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Secrets Of F1 Car Design You'll Find Really Interesting

Published on Nov 23, 2017 1,839,230 views

There are loads of facts about F1 cars and their amazing performance. But have you ever considered the design secrets for why they look the way they do? Here are some design secrets behind their scary performance, trademark look, and high price tag.
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  • Third Eye Sight
    Third Eye Sight Год назад I appreciate the wide range of genres and topics that you cover.
    BE AMAZED Год назад Glad to hear Brofessor!
  • Thorsten van der Weide
    Thorsten van der Weide Год назад (изменено) The downside of which is that you don't have time to do extensive research, and therefore make slight mistakes in your videos. For the basics, what you said was true. but everyone who knows the history of f1 aerodynamics would think you'd only read the Wikipedia page. P.s what i wanted to mention is that aerodynamics from the floor like om the lotus (which is ground effects) don't exist anymore due to tracks not being build of the speed the car caries through the corner. Also you need a really flat piece of tarmac for it to fully work. And because often the cars race on the streets, they bottom out, which results in loss of downforce. Of downforce (70% of downforce comes from the underside of the car). Even with modern f1 cars, this is still a problem, eventough they have purely flat floors, 1994 a car bottomed out at the san marino GP and send a driver straigt into a concrete barier. We all know who that was and how it ended.
  • Sossboy
    Sossboy Год назад i dont because you know nothing about f1 im a regular f1 fan and i already knew about all of this
  • Jonas Bögemann
    Jonas Bögemann Год назад That history is actually BS. Ground effect was banned in the 80s due to bottoming out and stalling the whole car, yes. That was a change by the FIA, but not a decision of the teams. They then had flat floors until the 1994 Monaco GP, after that had to carry a wooden plank under it, to raise the ground clearance. This is purely to limit the cornering speed of the cars, due to the accidents in San Marino (and other races). For 1995 they also introduced a whole step in the undertray.
  • DandiLionism
    DandiLionism Год назад but what is with that baby voice?!!!
  • ramma.gaming
    ramma.gaming Год назад It'd help if the info were accurate though.
  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson Год назад Yes, but the problem with a wide range of genres means - master of none. Some misinformation here. But all in all, beneficial.
  • SquareTom
    SquareTom 10 месяцев назад you know NOTHING of formula 1
  • Luka Veselinovic
    Luka Veselinovic 7 месяцев назад Top 10 Polyphony Formula Cars
  • Michael Ernst
    Michael Ernst 6 месяцев назад Urié @@
  • kevin walsh
    kevin walsh 5 месяцев назад 🤩TGProductions
  • Roman Loya
    Roman Loya Год назад As an F1 fan, I was cringing through the entirety of this video.
  • 2 Over
    2 Over Год назад Roman Loya Not the only one
  • kellenplayz
    kellenplayz Год назад Same
  • The Arsenal legend
    The Arsenal legend Год назад I feel your pain.
  • vjekoP
    vjekoP Год назад Roman Loya why?
  • Fergal Johnson
    Fergal Johnson Год назад Yes me too ugh it irritates me to see all the wrong facts
  • Roman Loya
    Roman Loya Год назад (изменено) vjekoP For many reasons. Lots of the footage was just from a video game and the explanation of the components on the cars was either wrong or outdated. The video was mixing and matching data from different eras in F1 and I believe at one point the commentator said "F1s" instead of F1 cars. Altogether this is a poor representation of the sport to those who don't know about it.
  • Steven Larratt
    Steven Larratt Год назад End plate end plate end Plate! Cringe
  • That635guy
    That635guy Год назад Roman Loya same. Some of this couldn’t be more I’ll-informed.
  • LunatiK
    LunatiK Год назад Roman Loya same
  • bell teh
    bell teh Год назад same
  • nebulaxox
    nebulaxox Год назад Same
  • Ernest Ramos
    Ernest Ramos Год назад I agree with you.
  • Jamal Thasim
    Jamal Thasim Год назад i join you with that one
  • Triptech79
    Triptech79 Год назад Agree fully here!
  • Fajar Romadani
    Fajar Romadani Год назад Yeah, me too
  • A gallizo
    A gallizo Год назад Not a single name right
  • Hazim Jamil
    Hazim Jamil Год назад Roman Loya imagine when halo came out :(
  • JPJSanten
    JPJSanten Год назад Formula renault? Formula One? What?
  • James Bryant
    James Bryant Год назад Same here. How r these secrets?
