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Regular Car Reviews: 1988 Honda Acty Street Kei Van

Published on Dec 14, 2015 767,103 views
  • Eightosaurus Spelunk
    Eightosaurus Spelunk Год назад (изменено) Hey... I'm an organic farmer here in Japan (Sendai) and I have a 2015 Honda Acty truck, 2017 Honda Shuttle, and a 2006 Honda Hobio (my favorite). Obviously the Hobio and Acty are kei (it's pronounced "kay", by the way). Get a ticket and come drive my shit. You can review my tractors, too. Hell, I even have a field by the Sugo circuit and you can take the cars there and pretend they're race cars.
  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 3 недели назад dude you should really email him and try and get him over there
  • IamBicPentameter
    IamBicPentameter Год назад You take wwoofers? ill come help on your farm lol
  • Buggs
    Buggs Год назад Yeah! RCR in Japan. He came to UK and fell in love with a Rover so anything could happen.
  • PushingUpRoses
    PushingUpRoses 3 года назад That intro. I laughed a lot. Then I felt really bad for laughing.
  • Haloid Kusnetsov
    Haloid Kusnetsov 10 месяцев назад @vanship pilot I've seen LGR comment on RCR videos too.
  • Rikio Rikio
    Rikio Rikio Год назад PushingUpRoses they always make this song you know? But i don’t know why do they sing
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад that thing is ugly. i hated that thing when i was a kid in Japan
  • Blake's Gaming PC
    Blake's Gaming PC Год назад I loved the street rod review you did!
  • meteor smash
    meteor smash 2 года назад Jay Perez NEEEERRRRRRD
  • Rick Schad
    Rick Schad 2 года назад I agree.
  • i am not the letter E
    i am not the letter E 3 года назад holy crap it's pushing up pizzas
  • i am not the letter E
    i am not the letter E 3 года назад holy crap it's pushing up pizzas
  • Luchingador
    Luchingador 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses wait.. what r u doing here xd
  • Geovanne Moura
    Geovanne Moura 3 года назад +Farts McGee Imagine roses colab with Mr. Regular, i dunno what would get out from it
  • Farts McGee
    Farts McGee 3 года назад @vanship pilot Well she collabs with LGR alot, which is fine with me. I've been a long time viewer of both channels for years. Clint and Roses are both great, sincerely.
  • roper
    roper 3 года назад +Kavinsky Smith ok
  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith 3 года назад @roper  Jesus come on guys cool it lol
  • roper
    roper 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses I love both of your Grim Fandango reviews!
  • vanship pilot
    vanship pilot 3 года назад +Farts McGee yea really, first she's on my LGR reviews now this, she's seeping into everything
  • KenzieM
    KenzieM 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses This is awesome.
  • Farts McGee
    Farts McGee 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses Love your channel, did not expect to see you here, lol.
  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses Tis Just a scratch Ma'm I'm made out of metal! lol
  • Jay
    Jay 3 года назад +RegularCars its promounced "kay" car/van :(
  • sleaf6
    sleaf6 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses fancy seeing you here, also "I have no mouth and i must scream" lp???
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +PushingUpRoses HAHA. Don't worry.
  • 555 Gear
    555 Gear 3 года назад Dude has fully earned that ridiculous smile
  • Retro Lad
    Retro Lad 1 месяц назад I love it. So goofy
  • The Examined Life (of Gaming)
    The Examined Life (of Gaming) 3 года назад I went to Japan in college expecting to see Imprezas, Lancers, and Camrys everywhere I went. All I saw were mini box vans like this, and a bunch of Nissan Cube knockoffs.
  • NunyaBusiness
    NunyaBusiness 2 месяца назад @zNoah By American standards that is horrendously slow, and based on what I drove in Japan there was hardly anywhere where I felt I could floor it. Maybe some regions have wider more accommodating roads, but around the outskirts of Tokyo they were way too narrow and sketchy to enjoy sporty driving.
