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Funny ANIMALS: Try to BLOCK YOUR LAUGH - Best FUNNY ANIMAL compilation

Published on Sep 16, 2017 1,989,588 views

I am sure these animals will make you laugh so hard that you will roll on the floor laughing! The hardest try not to laugh challenge ever! Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, goats, horses,... behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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  • Mountain Hike
    Mountain Hike Год назад Dog in chain outside the house is the saddest and is not funny at all
  • kaity cotter
    kaity cotter Год назад you are so right
  • Leikoji Jiyuuko
    Leikoji Jiyuuko Год назад Right
  • Van Allen
    Van Allen Год назад 0:45 We all know he was rushing to see if his WiFi was okay.
  • Barn Ulv23
    Barn Ulv23 Год назад 8:09 That's not funny at all. People cut their voice box, so they can't bark so loud anymore...--'
  • Shirley Mae
    Shirley Mae Год назад BarnUlv:It totally amazes me, on how cruel some people can be. I have never heard of this before. Makes me fighting mad.
  • Shirley Mae
    Shirley Mae Год назад Not only that, they have him chained to a dog house? Isn't there a tether law in his state?
  • jodie_luvs_animals H
    jodie_luvs_animals H Год назад Barn Ulv23 I agree and why even was it chained up, that isn't good to chain up an animal at all
  • LifeInPink999
    LifeInPink999 Год назад jodie_luvs_animals H where I live it's forbidden to chain animals.
  • LifeInPink999
    LifeInPink999 Год назад Barn Ulv23 yeah it made me feel horrible I'm here to laugh while seeing cute animals having fun while being funny. Not a poor dog who is obviously suffering, it's sad how someone instead of help him by notifying a case of animal abuse made a video and put it on YouTube.
  • Pamela D
    Pamela D Год назад Barn Ulv23 Animals getting hurt are never funny to me. Sad!
  • Pamela D
    Pamela D Год назад Barn Ulv23 Oh if I only knew where that idiot lived. I would go save that poor dog! So sad and this fool puts it in a video that he calls funny? Some humans should be euthanized!
  • Cassandra West
    Cassandra West Год назад I agree. I'm disgusted that what many people call 'funny' are anything but.If a cat jumped at my baby that way, he would then be an outdoor cat.
  • Just a fan.
    Just a fan. Год назад Barn Ulv23 I dont think Tiger knew that or else they would have not put it in
  • Pamela D
    Pamela D Год назад TinyTV , Tiger should check his material first. What did he think would be funny about that poor chained dog? Well now that he knows he should please remove it.
  • SailorSolarStar1
    SailorSolarStar1 Год назад (изменено) Looks like a mama pup who recently had puppies. Probably used for breeding only, no love there for her, the poor thing!
  • Carys Jones
    Carys Jones Год назад Barn Ulv23 That's so sad!
  • Pamela D
    Pamela D Год назад SailorSolarStar1.... So very sad
  • Elizabeth copsey
    Elizabeth copsey Год назад my dog sounds like that and he hasnt gotten his vocal cords clipped😂😂 and I got him from my aunt.
  • Pamela D
    Pamela D Год назад Elizabeth copsey That poor dog is on a very short heavy chain. I'm sure not fun at all for him
  • Snow goth wolf *
    Snow goth wolf * Год назад Barn Ulv23 your just a self I fish XDD sell I fish
  • Tanya Spence
    Tanya Spence Год назад she may not have been trying to bark, just wine to get attentian
  • Kippu Hi
    Kippu Hi Год назад Barn Ulv23 yea
  • Naquell Rosewood
    Naquell Rosewood Год назад Wait what!!! How cruel and inhuman humans can be...
  • Oaklynn Bersonnet
    Oaklynn Bersonnet Год назад that poor pitbull. i wish people had more respect for them!
  • Dave Ski
    Dave Ski Год назад Tanya Spence did that sound like a dog whining at all?!? Based on the misspelling of a monosyllabic word, I'm guessing you're still in elementary school and don't know any better.
  • Barn Ulv23
    Barn Ulv23 Год назад Are you just stupid? If someone found you like that, with your cuting voice box, what you will do? Cry? Whine? I don't think so. You will scream, because you're angry! So, you will try to bark very loud, but you can't anymore! Just, think about what you say before you're writing something. I hope you will have the same thing one day. So you will see how painful it is --'
    ANTI HERO Год назад Barn Ulv23 well then i guess the dogs shouldn't have been barking so much simple
  • SuperKiller _NZ
    SuperKiller _NZ Год назад This is the calibre of comments with animal vids.... move on
  • Kaotic Kitten
    Kaotic Kitten Год назад That’s cruel...
