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Modified Cars Leaving Car Meet - 1000HP Supra, Widebody 350Z, Skyline R34, Rocket Bunny S14, Cupra

Published on Mar 6, 2019 771,833 views

Last weekend we visited an event in The Netherlands organized by Revworks. At the event there were a lot of modified cars present like some heavily modified Supra's, Widebody 350Z, Rocket Bunny Silvia S14, Skyline R34, Skyline R33 GT-R and many more. In this video you can see most of the participating cars leave the event with some great accelerations and drifts.


All cars in this video:
Nissan Skyline R34 4-Door
Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R
Nissan Skyline R34 GTZ-R
Rocket Bunny Nissan Silvia S14A
Toyota Chaser
Chevrolet Camaro SS
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII
Honda Accord
Nissan GT-R R35
Nissan Silvia S14
Mercedes C63 AMG
Mercedes A45 AMG
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
Volkswagen Golf 7 R
Ford Focus RS
415HP Toyota Glanza
Mercedes CLA45 AMG
Dodge Ram
Volkswagen Golf R32
Audi 100
Hyundai Genesis
Seat Leon Cupra
BMW M3 F80 w/ Decat M Performance Exhaust
421HP Stage 2 Seat Leon Cupra 280
Toyota Supra
Nissan Silvia S14
1000HP Toyota Supra
880HP Toyota Supra
Widebody Nissan 350Z
Ford Mustang GT
950HP Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra
Mitsubishi Lancer
Ford Fiesta ST
Honda Civic
Nissan 370Z Nismo
Audi RS4 B7
Lexus IS200
Toyota Aygo
Renault Clio RS
500HP Stage 2 Jaguar XKR w/ Straight Pipes
BMW 335i
Abarth 595
Renault Megane RS
Renault Clio RS
Nissan 350Z
Ford Escort RS

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  • Pechurka 131
    Pechurka 131 2 месяца назад 6:18 look at the face of the citroen driver because the vw started pulling infront of him lmao
  • Levi McAdams
    Levi McAdams 2 месяца назад Nobody: Bmw Drivers: EVERY CORNER IS A DRIFT OPPORTUNITY
  • NIP
    NIP 5 часов назад Thus, 5:54
  • Those Bastards Lied To Me
    Those Bastards Lied To Me 2 месяца назад I have a 1969 modded camaro and I still drift at corners, the sound of drifting is music to my ears and the smoke is poison to my lungs 😂😂😂😂
  • Motocross Eden
    Motocross Eden 2 месяца назад Exactly...who wouldnt haha
  • Ziyan Yao
    Ziyan Yao 2 месяца назад 14:02 he thought the smoke was in his face XD
  • Cj Cavell
    Cj Cavell 1 месяц назад yoo that part cracked me up ay. hahahaha I was laughing hard. hahaha
  • Niks RNR
    Niks RNR 1 месяц назад XDDD
  • who ?
    who ? 1 месяц назад @Architects XIII someone gets it. the fuck are the rest of you on about? lmao
  • Architects XIII
    Architects XIII 2 месяца назад Pretty sure he was doing that to have a joke with the person by him. Like waving his hand telling her it's smokey. She was even laughing
  • Foxy
    Foxy 2 месяца назад T0TAL S4VAG3 that’s not a wave wtf lmaoooooo 😂
  • T0TAL S4VAG3
    T0TAL S4VAG3 2 месяца назад He was waving.
  • BM WarRobots
    BM WarRobots 2 месяца назад L0l
  • Jonathon
    Jonathon 2 месяца назад (изменено) 14:03*
  • Tomas S
    Tomas S 2 месяца назад :DDD
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад 9:47 Those rims are way to big 😂😂
  • aswin rajeev
    aswin rajeev 1 месяц назад It adds 69+ hp
  • katie wilson
    katie wilson 1 месяц назад Nah they perfect
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад Thomas Droit it’s alr, mine too.
