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Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3

Published on Jan 7, 2019 2,328,853 views

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Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3

  • Chris Ray
    Chris Ray 2 месяца назад You the type of kid to call a timeout when you were about to get tagged
  • Emerald Hero
    Emerald Hero 2 месяца назад Why do you say that? Also funny joke I can relate to people doing that
  • Chris Ray
    Chris Ray 2 месяца назад Emerald Hero lol cause real recognize real
  • GaelPlaysGames
    GaelPlaysGames 1 месяц назад And than says wait I need to tie my shoe even though they have Nike sandals
  • Neil M
    Neil M 1 месяц назад r/murderedbywords
  • Perpendicular Driving
    Perpendicular Driving 1 месяц назад Lololololol omfg I know what type of kid you talking about😂 that's the same type of kid to change the rules when things don't go their way in the game
  • Those Bastards Lied To Me
    Those Bastards Lied To Me 3 недели назад Neil M r/ihavereddit
  • anthony wasley
    anthony wasley 2 недели назад I need one of these!!
  • Frank Johansen
    Frank Johansen 2 месяца назад I just imagine the Tesla driving itself to the doctor without the patient in it.
  • K e r u b o
    K e r u b o 2 месяца назад Frank Johansen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tri Le
    Tri Le 2 месяца назад sit sensor
  • Expert EasterEggs
    Expert EasterEggs 3 недели назад wouldnt that be a service shop
  • Farheen Khan
    Farheen Khan 2 недели назад thats the same shit imagined...😂😂🤣
  • broke Rich
    broke Rich 5 дней назад 😂
  • George Ambatt
    George Ambatt 3 месяца назад Set the playback speed to 1.5X. you are welcome.
  • jklxjr
    jklxjr 1 месяц назад Holy crap. Thank you! Now I just need an auto volume feature.
  • ray kampwerth
    ray kampwerth 3 недели назад turns this dude into adam conover
  • Isimemen Oriaifo
    Isimemen Oriaifo 2 недели назад Thanks bro
  • Black
    Black Неделю назад Ben Shapiro mode
  • ya boy Oscar
    ya boy Oscar 20 часов назад @Black lmao
  • Zakje !!
    Zakje !! 4 месяца назад 20:30 they needed this car in birdbox
  • Zavier
    Zavier 4 месяца назад Lol
  • Husky Psycho
    Husky Psycho 2 месяца назад lul thats EXACTLY what i thought... omg xD
  • Tina Barns
    Tina Barns 2 месяца назад Facts!
  • MyLIzzyO
    MyLIzzyO 2 месяца назад lol
  • shubham
    shubham 2 месяца назад i was gonna say the same!
  • T Anthony
    T Anthony 2 месяца назад Birdboxis is the lamest shit movie I've ever seen....a SHIT TESLA WOULD BE A PERFECT FIT.
  • Tim Vu
    Tim Vu 2 месяца назад Imagine seeing the monsters on that graphic lol
  • THEG4MER666
    THEG4MER666 2 месяца назад @T Anthony Tesla's are the most innovative cars for decades
  • Perpendicular Driving
    Perpendicular Driving 1 месяц назад There are windows literally EVERYWHERE
  • da budz
    da budz 1 месяц назад Lol
  • Brady P.
    Brady P. 2 недели назад I think you mean a quiet place
  • MrKingoftoy
    MrKingoftoy 2 месяца назад Why am i watching this? I can't afford this :(
  • MrTacoPug
    MrTacoPug 2 месяца назад I’m not old enough
  • Kloko Loko
    Kloko Loko 2 месяца назад It's 35k now maybe you can.
  • MrTacoPug
    MrTacoPug 2 месяца назад Aw das nice motivation for dis dude
  • Jayden Garmo
    Jayden Garmo 2 месяца назад You can get it for 25k with the discount
  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 2 месяца назад never say never
  • Retro 5
    Retro 5 1 месяц назад @Jayden Garmo discount??
