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1985 Plymouth Horizon: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Nov 7, 2016 448,730 views

Thanks to Carlisle Events, Bill Miller and Mike Garland (PR Guy) we were able to review a Plymouth Horizon / Dodge Omni and it only has 26,XXX original miles!

  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz 2 года назад Not gonna lie, that interior is sexy af.
  • Syncopia
    Syncopia 2 года назад The millennial has showed up.
  • WinkelManBearPig
    WinkelManBearPig 2 года назад +Syncopia My first car was a 87 Reliant Wagon, some of us really just like that stuff.
  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz 2 года назад @WinkelManBearPig Yep 👍
  • beesland
    beesland 2 года назад best application of BROWN ive seen so far
  • The Ferrous Fisherman
    The Ferrous Fisherman 2 года назад yeah those seats look amazing
  • Liquiddoom
  • okleydokley
    okleydokley 2 года назад Eric Ortiz I can't stop looking at those sweet rims.
  • Wilder Kincaid
    Wilder Kincaid 2 года назад Eric Ortiz my buddy got his first Hummer in his 85 Horizon. I bet the chick liked the interior of his shit wagon.
  • taunusv4power
    taunusv4power 2 года назад i bought a 1981 mitsubishi "plymouth" sapporo just for the poo brown interior.
  • The Vibe
    The Vibe 2 года назад can agree, and i am mostly looking at the interior rather than the exterior so i don't give a fuck how my car looks outside. i haven't paid good money for the satisfaction of the cycling peasants.
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад very clean
  • ew1usnr
    ew1usnr Год назад (изменено) In reply to Taunusv4power: Sapporos were good looking cars.
  • fml
    fml Год назад (изменено) beesland best BROWN /10
  • Larry The Butcher
    Larry The Butcher Год назад My dad owned a 1980 Horizon, 1.6, 4 speed manual, new off the showroom. I loved that car, I was 10 when he got it! It's the car that made me a car nut. He hates that. I'd love to get 2 Horizon's. Fix one up, and turn the other into a trailer and tour North America!
  • J Blanc
    J Blanc Год назад it's all sexy until you die from no airbag in car crash
  • fml
    fml Год назад (изменено) city taxi *pussy pillow Fify
  • Larry The Butcher
    Larry The Butcher Год назад city taxi yes everyone who drove a car before 1988 died!
  • bass guitar
    bass guitar Год назад people drove better back then
  • Craig Moorer
    Craig Moorer Год назад Got the ad reference! nice one
  • Troy Kelso
    Troy Kelso Год назад city taxi - Billions of us grew up in cars with no airbags and we're still alive today. Not having an airbag doesn't guarantee anything, just like having an airbag doesn't guarantee anything.
  • CMDR Spoder
    CMDR Spoder 10 месяцев назад The interior gives me R31 Skyline and R31 Pintara vibes.
  • Just A P39N
    Just A P39N 10 месяцев назад Its boxy and nostalgic for some odd reason. I wasn't even alive abck then. It looks pretty darn nice.
  • BadDriversOf Georgia
    BadDriversOf Georgia 9 месяцев назад The whole car is !
  • Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler 8 месяцев назад The Vibe You also look at your car every time you enter and exit it. City full of beautiful cars is better than city of ugly ones
  • Lazy Revolutionary
    Lazy Revolutionary 7 месяцев назад (изменено) **cue 80s porno music
  • Albert Menendez
    Albert Menendez 3 месяца назад You may be joking but 'dead-ass' my Dodge Omni GLHS had one of my favorite interiors with very comfy vinyl seats
  • Brett Cannon
    Brett Cannon 2 месяца назад @J Blancyou mean airbags that don't deploy 1/2 the time?
  • S M H
    S M H 2 месяца назад @beesland It's Gold.
  • John Ayres
    John Ayres Год назад (изменено) I'm retired from Chrysler Corp. I might be a bit bias, but the Omni & Horizon were one of the best cars you could get during the period they were built. I had a 1987 Horizon, and it had plenty of power, got an easy 35 mpg, had lots of room for a small car, and was a blast to drive. I liked it much better than the boxy K-cars. When Chrysler first introduced them they were using VW 1.7 liter Rabbit motors until they could get enough of Chrysler's own 2.2 liter motors for mass production. The automatic transmissions were produced at the Kokomo Transmission Plant in Department 97 (404 line). With the 5-speed manual, the L-cars got fantastic fuel mileage, but the automatic didn't get as good mileage. I never understood why people bought the Chevy Chevette or the Ford Pinto, when the Omni & Horizon was a hell of a lot better in every way. I know this stuff because I started working for Chrysler in 1964 and I retired in 2001.
  • Lloyd V.
