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Regular Car Reviews: 1996 Ford F-150 XL

Published on Jan 12, 2015 671,249 views

Typo fixed.
The 9th-gen F-150 was a transition period for Ford and Pickups in general. The Dodge ram showed the world that a pickup can be a toy and the other manufacturers followed frantically. This is still a very 80's stuck. it boasts that it has electronic fuel-injection. OOOOH.

  • Brian C
    Brian C 3 года назад call me old school, but this is my favorite looking F150.
  • Jason Fulcher
    Jason Fulcher 2 года назад bro the mid 60's models do!!
  • Jason Fulcher
    Jason Fulcher 2 года назад *doe!
  • Jason Fulcher
    Jason Fulcher 2 года назад yes, yes they are
  • Brian C
    Brian C 2 года назад +Holdadolla those Ford trucks from the late 60s and early 70s are definitely up there on my list. But personally, and this may be weird because I don't really know of the similarities and/or differences between the two, I'd rather own a Bronco from that era.
  • Brian C
    Brian C 2 года назад @Holdadolla ah, those are the Broncos I was thinking of. Still, the smaller ones look pretty cool, too.
  • yupitellwhut
    yupitellwhut 2 года назад what about the 80 to 86 models?
  • DieWolfen
    DieWolfen 2 года назад I love my 95 F350
  • deven bo
    deven bo 2 года назад +DieWolfen yeah
  • Rubber
    Rubber Год назад 87-89 ftw
  • Rubber
    Rubber Год назад I actually think the 80-86 models look positively badass
  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris Год назад 48-52 fat fender 53-57 effie 61-66 slick side 70-72 bumpside ( technically 67-72 but i prefer the grill of the 70-72 ) 73-77 dentside ( i prefer that grill over the 78/79 ) 80-86 bull nose ( well not 80-82 witch the swiss cheese frame ) 92-96 aeronose are my faves left out the 58-60 fridge and the 87-91 brick.( brick only looks good rusty and beat like a old farm truck )
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад i think it's ugly like your face
  • Lloyd Dailey
    Lloyd Dailey Год назад I love the f150 ! I had a 96 once ! mine was automatic, lock-in and lock-out hubs and a 302 v8 !
  • Duff rednecks
    Duff rednecks Год назад same I have a 1992 ford f150 flareside
  • justin gocal
    justin gocal Год назад I agree I have a 94 clean repainted 5.0 speed for daily. Honestly any ford after 96 is the best looking set of trucks ever haja
  • McGill Woodward
    McGill Woodward Год назад Holdadolla I owned a 02 Silverado z71. One day I totaled that. I bought a 79 f100. I can’t tell you how much girls dog it
  • justin gocal
    justin gocal Год назад Meant to say before 96 half tons and 97 3/4 or 1 tons lol
  • chris ward
    chris ward 10 месяцев назад I love the 1990
  • E Cizauskas
    E Cizauskas 9 месяцев назад I like the '77 f150's
  • Hunter Cress
    Hunter Cress 9 месяцев назад Had a 94 f250 with the cast iron giant 460. Torque for days. Loved that truck and wish I could get another without a million miles
  • Blastmattspast247
    Blastmattspast247 9 месяцев назад I had the same year f-150 with the inline six motor, it was slow as hell and broke down all the time and it didn't even reach 200k
  • MexicanBagpiper96
    MexicanBagpiper96 9 месяцев назад Nah bro, I'm under 25 and I love trucks from this time period. Mostly because of mu uncle's F250 and my Grandfather's Ram 1500. A lot of memories in those two trucks.
  • Alan Velociraptor
    Alan Velociraptor 9 месяцев назад This is great, but I'd rather have an 8th Gen.
  • Charles Bledsoe
    Charles Bledsoe 8 месяцев назад What about 87-91 models. I got two and think they're the shit.
  • Curt’s Cafe
    Curt’s Cafe 8 месяцев назад My family has a 1966 f100 that’s gone down 4 generations it’s mine next
  • Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
    Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy 8 месяцев назад The Bullnose was the god damn best...
  • rootbeer666
    rootbeer666 8 месяцев назад I prefer the 80-86 look better. Mostly same truck.