  • Artic Ace
    Artic Ace 1 месяц назад Lol
  • 690PingPong
    690PingPong 1 месяц назад Jayden Garmo what discount
  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis 1 месяц назад check your local tax credits and ev rebates
  • Dr_Fortnut
    Dr_Fortnut 1 месяц назад I have it, it’s niceeee
  • TheRealGamerYT
    TheRealGamerYT 1 месяц назад Dont put your self down keep putting your self to it1
  • Jayden Garmo
    Jayden Garmo 1 месяц назад I mean the estimated savings
  • Jesus Padilla
    Jesus Padilla 1 месяц назад MrTacoPug. Don’t say that MrKingoftoy, Instead ask yourself this “How could I afford this “ ? The man that usually says I can and I can’t are both usually right. You could afford but you must work for it.
  • Ed Robbins
    Ed Robbins 1 месяц назад MrKingoftoy it is only thirty thousand it is so cheap
  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 1 месяц назад Just seen a p85 for 38k used.....
  • Hitmanhooks99
    Hitmanhooks99 4 недели назад It's affordable but I rather have a Porsche
  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 3 недели назад Yeah plus this one has autopilot. a 3-5k option depending on what all you get out of it.
  • Mr Scoops
    Mr Scoops Неделю назад Now you can , 35,000 now
  • Andrew Zheng
    Andrew Zheng 5 дней назад Yes u can after incentives
  • luis carpio
    luis carpio 2 месяца назад You look like a taller Charles Boyle from Brooklyn nine nine
  • Eric Kong
    Eric Kong 2 месяца назад UNDERRATED COMMENT
  • Matt Spencer
    Matt Spencer 1 месяц назад he looks like the prostitute doppelgänger of charles😂
  • luis carpio
    luis carpio 1 месяц назад @Matt Spencer that episode was straight gold lmao
  • Marco Trispel
    Marco Trispel 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂
  • Rif malik
    Rif malik 1 месяц назад Haha
  • Brian
    Brian 2 недели назад Omg. He does
  • Misterlikeseverythin
    Misterlikeseverythin 2 месяца назад Other car companies are so far behind. Thanks Tesla for pushing the bar forwards.
  • Envy-the-codgod
    Envy-the-codgod 2 месяца назад Tesla just doesn't raise the bar, it is the bar 😎😎 lol
  • Fabian
    Fabian 2 месяца назад That’s why they are doing so well!
  • Jovan Ralevic
    Jovan Ralevic 2 месяца назад Thought exactly the same, watch new Reno...
  • dirtracer 250f
    dirtracer 250f 2 месяца назад Keeps building new models, can't make spare parts. Raising the bar indeed. The tech isn't that new, it just hasn't been practical for the average consumer. Only a niche company has any reason to be in that market. Also that touch screen is just terrible. I prefer having buttons that I can just feel my way around. Not a flat surface that I have to look at. Not to mention the extra interior glow that messes with night driving. Nah, I'll stick with my 03 Toyota tundra. Far more practical, reliable, repairable.
  • Enigma McC
    Enigma McC 1 месяц назад dirtracer 250f its way easier then using a plastic piece of shot that cost the same price not including gas. You wouldn’t know anyways. The screen turns black at night unlike literally all cars made after 2015 that also have a touch screen display. No other company is capable of making a self driving car that doesn’t require fuel for this price. Not even close. There all gonna be like this soon but they’ll always be behind
  • dirtracer 250f
    dirtracer 250f 1 месяц назад Enigma McC I think you missed the point about touch screens. I'm completely against them in general. Oh, and everything works fine on my 03 Toyota tundra. 200,000 miles and at least 25,000 of those are from riding dirt roads. I spray the damn thing out with a water hose. As for "plastic piece of crap" apparently you can't set a beverage on the center console of the model 3 or the cheap price of crap film will start coming off. Too bad that Tesla is incapable of producing spare parts because your gonna need them. my
  • dirtracer 250f
    dirtracer 250f 1 месяц назад Enigma McC
  • Enigma McC
    Enigma McC 1 месяц назад dirtracer 250f a beverage? You can’t balance anything thing there anyways and there’s cup holders She had a suction cup to mount her cellphone right next to the screen that does everything for you.