  • Thomas Droit
    Thomas Droit 2 месяца назад @AeroPrixma I'm sorry dude, it's just that my heart is already taken by Japanese cars haha
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад Thomas Droit no isn’t with some smaller rims and some bumper lips it would look amazing
  • Thomas Droit
    Thomas Droit 2 месяца назад And this car way to ugly
  • T0TAL S4VAG3
    T0TAL S4VAG3 2 месяца назад True
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад Benjamin Smith exactly
  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 2 месяца назад How to ruin an Audi
  • Velmu Pihlainen
    Velmu Pihlainen 2 месяца назад they nice tho
  • Thibeau Mussen
    Thibeau Mussen 3 месяца назад 8:26 what is happening with his exhaust ??? haha
  • PutzerKlo
    PutzerKlo 1 месяц назад it says good bye
  • ZX_ AirsoftV2
    ZX_ AirsoftV2 1 месяц назад it was waving goodbye
  • Kaan
    Kaan 1 месяц назад Its dancing
  • MooN
    MooN 1 месяц назад They are just nodding because they know they are powerfull xd
  • Butterball
    Butterball 1 месяц назад BRO i thought i was fucking trippin'
  • Architects XIII
    Architects XIII 2 месяца назад @D K Lots of idiots, yet the "idiot" who owns the car said it broke.
  • Arwin LS
    Arwin LS 2 месяца назад @D K nope cats are still on. Rear muffler just broke from the pipe. And back pressure has nothing to do with it. I actually want it to be as free flowing as possible
  • Arwin LS
    Arwin LS 2 месяца назад @James Palmore Ralliart you mean...
  • KKona Ukko
    KKona Ukko 2 месяца назад you are tripping
  • Grozix
    Grozix 2 месяца назад they are dancing
  • King
    King 2 месяца назад The car owner probably like my exhaust...oh thay just dancing
  • D K
    D K 2 месяца назад Lots of idiots here, but catalytic converters were removed so there is little restriction/back pressure which also means it's quieter as exhaust doesn't vent through the muffling. But when the exhaust is disconnected by the catalyric converter, the exhaust teeters on the hangers which is why its going up and down.
  • SenzuKing YT
    SenzuKing YT 2 месяца назад It's so it sounds Lauder ppl use it😂
  • James Palmore
    James Palmore 2 месяца назад Arwin LS sick gts
  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 2 месяца назад Farting
  • Spiderman
    Spiderman 2 месяца назад @theperf3ct I think the hangers are fine, but it's not connected up to the rest of the exhaust which is why its swinging from the hangers.
  • Mr Medium
    Mr Medium 2 месяца назад Torn rear bushings
  • Arwin LS
    Arwin LS 2 месяца назад @Anton not just detached. Broke off haha
  • Anton
    Anton 2 месяца назад i think the muffler is detached from the exhaust to make more noise.. thats why it wobbles like that
  • Arwin LS
    Arwin LS 2 месяца назад (изменено) It's my car and the weld between the pipe and muffler broke during a pull that morning. So it was just hanging on the hangers 😂
  • PMPS_123
    PMPS_123 2 месяца назад I think it's a party car so its dancing
    KELVIN SMINGUS 2 месяца назад It's winking atcha
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад theperf3ct yeah
  • theperf3ct
    theperf3ct 2 месяца назад exhaust hangers are either shot or missing. Its what keeps the exhaust from bobbing like that
  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 месяца назад Yeah it was swaying up and down 🤣
  • TokyoDrifta
    TokyoDrifta 3 месяца назад Thibeau Mussen straight piped
  • Milan2124
    Milan2124 2 месяца назад 8:27 DAT EXHAUST THO
  • Drexxyz
    Drexxyz 2 месяца назад LMAO
  • gaming_wolf93
    gaming_wolf93 2 месяца назад it's waving goodbye
  • MokaManM
    MokaManM 3 месяца назад 6:16 That was close!
  • AendM
    AendM 1 месяц назад ofc it was a golf driver, bmw and golf drivers are the most stupid retards
  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 1 месяц назад the guy was like bitch xD
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад 6:20*
  • Niek Schouwenburg
    Niek Schouwenburg 2 месяца назад @James Ritson my guess is because the toyota is an import and he was already turned right slightly the car approaching was behind the b pillar or seat. so he simply didn't see him. this is why you always gotta be careful when driving rhd car on lhd roads!
  • James Ritson
    James Ritson 2 месяца назад Yeah and look at 14:10 too!!
