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1975 Volvo C303: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Aug 22, 2016 467,714 views

Hut-two-three-four, Two, two-three four! It's time to pretend we're solders of fortune and review this NOT-AMERICAN Volvo C303 Military vehicle

  • NotBen101
    NotBen101 2 года назад Finally a car soo weird that rcr acted normal
  • Woodrow Mayes
    Woodrow Mayes 2 года назад yup
  • Jake Takahashi
    Jake Takahashi 2 года назад My first thought was, "this is weird because it's not weird."
  • TJ Alexander
    TJ Alexander Год назад NotBen101 lmaoooooooo it’s like he couldn’t put weird this car so he just acted lax lol
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 2 месяца назад heh
  • Noah Rairdon
    Noah Rairdon Год назад It makes me laugh how Ford brags about their military grade aluminum body. Military grade isn't something you want to brag about.
  • Andy Wilderness
    Andy Wilderness 9 месяцев назад Yeah, "military grade" to me means "government contracted lowest bidder crap."
  • Caleb Ready
    Caleb Ready 4 месяца назад I love aviation grade anything, if anyone could see how janky general aviation is it would be hilarious.
  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 4 месяца назад Caleb Ready Ain’t that the truth. Bust most people don’t know a thing about GA except that anything small is a Cessna.
  • Bear Eggers
    Bear Eggers 2 года назад More Swedish cars please.
  • Blue Shell
    Blue Shell 2 года назад I'm hoping that we see a Volvo Sugga in the future of RCR. It's also a military vehicle, but looks much more aggressive than the 303
  • Zene Elzy
    Zene Elzy 2 года назад Bruh it looks like a pre war Chevy 7 window on steroids
  • illitero
    illitero 2 года назад He did a modified 850 R sometime last year, I think. But it was just a "one take" with no actual video. Kind of disappointing, I'd love to see how he would reduce it to an ignorant American stereotype 0:)
  • Bear Eggers
    Bear Eggers 2 года назад He only did an 80s SAAB 900 Weaboo Edition. I'd love to see his take on SAAB's slow death as it was passed around from GM to Subaru to Chinese oblivion.
  • illitero
    illitero 2 года назад @1954telecaster EXOTIC FRENCH AND ITALIAN CARS AREN'T REGULAR CARS. Closest you're going to get is a Peugeot or Alfa Romeo sedan from the 80's/early 90's. And what's this shit about Saab being a pathetic company? They made GOOD cars with excellent considerations in small areas that made a big impact in daily use.
  • illitero
    illitero 2 года назад @1954telecaster I own one now and it's ugly as hell for being 19 years old but it's strong, solid, and reliable. It has a few issues from a history of poor maintenance, but overall it's a very well engineered vehicle. The interior is nice, the ride is comfortable, and it's faster than my 850 R. The seatbelt digs into my neck and the automatic climate control infuriates me from always turning on, but overall it's held up MUCH better than any American car its age. Hell, any American car half it's age is going to be rife with dilapidated interiors and rust. My point is don't shit on an entire brand just because you've had some bad luck; your experiences are far from the standard of countless others in the world. Besides, those French/Italian cars you like so much aren't any better than any other manufacturer. It's cool to like them, but don't put them on some sort of pedestal while shitting on others haha.
  • Harri
    Harri 2 года назад im not sure any suggor made it to america
  • M Edvinsonn
    M Edvinsonn 7 месяцев назад The volvo 404 would ve nice.
  • Nisse Elmquist
    Nisse Elmquist 7 месяцев назад Volvo and Koenigsegg, baby!!! XD
  • uome1yo
    uome1yo 6 месяцев назад It'll be two years before they do another Swedish car
  • Difflocked Mees
    Difflocked Mees 2 года назад do these guys have no budget at all for maintenance on this truck? retro fit an electric fan or even better replace it with a modern radiator! also for a branding vehicle they could have at least done a bigger logo and perhaps a repaint
  • Baron Riasaka
    Baron Riasaka 2 года назад Also parts shouldn't be too hard to find as Mr.Regular mentioned. The engine this has, the B30, is also found in the Volvo 164 which was a US--market focused car.
  • Difflocked Mees
    Difflocked Mees 2 года назад the radiator can just be a retro fitted one from another car it just needs to be about the same shape and the some fabrication to fit... and yea parts aren't that impossible to find and source even importing isnt even that big of a deal
  • Sean
    Sean 2 года назад Yeah, a little research would probably show that it was built from a Volvo parts bin with loads of off the shelf pieces. Canada had a small Jeepish type vehicle called the Iltis that was essentially Renault or Volkswagen Rabbit parts, depending on the version.