  • Seth Pacholko
    Seth Pacholko 7 месяцев назад Bruh the 84 and 89-90
  • jordan hill
    jordan hill 7 месяцев назад 100% agreed
  • Mooch McGooch
    Mooch McGooch 6 месяцев назад Every single year and model was beautiful until they started to round the front ends around the 2000s
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 6 месяцев назад I liked the 67-72 and 73-79 the best
  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer 6 месяцев назад I like the Ford Bronco in this body style
  • V 4 Vendetta
    V 4 Vendetta 5 месяцев назад Mine too. I just picked up a 92 f150 4x4 with a 4.9 straight six and a 5 speed. I gotta do a bunch of work to it but I only paid 250 for it lol
  • Avery Sauce
    Avery Sauce 4 месяца назад My favorite F-series truck is the '53-'55 but my second favorite is the 9th gen.
  • Clever Kitsune
    Clever Kitsune 4 месяца назад I prefer the bricknose from earlier years 87-91
  • E. Squatch
    E. Squatch 2 месяца назад I agree. mid 90's f-150 Inline 6 please. utility at it's best. A reliable workhorse.
  • J F
    J F 2 месяца назад I've got a 94, the inline 6 is a tough engine engine as well.
  • J.L.G
    J.L.G 5 дней назад Yeah I agree
  • joebob3719
    joebob3719 4 года назад My pop-pop drove a late 80's F250(?), I never drove it because alas I was never taught stick, but this review brings up a conversation I had with my grandfather about the when I was a small boy. "Heh, the speedometer only goes to 80' (mph)" I boyishly scoffed. "It doesn't need to, life's not a race," He replied. I miss that man.
  • dbateman
    dbateman 4 года назад Yeah there is a reason that older pickups go slow, first of all they indeed aren't race cars.  The ride is bouncy and wallowy but actually settles down a bit with a load of stuff in the back.  Secondly the steering tends to be a bit vague.
  • Truck Stuff & More
    Truck Stuff & More 11 месяцев назад had my 93 f150 goin 120 down a hill and that's the most scared ive ever been going over 100mph olny reason I know the speed is because I had my phone and a gps speedometer
  • bkamp051
    bkamp051 8 месяцев назад These older trucks are great to learn how to drive manual. I learned on an ‘86 F250 with a 460. I miss that truck
  • ethan Yates
    ethan Yates 8 месяцев назад going anything over 65 mph in a 1980s f250 is like suicide
  • Cory Sennett
    Cory Sennett 6 месяцев назад Says ford owners because they never win.
  • 1986FordF-250
    1986FordF-250 4 месяца назад @Cory Sennett Heh, mine goes to 85 and it will bury that without even trying.
  • bawitdaba
    bawitdaba 4 месяца назад So my 1989 f350 has a red line at 55mph, this was for the oil crisis?🤔
  • 1986FordF-250
    1986FordF-250 4 месяца назад @bawitdaba National speed limit used to be 55 MPH.
  • bawitdaba
    bawitdaba 4 месяца назад @1986FordF-250 yes but it used to be higher than 55mph, then they lowered it, then they raised the speed limit, I think it was because of the oil crisis
  • megs vasanth
    megs vasanth 2 дня назад @bawitdaba;Ha,ha ha the oil crisis was a fake,too.
  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan 2 года назад Dude that Bojack Horseman outro parody was so great
  • KimiDesu
    KimiDesu Год назад Mohammed Khan He sounds like the asexual guy from that show.
  • Andrew
    Andrew Год назад I caught that too. Bojack is awesome.
  • Jb C
    Jb C Год назад DoggosarenotPuppers not really
  • Nick Di Vona
    Nick Di Vona 11 месяцев назад I love Roman's music anyways, but wow I did not expect this. Huuuuge props.
  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 7 месяцев назад .
  • djisar
    djisar 7 месяцев назад haha I freaked out, so good
  • Aaron Simms
    Aaron Simms 4 года назад Moist pork.
  • Idrees M
    Idrees M 4 года назад Rotten pork form China
  • Jason Bonedi
    Jason Bonedi 4 года назад @meow larry so Moist Polk?
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps Год назад Poist molk
  • RoundenBrown
    RoundenBrown 5 месяцев назад Misread that as Maoist Pork for a second.
  • Alex Links
    Alex Links 3 года назад Locking hubs do not mean locking differentials dude.
  • justsomeguytoyou
    justsomeguytoyou 4 года назад I remember those when they were new. Back then, you bought a truck because you needed one. They weren't fancy, and that was okay---it wasn't supposed to be. Those F150's were great trucks.