  • Jesse Karella
    Jesse Karella Год назад 100% agree, if you can't handle something as trivial and normal as your dog barking, DO NOT GET A FUCKING DOG YOU PIECE OF SHIT SCUM! the only thing I agree on when it comes to 'animal modification' is spaying and neutering and even then if it can be avoided, it should be avoided.
  • Karasou Nagimi
    Karasou Nagimi Год назад Barn Ulv23 ya
  • Hope Potato Girl
    Hope Potato Girl Год назад Barn Ulv23: I know! It's so sad😭
  • Davianne LaBelle
    Davianne LaBelle Год назад My dad used a barking collar on our dog, and it ruined her voice. He promised he would never do that again, along with removing a cat's claws, AND, accidently cutting our dog while giving him a haircut...😕
  • Doris Sanders
    Doris Sanders Год назад that's just stupid
  • Marija Radonić
    Marija Radonić Год назад that is so wrong.
  • Opiumbrella 13
    Opiumbrella 13 6 месяцев назад That's not what is going on. That is what many pit bull owners refer to as a chirp or just how they talk. They all make that noise. I am against chaining animals for long periods of time. But if you have an animal that say is a rescue and it kills cats, or won't stay in the yard or a large number of reasons, it is ok for brief (very brief) periods of time. We chain my husky because the 6,000$ fence we built him he can go over (even at 8ft, ) or dig under in two min. (Even though it is out into the ground two feet. He is a master escape artist. He has a big chain because he breaks even steel cables. But he absolutely cared for and loved. I'm hoping this is that type of situation. But sadly many times dogs are just left. And it's no way to care for them.
  • Opiumbrella 13
    Opiumbrella 13 6 месяцев назад That's not what is going on. Those dogs ALL make that noise. You can look happy healthy potties and see them doing it. I agree cutting vocal chords is wrong and cruel and does happen. And that this dog is likely wanting attention but it's voice is normal. (I work in animal rescue and have helped many putties who make this sound, as well as ones I've owned)
  • The Banana Monk
    The Banana Monk Год назад Your video quality is going down, you include videos from your other videos just to hit the 10 min mark, you include long videos of the owners just talking that get boring really fast and I bet you didn't laugh at most of them. As someone who has been subbed before you had 1000 subscribers and have watched most of your videos I feel like I should make a point because i know you can do better especially when you add good tunes to the clips! We all watch and love your videos and we will support you! Good luck guys, we wish you all the best!
  • The Catmother
    The Catmother Год назад Me And Hearthstone wow that was constructive critique... I never thought it exists on youtube lol
  • JMNA4654
    JMNA4654 Год назад Me And Hearthstone
  • MadeAUsername
    MadeAUsername Год назад I'd also would appreciate a different intro/outtro etc, this has been used long enough.
  • Expert Tutorial Hub
    Expert Tutorial Hub Год назад Beat funny animal video is here–
  • KA Center
    KA Center Год назад Me And Hearthstone true
  • KA Center
    KA Center Год назад The Catmother true
  • Rae Brown
    Rae Brown Год назад Me And Hearthstone ttyy
  • Dave Ski
    Dave Ski Год назад Animals on horrific chains w their vocal cords cut @ ~8:04, (after seeing animals w alcohol in some of their other vids) is enough to stop me from viewing any further vids on this channel. Despicable.
  • ExtremeGamer_ 6
    ExtremeGamer_ 6 Год назад True dat
  • Marius Pintilie
    Marius Pintilie Год назад Memes and Hearthstone shut up
  • Jaylan Kinard
    Jaylan Kinard Год назад Catalin Pintilie why
  • Smeagol
    Smeagol 11 месяцев назад hmm, well played!
  • Maclain Trepanier
    Maclain Trepanier 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Andreea The Unicorn! He was giving constructive criticism, he didn’t just say “ur bad stop YouTube” he made a very valid point and even complimented the owner of the channel
  • Tore Bergset
    Tore Bergset 9 месяцев назад Memes and Hearthstone o
  • guntur malau
    guntur malau 9 месяцев назад Memes and Hearthstone .cgdhfdf
  • L. lawliet
    L. lawliet 8 месяцев назад finally not a hater on youtube but rather someone giving advice.
  • ben bryan
    ben bryan 7 месяцев назад Memes and Hearthstone shut the fuck way the hell up. I got through some of your comment and I was thinking of along reply but then I came up with this. Stop your not good at what tou do like life, comments and just living so please just end that because no one wants to hit that like button for you. Thank you for going ahead and ending it all and I want to be the first one to congratulate you on this.
  • Wendy M. Williamson
    Wendy M. Williamson Год назад As for the one with the pup on a chain big enough to anchor a yacht...Boooooo! You're a first class MORON for treating a dog that way. Shame on you!!
  • Ami West
    Ami West Год назад Wendy M. Williamson , could not agree more!!! Cruel!
