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2019 Tesla Model 3 vs Jaguar I-Pace SUV review – which is best? Electric car showdown | What Car?

Published on Jul 11, 2019 180,646 views

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated cars for a generation. The Jaguar I-Pace is our current favourite premium electric car. We go in-depth to compare every area of these two cars to decide which is best. You'll find out everything you could possibly wish to know by watching our full group test comparison.

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– Jaguar I-Pace review:

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  • What Car?
    What Car? Неделю назад Which car would you choose if you had to buy one with your own money, the Tesla or Jaguar? Let us know below!
  • Abel Khan
    Abel Khan 8 часов назад @Anthony Dayspring99 I bet you where one of those kids who loved dinosaurs... Now you can drive one!!! The Jag I-pace!!!
  • Abel Khan
    Abel Khan 8 часов назад @Anthony Dayspring99 Lucky you! You are among the 1% that chose jag!
  • Abel Khan
    Abel Khan 8 часов назад @Smeggy Yea, take a look at the comment section dude... Not to mention world wide sales, but by all means, go ahead and buy...
  • Abel Khan
    Abel Khan 8 часов назад This vid is BS. Tesla for me.
  • Michael Skjold Petersen
    Michael Skjold Petersen 2 дня назад Tesla! Own a M3P (Denmark) and love to drive it - get close to 500 km out of it - can’t recognize you review results - try again - drive it for a week and report back....
  • Tag Makers Pet Tags
    Tag Makers Pet Tags 4 дня назад @Jonas Olesen Great comment here Jonas, and it echoes my sentiment exactly. You sum it all up in one very simple sentence: "There are EV's, and there is Tesla". Seven simple words - but they tell the entire story.
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад Of course the Model 3.
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Anthony Dayspring99 Why obviously?
  • Tag Makers Pet Tags
    Tag Makers Pet Tags 5 дней назад Jag looks quite nice, but when you compare it to Tesla (any Tesla - even a 2012 Model S) the Jag is comparable to a tired old horse, put out to pasture. The Jag is "just another car" - like every other conventional car, except they put in a battery and an electric motor. The features you ignore are (in this day and age) are those that cannot easily be seen... The computing and software, the engineering, the integration and the future-proof quality of the Tesla marque. Tesla IMPROVES daily, whereas the Jag is redundant the minute you drive it off the showroom floor. The fact that you have to ask whether we would choose Jag or Tesla actually highlights your astounding degree of ignorance on what is important in cars today. But perhaps Jag is getting a better review from you because they are advertisers, and Tesla isn't? That's what I think this is all about...
  • Black Pluto
    Black Pluto 5 дней назад TESLA TESLA TESLA TESLA!!!!
  • antonio zerkhfaoui
    antonio zerkhfaoui 6 дней назад What Car? Tesla without even thinking
  • Riggald
    Riggald 6 дней назад @Eco Kids No, Tesla Supercharger V2 is not 150kW. It is either 72kW per vehicle (Urban Supercharger V2), 135kW per pair of vehicles, or 145kW per pair of vehicles. Some Tesla vehicles will have the ability to accept charge above 120kW. Tesla Supercharger V3 is 250kW per vehicle. The first non-beta one went live last month. It took 7 years to roll out the current set of V2 Superchargers. And Superchargers promised for 2016 still don't have planning permits. So the V3 rollout may take a while.
  • Riggald
    Riggald 6 дней назад @Eco Kids No, not all Tesla's can charge at all EU charge points.
  • NZT-48
    NZT-48 6 дней назад (изменено) ​@Riggald 1. How many miles/hr can you get out of those charge-points? I have few of them near my city and they do 3-6 kW (10-20 mi/hr). 2. Jaguar’s OTA is very limited. 3. Few people would pay $70,000 for a car with 234 miles range. Even Tesla has recently discontinued the standard (short) range for S and X. Model Y with 300+ miles range will kill ipace sales, if there was any. 4. Jaguar’s lane keep assist barely work and does not compare to autopilot. Just lookup some videos on youtube. They have no serious effort whatsoever towards self-driving or full autonomy.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 дней назад @Infiction in sweden we had such a challenge going from extreme north to south. The ipace failed miserably. The tesla sequel to normal fossil cars. The ipace had to break after half distance...
