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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: Regular Car Reviews

Published on May 21, 2018 590,240 views

We drive the official car of reaction videos: Dodge Demon. This demon was provided by the YouTube Channel Tunnel Chaser:



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  • TheDonBarracuda
    TheDonBarracuda 11 месяцев назад (изменено) "The Demon doesn't accelerate, it escalates." lol
  • RayS2able
    RayS2able 1 месяц назад It escalates more like an argument born out of the phrase “calm down”. The hellcat was the what’s wrong argument
  • Abbreviated Reviews
    Abbreviated Reviews Год назад (изменено) Demon? More like DEMONetized for showing that much torque on screen without a filter.
  • redslate32
    redslate32 Год назад demonetized
  • Abbreviated Reviews
    Abbreviated Reviews Год назад I've misspelled that word virtually every time I've typed it as long as it's been relevant.
  • Hard_Satania
    Hard_Satania 7 месяцев назад No, I'm the real Demon
  • arias1234
    arias1234 7 месяцев назад I was about to like this comment but it'd be a crime if I did.
  • FastGunner2040
    FastGunner2040 7 месяцев назад lol like 708, not at 707 anymore...weird coincedence.
  • Owen Florence
    Owen Florence 6 месяцев назад Are you sure? There is no torque limit.
  • VadoseLizard
    VadoseLizard 4 месяца назад LMAO I get it 😂
  • J Shannon
    J Shannon 3 месяца назад Did anyone else orgasm at the start?
  • Jacob Fleming
    Jacob Fleming Год назад omfg rcr is back on 2013 levels
  • slashbashin
    slashbashin Год назад We need 2013 levels of weird. This is proof he still knows how to do it
  • Roméo Figueroa
    Roméo Figueroa Год назад slashbashin I laughed THREE times wholeheartedly. He still got it
  • AJ Seeman
    AJ Seeman Год назад Yess
  • Kent
    Kent Год назад Alan_Akbar I know right? I’ve missed that so much. Hard to believe he’s already been doing this for 5 years.
  • searchoverload8
    searchoverload8 Год назад Hell yeah
  • doublez724
    doublez724 Год назад Yes!
  • Silly Ducky
    Silly Ducky Год назад I don't think we'll ever see the masterpiece that was the avenger review again, but this is close
  • Leofred
    Leofred 11 месяцев назад Our prayers have been heard!
  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 11 месяцев назад YES! THE MEAT IS BACK! THE MEEEEEEEAT!
  • Eduard Borukhov
    Eduard Borukhov Год назад United states of BBRRRRAAAPPP
  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R. Год назад Eduard Borukhov More like Italy buddy, this was entirely italians idea. Fiat lol.
  • Eduard Borukhov
    Eduard Borukhov Год назад Bernie Bernstein I'm just repeating the video buddy
  • Cicero
    Cicero 11 месяцев назад Bernie Bernstein no it wasn't actually
  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R. 11 месяцев назад Cicero Actually Your Demon is a Mercedes with a shoe box body lol.
  • benzlover55
    benzlover55 11 месяцев назад Bernie Bernstein your demon is a Mercedes with a show box body AND BIG FUCKING ENGINE BRAAAAAAAP
  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R. 11 месяцев назад (изменено) benzlover55 Giant engine in a italian shoe box, we've all seen the results my friend. Congrats, big engine brrraaaapp!!
  • ztm454
    ztm454 2 месяца назад @M.A. M.R. you're funny as if
  • ztm454
    ztm454 2 месяца назад @M.A. M.R. wrong try again
  • Avocado Warrior
    Avocado Warrior Год назад I'm surprised Stan "The Man" Reviews hasn't been shown before.
  • Andrew Finck
    Andrew Finck Год назад Agreed, a useful persona to bring up.
  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith Год назад Avocado Warrior agreed. Its like the reason why rcr started rcr lol
  • fildez woods
    fildez woods Год назад that was so on point i pricked my finger.
  • Biggoomba 223
    Biggoomba 223 11 месяцев назад i thought you were punpun
  • Home of the Mad
    Home of the Mad 6 месяцев назад They talked about this on the podcast. The Roman said "if we bring him back then we become that channel".