  • timmy322
    timmy322 2 года назад (изменено) The Iltis actually is a VW, built under license in Canada for the Canadian and Belgian military.
  • Baron Riasaka
    Baron Riasaka 2 года назад @Olle Johansson Ah, my mistake. It does make more sense that it'd share engines with the Sugge. I'd assume most 140/160 and maybe even 1800 parts would fit with some minor modifications aswell. Most of it seems very familiar to one another.
  • Olle Johansson
    Olle Johansson 2 года назад +Baron Riasaka it was my fault I actually didn't know what engine that sat in this car. I just assumed that it was the same as suggan. But old Volvos are known in Sweden to get overheated in the summer. My grandpa are dayling an tuned Volvo 544 with a 110 hp b20 and he has 3 fans, 2 electrical and one regular. And he drives with the hod a little bit open and it still gets warm really fast. 60 miles it almost boils. So I think These guys just have the original fan in it. But if it is a b30 in it and working hard as hell in an American climate I think it would need a smaller truck radiator to stay cool.
  • Baron Riasaka
    Baron Riasaka 2 года назад @Olle Johansson Absolutely. I drive a '95 Volvo 855 2.5L in southern Norway, and that thing really doesn't keep itself cool either in summer. No radiator problems yet though, luckily.
  • Jörgen Pryss
    Jörgen Pryss 2 года назад I'd say that kind of overheating isn't normal for B18/B20.
  • Jörgen Pryss
    Jörgen Pryss 2 года назад Yea, possibly. Both the radiator and engine block could be full of old gunk aswell. The small finns on the radiator tend to corrode away, I had a old Volvo 145 where I wouldn't even call the radiator a radiator anymore.
  • Jörgen Pryss
    Jörgen Pryss 2 года назад Also, if it's an import from Sweden it probably need a thermostat that opens much earlier if the climate is hotter. I think there are 82C, 88C and 92C thermostats.
  • Save the Rhino
    Save the Rhino 2 года назад Perhaps they made it so that you don't need heater in the winter.Now all you need is a gas mask
  • Risto M.
    Risto M. 2 года назад Putting a "colder" thermostat doesn't limit the maximum temperature, it just starts cooling earlier than a "hotter" one. But I agree with the rest, the radiator could be clogged, this car is meant for serious crawling in a forest with bad terrain for hours with high load and rpm, shall not overheat.
  • Kyle Johnston
    Kyle Johnston 2 года назад There actually is an electric fan wired up. It was also 90+ degrees when this was filmed and this truck is used to ambient temperatures in the mid-30s. Just a bit overbearing for the day. Not a concern 99% of the time.
  • fixinmylife
    fixinmylife 4 месяца назад @Baron Riasaka there are 59 left
  • SmartassX1
    SmartassX1 2 года назад We still have these in service in the estonian army. There's also a rare longer 6x6 version.
  • SonOfaGun
    SonOfaGun 2 года назад The 6-wheel TGB is named TGB 13 in Sweden.
  • Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom
    Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom 2 года назад Elsewhere, the C304 is the C303 with a second rear axle. :-)
  • Hash Bringer
    Hash Bringer 7 месяцев назад Latvia uses these too, but only for national guard.
  • Bork The Swedish Chef
    Bork The Swedish Chef 7 месяцев назад lol estonia still uses millitary cars from ANOTHER COUNTRY from the 70s xD bet you cry every night over not beeing swedish anymore ;)
  • Hash Bringer
    Hash Bringer 7 месяцев назад @Bork The Swedish Chef well, Estonian and Latvian military uses them only for their national guard units, active duty gets cool stuff. And I didn't get your point about being swedish. Did you mean the same Swedish who fucked up their country with imigrants and their feminist government?
  • Rolf Mützelburg
    Rolf Mützelburg 2 месяца назад Hah, and yet Estonia is still pulling more weight than the Holy Roman Empireum to the West. Friendly regards from Amurica.
  • Dieselrök
    Dieselrök 2 года назад Herr larsson kan inte reglementet! :D
  • Lasse Huhtala
    Lasse Huhtala 11 месяцев назад HERR LARSSON KAN INTE REGLEMENTET!!
  • Hannes Camitz
    Hannes Camitz 7 месяцев назад @Lasse Huhtala Men lägg av grabbar! Det är faktiskt inte roligt längre! :P
  • Nisse Elmquist
    Nisse Elmquist 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Upp me hakan Larsson, för fan!