  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 дней назад Hands down tesla.
  • larry Spiller
    larry Spiller 6 дней назад @kildareman051 thats less than yearly.
  • kildareman051
    kildareman051 6 дней назад @larry Spiller battery coolant,steering,brake fluid - you might not use them but brake fluid is hydroscopic, it absorbs water moisture.
  • Macio Luko
    Macio Luko 6 дней назад Tesla for many reasons. Safety being one of them.
  • Eco Kids
    Eco Kids 6 дней назад Riggald tesla can charge at all of the eu charge points aswell so that is nonsense tesla Superchargers v2 is 150 kw v3 is being released now which is 250 kw all none tesla chargers that I have used in the uk are max 50 kw ionity in Europe can go up to 350 kw but the jag can only manage max 100 kw forget all the power outputs it’s all about how many miles in can deliver over a certain time tesla is way out in front the ipace has very poor efficiency due to underdeveloped third party batteries and drive train therefore wh/per mile are shocking just look at the epa results which is the most realistic test on ev,s it doesn’t matter which way you cut it teslas on a long trip using supercharger network will arrive long before an ipace at the same destination that’s a fact
  • Riggald
    Riggald 6 дней назад ​@Eco Kids Tesla charges at 34kW to (peak) 120kW. Works are under way to allow it to charge at 34kW to (peak) 145kW. 250kW chargers are available in about 3 locations, some on a beta pilot basis. Only the latest model can make use of them. The i-Pace charges at 50-100kW. The on-board hardware can cope with higher, but it will require another OTA to unlock the higher rate. The i-Pace has a slower taper than any of the Teslas. In the EU, the Jaguar has access to about 3 times as many chargepoints as the Tesla does.
  • Eco Kids
    Eco Kids 6 дней назад Tesla because it’s more efficient cheaper faster and has its own charging network which is way faster at charging than the ipace and autopilot is a better feature than Jaguars lane assist the jag also does not have over the air updates and their centre screen software is clunky teslas centre screen software is way better
  • Riggald
    Riggald 6 дней назад @NZT-48 1) Across the EU and the US, both have about 8,000 simultaneous-use charge-points 2) Both have Over-the-air updates 3) Model 3 has longer range for less price. I-Pace has equivalent price-range to Model S or X 4) Both have automated lane keep and adaptive cruie control
  • Cory_aqua
    Cory_aqua 6 дней назад What Car? Can you explain exactly how you ranked Tesla most unreliable? Worse then a jag ?
  • ManicDee
    ManicDee Неделю назад Tesla wins with a lay down misere, simply because for the places I am likely to go Tesla has the supercharger network. The nearest equivalent for the I-Pace in Australia is a ramshackle collection of CHADeMO and other chargers as powerful as 50kW. Tesla laid their hand on the table ten years ago and the other players at the table are still trying to figure out how to beat it.
  • John Woji
    John Woji Неделю назад Model 3, hands down. Love that Jag is on the case, but - as most car companies are learning, there's a lot to making EVs work like real cars, and it's very difficult to overcome the massive advantages in time and experience Tesla now has.
  • Oskarooni
    Oskarooni Неделю назад Tesla by far :)
  • X Zygote
    X Zygote Неделю назад For me Tesla Model S Wireless Charging. is easier for me with wheelchair no hassle with charging cables. :)
  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills Неделю назад Model 3 without a doubt. Why? The Tesla charging network is way better than anything else out there.
  • Ed
    Ed Неделю назад Going for the Jaguar I-Pace, among other reasons I think having everything in the middle is nonsense.
  • Eric Mburu
    Eric Mburu Неделю назад Definitely the Tesla
  • Googadis Beotches
    Googadis Beotches Неделю назад (изменено) If you have to buy a clue judging by this review you should rename your channel to what's a car? What idiot would throw their money away on an ipace? OK there are fanboys who love certain automakers so they'd choose inferior garbage over Tesla.
  • 3d tech
    3d tech Неделю назад Model 3 is a no brainier. Sales data proves it. If you really need an SUV, wait for the model Y. I-Pace isn't even close. BTW, this review is clearly biased
  • Nasr Sayed
    Nasr Sayed Неделю назад Checked out both and it was an easy decision M3 Dual motor all the way.