  • Peter Roth
    Peter Roth 1 месяц назад Raising the bar 😂😂😂
  • Pedro Luis
    Pedro Luis 2 недели назад thats not true. the difference is only the touch screen..nothing else. the car opening aprouch already exist in many cars..actually i think the car is not nothing special
  • Austin Christiansen
    Austin Christiansen 2 месяца назад Pretty amazing for a vehicle that can (now) be purchased for $30-$35k
  • 2.0 Lyf Pop
    2.0 Lyf Pop 2 месяца назад Austin Christiansen 24-25k in California after incentives and tax cuts 😃
  • serbanmike
    serbanmike 2 месяца назад Are you guys assuming that everyone owes Uncle Sam above $7,500  and lives  in his/her own Tesla ?
  • Kittensjumpingonthebed
    Kittensjumpingonthebed 2 месяца назад That’s for the bare bones
  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps 2 месяца назад @Kittensjumpingonthebed The base Tesla is still very nice. It even includes the giant roof glass at the base price.
  • Demarius Henderson
    Demarius Henderson 2 месяца назад Gene Phipps but it has cloth seats! CLOTH!!
  • Kittensjumpingonthebed
    Kittensjumpingonthebed 2 месяца назад Demarius Henderson wow I didn’t know that! I hate cloth seats
  • Aleksi Karlsson
    Aleksi Karlsson 2 месяца назад Too bad starting price in Finland is over $67k
  • Yavuz Alper
    Yavuz Alper 2 месяца назад Yeah you can buy it for either $30 or $35, but without autopilot function. :-(
  • Dav1d_03
    Dav1d_03 2 месяца назад (изменено) 65k dollars in sweden :/
  • Tunes ForToons
    Tunes ForToons 2 месяца назад (изменено) Starting price of $65k in the Netherlands. So "affordable"
  • Ian Wyatt
    Ian Wyatt 2 месяца назад @Kittensjumpingonthebed Bare bones still has the touch screen, all the functionality of every other model. The literal only difference between the base and others, is range, acceleration, and quality of the interior. I see dozens of cars nowadays at 35k with cloth seats. But they arent Teslas. Id gladly have cloth seats over leather. (I live in the desert, and Im not burning my legs. Lol
  • Kittensjumpingonthebed
    Kittensjumpingonthebed 2 месяца назад Ian Wyatt idk if that’s still worth it to me... it’s more like buying the brand at that point
  • Easy mE
    Easy mE 1 месяц назад Yea same in Austria around 65k :( and i was so excited when they anounced will be at 30k when bam , Europe gets it on double price wtf.
  • P A
    P A 1 месяц назад After all the bs.. 50 grand in New England
  • Enigma McC
    Enigma McC 1 месяц назад It’s about 50k I don’t care what anybody says. The model y will be 57,000
  • Brendon Donaldson
    Brendon Donaldson 1 месяц назад Australia, 120 thousand minimum :/
  • P Rivacy
    P Rivacy 1 месяц назад WHAT? here its 50k! Netherlands euros
  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 3 недели назад This one isn't a 30-35k car. The auto pilot bumps it to 40k if Im not mistaken. Especially if you buy future features.
  • Herman ze German
    Herman ze German 2 недели назад @Aleksi Karlsson hahaha
  • fasthracing
    fasthracing 2 недели назад @2.0 Lyf Pop Wow circa 56K here in UK!
  • dan parish
    dan parish 2 месяца назад I just ordered mine after the latest price drop. Can’t wait. 😊
  • Cali Valley
    Cali Valley 2 месяца назад What are they telling you for delivery time? Any word yet?
  • Gabriel Garriga
    Gabriel Garriga 2 месяца назад You wont regret it. I got mine like the last week of December without a test drive. Best blind date ever.
  • Cali Valley
    Cali Valley 2 месяца назад (изменено) How long did it take to deliver from the day you ordered? And what package, AWD/Range?
  • dan parish
    dan parish 2 месяца назад I purchased the 240 mile plus version on March 1st, estimated to be delivered as early as March 11th (I just received a text from Tesla today). Originally, they said delivery should occur within two weeks from the order date. However, if I ordered the 35k version, the estimated time would have been 2-4 weeks.
  • Ernest TV
    Ernest TV 2 месяца назад @Gabriel Garriga What do u do?
  • Mine_Electricity
    Mine_Electricity 2 месяца назад @dan parish so ? How is it ?
