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Disney Cars: Collector's Guide: Episode 10-The Most Important Luigi and Guido Diecasts!

Published on Mar 15, 2019 281 views

  • Robin tales fighter
    Robin tales fighter Неделю назад Nice! I hope you can find your cars 2 race team Guido soon
  • Beadlesr
    Beadlesr 2 месяца назад Nice guide! My original Ferrari fan Luigi has also lost his flags.
  • Little Kaspar
    Little Kaspar 2 месяца назад I'm so excited for my Mrs The King
  • TostyKresth87 Productions
    TostyKresth87 Productions 2 месяца назад :)
  • J.D. Studios
    J.D. Studios 2 месяца назад Cool video! I have all the Luigi & Guido variants in this video EXCEPT for Ferrari Fan Luigi and Guido. Would you happen to know someplace online where I could get them for a relatively low price? Thanks! :)
  • T Toy Reviews Ty
    T Toy Reviews Ty 2 месяца назад I'll try to find a good price for you.
  • J.D. Studios
    J.D. Studios 2 месяца назад Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! You're a great collector! :D