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the worlds funniest magic show My Favorit :) CLASSIC

Published on Sep 29, 2009 19,897,615 views

the worlds funniest magic show My Favorit :) CLASSIC

  • TheRomanRuler
    TheRomanRuler 4 года назад (изменено) This used to have original sounds :( It is not funny without those
  • 306 CHAMPION
    306 CHAMPION 2 года назад I don't care what anybody  says,  these blokes are brilliant !
  • Silas Longshot
    Silas Longshot 5 лет назад Wow, been a long time since I saw these guys! Still good for a laugh
  • n2meows
    n2meows 2 года назад Pulling a hat out of a rabbit, that's just too funny.
  • Ruby Jack
    Ruby Jack Год назад A hat out of a rabbit, they stole that from me.
  • Dajova
    Dajova 5 лет назад 240p, we meet again...
  • Realization
    Realization 5 лет назад Didn't even notice haha I find camera recording in 240 look about the same as 480 usually
  • Yoyo Fernández
    Yoyo Fernández 5 лет назад Viejo pero aún divierte :)
  • PudWhacker
    PudWhacker 5 лет назад Sometime when i'm home alone i go in the backyard in dirt and pretend i'm a carrot 
  • KungFuNeuron
    KungFuNeuron 5 лет назад Sometimes when I'm alone , I go into the kitchen , cover myself in Vaseline and pretend I'm a slug .
  • rodsreel
    rodsreel 5 лет назад @KungFuNeuron Sometimes I wear my mums fur coat and jump off the local road bridge into the big river - pretend I'm a Lemon, i'm only 6 years old!
  • Geo Noy
    Geo Noy 5 лет назад my imagination is killing me lol
  • The Gnostic Truth
    The Gnostic Truth 5 лет назад (изменено) Sometimes the illusion is that it is the illusion that you think it is, when it is a different illusion... Society is the illusion.
  • Matt G
    Matt G 5 лет назад is that a Bushism?
  • Helen Thomas
    Helen Thomas 5 лет назад This is hilarious.  Miss this type of comedy....
  • Nelson Chua
    Nelson Chua 2 года назад VERY, VERY, FUNNY!! Thanks for posting this. Put a BIG smile on my face!
  • Sevak Dasadarian
    Sevak Dasadarian 2 года назад :)
  • Caramon Majere
    Caramon Majere 2 года назад +Sevak Dasadarian What is the name of this duo? They are funny as hell.
  • PhabTribute
    PhabTribute 2 года назад They go by "Men in Coats".
  • fermin benedetti
    fermin benedetti 2 года назад I didn't know Anthony Bourdain had a side job.
  • poppykok5
    poppykok5 2 года назад LOLOL..... :)
  • Brandon O'Sullivan
    Brandon O'Sullivan 5 лет назад brilliant
  • M Levi
    M Levi 4 года назад Very entertaining.
  • Dre
    Dre 4 года назад ive seen this so many times but its so good
  • FloHerbert
    FloHerbert 3 года назад since everyone is asking who they are: MEN IN COATS thank me later
  • Lloyd Cearley
    Lloyd Cearley 3 года назад +FloHerbert ......OK, it has been a month. Thanks
  • MysticEye
    MysticEye 3 года назад Lol, an oldie but a goodie.
  • LoneEdge - Graphics
    LoneEdge - Graphics 4 года назад Mambo Jambo
  • Grensgeval
    Grensgeval 4 года назад Where the F is the original sound?????!!!!!!
  • Nussbaum LP
    Nussbaum LP 4 года назад die sind echt witzig davon sollte es mehr geben vor allen Dingen in Deutschland
  • gueronva
    gueronva 3 года назад I dislike people that don't have one ounce of humor in their body.....This is awesomely Funny to me and about 19 million others. Almost 4000 dislikes? For those that hit the dislike button, Try to make a Funnier one and post it....Betcha can't do it!
  • Sevak Dasadarian
    Sevak Dasadarian 3 года назад It's their personal opinion:) , not everyone has born the same way , I still appreciate their disk liked opinion:) thank you all for watching and glad most of you enjoyed it , bring an smile to somebody's face is priceless to me :) Thanks again
  • Beets
    Beets 2 года назад +gueronva just because somebody watches the video doesnt mean they enjoyed it. i hit the dislike button
  • Josh D
    Josh D 2 года назад (изменено) +gueronva Remove the sand from your vagina and carry on, carry on.
  • Randall Hunt
    Randall Hunt 2 года назад +gueronva Some people just REALLY hate slapstick
  • TooTsaka
    TooTsaka 2 года назад (изменено) +gueronva Congratulations on getting butthurt that some people don't enjoy what you like. Bet you're a real bundle of joy in real life.
  • fist full of anchovies
    fist full of anchovies 2 года назад +Randall Hunt that wasn't slapstick
  • Randall Hunt
    Randall Hunt 2 года назад It has slapstick elements
  • tellurye
    tellurye 2 года назад Everybody is different. Just cause you like something someone else doesnt, doesnt make you or them better or worse. I happened to love it. I dont care, but I respect, those who may not have. The only time I would give a shit is if someone liked hurting kids, or something weird. Other than that, do you really care what people like / dislike?