  • May Tag
    May Tag 3 года назад >bojack cover Nice
    DSFARGEG00 3 года назад I miss the utilitarian look quite badly. Modern pickup trucks look like an ugly streetwalker trying to be a geisha and failing.
    SAViNGLiVE5 3 года назад What in the honest fuck kind of comparison is this
  • misamisatv
    misamisatv 3 года назад +SAViNGLiVE5 Strange but I like it, lol!
  • Stephen Bianchi
    Stephen Bianchi 3 года назад +SAViNGLiVE5 Works for me.
  • John Petito
    John Petito 3 года назад I like the more modern look
    DSFARGEG00 3 года назад @John Petito You animal.
  • Nathan Mueller
    Nathan Mueller 2 года назад I love anything with a square body. All vehicles have become overly complex and parts put together tightly, ruining the possibility of working on cars for many working Americans, and the weekend mechanics who fix or modify cars. Of course this is by design for car dealerships to make money off of car work. And because of government regulations making cars more efficient, therefore smaller and more complex. Gone are the days when engine swaps and even changing tire sizes was easy.
  • John Petito
    John Petito 2 года назад +Nathan Mueller yes, but all that complex over engineering makes a faster, better, more efficient car
  • Janko od Tetoo
    Janko od Tetoo 2 года назад +John Petito but takes away freedom
  • John Petito
    John Petito 2 года назад But freedom isn't everything
  • James Flores
    James Flores 2 года назад I try explaining this to my dad when I see a truck it's a classic but to him it's an old truck
  • EssenceofPureFlavor
    EssenceofPureFlavor Год назад John Petito But it sure is a lot, especially when it has no impact on anyone else but yourself.
  • Kerros Talde
    Kerros Talde Год назад Nathan Mueller squaressquaressquaresSquaresSquaresSQUARES!
  • Mike Castellon
    Mike Castellon 2 недели назад Are u Asian or just mentally deranged?
  • Mike Castellon
    Mike Castellon 2 недели назад Nathan Mueller yugos have a square body and are easy to work on
  • Xx_Thicc_Daddy_xX
    Xx_Thicc_Daddy_xX 2 года назад Wow, wish my truck had that much paint
  • Goat Boy
    Goat Boy 2 года назад TwilightTheShooter the official truck of holding a piece of cardboard with a screw while bondoing it to the lower rear fender, spray painting it and passing it onto the next Craigslist $1500 dollar sucker.
  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin 2 года назад Public Enemy #1 How many miles does you're Ford Truck have.
  • Xx_Thicc_Daddy_xX
    Xx_Thicc_Daddy_xX 2 года назад CJ Colvin it's a 92 with 199k, unfortunately it's previous owners never really took care of it
  • devour43
    devour43 Год назад Public Enemy #1 have a 97 with 250k previous owners couldn't even put the power steering pump in right, but I fixed her up for about 1200$ in total cost, and she's still going strong, definitely lasting better than the 06 f150 I bought, bought it a couple months ago and I've already got a parts list a mile long and she's only got 146k, and was the better maintained of the two
  • MegaHello202
    MegaHello202 11 месяцев назад I just recently bought a 96, it has 281k but still has lots of power but the previous owners put the brake shoes in wrong
  • John Thefox
    John Thefox 3 месяца назад Be glad it ain't my truck, the last owners put 15 FUCKING COATS OF DIFFERENT COLORED HOUSE PAINT THAT TOOK THREE FUCKING DAYS OF SANDING TO FIX.
  • Eslayer12
    Eslayer12 1 месяц назад down in texas id rather have no paint than rust!
  • Mcginnis Gaming
    Mcginnis Gaming 3 дня назад @MegaHello202 I have a 92 f150 that has 400k and sat for 5 years and cranked with a new battery, i love my truck. Built ford tough
  • SpeirsTheAmazingHD
  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan Johnson 4 года назад yep yes sir e
  • JamesCoyote
    JamesCoyote 4 года назад Speirs why are you here? This isn't a Dodge Ram
  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan Johnson 4 года назад oh really
  • Joe D!ckbutt
    Joe D!ckbutt 4 года назад Why not? I do it all the time to get to the trails
  • LaggyMcGee
    LaggyMcGee 4 года назад Never thought I'd find you here speirs :P
  • JJy3k10
    JJy3k10 4 года назад BRAAAP!