  • Ammy Cam
    Ammy Cam Год назад I have the way some ppl treat dogs! And cats for that matter. It's cruel and unfair! They're loving and loyal but then horrid ppl come along and ruin their lives. That video isn't funny it's mean! Shame on anyone who laughed at that!!!!!!!
  • steven herrold
    steven herrold Год назад I YOUST TO HAVE A BLACK LAB and he would tear up a chain rated for a 150 pound dog so i wouldn't i judge if i was you
  • Milton  Khan
    Milton Khan Год назад Wendy M. Williamson - kotha Malta kinenna aac
  • Wendy M. Williamson
    Wendy M. Williamson Год назад steven herrold ..."youst?"...hahaha...and no judging's FACT...whoever would chain a dog is cruel and a true MORON...I call 'em as I see 'em, so live with it, Bubba.
  • R. McBride
    R. McBride Год назад @Wendy I agree. That totally pissed me off. The fact that Tiger Productions had the greedy bad taste to even include it caused me to UNSUBSCRIBE. Btw, Steven Herrold apparently skipped Grades K - 12.
  • artgoat
    artgoat Год назад That is a trucking chain, very much like the chains I use on my farm equipment. From the gauge and length, I'd estimate it weighs about 80-90 pounds, which is more than the dog weighs. It could stop an F250 from escaping. There is no justification for putting that ridiculously heavy a chain on a dog, His owners gave him a toy and shelter, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and consider them merely ignorant instead of evil.
  • Ammy Cam
    Ammy Cam Год назад steven herrold iཽtཽ sཽhཽoཽuཽlཽdཽ bཽeཽ iཽfཽ Iཽ WཽEཽRཽEཽ yཽoཽuཽ nཽoཽtཽ WཽAཽSཽ
  • rafdavfl
    rafdavfl Год назад The cat at the 3:01 mark said, " Damn, you've got dog breath!!!"
  • AcemanAido
    AcemanAido Год назад Who didn't laugh?
  • Linda Tilelli
    Linda Tilelli Год назад I didn't.
  • Ammy Cam
    Ammy Cam Год назад Iཽ DཽIཽDཽNཽTཽ
  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee Год назад I didn’t laugh
  • Shawty Fox
    Shawty Fox Год назад 1:48 The Italian Who Came to America.... Me: Yup he sure did go to America ( THE FLOOR )
  • Eichi Fuzimoto
    Eichi Fuzimoto Год назад 空中遊泳、パンツ履いてるニャリか?
    YASSINE DAOUDI Год назад Please stop writing in the titles that the videos is funny, just change "funny" with "adorable", and that will work .
  • AngeliqueNade
    AngeliqueNade Год назад Got me at 8:30. Well, I guess it was more of I yelped in concern of the kitty getting crushed.
  • Hope Potato Girl
    Hope Potato Girl Год назад (изменено) 2:59 Awwwwwwwww!!😢 The poor little kitty!!😭💚 (the dog is biting on the kitty's head😢)
  • Stephanie Ly
    Stephanie Ly Год назад ....I didn't c the title and I was like OO ANIMAL clicks goes into full screen doesnt c title laughs whole way through exits screen UMMMM IT WAS A TRY NOT TO LAUGH?!
  • Moonlightgirlful
    Moonlightgirlful Год назад 7:36 not funny....
  • Lizzie Gray
    Lizzie Gray Год назад Moonlightgirlful nope IT WAS JUST THE MEANEST THING EVER!!!😡😡😡
  • SweetFroggy
    SweetFroggy Год назад 7:36 that's so mean! That cat was basically blind with that box on its head! Instead of laughing that dumb lady for help the poor thing!
  • KA Center
    KA Center Год назад SweetFroggy I agree
  • Jesse Karella
    Jesse Karella Год назад ummmm not trying to make a joke out of this, but CATS ARE NOT PUSSIES! cats are literally considered to be one of the toughest and most resiliant animals on the planet! I'm sure that cat wasn't injured in even the slightest, get over it or get off youtube. I'd bet my life that you've laughed at something that other people may of deemed a bad thing or sad or whatever exactly like you've done here. (unless you're a completely perfect golden child or jesus I guess)
  • T Wragg
    T Wragg 8 месяцев назад Nothing was lmao at all seriuosly stop exaggerating And some kinda sad actually ..others here already pointed them out .
  • Cute Kitten
    Cute Kitten Год назад omg 😥
  • Remove_ Kebab
    Remove_ Kebab Год назад I just...........LOVE KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Magiczna82 Magiczna82
    Magiczna82 Magiczna82 Год назад when your cat thos drugs... 0:60
  • Sue Menin
    Sue Menin Год назад Ahole. Keeping your dog on a frigin chain....A hole!
  • Foxy Bluebell
    Foxy Bluebell Год назад OMG was that a LYNX on a HORSE