    Lloyd V. 8 месяцев назад John Ayres - I agree, I bought a 79 charger 2.2 black with gold stripes I liked that car so much when the 83 Shelby charger came out I had to have one. I drove that Shelby for 11 years and 185k miles with the original clutch.
  • StarFox85
    StarFox85 8 месяцев назад what was like to work there?
  • ew1usnr
    ew1usnr 8 месяцев назад I had a 1981 Plymouth Horizon with the Volkswagen motor and a three-speed automatic. I liked that car. It was really nice. You might have helped build it.
  • rkbtex
    rkbtex 6 месяцев назад I owned a 1978 blue metallic Plymouth Horizon with the VW engine and automatic. Great engine, nice ride, but lousy electrical system after the first two years. Spent a lot of time in the shop, before and after warranty, until I gave up and switched to a 1985 VW Jetta, which lasted a solid 10 years. That Horizon was the last American car I bought.
  • John Ayres
    John Ayres 6 месяцев назад Many people that hired in thought they would have it made, but many quit because they found out that they were wrong. Good jobs at any auto plant is available only with seniority.
  • John Ayres
    John Ayres 6 месяцев назад The 78' was one of the first produced. The later models with the MOPAR 2.2 motor was awesome. I don't like to buy first year models of any vehicle.
  • luvdady
    luvdady 5 месяцев назад @ew1usnr yeah i bought one in 01 with 3 out of 4 shocks working and a 4 speed it was a blast to drive best $200 i ever spent
  • Rebel Weaver
    Rebel Weaver 5 месяцев назад My friend bought a Dodge Omni and put a VW engine and transmission in it. It had none when he bought it. It's a 80s Dodge Omni with a 90s VW engine and transmission now. He has a thing for putting VW and Toyota engines and transmissions in early American sub compact and compact cars. Sells them quick when people realize what he did. He kept the Dodge Omni though. Powerful little thing and great fuel economy. He could take a pile of crap, restore, upgrade it and make it great or great again. Freaking mechanical and engineering genius with all the stuff he's done. Yet his daily job is a mailman.
  • Snake1989
    Snake1989 4 месяца назад I bought a brand new 1986 Dodge Omni GLH. 110 hp (non-turbo). Mine was black with the silver/grey interior. 1986 was also the first year that the 3rd brake light was put on cars. One of the first American cars with low profile tires. Stiff suspension but it would take a corner like crazy. I could get 35 mpg hwy if I took it easy.
  • classic287
    classic287 4 месяца назад (изменено) John Ayres, I agree with you. I had an 84 Omni and it was a very pleasing car. Very easy to drive, Parking was a breeze. And the 2.2 liter was quick. The front wheel drive was great in the snow ⛄️. I had it for 4 years, commuting every day, with zero problems...
  • Albert Menendez
    Albert Menendez 3 месяца назад Thank you for being part of such a fantastic company I was a proud owner of '89 Dodge Daytona Shelby, my first and favorite car
  • Roy Cathcart Jr
    Roy Cathcart Jr 3 месяца назад John Ayres, I liked the Omni and Horizon but never had owned one as I could never find anyone wanting to give them up so I became a Chevette owner as they were a dime a dozen. I had the 1982 Chevette Rallye 5 door hatchback and got great gas mileage and put a lot of miles on the engine. The Chevette I had got 42 MPG Highway and 32 MPG City and was equipped with the 1.9 Litre Isuzu Iron Duke Inline 4 cylinder engine and 2 speed automatic transmission and it was as baic as a car can be built with no power anything not even power steering or brakes, no air conditioning and an AM Delco scale tuning radio was standard. When I bought the Chevette it had 63,000 miles on the odometer and when the transmission went out it had 498,630 miles on it and my grandfather had the 1976 Chevette Scooter 3 door hatchback and it had 30 miles on it when bought new and 1 million miles on it after the 3rd transmission went out the Chevette's Achilles Heel was it's transmission.
  • discerningmind
    discerningmind 2 месяца назад John Ayres, thank you for the clarity.  I think people find cars from this time period laughable but having lived through that period I have respect and understanding for them.  Chrysler Corp made some very nice cars that were easy to live with and affordable.
  • Roberto a
    Roberto a 2 месяца назад Living in upstate NY, the Omni and Horizon were front wheel drive, which was also a big advantage over the Pinto and Chevette in winter weather...
  • Cavy
    Cavy 1 месяц назад Dare I say it, but thank you for your service my friend. Merica
  • Rhodesian Wojak
    Rhodesian Wojak 1 месяц назад .
  • Ben Jacobs
    Ben Jacobs 2 недели назад John, what plant did you work at? My uncle and grandfather were employed at the new castle plant.
  • Luke Henckel
    Luke Henckel 2 года назад my grandfather owned 8 Omni's over the years. . I asked him a question about one ,and I got a 3 hour story about the magic of the car.
