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Hyundai Kona Electric – an EV you can really use? | First Drive Review | Autocar India

Published on Jul 11, 2019 215,267 views

Electric vehicles or EVs are coming our way fast, but so far, there have been compromises – be it in terms of power, range and usability, or price that puts them out of reach of most buyers. But the Hyundai Kona Electric could be the one that changes that. Thanks to local assembly, it’s priced at a relatively reasonable Rs 25.3 lakh (ex-showroom) and gets you 136hp, 452km of range and premium features. But is that enough to make you want one? Nikhil Bhatia gets behind the wheel for a quick first impression.

#Hyundai #Kona #Electric #Review

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  • Shubham Gajwani
    Shubham Gajwani Неделю назад (изменено) It would be a shame if a Kona can't get a corner right! 😂
  • Pratham Dutt
    Pratham Dutt Неделю назад FIRST OF ALL-NO OFFENCE, but why are we all complaining about the price? See, electric vehicles aren't mainstream in India. Its just the starting and I think Hyundai has done an excellent job. Please dont compare it with REVA or the TIGOR EV version because KONA is much more refined and at the same time much more expensive. But for 25L, an electric car in an absolutely ZERO EV MARKET- this one is a good attempt.
  • Nikhil Gore
    Nikhil Gore 4 дня назад Duster is going to launch in ev I have video
  • Car Cruise
    Car Cruise 6 дней назад @TheDark Knut Toyota is nothing compared to Hyundai. now Toyota used to be a good brand. Now Hyundai rules. You will even see 1 Cr priced Hyundai selling like a hot cake once Genesis enters the market. Nobody values Toyota anymore, except Fortuner. Hyundai is a much bigger brand now.
  • thada gana
    thada gana Неделю назад But what about durability of the batteries... Will it suit for Indian roads, climate conditions.. night driving? EVs are still evolving
  • Pramit Khanna
    Pramit Khanna Неделю назад (изменено) Totally agree. Also, just think about the amount of money you'll save with no fuel expense, compared to a marginal increase in your monthly electricity bill! The price makes total sense and it will only go down once the competition arrives.
  • Avi Kavi
    Avi Kavi Неделю назад (изменено) This car is fully imported so customs duty increased the price substantially. The ex-showroom price would be below Rs.20 lakh if it is manufactured in India.
  • Shantanu Manerikar
    Shantanu Manerikar Неделю назад Thank you. You're the first person other than myself to see the true potential of this car.
  • Amin Paul
    Amin Paul Неделю назад "If you are good at something, Don't do it for free"
  • divyanshu saraswat
    divyanshu saraswat Неделю назад We are complaining because it's not in everyone's budget. What a middle class will buy?? Hyundai venue? OH you tell me can you afford this car??? Talking shit and giving lectures are very easy on internet.
  • Ameya Kulkarni
    Ameya Kulkarni Неделю назад Correct.
  • TheDark Knut
    TheDark Knut Неделю назад Pratham Dutt yeah but 25 is way too much for a Hyundai. I wouldn’t mind Toyota charging such prices.
  • The Godfather
    The Godfather Неделю назад Exactly... But shitty Indian mass customers don't understand that.. I really applaud Hyundai for this excellent move
  • Harshit Yadav
    Harshit Yadav Неделю назад 1st good comment so far 😄 people dont understand that if a person travel 60km/day it cover its extra cost in 5-6 years
  • anush datta
    anush datta Неделю назад Ok so it has 2000 cycle battery life warranty or 8 years Lets do the math 300km in 1 charge (realistically) x2000= 600,000km 39 unit for 300km means (300/39) 7.7 km/unit (1unit=1kwh) 1unit cost 6-8 rupees So travelling 600,000km i.e. its stipulated “warranty” range cost (600000/7.7x8) 623,376 rupees Travelling same 600,000km using petrol powered car with say mileage of 14km/L costs ( assuming 80rupees /L for petrol) 600000/14x 80 gives 34,28,560 rupees So a difference of 34,28,560 rupees- 623,376 rupees= 28,05,184 rupees Maintenance is v low with electric cars So in end 8 years you save 28 lacs, when compared to buying petrol suv car
  • Xing Honey
    Xing Honey 5 дней назад 200-250 km is the realistic range for 39.2 kWh battery, there is a marketing cheat from hyundai on putting 452 as range. That figure is for 64kWh battery. If i have to travel 600000 km, i would buy a diesel car with 18+kmpl. Depreciation after 8 years if battery fails will be 80% for electric car which is not the case for other cars. At the current economics long range electric cars make more sense for fleet owners on a lease basis where they just run and not own.
  • venkata siva sumanth kandarpa
    venkata siva sumanth kandarpa Неделю назад anush datta it’s all about can you afford a 25 lac car. Most decent cars are on average 7 lacs.. which is affordable for many people
  • Gregory Perrierra
    Gregory Perrierra Неделю назад My second car will be electric. Yet to own my first car.
  • Muralidhar D
    Muralidhar D 15 часов назад No engine means what about safety?
  • Ameya Bakre
    Ameya Bakre Неделю назад Government should clarify about registration charges exemption as soon as possible as it brings down the onroad price by nearly 2 lac rs..
  • Aravind Suprakash
    Aravind Suprakash Неделю назад Why only 39.2 kWh battery in India, those willing to spend 25L, wont mind the extra cost for a powerful battery.