  • dan parish
    dan parish 2 месяца назад It’s incredible. No buyer’s remorse at all.
  • Lanny Reyes
    Lanny Reyes 1 месяц назад How much did you put down? And at what APR?
  • dan parish
    dan parish 1 месяц назад Put about 7k plus trade in worth about 5k. Could have put in more but like having cash at my disposal for an emergency fund. The APR was 3.75% for a 6 year loan, I probably should have shopped around, but the website made it really easy to just go through them and it seemed about right. My credit score is good, about 830 for reference. Maybe with a shorter loan or if I shopped around the APR could be a little lower.
  • Louis Iorfida
    Louis Iorfida 1 месяц назад dan parish the thought of having a car payment for 6 years makes me want to vomit
  • mgs1398
    mgs1398 Неделю назад Louis Iorfida I would only be willing to have a 6 year commitment with Tesla. Most cars are a depreciating asset and although a Tesla is a car, with its self driving abilities FAR above the competition, I honestly believe that it'll be an appreciating asset as updates roll out (for me personally that is).
  • Ef M
    Ef M 2 недели назад 50 years later: I am so poor I got a Tesla model 3
  • Big VolK
    Big VolK 4 месяца назад the hubcaps are gonna get stolen so hard
  • s3xyScorp
    s3xyScorp 4 месяца назад Why would they,,cant use them on any other car only Tesla
  • The Gaming Norwegian
    The Gaming Norwegian 4 месяца назад But hubcaps on every other car brand wont be, right? Double standards...
  • DanielRichards644
    DanielRichards644 4 месяца назад no one wants plastic hubcaps
  • Big VolK
    Big VolK 4 месяца назад are you sure about that?
  • blahblahuma
    blahblahuma 3 месяца назад @s3xyScorp so you can throw them around like frisbees 😉
  • Angel T
    Angel T 3 месяца назад @The Gaming Norwegian isnt double standards. Other hubcaps are bolted into the rims.
  • David Klimmek
    David Klimmek 3 месяца назад Yup real quick esp in LA metro area..NY metro area ..Chicago metro area.
  • David Klimmek
    David Klimmek 3 месяца назад @DanielRichards644 Nope. I like Tesla. I only buy American ...trucks & SUVs exclusively! Made an exception & got new Chevy Volt that thing. Maybe Tesla model S next.
  • Nick
    Nick 3 месяца назад @Big VolK I lived in a relatively poor city for close to 10 years and I never once heard of anyone having their hubcaps stolen. Two or three people I know had their cars stolen, but never hubcaps. The only situation I can imagine is if the thief lost their hubcaps.
  • Big VolK
    Big VolK 3 месяца назад @Nick well atleast in Israel its common to have hub caps stolen
  • Nick
    Nick 3 месяца назад @Big VolK I guess you just have to hide them in your garage if you live in Israel
  • Big VolK
    Big VolK 3 месяца назад @Nick we don't have them in Israel and no one will buy it here, cars are much more expensive in Israel, if it will come to Israel it will cost 500,000 shekel (125,000) dollars
  • LFOTPP Car Accessories
    LFOTPP Car Accessories 3 месяца назад Tesla Model 3 For 15-Inch Center Touch Navigation Screen Protector
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 2 месяца назад Men should learn to boost their own 'tesla' power. Details on my channel!
  • Cyborg Manticore
    Cyborg Manticore 2 месяца назад @Angel T Suzuki hubcaps are not bolted. I had mine stolen maybe a year ago.
  • Angel T
    Angel T 2 месяца назад @Cyborg Manticore oh, sorry to hear that... had no idea
  • Doug Dimmadome owner Of the dimmsdale Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome owner Of the dimmsdale Dimmadome 1 месяц назад They could sell em on ebay or some shit
  • Andrew Zheng
    Andrew Zheng 5 дней назад If you lose ur hubcaps, sentry mode can track them down!
  • Above & Beyond Vapor
    Above & Beyond Vapor 2 месяца назад LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!