  • Enzo zcr
    Enzo zcr Год назад we all are, listening to him pronounce nurburgring made me cringe bad
  • Danguolė Bulovaitė
    Danguolė Bulovaitė Год назад same
  • f1rc C-F 1-R
    f1rc C-F 1-R Год назад Same
  • snipestarone
    snipestarone Год назад Bwoahh it could have been worse
  • Cole T MTB
    Cole T MTB Год назад I'm 13 and know more about f1 than this guy
  • F1 SKRT
    F1 SKRT Год назад Roman Loya try not to cringe. Cringe a lot
  • F0M0C0 18
    F0M0C0 18 Год назад Roman Loya same
  • F0M0C0 18
    F0M0C0 18 Год назад (изменено) What is a side wing!
  • Jan Pokos
    Jan Pokos Год назад 1:02 nuremberg
  • Tanek
    Tanek Год назад Yes 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Justin McKain
    Justin McKain Год назад LOL SAAAAAAMMMEEEE
  • Reagan Harder
    Reagan Harder Год назад If we're being honest, I find this entire channel quite cringe most of the time.
  • Peronnik Beijer
    Peronnik Beijer Год назад (изменено) Only complaining about the video only helps if you point out what the mistakes where..
  • masahito sato
    masahito sato Год назад Same
  • Tom Hullick
    Tom Hullick Год назад Saaame
  • Tobias Ruddi
    Tobias Ruddi Год назад 'The front wing is the most important element of this [amount of downforce]' The amount of cringe
  • Garfellow
    Garfellow Год назад "Nuremburgring"
  • Trident Productions
    Trident Productions Год назад Roman Loya neagative lift
  • helen zhang
    helen zhang Год назад Your not the only one thinking of that
    MRMF1 ALT Год назад Roman Loya yeah some of the f1 cars were fake or gp3 formula 2 and stuff
    MRMF1 ALT Год назад Roman Loya to prevent copyright idk
  • I just post whatever now
    I just post whatever now Год назад Same
  • Pedro Hogerbrug
    Pedro Hogerbrug Год назад Same
  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy Год назад thats the reason i clicked on this shit in the first place
  • Your Dad
    Your Dad Год назад Saaaame
  • CubesCubesCubes Captain
    CubesCubesCubes Captain Год назад Roman Loya yeah lol 'secrets'
  • Bangs And Pops
    Bangs And Pops Год назад We also knew everything here
  • Lamster66
    Lamster66 Год назад +Enzo zcr Was that the nuremburg ring? he wants hanging
  • The Race Net
    The Race Net Год назад Peronnik Beijer there are so many things to point out that the channel should just take down the video
  • Credit Tech
    Credit Tech Год назад Yea it kills me to hear the dumbassnessnessness in this
  • Alias jon
    Alias jon Год назад Links for further research? Where I can find the legit info and learnt the F1 Aerodynamics?
  • Roman Loya
    Roman Loya Год назад Alias jon Go to and click the 'Sports' tab. Then go to Regulations > World Championships > FIA Formula One World Championship. You can get a copy of the Technical Regulations and view the aerodynamic design.
  • ukkomies100
    ukkomies100 Год назад Roman Loya i dont know much about f1 but can you give examples?
  • piracci productions
    piracci productions Год назад Same
  • spermsandwhich737
    spermsandwhich737 Год назад It hurts watching this...
  • Ripnou
    Ripnou Год назад The first only was unnecessary and you spelt 'were' wrong. Np.
  • Ferdzor
    Ferdzor Год назад Yes, this was just embarrasing to watch. An utter bullshit - especially that 'info' of 5G's while hitting a wall doing 185 mph - which I would love was true. (And I really know little about F1 in general)
  • Alex Nicolaou
    Alex Nicolaou Год назад As an engineer, i am pretty much tempted to report this video to have it removed... it might plant misinformation into kid''s minds that will be difficult to remove when they grow up and try to learn actual F1 science and engineering. .
  • HyperCar Collective
    HyperCar Collective 10 месяцев назад Nurenberg ring... I started crying from that point.
  • Erencan G.
    Erencan G. 6 месяцев назад Same
  • TunedS2K
    TunedS2K 3 месяца назад exactly
  • Nate Bayliss
    Nate Bayliss 3 месяца назад Why don't you make a better video since you know so much. Teach us the true facts
  • Nate Bayliss
    Nate Bayliss 3 месяца назад The video is using generalized terms as well so a person who does know Jack shut, they will get a better understanding. The video isn't really that far off. Your all being over critical. Don't just sit and talk shut. Make your own video that is better since you all are self proclaimed F1 experts. I bet your video won't get over 10k views.