  • ssdtrain1
    ssdtrain1 2 месяца назад Modified cars leaving car meet,, @ 3:40 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel..?? haha >:)
  • AgoProduction &Co
    AgoProduction &Co 2 месяца назад 3:15 wtf!?
  • Dr3lis4s
    Dr3lis4s 1 месяц назад thats called backfire...
  • Max Davies
    Max Davies 1 месяц назад @My dixie rekt Backfires are out the inlet no exhaust.
  • My dixie rekt
    My dixie rekt 1 месяц назад Cameron White its called backfire..
  • ExoticCarspotters
    ExoticCarspotters 1 месяц назад It's a 415HP Toyota Glanza.
  • Justin Albertini
    Justin Albertini 1 месяц назад what kind of car is that anyway?
  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 1 месяц назад Little fucker moved fast.. jesus
  • Chan Luth
    Chan Luth 2 месяца назад Christoffer Dinér antiliag
  • Plaxus
    Plaxus 2 месяца назад BUM. Love it.
  • Povilas Marozas
    Povilas Marozas 2 месяца назад @Tyler Huntrogers what the fuck you talking about? every straight pipe almost popes like that.
  • Tyler Huntrogers
    Tyler Huntrogers 2 месяца назад Christoffer Dinér 2 step
  • Christoffer Dinér
    Christoffer Dinér 2 месяца назад Backfire?
  • Those Bastards Lied To Me
    Those Bastards Lied To Me 2 месяца назад Cameron White music to my chest
  • Cameron White
    Cameron White 2 месяца назад Its a fuckin' exploding exhaust
  • ScytheXR
    ScytheXR 2 месяца назад AgoProduction &Co music to my ears
  • MrPatriksk805
    MrPatriksk805 2 месяца назад How did the scooter driver at 3:15 survive that bang xd
  • 冬Winter
    冬Winter 1 месяц назад That 350Z had a roofrack, massive chassis mounted wing, widebody, and itasha literally all the things that I love but am to ashamed to admit
  • Lars Mars Cars
    Lars Mars Cars 3 месяца назад 05:10 So clean! Beautiful Audi 100
  • Zetaike
    Zetaike 2 месяца назад 3:15 BOOOM! Nice!!
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад Zetaike that turbo kicked in hard haha.
  • Lars Mars Cars
    Lars Mars Cars 3 месяца назад 07:53 hahah kijk ze zeiken, zuurpruimen
  • Tommy Larsen
    Tommy Larsen 1 месяц назад (изменено) Looks like the one guy in blue and the woman .. Also looks like the guy in blue calls the cops at one point. 7:04 and 7:53 when they gone and supra revs up, he does not approve xD
  • MJ
    MJ 3 месяца назад 6:50 The Neighbourhood Patrol
  • Bored
    Bored 1 месяц назад Probably old guys with nothing better to do than complain about loud cars.
  • laurens van der vis
    laurens van der vis 1 месяц назад That is the police in the netherlands
  • Fellow accelerationist
    Fellow accelerationist 1 месяц назад BMW driver doing it right.
  • adam ker-lindsay
    adam ker-lindsay 2 месяца назад Its always the BMW drivers 😄👌
  • MJ
    MJ 3 месяца назад The bmw at 5:48 went full send mode
  • Eduard Gans
    Eduard Gans 2 месяца назад @Sultan Brandonlooks even better now its yellow
  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 2 месяца назад Best pullout of the vid
  • Eduard Gans
    Eduard Gans 2 месяца назад @AeroPrixma his insta is @nardof80m3 and mine is @eg.automotive
  • Eduard Gans
    Eduard Gans 2 месяца назад @AeroPrixma its gonna be yellow tho, the nardo wrap is damaged
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад Eduard Gans yeah it looks amazing with that color and rim combo
  • Eduard Gans
    Eduard Gans 2 месяца назад @AeroPrixma lmao yeah just had to mention it, one of the coolest m3's in the Netherlands
  • AeroPrixma
    AeroPrixma 2 месяца назад (изменено) Eduard Gans r/nobodyasked. But that’s cool
  • Eduard Gans
    Eduard Gans 2 месяца назад MJ the owner lives in my town
  • CarCulture
    CarCulture 3 месяца назад 3:09 How has the owner managed to get smaller exhaust tips than standard?