  • Matthew W
    Matthew W 4 года назад he should let regular cars review his bee or ram 
  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan Johnson 4 года назад Four wheel drive
  • Ace
    Ace 4 года назад @matthew walters YES
  • SpeirsTheAmazingHD
    SpeirsTheAmazingHD 4 года назад @JMunn55 Its not, but its still a nice truck babe
  • Louche Decay
    Louche Decay 4 года назад I'm sure, if confronted with that statement, the driver of the 4 wheeler would insist that it's a 'quad,' and ignore the rest of what you said.
  • JamesCoyote
    JamesCoyote 4 года назад Be cool if RCR came to the MAritimes, I'd offer them mine to review
  • WildCard
    WildCard 4 года назад It's Speirs
    LUKAZ G 4 года назад Hey yo spiers. Get Mr. Regular to review your SuperBee
  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan Johnson 4 года назад lol
  • Kenten Newberry
    Kenten Newberry 4 года назад your rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright
  • joeracer302
    joeracer302 4 года назад Track day, bro
  • Zachary Reed
    Zachary Reed 4 года назад Aye yo speirs; what up
  • Ivan Slawsky
    Ivan Slawsky 4 года назад @joeracer302 track day no
  • joeracer302
    joeracer302 4 года назад @Ivan Slawsky nyet, track day, broski :D :D
  • Dahhltunn
    Dahhltunn 4 года назад Didn't expect to see you here speirs.
  • RyanGames101
    RyanGames101 4 года назад SPEIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CobobS12
    CobobS12 4 года назад @SpeirsTheAmazingHD SPEIRS!
  • CobobS12
    CobobS12 4 года назад @SpeirsTheAmazingHD SPEIRS!
  • RadioWave Editing
    RadioWave Editing 3 года назад Nice to see you here spiers.
  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 3 года назад +Joe D!ckbutt Illegal, that's why not.
  • MrHello1
    MrHello1 3 года назад +Martin Jones is it? i see trucks like this literally everyday on the road, maybe the law is different in CT
  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 3 года назад @MrHello1 No license plate, no need for a driver's license or insurance, and no turn signal indicators, *usually means no roads.
  • Delta MacK
    Delta MacK 3 года назад Oh hi Speirs
  • Arc
    Arc 3 года назад +SpeirsTheAmazingHD I've seen Youtubers with 2,000 subscribers have little Verified icons next to their names. Why doesn't Speirs?
  • scythelord
    scythelord 9 месяцев назад (изменено) It is not illegal everywhere. I know that locally in WV when the opened up off road trails it became legal to drive on the road so long as you were headed to a trail.
  • JK BMX
    JK BMX 9 месяцев назад How the fuck did I find you in a Ford review lol
  • Jacob W Smith
    Jacob W Smith 9 месяцев назад Lol u watching this
  • Sam Robb
    Sam Robb 2 года назад You talk about the graphics like all the trucks had them. Most of the F150/F250/F350 trucks from those years did not have decals like that, if any at all.
  • Bearbait01
    Bearbait01 Год назад Sam Robb and I also believe the 5.0 didn't have 215hp that was the 351
  • ɐlex
    ɐlex Год назад Agreed. Dad had an f250 of that generation, and no decals existed
    25BEDFORD Год назад Sam Robb this is coming from a guy who admitted he screwed up in mis-informing the tow ratings for Dodge. He must have misread his Google search.. Definitely not a vehicle expert.
  • AFX Gaming
    AFX Gaming Год назад Sam Robb Yeah, lots of them had 2 tone paint jobs and or Chrome trim along the body and only a small amount came with the ugly looking decals, I've got 3 sitting in my back yard and none of them have any decals
  • Clinton Mahoney
    Clinton Mahoney Год назад Exactly, it is amazing how little hp they gathered from the 351 windsor. But the torque makes up for the lack of punch.
  • Venator Creed
    Venator Creed Год назад My 96 f150 xlt is two toned maroon and silver. No stripes other then a small 1/4" stripe to seperate the two tone colors.
  • Zachary Adams
    Zachary Adams 4 года назад Got the front locker info all wrong. All the locking hubs do is lock the wheels to the front axle. It's still an open front differential but your front tires wont get and power if you don't lock the hubs even if you shift the transfer case to 4hi or 4low. 