  • Ayrton866
    Ayrton866 1 месяц назад The future is very expensive... I think I'll stay here in the past
  • TheMr3742
    TheMr3742 2 месяца назад People going be steeling Tesla caps now 😂
  • Perpendicular Driving
    Perpendicular Driving 1 месяц назад Bruh. I'd have that bolted to my car. Or maybe just buy tires that already have those caps
  • Programs
    Programs 1 месяц назад (изменено) Model S model 3 model X and model Y S3XY
  • No One
    No One 1 месяц назад Matt Cornell this is nothing new lol
  • Matt Cornell
    Matt Cornell 1 месяц назад No One just new to me then 😅
  • nate jonson
    nate jonson Неделю назад Programs and now it’s S 3 X Y R
  • broke Rich
    broke Rich 5 дней назад (изменено) Cool, I see someone’s paying attention.
  • Canro Sigal
    Canro Sigal 1 день назад same think LOL
  • David Mejia
    David Mejia 2 месяца назад (изменено) You just saved me $1500 on my future Tesla, I had no idea the wheels looked like that underneath! Mind. Blown.
  • Ernest TV
    Ernest TV 2 месяца назад You are going to buy it?
  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps 2 месяца назад The nice thing that people never seem to mention clearly is that for all the time you are city / town driving you can have the nice wheels showing and then for the less frequent times you are taking longer road trips on the freeway you can pop the wheel covers on and increase your range by 10%. Easy and practical.
  • David Mejia
    David Mejia 2 месяца назад Gene Phipps took the words right outta my mouth 😎
  • DNF phobia
    DNF phobia 2 месяца назад @Gene Phipps am I the only one that kind of liked the look of the hubcaps? Just a little bit?
  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps 2 месяца назад @DNF phobia have you seen the two tone version? They actually look pretty awesome IMO.
  • Mikael Murstam
    Mikael Murstam 2 месяца назад lol did you think that's what the rims looked like? :D
  • Baken Bard
    Baken Bard 3 месяца назад Isn't minimalism like that too minimal? I mean... sometimes you just need few buttons for specific features without clicking different menus on screen.
  • Dr PhD
    Dr PhD 3 недели назад I’m pretty sure the bottoms on the bottom are all you need. Now if you wanna d some real specific things then you need to do more on the touch screen.
  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT 3 недели назад Yeah. I'm all for good, practical technology but I don't see how hunting and pecking at icons on a touchscreen while driving is safe. It's not much different than texting imo
  • Pedro Luis
    Pedro Luis 2 недели назад i agree.. i think the car isn´t that special or pretty
  • art
    art 13 часов назад There is literally no difference between button and touch screen button, except the feeling
    ST4RBOY 4 месяца назад Screw it im getting a Tesla
  • Ahmed Alshaiba
    Ahmed Alshaiba 4 месяца назад This was me today, i was debating whether to get the BMW M3 or Mercedes AMG c-class C43. Now going for the Tesla model 3
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 4 месяца назад @Ahmed Alshaiba do you need a referral code? I can give you 6 months of free supercharging when you order, 9 months if you haven't test driven a model 3 at Tesla before you buy.
  • nopochki
    nopochki 4 месяца назад range anxiety
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 4 месяца назад @nopochki this is something only people who have not driven an electric car for a while fears... I get range anxiety in a gas car nowadays, never in my electric car.
  • nopochki
    nopochki 4 месяца назад @HuzyGaming charge anxiety
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 4 месяца назад @nopochki why? You can charge literally anywhere there is society... there are so much chargers than gas stations.
  • Yama Wardak
    Yama Wardak 4 месяца назад Ahmed Alshaiba a salaam I’m happy with my 3 very fun to drive n chill in. Here’s my referral You can use my Tesla referral link to get six months of free Supercharging on Model S, Model X or Model 3. You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels.
  • chocola
    chocola 4 месяца назад @HuzyGaming I'm in the UK the only electric charger I've seen is for some random car not a Tesla and for London where most homes have no garage to wire a charger through and why have Ur charger in the street, so charging might be a issue
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 4 месяца назад @chocola I don't have charging at home or work here in Sweden... there is plenty of public chargers that most people would be able to find a way to make it work. London has tons of chargers, check
  • tveirken1
    tveirken1 3 месяца назад Dont man... dont
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 3 месяца назад @tveirken1 why wouldn't he? lol, you jealous?