  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran Неделю назад Model 3
  • Peyman Reyhani
    Peyman Reyhani Неделю назад I wouldn't buy either. I hate modern screens in cars that add distraction.
  • Ruediger Preiss
    Ruediger Preiss Неделю назад Definitely the Model 3
  • CoolStuff Unboxings
    CoolStuff Unboxings Неделю назад Tesla
  • Anthony Dayspring99
    Anthony Dayspring99 Неделю назад Obviously I chose the 2019 European and World Car of the year... the IPace.
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse Неделю назад And did you charge the Model 3 to 100%, or the setting shown in the video, which was about 80%? You have to drag it to 100%, when you want to charge to 100%...otherwise it'll charge to the standard 70-80% (for battery degradation precaution).
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse Неделю назад You state that Tesla will open up for "200 kW at it's V3 Superchargers", but that isn't true, and you can see it on the video as well. It's 250 kW...
  • Dmitry
    Dmitry Неделю назад @HaradaTaro1 +++tesla coreecting defective assembly parts or just being told it is in their norms so get lost.... american quality standards are european low cost quality standards... and that for us is unacceptable+++ Nah... "Not only was the paint without any discernible flaw, but the various panels formed a body of precision that was beyond reproach. Gaps from hood to fenders, doors to frame, and all the others appeared to be perfectly even, equal side-to-side, and completely parallel. Gaps of 3.5 to 4.5mm are considered word-class. This Model 3 measured up. So, while I continue to be critical of Tesla's business model and Musk's strategy, it was impossible to find fault with the visual quality of that Model 3." --Bob Lutz, June 14th
  • Andre P
    Andre P Неделю назад Considered the iPace. Saw it, but never test drove it. If you want an SUV, get an SUV, not a pretend SUV with space that is the same if not less than a normal car. I am going to buy either a model Y, if I can wait that long, or a Model 3. Something tells me I am going to end up getting both!!
  • katgolds30
    katgolds30 Неделю назад I-Pace
  • Arya Rahiminejat
    Arya Rahiminejat Неделю назад tesla
  • Joakim Knutslien
    Joakim Knutslien Неделю назад @HaradaTaro1 Britain quality inst exactly top notch either
  • Panagiotis Karastateris
    Panagiotis Karastateris Неделю назад TESLA!
  • James Irwin
    James Irwin Неделю назад (изменено) Tesla. Don't be stupid. The do need to fix the card issue, though.
  • evo lve
    evo lve Неделю назад Own a Tesla now and my next vehicle purchase will be another Tesla. I have over 90k trouble-free miles on my Performance Model S. Just did a 4000 mile round trip with my family from California to Canada and back over 3 weeks. Easily the best vehicle our family has ever owned.
  • HaradaTaro1
    HaradaTaro1 Неделю назад @Jan Bruun Andersen yes but at least i have the choice in the jaguar
  • daniel guillaume
    daniel guillaume Неделю назад What Car? Tesla hands down. They have everything that no one else has. Charging network and auto updates soon to have cheaper insurance. And they are farther ahead of self driving data. They make their own micro chips that are faster and use less energy than anything else on market. Plus no one comes close to the range.
  • Geot Ph.
    Geot Ph. Неделю назад Tesla for sure
  • Amogh Sarangdhar
    Amogh Sarangdhar Неделю назад What Car? It does not use “google” maps. It has its own map
  • Dividend Income
    Dividend Income Неделю назад That’s not even a comparison. Jaguar can’t even compete with Tesla in any way AT ALL.
  • Mike Curran
    Mike Curran Неделю назад @Ying N Yang my impression was his annoyance wasn't with the card itself but the fact that if you leave it where it needs to be to start the car then you'll probably lose it at the first sharp turn. If there were some kind of indentation there that would hold it in place, probably wouldn't be an issue. Sticking with your analogy, kinda like having the key fall out of the ignition switch after you start the car.
  • Excalabor
    Excalabor Неделю назад Tried both. Tesla no question.