  • thatdankcat
    thatdankcat 4 года назад (изменено) huh thats funny i was told you only gain one front wheel to spin more unless you lock the hubs, my suby has vacuum auto luck hubs so dont have to think about it  just keep wheels straight and go 
  • Michael Aker
    Michael Aker 4 года назад Right on... Was about to make the same exact comment.
  • 4rev4
    4rev4 4 года назад This.  On a truck like this, it doesn't matter if you're in 4hi/lo if the hubs aren't locked.
  • The Tranquil Tiger
    The Tranquil Tiger 4 года назад true but theres no diff between tyhe front and rear axle, so while the front tires can move at different speeds of eachother, they will still want to spin faster than the rear axle during a turn because they're farther from the pivot point so itll chew up the tires and cause the front end to make a hopping motion, especially when on packed snow.
  • Jake Burks
    Jake Burks 4 года назад Mr. Regular doesn't do trucks often and I think it shows sometimes
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 4 года назад I think Mr. Regular is confusing 'locking hubs' with 'locking differential'.  A locking differential is a feature that's been around since at least the 40's and they all lock from inside the cabin, (That's what that tiny third lever next to the gear-shift and transfer-case lever in an old Army jeep is for).   Locking Hubs are a fuel-miser feature.  Un-lock the hubs and the wheels become free-spinning and no longer deal with the drag of the front driveshaft when in 2-wheel mode. Looks like it's 'V-6's are smoother than I-6's' all over again.  :)
  • Darwinpasta
    Darwinpasta 4 года назад @The Tranquil Tiger  That's only true if the transfer case is engaged full time. I didn't see a transfer case shifter in the cab, so that may be the case with this rig. (Terrible design if it is.) My Pathfinder has a transfer case shifter that means I can drive in two wheel drive with both hubs locked, then shift into 4x as needed. I unlock the hubs in the summer to save a bit of gas and some wear and tear on the CV joints.
  • StandardFish450
    StandardFish450 4 года назад @Darwinpasta It's not full time. you can clearly see the transfer case stick right next to the gear shift at 1:49. Most fords never came with full-time anyway. That was more of a Chrysler/AMC thing.
  • Darwinpasta
    Darwinpasta 4 года назад @StandardFish450 Good eye! I re-watched the bit where he was talking about the shift knob and the camera didn't go far enough left to see the 4x4 shifter.
  • -Tq-
    -Tq- 4 года назад That is such a common misconception. Locking Hubs are not locking differentials. Trust me, if they put front locking diffs in trucks since back then it would be boneriffic. 
  • joeracer302
    joeracer302 4 года назад @ChargedTTq I think it's just confusion over ambiguously termed drivetrain parts that sound very similar so are confused by people who are unfamiliar with 4x4 drivetrain. Not sure why people are making such a big deal out of it, but I guess this is YouTube lol 
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 4 года назад @joeracer302 Because SOMEBODY IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!  (rabble-rabble-rabble-rabble)  ;p
  • Rogue 455
    Rogue 455 3 года назад +StandardFish450 and if you don't see a shifter on an f150, but it's 4x4, it's got the electronic 4x4 with an e4od, it's just a button on the dash for 4x4.
  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner Год назад Zachary Adams came here to say same. Still need a locker to be truly locked, you're not even in 4x4 until you lock the hubs.
  • shonuffisthemaster
    shonuffisthemaster Год назад i think the autos of this era were push button 4wd, but the manuals were all stick, however i think the previous generation had stick transfer cases regardless. yes itd be awesome if they put locking diffs in these trucks from the factory! and you know what, what about havjng a spool and locking hubs.......wouldnt that essentially work the same as a diff lock? i suppose it might be really hard to steer in some offroad scenerios with an always locked front.
  • Jack G
    Jack G 11 месяцев назад Zachary Adams I
  • Brad V
    Brad V 3 года назад Your explanation of the front manual lock in hubs is incorrect. It doesn't make both front wheels turn at the same speed. It still has an open diff up front so the tires are allowed to turn at different speeds, the hubs connect the wheels to the axle shafts. The front wheels are free to spin when the hub is unlocked.
  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 2 года назад All depends on what you run in your differentials...I've got a 1974 Bronco, gobs of horsepower and torque from a 347 stroker, so I'm runnin a 9" with a Detroit locker in the rear, and a Dana 44 with a posi in the front, 4.88 gears....
  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G 2 года назад agreed they are locking hubs this guy's is thinking locked differential.
