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the worlds funniest magic show My Favorit :) CLASSIC

Published on Sep 29, 2009 19,904,050 views

the worlds funniest magic show My Favorit :) CLASSIC

  • Dajova
    Dajova 5 лет назад 240p, we meet again...
  • Realization
    Realization 5 лет назад Didn't even notice haha I find camera recording in 240 look about the same as 480 usually
  • n2meows
    n2meows 3 года назад Pulling a hat out of a rabbit, that's just too funny.
  • Ruby Jack
    Ruby Jack 2 года назад A hat out of a rabbit, they stole that from me.
  • TheRomanRuler
    TheRomanRuler 4 года назад (изменено) This used to have original sounds :( It is not funny without those
  • Silas Longshot
    Silas Longshot 5 лет назад Wow, been a long time since I saw these guys! Still good for a laugh
  • Nelson Chua
    Nelson Chua 3 года назад VERY, VERY, FUNNY!! Thanks for posting this. Put a BIG smile on my face!
  • Sevak Dasadarian
    Sevak Dasadarian 3 года назад :)
  • Caramon Majere
    Caramon Majere 2 года назад +Sevak Dasadarian What is the name of this duo? They are funny as hell.
  • PhabTribute
    PhabTribute 2 года назад They go by "Men in Coats".
  • 306 CHAMPION
    306 CHAMPION 2 года назад I don't care what anybody  says,  these blokes are brilliant !
  • PudWhacker
    PudWhacker 5 лет назад Sometime when i'm home alone i go in the backyard in dirt and pretend i'm a carrot 
  • KungFuNeuron
    KungFuNeuron 5 лет назад Sometimes when I'm alone , I go into the kitchen , cover myself in Vaseline and pretend I'm a slug .
  • rodsreel
    rodsreel 5 лет назад @KungFuNeuron Sometimes I wear my mums fur coat and jump off the local road bridge into the big river - pretend I'm a Lemon, i'm only 6 years old!
  • Geo Noy
    Geo Noy 5 лет назад my imagination is killing me lol
  • MysticEye
    MysticEye 3 года назад Lol, an oldie but a goodie.
  • Yoyo Fernández
    Yoyo Fernández 5 лет назад Viejo pero aún divierte :)
  • The Gnostic Truth
    The Gnostic Truth 5 лет назад (изменено) Sometimes the illusion is that it is the illusion that you think it is, when it is a different illusion... Society is the illusion.
  • Matt G
    Matt G 5 лет назад is that a Bushism?
  • Helen Thomas
    Helen Thomas 5 лет назад This is hilarious.  Miss this type of comedy....
  • LoneEdge - Graphics
    LoneEdge - Graphics 5 лет назад Mambo Jambo
  • Malcolm MacLeod
    Malcolm MacLeod 2 года назад I've never laughed harder--marvelous.
  • Dre
    Dre 5 лет назад ive seen this so many times but its so good
  • Brandon O'Sullivan
    Brandon O'Sullivan 5 лет назад brilliant
  • FloHerbert
    FloHerbert 3 года назад since everyone is asking who they are: MEN IN COATS thank me later
  • Lloyd Cearley
    Lloyd Cearley 3 года назад +FloHerbert ......OK, it has been a month. Thanks
  • M Levi
    M Levi 5 лет назад Very entertaining.
  • Grensgeval
    Grensgeval 4 года назад Where the F is the original sound?????!!!!!!
  • Nussbaum LP
    Nussbaum LP 5 лет назад die sind echt witzig davon sollte es mehr geben vor allen Dingen in Deutschland
  • flaze3
    flaze3 5 лет назад they were good! :D