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Beta vs. Lucky - BattleBots

Published on Jun 24, 2016 18,240,327 views

Beta has come out of hibernation after many years and triumphed over Lucky! Watch this scene from BattleBots 2x1 (Season 2, Episode 1).

  • ezum
    ezum 3 недели назад Welcome to: What is in your recommended?
  • Darell Arocho
    Darell Arocho 3 недели назад xD
  • DanDann07
    DanDann07 2 недели назад I'm actually not complaining
  • Gunther Stottlemyer
    Gunther Stottlemyer 2 недели назад Dan me too lol
  • Xeon17
    Xeon17 2 недели назад Sure But hey, it's pretty good
  • kalicush
    kalicush Неделю назад I actually remember watching this as a kid. Was meant to be brings a smile to my face ☺
  • Joshua Croix
    Joshua Croix 1 месяц назад Ok YouTube, i watched it. Happy now ?
  • usaki somphop
    usaki somphop 1 месяц назад ิ
  • Osu nut
    Osu nut 1 месяц назад this was on my recommendations too
  • dragon hunter 57
    dragon hunter 57 1 месяц назад I always see this person in every or is it me
  • Dog Fetus
    Dog Fetus 1 месяц назад I can’t fucking take it anymore wtf is up with this picture of terminator fucking everywhere you are going to explain this before I ripe your spine out and shove it up your a- ...
  • Ben Thacker
    Ben Thacker 1 месяц назад now u watched it prepare for about 50 more to pop up
  • abitapa bastibway
    abitapa bastibway 1 месяц назад you're supposed to say "yeah yeah"
  • So High
    So High 3 недели назад @Dog Fetus yeah..I also have seen many people with this terminator picture.
  • Clay Maker
    Clay Maker 3 недели назад Dude i’ve seen you on like 10 of my recommendation in the comment section like what’s up my guy
  • Joshua Croix
    Joshua Croix 3 недели назад @Clay Maker look up maximilianmus
  • Hammer Bro 19
    Hammer Bro 19 2 недели назад Came up with Up Next section after watching F1?!
  • dayum son
    dayum son 1 месяц назад Beta: 100 attack 0 aim Lucky: 0 attack 100 aim
  • iRelax
    iRelax Неделю назад You can't have 100 aim when you don't attack... Sorry I am not so funny at parties
  • j money
    j money 3 недели назад honestly the "OH"s after every hit made it so much better lol
  • ApisRulez DC29 2.0
    ApisRulez DC29 2.0 3 недели назад Yep
  • NS & UP Rail Productions
    NS & UP Rail Productions 2 недели назад (изменено) 'Misses hit' "OH" XD
  • forrestgumball
    forrestgumball 2 года назад This was like watching am armless dude fight a legless dude
  • Nolan Wazni
    Nolan Wazni 6 месяцев назад Haha lolllll
    FACTZ OVERDOSE 6 месяцев назад This comment is pure gold.
  • Justin Y's Manager
    Justin Y's Manager 5 месяцев назад FACTZ OVERDOSE old but gold comment
  • Yuri Sirotin
    Yuri Sirotin 5 месяцев назад Lol, a whole video was only an introduction for this comment!
  • Someone, But No One
    Someone, But No One 4 месяца назад Lmao
  • Abdullah Alhumaidi
    Abdullah Alhumaidi 4 месяца назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick 4 месяца назад ...and both screamin "hold me back" !!! 😅😅😅😅
  • Wynn Ahn
    Wynn Ahn 2 месяца назад Lmfao
  • Chika Punk
    Chika Punk 2 месяца назад Exactly
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  • Dimitrije Stevanovic
    Dimitrije Stevanovic 2 месяца назад MADE MY DAYYYYYYY hahahahahhahahah Thank you bro <3 :D
  • a.ramappa
    a.ramappa 2 месяца назад Pure gold
  • Christopher Raphael
    Christopher Raphael 2 месяца назад What are you going to do, bleed on me?
  • Geraldoabreu Abreu
    Geraldoabreu Abreu 1 месяц назад top
  • thecalaver
    thecalaver 1 месяц назад Mike Kraft
  • Fleur Fae
    Fleur Fae 1 месяц назад forrestgumball lmao
  • Ghadeer Issa
    Ghadeer Issa 1 месяц назад @FACTZ OVERDOSE ذذ ١
  • Ghadeer Issa
    Ghadeer Issa 1 месяц назад @FACTZ OVERDOSE ع
  • Susan Foster. He t6
    Susan Foster. He t6 1 месяц назад forrestgumball Pl
  • Xbox lIErroR
    Xbox lIErroR 1 месяц назад Jahahaahahahah
  • Pierre Kuchmann
    Pierre Kuchmann 1 месяц назад Kick wins