  • Joakim Knutslien
    Joakim Knutslien Неделю назад @Ying N Yang And that is just the emergency solution if the phone fails
  • Eric Perkins
    Eric Perkins Неделю назад This video should have a "*this video includes paid promotion" disclaimer. Everyone knows in the comments the Jaguar is not even close to the Tesla.
  • canon fpv
    canon fpv Неделю назад I'd get the tesla model 3
  • iali00
    iali00 Неделю назад Are you related to Jeremy Clarkson or as stupid as that clown? Your whole review is a hit job on Tesla. You find excuses for Jaguar at every turn. This must have been a paid review by Jaguar. 👎
  • John Chigur
    John Chigur Неделю назад ydnarenrut 😂😂
  • Jan Bruun Andersen
    Jan Bruun Andersen Неделю назад @HaradaTaro1 - remember to order your Jaguar with Windsor leather. Otherwise you get the cheaper Luxtec leather = faux leather.
  • TassieEV1
    TassieEV1 Неделю назад Neither, out of my budget for both. Went with Ioniq instead. $70k AUD for base Model 3, unsure of iPace AUD pricing.
  • ydnarenrut
    ydnarenrut Неделю назад The Jaguar is in another league over the Tesla. The interior of the Jaguar is just stunning where as the Tesla looks like a Drs waiting room and totally bland. From the outside the Jaguar is a a masterpiece of design and when stood next to the Tesla looks even better. The Tesla looks like a Proton from the 90's and looks so cheap and nasty. Sure the Jaguar is more expensive but you cant really copare the 2 cars as the Tesla is outclassed and just a piece of plastic with a flat screen TV stuck on the Dashboard..... The Jag for me in every way
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart Неделю назад I'm ready to lease a Tesla, just as soon as they bring out a model 3 estate variant (I have dogs). The only other niggle is my nearest dealer is 80 miles away. I think by the time Tesla have an estate car and an improved dealer network that VAG, BMW, Merc will also have some quality electric cars on offer. Either way, I won't be taking the iPace 😁
  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah Неделю назад Tesla
  • Phi Tech
    Phi Tech Неделю назад TESLA without a doubt. I-PACE looks like shit the interior, what the fuck are they think. I-PACE one of the most ugliest car ever
  • Ramon Zarat
    Ramon Zarat Неделю назад What an idiotic question. The Tesla Model 3, for about 20-25 very good reasons. Who in its right mind would even consider settling for the inferior I-Pace, when you can get the real thing instead?!?
  • SnapHost
    SnapHost Неделю назад I bought Model 3 Performance and I love it. Tesla is years ahead. But I wish I-Pace all the best, it is still much better than ICE.
  • H x3
    H x3 Неделю назад I'm in the US, and bought the Tesla Model 3. Charging infrastructure is more mature, and Tesla has more experience with EV's (for now).
  • Jeremy Harris
    Jeremy Harris Неделю назад (изменено) The i-Pace is an excellent start in the EV space for Jaguar, but I've ordered a Model 3. Reasons? Charging capability and infrastructure, Over-the-Air updates, class leading tech, performance and price put the Tesla Model 3 in a class of it's own at the moment. Hopefully other manufacturers will pick up the gauntlet and give Tesla a run for their money sometime soon, but at the moment Tesla are definitely the one to beat if you want an EV.
  • Greg Lindstrom
    Greg Lindstrom Неделю назад tesla model 3 roof is too fucking low. got a model x instead.
  • Mark Atkinson
    Mark Atkinson Неделю назад Tesla hands down, sorry Jag, you miss out on every aspect, good try, but not good enough.
  • malc cartledge
    malc cartledge Неделю назад The iPace is a great car powered by electric. The model3 is a game changing EV that is also a brilliant car. Quite simply it is the start of a new breed and the ICE giants don’t, currently, have an answer. So unsurprisingly I’ve bought the Tesla.
  • 1943vermork
    1943vermork Неделю назад Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. Anything else is just plain stupid.
  • Peter Zerfass
    Peter Zerfass Неделю назад Soooo...50 replies and only 3 pro-Jaguar. Despite the vid's best attempts at full-on Jaguar-bias it seems no one is buying the BS. Faith in humanity restored.
  • R M
    R M Неделю назад The tesla. It will get better as time goes by with over the air updates. Even with the full self drive option the tesla is cheaper.