  • Oacceptabelt
    Oacceptabelt 7 месяцев назад Herr Larsson har ingen sup.
  • HB45175
    HB45175 7 месяцев назад Jonsson har inget körkort!
  • Swedengamer16
    Swedengamer16 7 месяцев назад Bron är sprängd
  • Oacceptabelt
    Oacceptabelt 7 месяцев назад H E L I K O P T E R
  • opmike343
    opmike343 2 года назад I wonder if those ice bags are actually doing anything more than simply further restricting the airflow...
  • Justin Noker
    Justin Noker 7 месяцев назад they actually do, evaporative cooling.
  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke 2 года назад Which country's military vehicles are best military vehicles.
  • Arachnofondler
    Arachnofondler 2 года назад usa or russia
  • williwonti
    williwonti 2 года назад Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • Niggalodeon
    Niggalodeon 2 года назад russia definitely
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 2 года назад Ehh, as long as there's no ATGMs flying around, you're good.
  • M1 K
    M1 K 2 года назад austrian military vehicles are best military vehicles because air cooled
  • I'm watching you sleep
    I'm watching you sleep 2 года назад Germany/Denmark, because Mercedes. Sooooooo fancy.
  • Aaron MK
    Aaron MK 2 года назад "So in summation gentlemen: what we have before you is a troop transport that can't carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that's too conspicuous to do reconnaissance, and a quasi-tank that has less armor than a snow-blower, but has enough ammo to take out half of DC."
  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke 2 года назад @I'm watching you sleep Sooooooo farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnsaaaaay
  • Jakob Holgersson
    Jakob Holgersson 2 года назад Norway evaluated the Bradley and swedish CV90. The very first test was a naval landing test, where both vehicles were supposed to roll off a seacraft, onto land and climb a snowy hill. The Bradley got stuck, the CV90 went up, backed down, and towed the Bradley up. Not to mention that the CV90 won the trials overall.
  • williwonti
    williwonti 2 года назад @Jakob Holgersson The Bradley is famously a joke.  It was supposed to be a simple vehicle to shuttle troops around to make them more effective, but it got turned into a massive boondoggle by the military industrial complex.  Watch the movie The Pentagon Wars to learn all about it, it's not a bad film really.
  • Z In Chains
    Z In Chains 2 года назад Best Korea
  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 2 года назад America
  • E L
    E L 2 года назад Sweden, because our basic Volvo trucks are tanks compared to the rest. A Volvo tank with Nokia engineering is basically indestructible, hence best military. We also have our aeroplanes built by SAAB so that's "comforting". Our military sure is inconsistent.
  • Kvass
    Kvass 2 года назад which jeep is best jeep?
  • jason fifi
    jason fifi 2 года назад the mitsubishi jeeps were really good.
  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 2 года назад Oshkosh LVSR wrecker is the coolest military vehicle on the planet. Oshkosh in general is just the best.
  • Enchisedmy
    Enchisedmy 2 года назад Right now it's Israel and Sweden. Russia's got some nice ones as well, but they're not quite up par yet.
  • Yiğit Alp Alakoç
    Yiğit Alp Alakoç 2 года назад Volvo 240
  • Kjell Lindberg
    Kjell Lindberg 2 года назад True, but the Norwegian will by US stuff anyway instead of stuff that actually work, That's why they bought the F35 instead of the Gripen...
  • Jedi Master Joe
    Jedi Master Joe 2 года назад the gripen sucked ass
  • Enchisedmy
    Enchisedmy 2 года назад @Jedi Master Joe haha, sure. You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?
  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 2 года назад @Kjell Lindberg F-35 is leagues ahead of the Gripen. It's the most advanced jet ever built.
  • Lucas Maier
    Lucas Maier 2 года назад It's also not as maneuverable as the f18, isn't equipped to fire some of its needed equipment, is ridiculously expensive to maintain, and in recent tests has proven to be subpar in comparison to our last gen jets, as well as those of other countries. For all its technological prowess, practically and financially it's a colossal fuck up.
  • Lucas Maier
    Lucas Maier 2 года назад It definitely has better capabilities, but I'm worried that the trade off in cost and performance due to the military's attempt to make it a one size fits all fighter is a bad idea. For instance, one justification that an official had for retiring the A10 was that the F35 could do the same thing... when functionally, it can't. By losing a diverse fleet of planes that each excel at their own purpose, I fear that we could end up with a plane that's a jack of all trades but master of none.