  • Sofa King Gr8
    Sofa King Gr8 2 месяца назад lol, Same with my grandpa.
  • Robert  Anderson
    Robert Anderson 2 года назад Budd dweyer joke.. God that's dark
  • Oneshotup
    Oneshotup 2 года назад I had an 88 Dodge Omni as my first car. 5 speed manual. I TRIED to kill this car. I tried so hard, and failed. Even though I was able to upgrade after 6 months, I am proud to say this was a tough car.
  • luvdady
    luvdady Год назад i had one with the 2.2. and a vw 4 speed with reverse you had to push down and go into 1st gear slot, lol it was crazy but jumping snowbanks and beat it to hell couldnt kill it
  • Admiral Beez
    Admiral Beez 4 месяца назад My dad has the Omni GLH Turbo with 5 speed. One of my favourite memories was Dad racing an Esprit. Good times.
  • Sedan57Chevy
    Sedan57Chevy 2 года назад If the world ends tomorrow, this was a worthy final Regular Car Review.
  • Evan J
    Evan J 2 года назад In the summer of 1979 I was brought home from exiting the birth canal in a powder blue Dodge Omni.
  • Jimbo's Channel
    Jimbo's Channel 2 года назад holy shit. this was done at Corvettes at Carlisle. my vette is at 2:35. that's rad!
  • Chris Dooley
    Chris Dooley Год назад Jimbo's Channel jimbo! Good to see u here
  • Korn Willis
    Korn Willis Год назад Jimbo's Channel the red one?
  • NorthernChev
    NorthernChev Год назад Hey! Waddya know! It looks... exactly like every other Corvette at that show. Overheard at Carlisle: "Hey, look, a Corvette..." Reminds me of when I took my DeLorean to the DeLorean show in Ohio years ago... "Hey, look... a DeLorean..." And wadyaknow... It looks just like the car sitting next to it. ...and the 1600 other ones sitting next to it...
  • Donvale
    Donvale 2 года назад this looks like something Saul Goodman would drive
  • VWestlife
    VWestlife 2 года назад Not just an AM/FM radio -- that radio features C-Quam AM Stereo!
  • michael S
    michael S 2 года назад haven't heard am stereo in decades
  • Bag of Chips
    Bag of Chips Год назад am stereo exists? ....can it currently be tuned into?
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt Год назад It did exist and according to Wikipedia is still getting some attention, but good luck finding a US station currently broadcasting in stereo. But... years ago I was driving a mid 80's Jeep Comanche with the factory radio and was listening to a local AM station. They came on with a jingle "AM Stereo 680" and it WAS in stereo, I'd never even heard of such a thing before, kind of blew my mind.
  • Sir Mojo
    Sir Mojo Год назад So did my 91 Monaco. Didn't really care for AM stereo. The concept was cool, but it was still AM. Who can tolerate listening to rf whine and static in stereo?
  • Marcus Damberger
    Marcus Damberger Год назад Yes, static in two ears was what AM stereo sometimes affectionately referred to. Since AM stereo was formally approved, the FCC has narrowed bandwidth, so any semblance of fidelity is mostly gone now. Also, in the space where C-QUAM occupied is now where HD-AM radio would be if that station chooses to do the digital HD Radio service on AM. However, HD Radios that do decode a AM stereo signal will get that stereo signal, however with Left and Right channels reversed.
  • O. G. Brown
    O. G. Brown 11 месяцев назад Just curious why there’s no mention of it’s biggest competition Ford Escort the other “world “ car
  • StarFox85
    StarFox85 8 месяцев назад brother only one Chanel reverse not both
  • James Slick
    James Slick 2 месяца назад @O. G. Brown When the Horizon first came out the Escort wasn't yet released, Though by 86, Escort was a competitor to Horizon, Plymouth originally targeted Pinto,Chevette and Rabbit.
  • zattack906
    zattack906 2 года назад When you already know what an air pump is because you probably own the worlds most inefficient car for 2005.... an RX8.....
  • Blue Jay Games
    Blue Jay Games 2 года назад zattack906 Pretty much.
  • Darren Persad
    Darren Persad 2 года назад zattack906 Heh, I guess you haven't driven an Excursion have you?
  • zattack906
    zattack906 2 года назад True, at least it gets sorta an excuse being a 6L V8 or 6.8L V10 unlike the 1.3L rotary haha.
  • Ryan Gehret
    Ryan Gehret 2 года назад hi darren
  • pbfloyd13
    pbfloyd13 2 года назад Truuuu...