  • adamsky0604
    adamsky0604 Неделю назад Jaguar dealer alert! 'Best New Jaguar I-Pace deals & finance offers What Car? makes it easier to buy the new Jaguar I-Pace. We ensure you’ll get the right car, from our network of trusted franchised dealers, at the right price using our Target Price recommendation. You can safely discuss your deal anonymously so you can walk away at any time, giving you the peace of mind to make the right choice.'
  • Little Cripple
    Little Cripple Неделю назад Tesla of course. Its way better, way cheaper, and getting better all the time
  • Rob Thomas
    Rob Thomas Неделю назад Once he said the I-pace is the best electric car money can buy I shut it off. What a joke, how much did Jaguar pay them?
  • HaradaTaro1
    HaradaTaro1 Неделю назад @Harvest Moon Radio yes software bug on ipace but you spend as much time to retailer with your tesla coreecting defective assembly parts or just being told it is in their norms so get lost.... american quality standards are european low cost quality standards... and that for us is unacceptable
  • Phite Onn
    Phite Onn Неделю назад Tesla and that's before I've even watched the video
  • Karan Minhas
    Karan Minhas Неделю назад Tesla all the way, and i get Beach Buggy to play😎😎
  • 1943vermork
    1943vermork Неделю назад I-Pace is just an ICE car recycled into electric. Troubling bad engineering went into it.
  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Неделю назад none of your business.... trying to make money from an online poll.................go away ...your outdated
  • Simon
    Simon Неделю назад @Anthony Dayspring99 you drive that jag like a boss with ur chest high homie. But id still buy the tesla just cause its young and cool to have one
  • Anthony Dayspring99
    Anthony Dayspring99 Неделю назад What Car? 100% Jag. It’s efficient enough, I charge at home and I like having a ‘luxury’ car when I pay premium prices. Sides, both will break but at least the Jag won’t cost an arm and leg and 3 months to fix!
  • Simon
    Simon Неделю назад @Highland Life hahahah that made my day
  • John Chigur
    John Chigur Неделю назад Any Tesla over that other junk
  • Leif Egil Reve
    Leif Egil Reve Неделю назад What Car? - I understand that it is normal in the car world to do the 2020 model half way through 2019, but Tesla does not do that. They don't do it at all because, while you have called it a 2020 model 3, there's a real chance that there will be several significant differences between this car and a Model 3 bought in December 2019, let alone a car actually bought in 2020. Ie, your 2019 review is already outdated on several points... Ie the charging delivered along with Model 3.
  • Ying N Yang
    Ying N Yang Неделю назад Seriously he’s annoyed that you have to put the card key in exactly the right spot...kinda like having to put the car keys in exactly the right ignition hole and not, you know the glove box cuz that won’t start the car....
  • James Holmes
    James Holmes Неделю назад The Tesla model 3 without question. I’ve been researching the car for over a year. Most of the early day problems have disappeared, and it’s much better on the technology. The only real problem that remains is repair times, and that’s something that Tesla really needs to work on. And the range is also important, it’s currently the only reason why I don’t own one. I live in central Canada where there are no Tesla Superchargers. But that’s changing; only in the last few days they’ve started building superchargers in some of the gaps remaining. Perhaps next spring will be the time to buy, but we’ll see.
  • only truth
    only truth Неделю назад Jaguar that model 3 is a nasty looking mosque wagon
  • jppataki
    jppataki Неделю назад I have the Tesla
  • larry Spiller
    larry Spiller Неделю назад @Tyler Sanders you say the model 3 will cost more to service but there is nothing to service...?
  • TfGamess
    TfGamess Неделю назад Of course that Tesla!
  • Frederik van duuren
    Frederik van duuren Неделю назад Tesla3 !
  • gantz graf
    gantz graf Неделю назад Tesla! Jag got owned! Jag is rubbish.
  • Rurushu
    Rurushu Неделю назад jag makes shitty cars
  • calpilot7
    calpilot7 Неделю назад What Car? ....T E S L A.......I would choose the Tesla over any old outdated ICE pollution maker. Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, AUDI.....all ancient dinosaur junk compared to Tesla. The iPace isn’t on the same tech or performance level as the Tesla....Tesla truly has no competition......