  • Dan Thurston
    Dan Thurston 2 года назад Agreed.  The F150 didn't have a locking differential in the front.  The narrator doesn't know what he's talking about.  The 4X4 system with manual hubs doesn't work at all if the hubs are not locked in.
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад 4:50 Oh lawwd, you and trucks. ;) That's not what locking hubs do. You're confusing them with a locking differential. What locking hubs do is they allow the front wheels to be disconnected from the front drivetrain on a 4WD vehicle. In unlocked mode, the front hubs are disconnected from the front axle shafts. This improves fuel economy and reduces wear and tear on the 4WD system when used in 2WD mode because it means all that front drivetrain stuff isn't uselessly turning all the time. Turning them locked mode locks the front hubs to the front axle shafts, which allows power to be transferred to the front wheels once the transfer case has been shifted into 4WD. Brand new 4WD trucks still have locking/unlocking hubs, but all of them are electronically controlled now and automatically lock when the vehicle is shifted into 4WD.
  • Alex DooD
    Alex DooD 4 года назад I guess my comment about that got lost in the flood of others great response :)
  • vaughan zappa
    vaughan zappa 4 года назад How long did it take you to Wright that , you could have just made a video of you saying that and post a link in the comments
  • Alex DooD
    Alex DooD 4 года назад It is easy to get the 2 mixed up because having the hubs locked will turn the axles and keeping a vehicle in 4wd will turn the axles regardless of the hubs being locked or not. The forces that make the the axles move in both situations are different but you end up with the same result.
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @irsever  Yeah I think he's just not into trucks, so he doesn't really know much about them. It's okay though. I mean, I think all car guys have those areas where we're practically experts, and others where we're completely clueless. Like I couldn't tell you the first thing about motorcycles...
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @vaughan zappa  Um, like 3-4 minutes? It would have taken way longer for me to make a video and post it to youtube.
  • Egor Malyshev
    Egor Malyshev 4 года назад AFAIR, F150 has only one differential, and it's in its rear. So when the front wheels are connected to axles via these manual hubs, stuff RCR says happens. 
  • jllego89
    jllego89 4 года назад @Egor Malyshev no, it has the transfer case that controls 4wd and front and rear differentials. The manual locking hubs are as stated, only to engage and disengage the hub from the front axle.
  • Egor Malyshev
    Egor Malyshev 4 года назад @jllego89 Thanks for clearing this out. In this case, of course, hubs are only for fuel economy.
  • meanieNJ
    meanieNJ 4 года назад @Egor Malyshev fuel economy and not putting unneeded wear on your front drivetrain. You can still but a new super duty with manual locking hubs. They're much stronger and cheaper to replace than auto hubs.
  • Egor Malyshev
    Egor Malyshev 4 года назад @Sam Lafrance Make us :)
  • LakeCaldera
    LakeCaldera 4 года назад He's good at English, I think he's an English teacher. He can get explain an abstract idea expertly. But he doesn't really know a lot about trucks... or cars for that matter. It's more for his personality that I like his reviews
  • bluettr250
    bluettr250 4 года назад Agrees. It's no big deal to have the hubs locked in full time. Dodge did it for years. Astros have their front in all the time. The only reason that the hubs lock and unlock is so that one can use the transfer case for low range without locking the front in. Americans are so weird about hubs.
  • meanieNJ
    meanieNJ 4 года назад @bluettr250 Astros have full time AWD.  And no... hubs are to detatch the wheels from the front drivetrain for normal driving as explained 1000 fking times already lol.  Never in my life have I ever wished I could engage low range without 4x4 with it.
  • bluettr250
    bluettr250 4 года назад @meanieNJ well. .now you learned something new.
  • bluettr250
    bluettr250 4 года назад @meanieNJ ps....2003 astros have part time awd. 1998 and older have full time. The hub thing...really is stupid. It just makes people feel better and give them one more thing to maintain.
  • kolton5543
    kolton5543 4 года назад Not all but many new trucks don't lock and unlock the hubs. They instead will have a two piece axle shaft that separates instead. Its pretty use less as everything is still rotating from the other axle shaft. The only thing it does is keeps power going to the front tires (unless there is a locked differential). And they inevitably stop working within the first few years.
  • Super Duper Scooter Guy
    Super Duper Scooter Guy 3 года назад @bluettr250
  • Counterattack
    Counterattack 2 года назад why doesn't he just... research?