  • zNoah
    zNoah 2 месяца назад (изменено) @NunyaBusiness It's not like you can't, max speed in here is 100km/h (62mph) highway and 60 km/h (40mph) for city or close to any town. And still you can enjoy it, even if most of the enjoyment is just by overtaking cars.
  • Jon-John Pinckney
    Jon-John Pinckney 4 месяца назад @Pax Humana I take it you're one of the people who dont realize Japan doesn't give us the good shit, huh?
  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana 4 месяца назад @Jon-John Pinckney = moron.
  • Matthew Caughey
    Matthew Caughey 5 месяцев назад You want looked at? Ride an Ural motorcycle, especially if you got one painted Soviet camo with a red star on it and a Cyrillic number on the sidecar
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains 6 месяцев назад If you want to see Imprezas, Lancers and Camrys, try America.
  • jpusar
    jpusar 10 месяцев назад (изменено) @Fifthcell nah the Cube was the originator. Best selling car in Japan for over a decade. Ironically the Scion was actually a Cube clone in Japan, but they brought it first here so everyone thinks the Cube is the xB clone...
  • jpusar
    jpusar 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Cube is the greatest car ever. I miss mine :( So small....yet so big. Its unfortunately kinda a pain in the ass on a highway going 75mph.
  • NunyaBusiness
    NunyaBusiness 10 месяцев назад Fifthcell Yup, they need every square inch of space they can muster and still drive and park on tiny Japanese roads. Plus, speed limits are so low in most places you can barely enjoy a sportier car.
  • Fifthcell
    Fifthcell Год назад Those Cube knockoffs aren’t “knockoffs.” That’s just the style of car there.
  • Jon-John Pinckney
    Jon-John Pinckney Год назад Japan got the real Nissan Cubes, we got the knockoffs or the ones they didn't want...
  • The_DG
    The_DG Год назад For me college has been a mix of small, and rather weird crossovers, muscle cars, and imports. Oh yeah, and people like me who drive trucks, and no one expects any of us to really be at college.
  • Quasar
    Quasar 3 года назад I DEMAND MORE KEI CAR REVIEWS
  • Four Screeched on you
    Four Screeched on you 6 дней назад S u z u k i C a p p u c c i n o
  • Najmul Hasan
    Najmul Hasan 6 месяцев назад They're fun to drive as long as its a good open road lol. I drive one and feels pretty relatable with sore arms and legs once I'm done driving for the day
  • roush26
    roush26 3 года назад that dad dialogue was hilarious. I pictured some Peter Griffin looking guy
  • snappy452
  • Michael Free
    Michael Free 3 месяца назад I was left wondering what he was saying as an erroneous threat, until I remembered that any threat to a police officer is erroneous....
  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana 4 месяца назад @GuerrillaRadio , I doubt that shit would happen if said neighbor had a classic Dodge with one of those new Hellephant crate engine kits.
  • GuerrillaRadio
    GuerrillaRadio 5 месяцев назад OMG that's my neighbor. Such a meathead. Black V6 challenger with loud ass exhaust and an automatic. Challenged him to a race in my 3.8 minivan. won...
  • Kyle M
    Kyle M 8 месяцев назад Your straw man is showing
  • Robert
    Robert Год назад The scoops and cowls are real.
  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM 2 года назад Kei isn't pronounced as "Key" you pronounce it as "Kay".
  • ConcealCarryProtect
    ConcealCarryProtect 1 месяц назад Weeb
  • Sarah's Hubby
    Sarah's Hubby 1 месяц назад That looks like the perfect van for snuggling anime girl body pillows in
  • ItsYaBoi ErrSkinnYP3n15
    ItsYaBoi ErrSkinnYP3n15 1 день назад I snuggle my anime girl body pillows in public tbh
  • Carlos Malave
    Carlos Malave 3 года назад u-haul needs these for customers that require light loads.
  • Aaron Elsen
    Aaron Elsen 2 года назад That would be freaking amazing! Or even Home Depot could rent them out
  • ETP 445
    ETP 445 2 года назад they would roll them
  • Zach Gonzales
    Zach Gonzales 2 года назад You can rent a ford transit connect or a sprinter at Uhaul. The Connect has probably the same cargo space or slightly more.