  • calpilot7
    calpilot7 Неделю назад HaradaTojo1.....haters gonna hate.....LMAO.
  • Smeggy
    Smeggy Неделю назад Would definitely get the Jag, the Tesla is just bland and boring.
  • Alex NutCasio
    Alex NutCasio Неделю назад @Mac Harris well stated. This was obviously a UK fanboi hit piece on the American designed and built Tesla. A far superior BEV to any out there right now.
  • Killroy
    Killroy Неделю назад Tesla
  • Parag Jain
    Parag Jain Неделю назад Tesla anyday
  • Mac Harris
    Mac Harris Неделю назад Tesla. Despite your best attempts to make it look bad.
  • Jonas Olesen
    Jonas Olesen Неделю назад Bought the Tesla 8 weeks ago in Denmark. It is obvious that you do not understand all the cleverness built into the model 3. You are still hung up in buttons and the old way of doing things in the jag. To me, driving the model 3 is like putting on a perfectly fit glove. It never wants to be taken off again. I did have a look at the jag before ordering. However, the old-fashioned bulkiness and the lack of minimalistic approach to what a future car is, did it for me. On top of that, the price difference is appalling, especially as I chose the model 3 LR AWD (non performance). It is still quicker than the jag. And it goes 420 km at 120 km/h on a full charge. Real life. To be honest: there are EVs and there is Tesla. How many years did it take the competition to catch up with Apple - if ever? I believe we are seeing a similar situation here.
  • stinger15au
    stinger15au Неделю назад The tesla dah, its the fa superior car including range. I discovered why the real world range test is flawed.......going onto your website, you don't actually do a real world range test for the full range, you just deplete the battery, recharge to full (measuring kwh injected - i suspect incorrectly) and then do calculations based on a paltry 20mile test route driven 2 or 3 times. Laughable to call this a test. Big fail.
  • Shiwei Zheng
    Shiwei Zheng Неделю назад You range test is rubbish
  • Harvest Moon Radio
    Harvest Moon Radio Неделю назад If you want a car that has software bugs and spends more time back at the dealer then get a Jag otherwise the choice is obvious
  • nowtleft2
    nowtleft2 Неделю назад @Kevin A Tesla - supercharging network and warranty are so GOOD!
  • HaradaTaro1
    HaradaTaro1 Неделю назад Tesla has supercharger network but that is all tesla is cheap plastic interior ugly Ipad as command console no dashboard fake leather seats and terrific assembly quality.... autonomy question is same even if ipace as higher storage batteries but who cares efficiency? Only question mattering is how many miles you do in real usage not the stupid wt... norm which is bullshit... and on that on europe real usage model 3 doesnt do better than ipace. So definitely i would take jaguar way ahead of tesla. Tesla has some advantage but to me they are totally outweighted by its defects...
  • Varun Kailas
    Varun Kailas Неделю назад Tesla
  • Karl Bown
    Karl Bown Неделю назад Ordered the I-Pace. Then cancelled it and bought the Model 3. Really happy and feel I dodged a bullet. I-Pace is far too expensive for what you get, less efficient and more expensive to run
  • scott i
    scott i Неделю назад @Infiction Have my M3 AWD for 9 months, just drove ATL to Philly and back this week, 800 miles each way... Supercharger network is awesome! AP made the ride a joy! unfortunately, can't see any unbiased buyer picking iPace. IMHO
  • vannyfresh
    vannyfresh Неделю назад look at the sales worldwide. you dont need us to comment lol
  • Peter Zerfass
    Peter Zerfass Неделю назад Tesla. Easy choice. Tesla has a charging network that just works. No fiddling with cards or apps or chargers that may or may not function. 250kW charging upcoming once the v3 chargers are rolled out. The Tesla minimalist interface is just so relaxing (and again: it just works.). Tesla design (particularly the interior) is like the design of an electric car should be: The future. The iPace just feels like something from the past milennium with an electric motor slapped in there somewhere by comparison. Tesla over-the-air updates are solid gold (who ever heard of a car getting better with age?). If you want the future, the choice is a no-brainer.
