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These Girls Need Help: Fails of the Month (January 2013) || FailArmy

Published on Feb 5, 2013 14,028,617 views

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These Girls Need Help: Fails of the Month (January 2013) || FailArmy

  • Sazzy xx
    Sazzy xx 4 года назад 00:16   who invited chris griffin??!?!?
  • Meme_Reaper61
    Meme_Reaper61 4 месяца назад (изменено) Sazzy xx peter did, not me i swear
  • Emily Gunning
    Emily Gunning 5 лет назад I love when people say "I got that on camera!!!"
  • otaKUruru
    otaKUruru 5 лет назад the girl was making we will rock you sound 2:41
  • Jackal J. Black
    Jackal J. Black 3 года назад SPIDER > OMFG i got a fat chick under my shoe!
  • David Paxson
    David Paxson 5 лет назад 3:23 I love how they just laugh hahahah
  • SkiFi Sk Music
    SkiFi Sk Music 4 года назад yep :D :D and they say "this is actually not good anymore, no no not good " :D :D
  • macar6913
    macar6913 5 лет назад At 0:45 seconds we see a guy who isn't getting laid tonight... At 0:49 seconds we see a guy who IS getting laid tonight...
  • Dubious!
    Dubious! 5 месяцев назад (изменено) 0:52 We see a faggot, white knight who isn't getting laid, ever 3:22 We see men.
  • Inspired Wilderness Mentoring
    Inspired Wilderness Mentoring 3 месяца назад I thought the same thing, guy steps in to help, gets laid, knight in shining armor, even when he may be an asshole and only steps in because he is hoping. Most likely gets laid even if he is an asshole in disguise, why they do it, well, unless they are genuine, hard to know that though, is why they do it.
  • DS 1
    DS 1 3 месяца назад (изменено) I have a feeling none of the three guys who commented before me have ever gotten laid.
  • Mostly
    Mostly 4 года назад Have you noticed it's always boys filming girls
  • jakolantrn33
    jakolantrn33 5 лет назад no black people were hurt in the making of this video because there were no black people at all lol
  • Miss SepticEye
    Miss SepticEye 3 года назад @jakolantrn33 00:47 ?
  • DivineAtheistWannabe
    DivineAtheistWannabe 3 года назад @jakolantrn33 Fucking racial discrimination at it's finest. There should be equal oppportunity for blacks to be in all media. I demand black fails NOW!!!!
  • Erin Baily
    Erin Baily 2 года назад +DivineAtheistWannabe or... Maybe black people weren't stumped and failed...
  • Deadshotchef
    Deadshotchef 3 месяца назад Are your snowflake feelings hurt.
  • Muz Malek
    Muz Malek 5 лет назад 1:44 i didn't notice that there was a spider on her face till she mentioned it and i played it back....
  • Pan Raphael
    Pan Raphael 5 лет назад I'm a bit embarrased to admit it, but me too.
  • Larry Angrimson
    Larry Angrimson 2 месяца назад It really is painful to watch balance beam fails.
  • Dominic Leon
  • Topspeed325
    Topspeed325 4 года назад Last one blonde falls down the hill..omg hilarious.
  • Cris Rainbow
    Cris Rainbow 2 года назад the last scene was pretty good :D
  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 4 года назад That girl with the spider on her face probably had to much makeup on to feel it.
  • m beaudet
    m beaudet 2 месяца назад gymnasts & figure skaters have to be tough!!
  • Hayli Devlin
    Hayli Devlin 2 года назад most of these aren't even funny they are just really sad lol
  • David Kerkenes
    David Kerkenes 5 лет назад girl with spider on her face, miss piggie's eyes
  • owen lopez
    owen lopez 4 года назад 3:13 That was the devil clipping her lmao 😂😂😂
  • CrizzyD91
    CrizzyD91 5 лет назад I think that the one at 1:56 is a dude..
  • TheArzonite
    TheArzonite 5 лет назад Why 99% of these bitches are so stupid?