  • Comeau's Vlog Corner
    Comeau's Vlog Corner 2 года назад splewy I vs . ÷
  • John Fischer
    John Fischer 2 года назад I think the old jeep yj did this too but it was controlled with a vacuum modulator when selecting 4wd
  • Ian Mcdowell
    Ian Mcdowell Год назад Uhh actually he is right. The transfer case will try to split the power equally front to back, but when turning the front whees are traveling a different distance, so the driveshafts don't turn an equal number of times. This resistance causes wear. Trucks that run in full time 4wd like land rovers have a center differential, usually with a viscous coupling, that allows the power to be split differentially front and back
  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Год назад Ian Mcdowell yeah but he's not referring to when 4x4 is engaged he's referring to the locking hubs confusing it for a locking diff
  • Gordo Miguel
    Gordo Miguel Год назад 99% of guys seem to confuse the two.
  • Brine Gill
    Brine Gill Год назад I came here to say this. He doesn't understand 4wd systems. Not many do
    NEWBURNz Год назад splewy q
  • James Scheppegrell
    James Scheppegrell Год назад I'm suspicious he got an explanation from the owner, so... That might be why it's a little off.
  • Austin Aubinoe
    Austin Aubinoe Год назад my base model 2016 F250 still has a manual transfer case, and manual locking hubs. we have a small fleet of F250s, most being 2004s with close to 200k. manual hubs let you avoid the vacuum issues. they work great.
  • Thyshallsmite
    Thyshallsmite 4 года назад LOL redline reference
  • Maindrian Pace
    Maindrian Pace 4 года назад My Favorite Ford pickup body style. Clean, purposeful, everything you need, nothing you don't.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 10 месяцев назад I like the bullnose ones better than the 90s ones looks wise but its hard to find a bullnose that doesnt have rust on it I wonder if you could just take the bullnose front end and tailgate and put it on a 90s one. The side panels didnt change except supposedly the wheel wells look very slightly different
  • JRC99
    JRC99 10 месяцев назад P77777777 Bullnose wheel arches are squared off a lot more. Brick nose and Aeronose wheel arches are round.
  • buildingman
    buildingman 8 месяцев назад P77777777  Bullnose front end is from the 7th gen F-series truck (80-86). You can front end swap onto an 8th gen (87-91), but not onto a 9th gen (92-96). Reason why is the 9th gen included a crumple zone.
  • CharlesP2009
    CharlesP2009 5 месяцев назад Here's hoping Ford brings this style back someday like they did the retro Mustang.
  • Zach Dilley
    Zach Dilley 1 месяц назад P77777777 if you really want to convert it get bedsides and weld them on. Same dimensions. Just weld on bedsides and paint
  • sirgallium
    sirgallium 2 года назад This was the last model year of trucks before they started getting super ugly in my opinion. They keep trying to 1 up each other with looking big and aggressive and bulgy.
  • Blayne
    Blayne 2 года назад no joke... they look like rolling tampons
  • deven bo
    deven bo 2 года назад Agreed
  • Harpoon
    Harpoon 2 года назад never thought the 10th generation looked aggressive. i thought the design basis behind it was supposed to look softer, wasn't it?
  • Nermket
    Nermket 2 года назад Now they're copying toyota lmao The GMT900 body is definitely one of my favorites though.
  • Horatio Huffnagel
    Horatio Huffnagel 2 года назад Best looking trucks IMO were 1974-79 Chevy c-10. Nothing fancy just a nice looking truck with no 80's gimmicks or anything. A 350 engine usually, that you can crawl into the front and sit in the engine bay to work on. No electronics or useless crap. Love the old days.
  • MrSnowrocks
    MrSnowrocks 2 года назад The only "modern" truck that looks 1/2 decent is the 05 Silverado. But still, I'd take a 70's 80's square body any day of the week.
  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin 2 года назад MrSnowrocks Amen Brother I have a 96 Ford F150 with 5.0L Windsor V8 with 203,485 miles on it and it's still going strong. The only thing I replaced on my truck was the starter but other than that mostly was just simple maintenance and cleaned out the transmission fluid just to get rid of the shuttering it was making and it hasn't had a problem ever since.
  • Errant Ventures
    Errant Ventures 4 года назад OH MAN, Bojack Horseman credits song.   Love you Roman : D
  • Mario Marin
    Mario Marin 4 года назад The bojack horseman tribute was awesome
  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain 4 года назад MR REGULAR WATCHES BOJACK HORSEMAN!!