  • Kevin A
    Kevin A Неделю назад A bit idiotic to assume all phones support wireless charging, right, for the model 3? They did make it such that 3rd parties can offer accessories that do that though
  • TheFnut
    TheFnut Неделю назад Model3 is also the safest car in the world, by a lot.
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott Неделю назад What Car? - TESLA all the way, saving up to buy a Model Y in a few years. Will buy the Long Range RWD Version.
  • NZT-48
    NZT-48 Неделю назад (изменено) Tesla has more advantages over I-Pace. To mention a few: 1- Supercharging stations. 2- Over the air update and more features added over time (e.g. sentry mode, dog mode, gaming etc) 3- Longer range and more efficient battery for less price. 4- Autopilot/FSD. Non-autonomous cars in the next 3-5 years will have much less resale value than autonomous cars. If you really need an SUV. I would wait for the model Y, or get model X.
  • Morten Krogh
    Morten Krogh Неделю назад Tried both. Choose the Tesla.
  • Chachish Chacho
    Chachish Chacho Неделю назад Both are cool but I’ve been hearing jaguar dealerships have no idea how to deal with the first all electric ipace. For Tesla electric is their specialty. So I’d go with the model 3
  • TheFnut
    TheFnut Неделю назад I'd pick the Tesla. A long list of reasons, but the main ones would be the design(both interior and exterior), over the air update improvements, and the potential of full self driving when it comes online with a software update. I also happen to love the company and wish to support them if i can. I like the way they provide a 3 step solution to clean renewable energy, and the way they innovate.
  • Infiction
    Infiction Неделю назад Ipace is useless without fast charging network like Tesla's. It's also extremely inefficient getting only 230 miles from a 90kwh battery where model 3 gets 310 miles from 75kwh. I would like to see someone attempt to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in an ipace, if it's even possible. In my model 3 it's fast and easy. Would have liked to see efficiency, software and safety compared as Tesla's unparalleled in these catagories.
  • Tyler Sanders
    Tyler Sanders Неделю назад I would personally buy the Model 3 I live in the U.S. with worse charging infrastructure than in Western Europe. I travel far distances often and the Tesla Supercharger network would be a game changer. The Model 3 long range with 18-inch aero wheels would be my choice.
  • Highland Life
    Highland Life Неделю назад I did. Tried the i-Pace, ordered the Tesla.
  • Mac Harris
    Mac Harris Неделю назад Can you share how the Model 3 costs more to service than I-Pace? Never seen this data anywhere....
  • Mark Wick
    Mark Wick 5 дней назад @Jayne Vaughan If you're talking about the standard maintenance they used to recommend, then yes. However, that is no longer the case. The maintenance schedule no longer recommends this. You're talking about old new.
  • Jayne Vaughan
    Jayne Vaughan 6 дней назад Well I've got a model S - serviced it only once which saves money, but when you do get it serviced it costs £700 for such essentials as checking that the doors work...
  • Johannes
    Johannes Неделю назад Tesla service centers are expensive af
  • Mrdirtblock - Minecraft
    Mrdirtblock - Minecraft Неделю назад James Irwin At the Tesla store in Australia they've never repaired a car after 4 years!
  • James Irwin
    James Irwin Неделю назад That's because it doesn't exist. They do recommend a brake inspection and filter changes every 2 years or so.
  • iali00
    iali00 Неделю назад Great question. This is a repeat of the Top Gear bullshit. No real information.
  • Phi Tech
    Phi Tech Неделю назад I-pace paid this fucker
  • Devon Ellesse
    Devon Ellesse Неделю назад This review is a hitjob. They got 240 miles out of 320 for model 3
  • THESocialJusticeWarrior
    THESocialJusticeWarrior Неделю назад 00:44 He says the i-Pace is the best EV you can buy right at the start! xD Does it have auto-pilot? No. Does it have a vast super-charging network? No. Is it more efficient? No. But SOMEHOW it is still the BEST EV you can buy! xD I call BS! xD
  • THESocialJusticeWarrior
    THESocialJusticeWarrior 1 день назад @v0lterra, I never said it was rigged. Dunno what you are going on about.
