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Ariel atom on Nurburgring VS Corvette Z06 600HP

Published on May 25, 2015 7,811,584 views

Fuel empty for the driver, so he took the exit at Adenau unfortunately
He was always in my mirror from the beginning, that vette is so fast!

  • Rob Wainfur
    Rob Wainfur 3 года назад (изменено) I've seen more BMW drivers use their indicators in this video than I have in the last year on normal roads.
  • Martijn Vv
    Martijn Vv 3 года назад (изменено) +Rob Wainfur Yes but that's because 'indicators' are not standard on a BMW, it's a very expensive option !!
  • Adam Freeman
    Adam Freeman 3 года назад God that was funny.
  • Adam Freeman
    Adam Freeman 3 года назад God that was funny.
  • marc handley
    marc handley 3 года назад +Rob Wainfur soooo true
  • CoryXJ6'er
    CoryXJ6'er 3 года назад lol so true
  • James Francis
    James Francis 3 года назад LOL
  • Greg Blank
    Greg Blank 3 года назад +Rob Wainfur YES.
  • perdaniel99
    perdaniel99 3 года назад +Rob Wainfur If you ever think that your job lacks any purpose, think of those who mount indicators on BMWs :-)
  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 2 года назад I have to agree with Adam Freeman, that actually was funny. Cheers, (even to the BMW owners).
  • RTI
    RTI 2 года назад Pure gold, your comment is )
  • Abidi Obaid
    Abidi Obaid 2 года назад Rob Wainfur ahhahahahha
  • sad lad
    sad lad 2 года назад Jealous peasant.
  • toadamine
    toadamine 2 года назад (изменено) Been Exposed, so I Deleted My Account. I'm totally jealous of those guys being passed by faster cars! 🤔🙄
  • sad lad
    sad lad 2 года назад @toadamine Yes.
  • Todd Ison
    Todd Ison 2 года назад Can confirm wife drives a BMW. Doesn't know what that stick on the steering wheel does and is afraid if she touches it the car will blow up.
  • Voodish Voodish
    Voodish Voodish Год назад BMW Indicators do suck heavily... 50% Driver, 50% Engineering by Default
  • gigiogigio
    gigiogigio Год назад don't know where are You live but in my poor Italy and in the third world too people don't understand why should be use indicators. I like to drive very fast, I drove over two million km and everyday I see silly people change track without forewarning with indicators
  • pbfamous07
    pbfamous07 Год назад had me laughing for a full 15 secs thanks matey.
  • TekReviews
    TekReviews Год назад This is Germany so anyone slow better stay to the right even on the Autobahn.
  • Kristian Ravlić
    Kristian Ravlić Год назад blinker fluid was full ;)
  • Thomas E
    Thomas E Год назад jerks started driving audis since the RS6 C7 in continental Europe
  • Fookit Yeah
    Fookit Yeah Год назад Maybe they get fined if they don't lol.
  • Lazerus2008
    Lazerus2008 Год назад Thats because in Italy they use manoeuvre, signal, mirror not mirror , signal manoeuvre.
  • Lee ludlow Art
    Lee ludlow Art Год назад +perdaniel99 hahahahahahaha cool
  • Garrett Kidwell
    Garrett Kidwell Год назад Martijn Vv bahahahahahahaha
  • ニック
    ニック Год назад LoL...means it's okay to pass on the left.
  • John DeF
    John DeF Год назад Rob Wainfur I saw a real study that basically said BMW drivers are the biggest a-holes on the road.😂🚘
  • Lazerus2008
    Lazerus2008 Год назад That crown has gone to Audi drivers.
  • Scott Russell
    Scott Russell Год назад Can't afford a BMW huh
  • E J
    E J Год назад Rob Wainfur lmaooooooo!
  • Robert Griffith
    Robert Griffith Год назад Because if you consistently don't indicate on the ring you will be banned from driving there
  • Garrett Kidwell
    Garrett Kidwell Год назад Scott Russell don't want one 😂
  • Koito rob
    Koito rob Год назад Probably all German. Crap at world wars but very polite behind the wheel!
  • James W
    James W Год назад I feel this relates to german card in general as my mk1 i never wants to use that cheap pos as my pinky can break it. My mk3 broke two...
  • Alex Turner
    Alex Turner Год назад lmao
  • flawlessrides22
    flawlessrides22 Год назад Rob Wainfur I
  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven Год назад Martijn Vv yeah, it costs them a lot of humility
  • Voi Vod
    Voi Vod Год назад (изменено) On UK roads it seems like indicators are optional on all makes of cars.
  • S_ R2
    S_ R2 10 месяцев назад Only the track versions have indicators.
  • Valentine
    Valentine 10 месяцев назад most BMW drivers just forget to fill up on blinker fluid
  • EricH928
    EricH928 9 месяцев назад In this case, it's more like, OK, I surrender, I'm moving over, don't hit me.
  • raymond Larimore
    raymond Larimore 9 месяцев назад True. And it's against the law to pass on the right.
  • Douglas Knoyle
    Douglas Knoyle 7 месяцев назад Do you guys really NOT know why their using their turn indicators? Really?
  • EricH928
    EricH928 7 месяцев назад We know. We're making jokes about BMW drivers.
  • Shocka1111
    Shocka1111 6 месяцев назад @Douglas Knoyle /pats Doug on the back
  • Sandb0xMagician
    Sandb0xMagician 1 месяц назад So true 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Ronny Marth
