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Bi Smile - Funny magic show - Comedy Magic (collection)

Published on Jan 26, 2015 1,354,636 views

Please watch: "Amazing Card Trick With 4 Aces to Impress Anyone"

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  • Caleb Hu
    Caleb Hu 3 года назад lmao the first guy's dry humor was amazing
  • Jessy Laskin
    Jessy Laskin 3 года назад +Caleb Hu he was like shelden from the big bang thery XD
  • sjtom57
    sjtom57 3 года назад Thumbs down for promos for other vids on screen far too long.
  • jacky macmahon
    jacky macmahon 3 года назад cool the first act had me in stitches
  • Sagan Worshipper
    Sagan Worshipper 3 года назад @jacky macmahon Seriously? I thought that kid was NOT funny AT ALL and actually found him to be TOTALLY annoying!
  • schwabentutorials
    schwabentutorials 3 года назад @jacky macmahon i thought the first one was funny, too.. Somebody know his name and if there is more of him on youtube?
  • lmcgregoruk
    lmcgregoruk 3 года назад @schwabentutorials Kyle Eschen
  • bratha nice
    bratha nice 3 года назад +jacky macmahon ever heard of fake thumb
  • ruanpingshan
    ruanpingshan 3 года назад The second guy was amazing.
  • DaDamuse
    DaDamuse 3 года назад @ruanpingshan who is he though??
  • ruanpingshan
    ruanpingshan 3 года назад @DaDamuse Beats me.
  • 6reps
    6reps 3 года назад @ruanpingshan Yann Frisch
  • Serenitarr Idgt
    Serenitarr Idgt 3 года назад The second one is funny
  • XouZ
    XouZ 3 года назад @ruanpingshan Yeah but you can basically see how he does most of the tricks though.
  • Buildin_N_Preppin
    Buildin_N_Preppin 3 года назад Imagine him playing fetch with his dog how good he would be at faking the dog out. Lmao
  • Jim Shayna
    Jim Shayna 3 года назад +XouZ how he does.. he intend to . entertain and show the reveal of magic. its a magic you can buy in magic store. so theres no worry about revealing
  • Jim Shayna
    Jim Shayna 3 года назад +XouZ how he does.. he intend to . entertain and show the reveal of magic. its a magic you can buy in magic store. so theres no worry about revealing
  • XouZ
    XouZ 3 года назад (изменено) +Jim Shayna I didn't say anything else
  • Bill Sharpe
    Bill Sharpe 4 года назад good video but you should credit your sources in your description :)
  • Pokemonmaster 888
    Pokemonmaster 888 4 года назад I agree it was a good video but you should do the same thing
  • Lawrence Chalifoux
    Lawrence Chalifoux 4 года назад Lion king
  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 года назад So why is the thumbnail Mac King when he's nowhere in this video?
  • sumsh!t
    sumsh!t 4 года назад Who's the second guy ? with the tomatoes ! he's freaking good with his hands, the movements are amazing and so accurate, it's perfect, i've never seen something quite like that in magic before
  • o3t0r1ya
    o3t0r1ya 3 года назад if you put it at .25 you can kinda tell how he's doing it. he keeps it all under his table
  • o3t0r1ya
    o3t0r1ya 3 года назад he's really good with the sleight of hand and misdirections
  • Imaltont
    Imaltont 3 года назад @iGeriya Yann Frisch, the current world champion of close up magic (with this act, I believe)
  • Super Koi
    Super Koi 3 года назад @o3t0r1ya he is pretty good i went back a couple of times and you can see when he puts the extra two... just have to watch his right hand :P
  • Max Flanagan
    Max Flanagan 3 года назад @iGeriya I was going to ask this myself, I'm glad someone else did. Myself, I really like his act even more than the sleight of hand he's doing, I think it's a really, really cool idea how he portrays himself as this nervous, kind of crazy person. It's like he's pretending to be crazy and giving the audience a view into that world. I feel like it's comedic but also creepy in a dark way, and that's what really gets me about it. Just had to share that!
  • scottecooke
    scottecooke 3 года назад +iGeriya I think it is Harry Potter. He has gone off the rails a bit now that schools finished and Vodemorts dead. He can now only use his magic to impress us muggles.
  • max mathias
    max mathias 3 года назад Magic man: uhhh I'm stupid😻 Me: um okay
  • The Mazzacre
    The Mazzacre 3 года назад the first guy is like listening to sheldon cooper doing magic tricks
  • Nhật Nguyễn
    Nhật Nguyễn 3 года назад 5:00 minutes  0.5 speed will find tips
  • SKateForLife
    SKateForLife 3 года назад he said HOODINI !!!!
  • Ansem
    Ansem 3 года назад 21:00 such an obvious trick
  • Amaterxsu
    Amaterxsu 3 года назад i see what u deed there 6:55
  • emerson5500
    emerson5500 3 года назад names please
  • Felicia Allen
    Felicia Allen 3 года назад at 10 40 did I his finger really fall off
  • DKN_ Ch0c
    DKN_ Ch0c 3 года назад Dum magic guy
  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim 3 года назад the first one I legit died xD
    WINCHESTER OMAR 2 года назад that guy norman made my day
  • matt matt
    matt matt 2 года назад Dhydhdhh
  • Jonathan Lavigne
    Jonathan Lavigne 4 года назад (изменено) 1:46 why hasn't this been patched yet?
  • The Jols
    The Jols 3 года назад This is great. I do comedy magic too.