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2019 Kia e-Niro review – why it's the best electric car you can buy | What Car?

Published on Jan 31, 2019 300,303 views

Not quite sold on the electric car revolution? Well, this could be the car to change your mind. Watch our review to find out exactly how far the Kia e-Niro will really go on a full charge in the real-world, and why it's better than all the other electric cars on sale in 2019.

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  • William Lake
    William Lake 3 месяца назад Why do electric car reviews still spend half the video explaining the basics of an electric car? If someone is watching this video, they already know what an electric car is and how to charge it and the advantages/disadvantages. Spend more time talking about the interior, safety features, and feel of the car. You know, like any other car review.
  • Hilmar Kleinschrot
    Hilmar Kleinschrot 3 месяца назад William Lake ... As much as I agree with you... I think that still a lot of coverage is needed . Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
  • Filip Bjurling
    Filip Bjurling 3 месяца назад I don't agree with you at all. I've driven more than half of all EVs out there on long distance trips and right now the only car I'd buy is any Tesla. All the other cars are way too uncertain to drive on long trips. Faulty chargers and bad range estimations all the time. Once I even had to take the train or wait for four hours for slow charging when a rapid charger didn't work. I took the train.
  • noerden91
    noerden91 3 месяца назад i like it its so enoying with a fossil car review when they dont mention how too fill up the tank
  • robert a
    robert a 2 месяца назад Tesla have build and dealership problems Not to mention their No profits warning
  • Filip Bjurling
    Filip Bjurling 2 месяца назад @robert a doesn't matter how great build quality the other cars have or anything else if you can't even drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas (not even los Angeles) without hitting a wall of charging and range problems!
  • robert a
    robert a 2 месяца назад @Filip Bjurlingrue Fhilip But the real unspoken issue is not enough electric can be generated to maintain the present number of vehicles and mileage travelled Change (not charging) is in the wind
  • Filip Bjurling
    Filip Bjurling 2 месяца назад @robert a it's unspoken of since it's no issue. In Sweden we have installed more wind power in the latest ten years than the entire vehicle fleet of Sweden would use if it was all electric. Don't talk about issues you have no clue about!
  • robert a
    robert a 2 месяца назад But the energy used@Filip Bjurlingto manufacture from raw ores to metals to manufacture of these very complex wind generators was fossil fuel Electric cars are made from raw ores to a finished car with considerable amounts of energy again all fossil fuel. How much electric needs generating to replace all petrol and diesel vehicles in EU? France is active in reducing fossil fuel use their cost is raised by taxes this adds to food, transport,heating,living cost Reality is fossil fuel is depleting and costing more..This is serious for advanced countries A vision of life continuing as normal by driving an electric car is unreal How can advanced economy's operate on hoping the wind is going to blow?
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @robert a Absolute rubbish
  • Stephen Davis
    Stephen Davis 2 месяца назад Only fukwits don't agree with you, notice that?
  • robert a
    robert a 2 месяца назад Tesla cannot compete with large manufacturers (several reasons) Share price down 20% this year 2019, Musk runs Tesla on Government Subsidies. Yet all electric cars are over priced for ordinary people. My point is the total transfer of all world economy's to wholly electric does NOT look viable Finite fuel is becoming more expensive The world is totally dependent for these to generate electric, transport and heat Renewables cannot do this. Deciding on the best electric car in What Car does not solve finite fuel running to a point where supply cannot meet demand..Oil 2007 $147 barrel