  • GustSergeant
    GustSergeant 3 года назад in this fake scenario, let's say the reason was......domestic violence?
  • Ultrakillerism
    Ultrakillerism 3 года назад @GustSergeant Fuck man, that hit me right in the feels. But why? Isn't there supposed to be a sale of the house (if paid for) and then evenly split? Or the ex-wife just takes the entire house?
  • GustSergeant
    GustSergeant 3 года назад +Ultrakillerism the father, when he's been divorced and kicked out.
  • Ultrakillerism
    Ultrakillerism 3 года назад +Carlos Malave What American family ever has "light loads" when they move out?
  • ธีรภัทร์ เรืองจำเนียร
    ธีรภัทร์ เรืองจำเนียร 10 месяцев назад *put some wheel on a metal box yeah that my kind of van
  • jayive34
    jayive34 3 года назад He could have imported any car from Japan. He chose a K Van.
  • Lil Blyat
    Lil Blyat 5 месяцев назад w00dmii5t3r i mean, there are other jdm cars, even kei cars that are better. But this Kei van is really cool.
  • Adan Lopez
    Adan Lopez 9 месяцев назад jayive34 I would import a k truck
  • w00dmii5t3r
    w00dmii5t3r 9 месяцев назад Why wouldn't you do this though?
  • Armoured Skeptic
    Armoured Skeptic 3 года назад NO! Even though I knew the damage was superficial, it broke my heart to see that collision! 7:08 Zordon... apparently.
  • Hymnalysis
    Hymnalysis 8 месяцев назад Oh shit! Two of my favorite channels know each other exist. Neat!
  • im so wide
    im so wide 9 месяцев назад Look who's on one of my favorite youtube channels, another one of my favorite youtubers
  • jpusar
    jpusar 10 месяцев назад Yea I dont think these things can break. It's like a bucket of metal with an engine. Makes ya wonder if cars would actually be safer if we didnt make everything so goddamn heavy in the name of safety.
  • imamoose007
    imamoose007 Год назад (изменено) Armoured Skeptic I look at you entirely differently knowing you watch RCR. Edit: also, I apologize. I know all the replies you ever get is "ARMORED SKEPTIC!? HE'S FAMOUS!!!!" and I'm basically adding to that.
  • Liam Gideon
    Liam Gideon Год назад sir i never expected you here, as old as this comment is
  • Buggle Magnum
    Buggle Magnum Год назад i also had a small existential crisis when i saw that
  • PleaseSendSerotonin
    PleaseSendSerotonin 3 года назад +Armoured Skeptic Worlds just collided in a massive way.
  • James Whyte
    James Whyte 3 года назад +Armoured Skeptic Wow Armoured Skeptic what the heck are you doing here? Love your channel.
  • Greaser
    Greaser 2 года назад Ls swap it
  • Eggpie_614
    Eggpie_614 1 месяц назад Hayabusa engine lol
  • Illew Menadeh
    Illew Menadeh 4 месяца назад LS mid-ship Honda Kei Van. Sounds great doesnt it
  • TheSeeker
    TheSeeker 7 месяцев назад You need a K20
  • Jerry Erlandson
    Jerry Erlandson 8 месяцев назад Sounds like death
  • I’m not a furry i swear
    I’m not a furry i swear 2 года назад And by it wouldnt fit i mean a smaller engine would do, like a rotary
  • Cam D
    Cam D 2 года назад Ayyy Lmfao I reckon a B16 would suffice
  • I’m not a furry i swear
    I’m not a furry i swear 2 года назад Ayyy Lmfao that sounds like a great idea but i dont think it would fit
  • koopatroopa187
    koopatroopa187 3 года назад It's pronounced K as in the letter K, and not key. Oh, and the Acty is pronounced Acti as in Active.
  • Zephyr Skies
    Zephyr Skies 1 день назад No one actually gives a shit but you.