  • cardesinr
    cardesinr Год назад (изменено) Stan the Man is all too real. It was really funny til I remembered those people exist.....
  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas Год назад OH WHAT A CAR! WHAT A LOVELY CAR!!!
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 Год назад If Chrysler was a person... they’d own a 30 year old single wide trailer with one of these in the driveway.
  • rift33srt
    rift33srt 3 недели назад The funny thing about what you said there is I was actually thinking about selling my house and buying a trailer so I can get a hellcat at one luckily I was able to get a hellcat and still keep my house
  • Oobiedoobie
    Oobiedoobie 2 дня назад Jesus Christ that's funny damn near pissed my pants reading your response and oh so true
  • Brandon
    Brandon Год назад when is the Dodge Barracuda Satan with 1200hp coming out?
  • travis habursky
    travis habursky 2 месяца назад It better look like a Cuda, too.
  • stuart leon
    stuart leon Год назад (изменено) Oh my, that Stan the Man bit was amazing! Vehicle Virgins has been eternally roasted
  • quarawlis stafford
    quarawlis stafford Год назад Dodge Demon the official car for "I will slap my wife in public if she gets outta hand"
  • MotoHDdk
    MotoHDdk Год назад "Stan the man reacts" MADE this video. 10/10 wow
  • Anthony C
    Anthony C Год назад Dodge Demon, The official car of ROID RAGE!!!
  • Adam Chandler
    Adam Chandler Год назад Lol. Those Yellow fender strips are to be removed by the dealer as a part of PDI. Funny they left them on there.
  • Matt Larson
    Matt Larson Год назад It's kind of a trend, seen them on more than just a couple cars. Makes the lip more visible imo.
  • AlexanderGrace
    AlexanderGrace Год назад Pdi'ssss
  • IndianaPwn3s
    IndianaPwn3s Год назад The people that wipe their Hellcat down with a diaper leave tn on, they are trying to protect the lip of they scrape as they think its low
  • Price B
    Price B Год назад When I worked at a dealership certain customers would ask us to leave them on their Hellcats. Always thought it was odd
  • V.Vega
    V.Vega Год назад They disappeared half way through the video lol
  • Troggie42
    Troggie42 Год назад The shots of the Hellcat he reviewed had em, the Demon doesn't. Because the Demon owner isn't a flaming moron.
  • Kiley Staats
    Kiley Staats 11 месяцев назад Can't stand that. I see those splitter covers on so many Hellcats locally. I instantly judge the owner.
  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 8 месяцев назад Where's your $80,000 Car? Didn't think soo
  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
    Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid 7 месяцев назад A lot of NASCAR stock car vehicles have yellow lips. I’m assuming they’re going for “that look.”
  • borderwave2
    borderwave2 6 месяцев назад @Matt Larson It will dull the paint underneath over time. Someone on the forums confirmed it.
  • Moge
    Moge 1 месяц назад I worked at a dodge dealer and they tell you to leave them on
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 4 дня назад Kevin S Doesn’t matter, still dumb.
  • Sloppy Mechanics
    Sloppy Mechanics Год назад we just dyno'd one last night, 710whp stock
  • MyLonewolf25
    MyLonewolf25 Год назад Sloppy Mechanics 93 or race gas?
  • chris klukkert
    chris klukkert Год назад Even with 93, it went from 804 to 710? It's losing almost a 100 hp from crank to the wheels, this can't be true. Someone please explain
  • TheKiltedYaksman1
    TheKiltedYaksman1 Год назад It has a slushbox and is RWD. That comes out to a drivetrain loss of ~11.5%, which is pretty good for a RWD car.
  • ricerocket_ed6
    ricerocket_ed6 Год назад Sloppy Mechanics? The 1000hp Colorado Sloppy Mechanics? Damn.
  • Sloppy Mechanics
    Sloppy Mechanics Год назад chris klukkert imagine being a Bmw owner and having 330 crank and getting let down like you, not understanding rwhp and crank hp
  • sam
    sam Год назад (изменено) 10% of 800 is 80 so -80ish HP fram crank to wheels
  • RuthlessZabusa
    RuthlessZabusa Год назад Is it really fair to call that trans a slushbox?