  • aaron71
    aaron71 2 года назад i think vw tdi's have you beat
  • Darren Persad
    Darren Persad 2 года назад Hallo Ryan :D
  • Darren Persad
    Darren Persad 2 года назад Fair enough, but don't forget how inefficient rotaries have been (traditionally). Still tonnes of fun though :)
  • Sprier
    Sprier 2 года назад Still will always be my dream car! 2012 RX8. Inefficient, unreliable, but that rotary/body... you have an amazing car. #Zoomzoom
  • zattack906
    zattack906 2 года назад Yeah, that's why I can't get rid of it honestly. Even though I know the apex seals will go out one day and the gas is $$$ it's always fun to drive! :D
  • dMb
    dMb 2 года назад I had an RX-8. I also had a Ford Ranger (3.0L V6) from the same era. The RX-8 was more efficient.
  • succmane
    succmane 2 года назад E46 have them!
  • RS1
    RS1 2 года назад dMb no
  • ztm454
    ztm454 1 месяц назад @Darren Persad the diesels are good
  • Magnum Muscle
    Magnum Muscle 2 года назад As as said, that is not an '87-there is no third brake light. That is also the 2.2 engine. I had an '84 with the 2.2 and a 5-speed. The car got 35mpg and ran pretty strong because it only weighed 2k pounds. Fit and finish was pretty bad but the car ran reliably until the head gasket blew at 120k miles. I fixed that and it soldiered on for another 30k miles or so until the engine blew. My '95 Civic in comparison was still going strong at 315k miles when I sold it. The Onmi/Horizon was largely a disposable vehicle. I do not long for those days.
    LAFOLLETTER 7 месяцев назад A neighbor here in Minnesota had a late eighties Honda Civic. The body had rust so bad the rear spring poked through.
  • sonza68
    sonza68 7 месяцев назад @LAFOLLETTER In high school I drove an 87 Horizon, and that is what eventually killed it. The rear suspension mounting structure rusted so badly it was about to collapse.
    LAFOLLETTER 7 месяцев назад I see your deflection and I raise you a massive NHTSA safety recall: "The Hondas were so vulnerable to corrosion that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also issued a safety recall. This was because the car's lateral suspension arms, front crossbeam, and strut coil spring lower supports could weaken with exposure to salt.[6] A total of 936,774 vehicles built between 1 September 1972 and 1 August 1979 were subject to extensive repairs since Honda had to replace the suspension components, or the automaker bought back entire cars with serious body corrosion." -Ditlow, Clarence; Gold, Ray (1994). Little Secrets of the Auto Industry: Hidden Warranties Cost Billions of Dollars. Moyer Bell. p. 84. ISBN 978-1-55921-085-0.
  • Mike Stroz
    Mike Stroz 2 года назад My grandparents had one of those. The transmission fell out on the highway right after the warranty expired
  • Forbes Hutton
    Forbes Hutton Год назад Around 1989 a couple of friends and I were out for a night drive. At one point a car came up behind us with a red light flashing on the dash. It was two cops in a unmarked Dodge Omni pulling us over for speeding. We were laughing so hard at them they never got around to writing a ticket. Metro Toronto Police Force.
  • Steve
    Steve 4 месяца назад Why does that not surprise me that happened in Canada?
  • Grey Jay
    Grey Jay 3 месяца назад Even worse was the brief period during which the Gloucester, Mass. police department had a fleet of Checker cruisers. They couldn't get out of their own way, and people kept flagging them down, yelling "taxi, taxi!"
  • doom loki
    doom loki Год назад In Spain it was sold under the name Talbot Horizon, my sister had one.
  • Bas Schippers
    Bas Schippers 6 месяцев назад I used to drive one for a while. Still miss it sometimes.
  • Romulo Eduardo
    Romulo Eduardo 2 года назад i would love to see a Suzuki Swift GTI
  • ‍1marcelfilms
    ‍1marcelfilms 10 месяцев назад u can see my non gti
  • Carl Holm
    Carl Holm Год назад If a 1st gen Voyager and a VW Golf had a bastard baby, this would be it.
  • luvdady
    luvdady 5 месяцев назад pretty close i had one with the vw 4 speed rev was push down and go into 1st
  • Jason Moonsmith
    Jason Moonsmith 2 года назад Finally a car I've driven. Hows it drive? Two words, Go-Kart.
  • The Cynical Martian
    The Cynical Martian 2 года назад 3:54 Temperature controls? Only for daaaaaaaad
  • Wings & Strings
    Wings & Strings 2 года назад "It's that weird in-between technology that I love so much." That's exactly why I love resonator guitars; just before electric guitars became a thing, National and Dobro developed ways to make acoustic guitars louder by turning the guitar body into a speaker cabinet that housed an aluminum bridge and speaker cone for mechanical amplification of the strings' vibrations. The resulting metallic growl of a tone cannot be matched.
  • Nick Rynearson
    Nick Rynearson Год назад So the some reason I love Pontiac.