  • Archit Peter
    Archit Peter Неделю назад I dont think you understand how expensive it would be to get the 64 kWh battery pack in India, more over how expensive EV batteries are.
  • Ameya Kulkarni
    Ameya Kulkarni Неделю назад It's because of lithium ion per kWh cost. It is near about $350 per kWh for reputed li ion cells.
  • Rajha Planet
    Rajha Planet Неделю назад How many units of electricity does it consume for a full charge? 😁 😂 Relatives would now have reasons to stay overnight. 19 hrs for a full charge using a 15 Amps socket
  • Sanket Garade
    Sanket Garade Неделю назад Rajha Planet 19 hours is needed only in case of the portable charger. For home charger that’s 7-8 hours. The portable charger is only meant for emergencies.
  • Pranab Priyadarshan
    Pranab Priyadarshan Неделю назад Battery is 40kwh. Takes 19hrs to charge at 230V AC. That gives 40kwh/(19h×0.23kv) ~9.2A. Now 230V×9.2A~2.2units per hour of charge. Taking average cost in most areas thats around 15rs per hour including heat losses or around 300rs for a full charge. Economy is around 0.85 to 1 rs per km realistically whereas a diesel car would cost 5rs per km. Thats 80% savings on fuel.
  • sahebmails
    sahebmails Неделю назад What is the highest domestic per unit electricity consumption cost in India?
  • Debopriyo Mandal
    Debopriyo Mandal Неделю назад Approximately 6km/unit (if we assume maximum coverage is 300km)
  • Harshit Yadav
    Harshit Yadav Неделю назад @Rahul Ajith no that is dc fast charging which u get on iocl petrol pump the other charger which u get can charge 100% in 6 hours
  • Rajha Planet
    Rajha Planet Неделю назад @Rahul Ajith No, they don't give that one
  • Rahul Ajith
    Rahul Ajith Неделю назад (изменено) they give the other charger as well, which gives 80% in 55 mins
  • Alex Roy
    Alex Roy Неделю назад (изменено) It has a battery pack of 39.2 kWh which means it consumes about 39.2 units . (That is only if it is 100 % efficient) In reality it may consume about 50 units per charge .
  • A.M.D. bike & Car
    A.M.D. bike & Car Неделю назад Wow ! Hyundai Kona is fantastic car. Nice stylish electric car.💚💛💓💖💗💝👍👏
  • kabeer gammer
    kabeer gammer Неделю назад Comparison of Mercedes Benz gls 2020 vs BMW x7 and audi q7 and Volvo xc90
  • Shubham Gajwani
    Shubham Gajwani Неделю назад The question is not whether you can use. There are a lot of good EVs showing up nowadays which I can use. The question should be whether you can afford it or not.
  • Ags Cgs
    Ags Cgs Неделю назад Good job hyundai. 25 lakhs for E - SUV is not bad.
  • Venkatesh Shivashanmugam
    Venkatesh Shivashanmugam 5 дней назад Very Nice. We hear recent news more about bursting of battery mobile while using (some case when charging & using). Is there a chance of bursting in electric vehicle? :P
    SWAPNIL MULAY Неделю назад People don't really care about the pollution n all, all that matters is the money, people will think why not buy an MG or an proper SUV which is much cheaper than this & still leaves with more than enough money for petrol ! The electric infrastructure in India needs to develop real quick.
  • Zen = Yen 🔴
    Zen = Yen 🔴 Неделю назад (изменено) if this Kona can do a Mumbai to Pune and back all in one day then I am totally interested in buying it. however for those annual 1 day drive to Mahabaleshwar and back I will have to borrow a Petrol / Diesel vehicle. I am Cornered at the idea of owning a *Kona*.
  • Manan Agarwal
    Manan Agarwal Неделю назад You should go for MG Hector!
  • Krishna Gavarkar
    Krishna Gavarkar Неделю назад Need charging stations for covering that distance.
  • Neeraj Renjith
    Neeraj Renjith Неделю назад At 25-30 lakhs price bracket, it doesn't looks like well furnished.. Gonna be a success... well i don't think so...
  • Prabakar Balan
    Prabakar Balan Неделю назад Grt move by hyundai now other manufacturers will jump into the electric market n bring up the competition heat.. . Yup at 25-30lac a electric i20 lukn kona is too xpensive but its the First of its kind 'all electric car' .. Now all tat we need is to setup enough charging spots and make this electric car practically drivable on indian roads..
  • Lawson Dcunha
    Lawson Dcunha Неделю назад I hope we get to see some good cars from them in the near future targeting on the people who will love to buy an under 10 Lac EV but overall Job well done by Hyundai
  • Mrutyunjoy Sinharay
    Mrutyunjoy Sinharay 4 дня назад It's the beginning .I hope in few years ev would be economical and much more comfortable .
  • Law For All
    Law For All Неделю назад What would have been cool is it they could make the entire roof a solar panel... That way the car would charge while its parked
  • Poorvik Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
    Poorvik Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Неделю назад Easier said than done!!
  • Arun K P
    Arun K P Неделю назад (изменено) Tesla would've done it already if it is beneficial. But the roof area of the car is too small to give any significant amount of charge. It's possible. But not good enough to compromise aesthetics. It's better to plug the car into a regular power socket and it'll give way more charge. Why heat your whole car up in the sun for very little charge.
  • Krishna Gavarkar
    Krishna Gavarkar Неделю назад Hyundai wants to know your location