  • tveirken1
    tveirken1 3 месяца назад @HuzyGaming ow verry... I've inspected them all on Brussels car salons and I have to say... its like Peugeot 15 years ago. Verry poorly made! I'll just enjoy my s6
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 3 месяца назад @tveirken1 oh! Wow! You've inspected them on a car show... you must be an expert. I have driven the roadster, Model S, Model X and Model 3, all variants for a total of 170 000km over 3 years. I am sure you must be more experienced than myself on the cars, lol.
  • tveirken1
    tveirken1 3 месяца назад @HuzyGaming just dont like the way there made... super expensive... I'll just buy Audi then...
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 3 месяца назад @tveirken1 they are cheaper than their competitors... if you count total cost of ownership. An Audi is nice... but super slow response in the throttle and quite boring in comparison. Driven both the RS6 and Teslas.
  • tveirken1
    tveirken1 3 месяца назад @HuzyGaming again.... build quality. The way they are build. How mutch more do I have to explain myself? The have the finish quality of a late 90s Peugeot. The materials used inside make me think of korean cars. Am I clear now?
  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia 3 месяца назад @Ahmed Alshaiba I wish I could even debate between Mercedes and BMW for even have the idea of that
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 2 месяца назад Men should learn to boost their own 'tesla' power. Details on my channel!
  • Jo-E
    Jo-E 2 месяца назад (изменено) @HuzyGaming you must live in a big city because where im from there arent chargers everywhere & im from one of the most advanced states in the US
  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 2 месяца назад @Jo-E I live in Sweden and I can go all around europe... which state do you live in? I've been in the states just 6 months ago..
  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor 2 месяца назад Next year I'm hoping to get one. The future is now ladies and gents. Ugh the midnight metallic silver is just too sexy.
  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor 2 месяца назад @Jo-E this is likely very true for where I hail from. But now I live in Denver and it looks like there's quite a good number of charging stations near me.
  • Zapp Storm
    Zapp Storm 2 месяца назад Im getting the modek s today
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 2 месяца назад Men should learn to boost their own 'tesla' power. Details on my channel!
  • Nether Warrior
    Nether Warrior 2 месяца назад Im gonna buy a model s later this year. Might not be the biggest car guy car but neither is the S-Class or 7-Series.
  • Cam D
    Cam D 2 месяца назад ArmoredGaming this comment gave me cancer
  • Joaquin Aguirre
    Joaquin Aguirre 1 месяц назад I know, that's me right now. Wanted a challenger, but screw that! Now I want a model 3
  • VIBeZ 64
    VIBeZ 64 1 месяц назад Yeah right
  • bc azur
    bc azur 1 месяц назад (изменено) Does the system of referral code still exist and free charging for 6 months? I have finally decided to go for a model 3 as the Y will come after 2020. I can’t wait to get rid of my actual car
    CRAZY ASS 1 месяц назад Me too man
  • systemBuilder
    systemBuilder 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Ahmed Alshaiba you really won't regret getting a Tesla you can live 5 years in the future, why not? I was too young to buy an Apple 2 PC so this is my generation's contribution to the Future... People who whine about panel gaps and build quality have been brainwashed to think that this is a measure of quality. it's only a measure if you are buying one of the 1000+ models of old outdated useless antique internal combustion cars... since there is no new innovation they compete on the stuff that just doesn't matter... My car was perfect...
  • PattyMayonnaise
    PattyMayonnaise 2 недели назад I thought about it also then I quoted an insurance rate. Definitely passed for now. It was almost a third of the monthly car payments for me. Probably the most expensive brand to insure.
  • SoleArt
    SoleArt 2 недели назад We should support Tesla for our own sake. This company really do their best to improve the world👍!
  • Stephan Muller
    Stephan Muller 2 месяца назад Great video, thanks for the detailed rundown! I can't wait to get my hands on one, but I don't expect that to happen within a year or so.. One minor point of feedback: the video would be a lot nicer to listen to if you had a microphone a bit closer to you, instead of having to shout at the camera ;)
  • YouTutorial
    YouTutorial 3 недели назад I think 30 or 40k is still to expensive for most people