  • Steven H W
    Steven H W 2 месяца назад Me too
  • Jacob Bryan
    Jacob Bryan 2 месяца назад ...nuremburg ring?? ..... nurburgring. Nur.burg.ring. no "m".
  • Jeff Boyes
    Jeff Boyes Год назад For god sake stop calling the cars F1’s
  • Mukul Singh
    Mukul Singh 11 месяцев назад when you don't study for an exam and attempt everything.
  • nebulaxox
    nebulaxox Год назад IS THAT GLOCK?! (only f1 fans will get this)
  • Rage Thomas
    Rage Thomas Год назад This was brutal to watch as an F1 fan.
  • Credit Tech
    Credit Tech Год назад Yup specially being black
  • Erencan G.
    Erencan G. 4 месяца назад Ikr
  • Lucid Spams L2
    Lucid Spams L2 3 месяца назад “Negative life”
  • CubesCubesCubes Captain
    CubesCubesCubes Captain Год назад "Secrets"
    KYLE.ENGINEERS Год назад (изменено) I don't normally comment on other people's videos, but this was truly painful to watch, pretty much everything said about aerodynamics in this video was completely incorrect... Might be worth getting someone who understands aero to proof watch before you publish...
  • Goran Goran
    Goran Goran Год назад KYLE.ENGINEERS and i was thinking that i was the only one to see this.
  • Alan Bowers
    Alan Bowers Год назад KYLE.ENGINEERS seriously. The only reason I clicked this was to see how far from one of your videos it was going to be. Answer, very far.
  • MrLockey1992
    MrLockey1992 Год назад I didn’t think a video could make me cringe so much
  • Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira Год назад Also the "supercharging" of the airbox, it's of course a joke. F1 cars, now a days are turbo charged, they don't need any additional air,
  • Victor duarte
    Victor duarte Год назад while not everything is entirely correct, it's not fair to say all of it is wrong. This video oversimplifies basically everything to reach a wider audience. While i was watching, everything fell under the category of 'yeah it does that, but it's actually also doing <this>, which is far more important'.
  • Mr.MagicMan
    Mr.MagicMan Год назад I agreed. As being a 12 year old gear head, and knowing more than my dad, I very often cringe at things he thinks he got right about cars. But this, this was SOOOOO much more cringier
  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch
    rampage the sneaky lil bitch Год назад i cringe every time som one says all season tires. becaus all season tires dont exist. nothing to do whit the video just like to mention how som people dont get that you can not have all season tires becaus the rubber mix is difrent depending on weather
  • ASJC27
    ASJC27 Год назад Seriously that was the worst video I've seen on that subject. Did he just look at stuff they put on an f1 car and guess what's going on? There could not have been any research involved. No one can get it that wrong unless they blindly guess.
  • Maco
    Maco Год назад the saddest thing was this airbox bullshit. he thinks the "airbox" creates overpressure giving more hp.... hahahahahhaha this is really sad.
  • SomeTenth
    SomeTenth Год назад You know your facts are blatantly wrong when you managed to annoy Kyle!
  • ein lappen
    ein lappen Год назад didn't expect to see you here lol
  • Rodolfo Vilchez
    Rodolfo Vilchez Год назад Funnybutt8 I’m the same, but I’m 14
  • ThatCarGuy
    ThatCarGuy Год назад (изменено) @Victor duarte There's a difference between an oversimplification and an incorrect statement. Oversimplification: "The diffuser helps the undertray make downforce", Incorrect statement: "The upward curve forces air to expand, which drops air pressure, making exiting air suck the car to the ground" - with the graphic showing the pressure as high under the floor and low in the diffuser. The video is full of them.
  • Trance 9
    Trance 9 Год назад Okay. Since you're all aerodynamics and F1 engineers...correct what is wrong hot shots
  • Trance 9
    Trance 9 Год назад Pedro Teixeira bullshit...they still need the air to cool and push out hot air.
  • Uriah Siner
    Uriah Siner Год назад In case you arent already aware, Bryan, the OP here is literally an aerodynamic engineer.
  • Ian Findlay
    Ian Findlay Год назад So turbocharging doesn't supply additional air? What the hell do you think it does? Provide more cooling air to the radiators? You need to get some basic concepts straight.
  • Credit Tech
    Credit Tech Год назад I know
  • Alias jon
    Alias jon Год назад Links for further research? Anywhere where I can learn F1 car aerodynamics from scratch?