law in their favor. It goes on everywhere, but in my opinion, historically the political system at the state level and below in PA has been, and always will be corruptible.
  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker 2 дня назад Marine dr: Since 1980, in the USA, the wealthy have paid less & less taxes. Currently, the 1% own more than the least wealthy 92%, 3 families own more than the least wealthy 50%. & the 50% own less than 1% of the nation's wealth ! Hence, no $ for public roads.
  • Gary A
    Gary A 6 дней назад (изменено) Thanks for this great video of a wonderful car, Jay. We imported one ourselves a few years ago from a restoration shop in Italy. The tires are actually 12 inch and the box in the engine compartment is part of the air induction system. Fully restored these cars have sold for as much as $82,500 at auction in recent years. Yes Sophia Loren drove one and so did Peter Sellers in Pink Panther! 👍
  • BMAWG1968
    BMAWG1968 4 дня назад Audrey Hepburn drove one of the full convertible versions in "How to steal a million" I think, cute little things for sure.
  • Gary A
    Gary A 4 дня назад (изменено) BMAWG1968 correct- although that was a ‘65 full convertible not the rarer ‘59 “trasformabile” model as shown here.
  • Brad Caldwell
    Brad Caldwell 3 дня назад Jay owns Miuras, a P1, and all kinds of other exotica, but he still appreciates the joy of a basic automobile. Definitely my kind of guy. Well done, Jay!
  • peashumaru
    peashumaru 6 дней назад Much more stylish and happy than a Citroen from the same era. Imagine Sophia Loren in a tiny bikini coming with me to the beach around 1955.
  • Aron Le Baron
    Aron Le Baron 6 дней назад Now I’m far too busy imagining ME with Sophia Loren in a tiny bikini coming with me to the beach around 1955...
  • banmadabon
    banmadabon 6 дней назад Sophia Loren and tiny bikini? Recipe for disaster...All that good stuff cannot be restrained by tiny cords!
  • deltavee2
    deltavee2 5 дней назад OR Gina Lollobrigida!
  • El Kabong
    El Kabong 5 дней назад @Aron Le BaronExactly! If I'm gonna imagine Sophia Loren (in anything), she ain't going to be with anyone else but meself!
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt 4 дня назад @banmadabon I'm not sure disaster is the word I'd use....
  • Pu Ma
    Pu Ma 4 дня назад (hi from italy) I think you can actually rent a local driver + the Bianchina and be carried around along e.g. the Amalfi coast; classic cars from the 50-60s are somewhat coming back for these purposes, because of the quaintness & cuteness several decades ago, another variant of the car was used as a "comedy car" in a series of national movies that were almost "cult" here, depicting a very unfortunate and coward working class typical italian; since then, it's known mostly as "Fantozzi's car" If anyone's curious, look on YT for "La nuvola di Fantozzi" for a rough idea (doesn't require subtitles 🌧)
  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 18 часов назад @Pu Ma the Amalfi coast road is bad enough in a bus! Beautiful part of the world, though.
  • Pu Ma
    Pu Ma 16 часов назад @John Molloy I definitely agree on the challenging nature of the road 😆 I still haven't visited it, I plan to, but I think I'll prefer to approach the coast but the sea...
  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 16 часов назад @Pu Ma It's worth the visit. Breathtaking. You can catch a ferry from Naples if the road puts you off.
  • Dangaio
    Dangaio 6 дней назад You can probably tell the difference in performance with and without the cameras attached
  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 6 дней назад Jay just oozes big kid excitement here, very infectious
  • shafta99
    shafta99 6 дней назад i love it, it's so darn cute, like a puppy.
  • fidel catsro
    fidel catsro 6 дней назад its cuter than that! more like my cat!
  • redmr2na
    redmr2na 5 дней назад I feel like we need more Happy cars in todays society. I love cars like the mk1 miata the austin healey sprite, this car etc. Todays cars all look like transformer robots. They look like mean machines.
  • TheRobweb
    TheRobweb 6 дней назад Could be a Luigi's cousin in a spin-off Cars movie.
  • waitaminute 2017
    waitaminute 2017 6 дней назад I remember cleaning my Dad's whitewall tires with SOS pads.
  • T Warner
    T Warner 6 дней назад The styling of this little car is amazing. It would be great swapping a 3 cyl cappuccino engine swap.
  • Marc Swanson
    Marc Swanson 6 дней назад Cute. It makes the VW Beetle look like a road yacht.
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt 4 дня назад Compared to this the Beetle IS a road yacht!
  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 4 дня назад That car must have been the styling inspiration for the Nissan Figaro.