  • v0lterra
    v0lterra 1 день назад @THESocialJusticeWarrior Various people have suggested that they rigged the result by stating at the beginning that the I-Pace was the winner of this head-to-head. That is simply wrong. They said at the start they were looking for the toughest competition for the Tesla 3 and chose the I-Pace. At the end the Tesla 3 was declared the winner. It's that simple if one actually watches the video carefully from start to finish.
  • Riggald
    Riggald 3 дня назад @Martin Andreas Kruse And yes, I am counting only what is actually there atm. If I was to count the number of Teslas that one day will be able to use Chademo or CCS on the Tesla side, I'd also have to count the number of CCS chargers that there will one day be in the USA. As it is, there are about 2,500-3,000 Superchargers in the USA, providing about 5,000-6,000 chargepoints. And there are about 2,400 CCS chargers in the USA, providing about 2,400 chargepoints. In the EU, there are about 1,000-1,500 Suyperchargers, providing about 2,000-3,000 chargepoints. And about 6,000 CCS chargers, providing about 6,000 chargepoints. As it is, only about 10% of S & X can use Chademo (and 0% of Model 3 can use Chademo). About 15% of Model 3s can use CCS, and 0% of S & X can use CCS.
  • Riggald
    Riggald 3 дня назад @Martin Andreas Kruse There are only 8,000 Supercharger chargepoints in the EU and USA, shared from 4,000 chargers. So 8,000 CCS chargepoints (from 8,000) chargers) seems like more than nothing. 8,000 vs 8,000
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Riggald Why are you saying only 15% of Model 3s? You mean those in Europe? Well of course. And those 8000 chargepoints are nothing compared to the Supercharger stations... There's no comparison. And future Model S and X will of course incorporate the CCS plug in Europe.
  • Jason Moritz
    Jason Moritz 4 дня назад This wasn't objective at all. It's no contest. To put them in the same category is disingenuous. Tesla has every advantage, period.
  • Riggald
    Riggald 4 дня назад @Martin Andreas Kruse No, Teslas cannot hook up to all the other chargepoints. About 10% of S&X can use Chademo chargers. About 15% of Tesla Model 3s can use European CCS chargers.
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Ado Atero Still not reflective of what the actual owners say... Most are dissapointed by its range and sluggish UI.
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Ray Bod People died driving Jaguars...
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Riggald And autolane+adaptive cruise control in the Jag lags far behind the Tesla...
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Riggald Nope, Tesla users have twice the chargepoints (they can hook up tp any chargepoint, including those 8.000 you mention the Jag can)...
  • THESocialJusticeWarrior
    THESocialJusticeWarrior 5 дней назад @v0lterra, he said "best". That is not the same as "favorite".
  • v0lterra
    v0lterra 5 дней назад He said it was their favourite to date, which is why they chose it to compare with the Model 3. That was the whiole point. The model 3 won the comparison.
  • Ado Atero
    Ado Atero 6 дней назад (изменено) @Anthony Dayspring99 "2019 European and World Car Awards says this is the best car (not just EV) out there" I had to go and check, but it's true.
  • Riggald
    Riggald 6 дней назад @Bob Smith The Jag does have adaptive cruise - but not on the base trim level.
  • James Smith
    James Smith 6 дней назад @Riggald He's a typical deluded sjw soyboy, making things up......
  • Ray Bod
    Ray Bod 6 дней назад People died using Tesla autopilot, its auto assist.
  • Anthony Dayspring99
    Anthony Dayspring99 6 дней назад 2019 European and World Car Awards says this is the best car (not just EV) out there
  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 6 дней назад Just checked, you need to add the Drive or Driver Assist pack for adaptive - base model just has normal CC
  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 6 дней назад @Riggald Not sure the jag has adaptive CC
  • Riggald
    Riggald 6 дней назад Both Tesla and Jaguar have 8,000 chargepoints, across the US and EU. Both have auto lane-keep+adaptive cruise.
  • kkallioj
    kkallioj Неделю назад My father has an I Pace and he's never been even close to the 400+km you claim, whether he's done long or short distance driving. I call bs.
  • supaahflyy
    supaahflyy 3 дня назад @Anthony Dayspring99 have a read at my comment below regarding ipace vs Tesla from real world experience and not a test done by some journo who only drives 10 KMs a day and has it for a day