    Ronny Marth 6 месяцев назад I personally have never owned a race car... but I've raced every car I've owned
  • Roger Hinman
    Roger Hinman 4 месяца назад If you don't you're not doing it right. :)
  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker 4 месяца назад A sports car is any car with a sport behind the wheel.
  • Billy Bong
    Billy Bong 4 месяца назад We're not allowed to smoke some marijuana, but we're allowed to do this :|
  • Jeff Ruggles
    Jeff Ruggles 4 месяца назад Every car is a race car. Prove my wrong
  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker 4 месяца назад @Billy Bong any relationship to Richard Bong, the P-38 pilot?
  • SVSupervox
    SVSupervox 3 месяца назад @Jeff Ruggles - the first ever car race took place immediately after the first 2 car owners met!! :-)
  • Daytona Says What?!
    Daytona Says What?! 3 месяца назад And jeopardizing the safety of innocent people.
  • SVSupervox
    SVSupervox 3 месяца назад @Daytona Says What?!- You automatically assume that racing means on open roads and crowded streets? You've been watching to much F & F you fucking idiot!! Take a chance or two every so often and get a life - this is not a dress rehearsal! !
  • OfficialReggarf
    OfficialReggarf 3 месяца назад (изменено) I've raced with ford escort 1.6 with mighty 75 bhp. I've raced even Skoda Fabia 1.2 with super-duper-almighty 49 bhp :D And still I could afford a win. :D I know, my car now has 388hp and it's a piece of fun, but... If You can drive, You can drive (race) anything.
  • OfficialReggarf
    OfficialReggarf 3 месяца назад @Billy Bong You not allowed to what?
  • tlaciee
    tlaciee 3 месяца назад Good for you. I whis i could ever have one...
  • Livinghighandwise
    Livinghighandwise 3 месяца назад @Daytona Says What?! And how do you know this?
  • Freddy Fyen
    Freddy Fyen 2 месяца назад HERE HEAR!!!!!
  • Tackleberry
    Tackleberry 4 месяца назад Now why can’t people be that courteous around here? Faster car coming up? Move over and put you right blinker on. What a concept
  • Robert Spendlove
    Robert Spendlove 3 месяца назад Unless you're in a white Mitsubishi Lancer. Then just (try to) maintain your racing line.
  • larisaidis
    larisaidis 2 месяца назад Tackleberry: because europeans are thought differently about faster cars when they are out on the road diving. You also noticed the right blinker, and that's exactly how they do it, when they see a car behind them driving faster than them, they will turn their right blinker, reduce some speed and go to the right lane! Also, European drivers who will drive that fast, THEY WILL NEVER, EVER PASS A CAR IN FRONT OF THEM BY DRIVING TO THE SHOULDER OF THE ROAD, LIKE THE WAY THEY DO IT HERE, which it is very very dangerous ...................
  • I dont wanna use my name
    I dont wanna use my name 2 месяца назад Because on the road there is already that mentality that seems to exist only on public roads
  • Andrea Simone Piazza
    Andrea Simone Piazza 1 месяц назад If you pay to run on track you can't pass the time looking in the rear to let other people pass you, if you are driving fast you have to see only in front of you and if they are faster they must overcome if they can, if they can not lie behind, you're on the track, not on the street, this mentality to move continuously to let others pass I'll never understand it, it's not a normal road, it's a track
  • Glasterz
    Glasterz 1 месяц назад @larisaidis we had 16 yr old kid out here in South Dakota die on I-90 from trying to pass 2 semis in the fog on the shoulder. He was estimated to be going 95 mph (semis were going the speed limit, 80 mph) when he hit the end of the guardrail and died instantly. Wasn't wearing a seat belt and was found thrown 50 feet from the car with an arm missing...
  • larisaidis
    larisaidis 1 месяц назад @Glasterz This is very sad............I never understood the reason, why drivers here in the States are losing it and drive on the interstates like maniacs..............
  • Saricon
    Saricon 3 недели назад @Andrea Simone Piazza if u are driving u SHOULD always be able to look in your mirrors and check for other people around you. Its not only for their security but also for your own since 1 stupid idiot can ruin your whole life. For the same reason you should let faster people pass. its not worth taking the risk of forcing him to do a risky overcome manouver if u are clearly slower and dueling doesnt make sense at all.
  • playthingz
    playthingz 8 месяцев назад Shame this didn't have a rear view camera set up in an inset window. Would have really added to it to see the vette just in behind the whole way through.
  • Tim Baxter
    Tim Baxter 6 месяцев назад Yeah, these videos are getting better as technology improves but I was thinking exactly the same about a split-screen with a rear camera too.
  • John
    John 5 месяцев назад Agree, along w/seeing a view-screen on MPH/KPH & rev' counter.
  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison 4 месяца назад Wouldn't that double the curb-weight of the atom?
  • Jeffrey Hoffman
    Jeffrey Hoffman 2 месяца назад @LJ Garrison HA HA - GOOD ONE