  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 2 года назад @Lucas Maier I certainly don't think the F-35 can replace the A-10. Nothing can. The Air Force should be working on an A-10 replacement, something cheap and brutish like the current one.
  • OmtaThien
    OmtaThien 2 года назад ISIS Toyota pickup trucks are best military vehicles.
  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb 2 года назад My beautiful and amazing mistress the Toyota trucks are pretty much unstoppable
  • 427Arbok
    427Arbok 2 года назад Best tank, probably Israel's Merkava, unless the Russian T-14 is actually what it's cracked up to be. Light tanks, gotta be the USA. IFV's and APC's? I'd say the British Warrior takes it. Recon? That's the French forte. Transport? Eh... Of course, that's contemporary, if you want older stuff, then you've got different layouts from every era; for instance, in WWII, American kit had reliability, German equipment had sheer quality, Brits had capability, and Russians had absurd ease of maintenance. The French, though they went out early, actually had the best tanks before they surrendered. Really, there's no way to go wrong, just so long as you know what you're looking for. And you avoid anything that isn't made by a major player. Especially anything made for a dictator. Like the Lion of Babylon or anything North Korean. Yes, North Korea makes its own vehicles. I'm pretty sure they're "updated" versions of Soviet amphi-armor from Vietnam.
  • Jedi Master Joe
    Jedi Master Joe 2 года назад +427Arbok best tank abrams best recon hummer and nothing form NK is good
  • Callum Pearce
    Callum Pearce Год назад +Jedi Master Joe no
  • Jedi Master Joe
    Jedi Master Joe Год назад yes callum
  • Kallbrand
    Kallbrand Год назад How many Gripen do you get for the cost of one F35? Account for operating costs as well. Exactly.
  • Devin Stambolziovski
    Devin Stambolziovski Год назад Whoever has tatra trucks
  • Coda Mission
    Coda Mission Год назад Michael Burke My country's military vehicles are best military vehicles because ALL THE REACTIVE ARMOR
  • dark crusher1221
    dark crusher1221 Год назад Germany up untill the cold war then Russia untill present.
  • einar
    einar Год назад south afrika makes the best military car, germany makes the best tanks and sweden makes the best IFV's
  • manager96ful
    manager96ful 8 месяцев назад and cv90 has one sweet engine sound.
  • chriscantdraw
    chriscantdraw 8 месяцев назад Usa of course
  • Nathan Hovey
    Nathan Hovey 7 месяцев назад Niggalodeon  Russia can't even make normal vehicles that don't fall apart. I'm not sugguesting the US... But not Russia.
  • vep maniac
    vep maniac 7 месяцев назад Austria
  • Coda Mission
    Coda Mission 7 месяцев назад @Arachnofondler Russia actually has a dogshit military compared to the US.
  • Coda Mission
    Coda Mission 7 месяцев назад Honestly, the answer isn't unexpected. It is the US. China is probably second, followed by either England or Russia. Remember, we're talking tech.
  • Arachnofondler
    Arachnofondler 7 месяцев назад Coda Mission Not as good, but not dogshit
  • Kim BJ
    Kim BJ 7 месяцев назад Sweden
  • Swedbander
    Swedbander 7 месяцев назад Well, Sweden hasn't lost a war for over 200 years...
  • MaskinJunior
    MaskinJunior 7 месяцев назад Well, the Toyota-trucks are like Kalashnikovs. Somehow they are still running in war-zones that has been war-zones for decades. But I think we in Sweden make good military hardware. Swedish made gear is easy to repair and maintain. And do the job within specs.
  • Hannes Camitz
    Hannes Camitz 7 месяцев назад To be honest I doesn't think that A country has the best, but rather all countries has something that they're a bit better on. Because I'm Swedish I will take the Swedish submarines which is small, silent, annoying and agile and the US subs didn't catch them. The US subs got a shit load of fire power but what good will that do if you can't find your target? Don't get me wrong both of them are great machines when it comes down to engineering. So what's my point, well just because country A has this solution doesn't necessarily beat country B solutions.
  • Saccis M
    Saccis M 7 месяцев назад @Swedbander well, sweden haven't participated in a war for 200 years thats maybe why they haven't lost a single war for 2 centuries.
  • Ukri Routalempi
    Ukri Routalempi 7 месяцев назад Finland´s
  • Marcus
    Marcus 7 месяцев назад The 9040 no questions
  • Gibbon
    Gibbon 6 месяцев назад Swedish
  • b.murphy
    b.murphy 5 месяцев назад Somolia