  • Vaktrus
    Vaktrus Год назад if it has a torque converter, yeah
  • chris klukkert
    chris klukkert Год назад Sloppy Mechanics it was a simple question, because clearly everyone on the internet is an expert. You don't have to go off and insult people. I know there is a difference between crank and whp that's why I even mentioned it in my previous comment. I just was wondering if that ten percent lose was acceptable or realistic. Now I know but no thanks to you.
  • sam
    sam Год назад So not bad
  • Robert
    Robert Год назад chris klukkert that's excellent for a RWD auto.
  • Caleb Rodgers
    Caleb Rodgers Год назад Sloppy Mechanics imagine that the 3.0 turbo bmws are crank rated for 330 and then actually dyno that 🙄 turbo cars usually dyno what the manufacturer is underrating the crank hp for
  • ricky302v8
    ricky302v8 Год назад So 94hp lost? thats 70 kilo watts, nearly 240000 btu lost as heat, do you really think that the amount of oil in the gearbox and diff can dissipate that amount of heat?
  • Aidan Francis
    Aidan Francis Год назад ricky302v8 I mean.. the numbers a are right there. so yeah.
  • When i became the sun..
    When i became the sun.. 11 месяцев назад chris klukkert common shit man
  • ricky302v8
    ricky302v8 11 месяцев назад You do know that sort of heat would literally melt the gearbox.
  • Death Professor
    Death Professor 11 месяцев назад "Slushbox" - word used to describe a transmission that shifts faster than any human being could in a manual, in any car, under any circumstances, ever. Maybe it's time to move on from the 90s and come back to the present, manual fanboys.
  • Arcata GB
    Arcata GB 11 месяцев назад Death Professor Nope, manual rocks. So do automatics, but just a different kind of fun. Plus, nowadays, depending on where you live, knowing how to drive a manual is like some kind of secret family recipe. All speed, all in? Fine. Go ahead with the auto tranny. But if I want to spit dust on a gravel road, I'll be doing that in a manual.
  • MacheteEnima
    MacheteEnima 11 месяцев назад A Chevy Spark has escaped from the engine.
  • K31TH3R
    K31TH3R 11 месяцев назад Death Professor These days, yeah, there are a lot of good autos that definitely don't deserve the term slushbox, and their drivetrain losses are pretty much negligible now. And if you're only drag racing, that's the transmission you want. But there are things you just can't do with an automatic, because a clutch gives you a whole other vector of control, and that's just something I wouldn't give up.
  • osp80
    osp80 11 месяцев назад so is it still barely faster than a hellcat?
  • Maxi ?!?
    Maxi ?!? 9 месяцев назад It comes with a second ECU in the demon box that you plug in, that with race gas makes 840 to the wheels
  • demonized
    demonized 7 месяцев назад 840 is bhp, not whp, it will be about 740 to the wheels, which is still great
  • Martin Sorensen
  • john cramer
    john cramer Год назад those tires just vacuum up stones heh
  • Corn
    Corn Год назад ʷᶦᵗⁿᵉˢˢ ᵐᵉ
  • Ace ricafort
    Ace ricafort Год назад WITNESS MEE!!!!!!
  • thatotherguy27
    thatotherguy27 Год назад WITNESSED!
  • Simply Vullgar
    Simply Vullgar Год назад I'll see you in Valhalla
  • Julius The Illustrious
    Julius The Illustrious Год назад SHINY AND CHROME.
  • Snadzies
    Snadzies Год назад Mediocre.
  • Adventures of Will and Shelby
    Adventures of Will and Shelby Год назад Pin this!!!!
  • The Eliminator Project
    The Eliminator Project Год назад Not with that tiny font.
  • arias1234
    arias1234 7 месяцев назад No.
  • Bacon676
    Bacon676 1 месяц назад I eNjOy KeEpInG mY yELlOw sHiPpInG LiP pRoTeCtOrS oN. Why do Mopar guys keep doing this? They're not meant to stay on, they can fly off at highway speeds ripping the bolts out, they look horrible, and it shows you have no idea what's going on with your car.
  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson Год назад I watched this at work on my lunch break on my company workstation. I REGRET NOTHING ... ... Yes Boss I will pack my desk.