  • s50201
    s50201 3 года назад Too bad the Japanese safety standards on this thing is practically nonexistent. Less safe than a 90's Miata. The thing's basically a cardboard box. I wouldn't be driving this thing more than 25 mph since you're bound to lose your legs /w that lack of crush zone. No side impact protection either. Edit -fixed typos
  • Paolo G
    Paolo G Год назад Yanks are such wimps
  • James Rae
    James Rae 2 года назад These are too top heavy and have nothing in front of the driver, like you said. So yeah, I would say that they're unsafe over 40 mph. A 90s Miata is pretty safe, though. They stop fast and have plenty of hood in front of you, they're easy to maneuver, not top heavy at all, and they even have an airbag. One entire airbag. They're super safe, just trust me. Oh and all joking aside mine does awesome in the rain. That's mostly tires, but still. Way better than any SUV or crossover I've driven in the rain.
  • thebigwarthog
    thebigwarthog 2 года назад oh and these are incredibly top heavy due to the narrow body width so it is not uncommon to see these vans toppled over in crashes. It doesn't take much to flip them over.
  • technology productions 2019
    technology productions 2019 2 года назад (изменено) s50201 who needs airbags? who needs antilock brakes who needs EPA
  • PleaseSendSerotonin
    PleaseSendSerotonin 3 года назад +Orbital Tube You made my day with this.
  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 3 года назад +Orbital Tube I pity you fool for calling other people fool while being a wimp.
  • Orbital Tube
    Orbital Tube 3 года назад +s50201 I pity the fool... I aint get on no plane...
  • thebigwarthog
    thebigwarthog 3 года назад +s50201 From 1998 they mandated stricter crash protection from kei cars and airbags come standard now. Anything before Oct 1998 is a death trap in particular the vans and trucks which lack a crumple zone.
  • AcuraMatt B
    AcuraMatt B 3 года назад @Ultrakillerism no one is discussing taste here just stating facts
  • Ultrakillerism
    Ultrakillerism 3 года назад +s50201 In Japan you get tax deductions, plus they don't drive not even close to average speeds in the West (particularly not when you're caught in traffic), plus they're cheapest thing to refuel. Sure, no way a car for US, buuuuuut there's no point in discussing taste.
  • M Scuba
    M Scuba 3 года назад +s50201 I have seen Daihatsu kei vans and trucks in use at the naval shipyard stateside. :-)
  • Orbital Tube
    Orbital Tube 3 года назад i heard that its why a lot of these small pickups and vans are not sold outside japan.
  • AcuraMatt B
    AcuraMatt B 3 года назад +SquallyZ06 in Illinois they are classified as farm vehicles
  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 3 года назад +s50201 well this would happen to you with basically any car
  • SquallyZ06
    SquallyZ06 3 года назад +s50201 I would love one of these if I had some land and needed to haul stuff around said land. Otherwise I'd keep it off the road. I've seen them fold like a pancake in accidents when I was living in Japan. Speed limits are slow over there so I couldn't imagine getting into an accident at US speeds with large vehicles. Death trap on wheels!
  • Trent Burton
    Trent Burton 2 года назад 1:41. Land Rover Defender on the left :)
  • Vucky abx
    Vucky abx 2 года назад technology productions 2017 I know you
  • technology productions 2019
    technology productions 2019 2 года назад Trent Burton let's race it
  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan 2 года назад a living Micro Machines car
  • Supacodegames
    Supacodegames 2 года назад This Kei Van also had air conditioning Alright 3cyl 550cc 37hp AC SURE IM GONNA TURN THAT ON lol
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 3 года назад Dat Daihatsu Mini-Truk. Mmmmmm.. I don't know what it's like in the rest of the country, but around where I'm at in the back-asswards rural everything that is the corners where Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana meet the place is Lousy with grey-import Daihatsu Mini-trucks Exactly. Like. That one. Why? Because Jeeps and Tacomas have gotten too big and too expensive to go bouncing across the pasture doing farm-work during the week and then go bouncing through the woods Huntin' during the weekend, and side-by-side ATVs and UTVs are too Not-Road-Legal to replace them.