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Everest vs Fortuner vs MU-X vs Pajero Sport vs Rexton 2019 comparison review

Published on Feb 14, 2019 176,993 views

We've assembled five intriguing off-road SUVs to see how each stacks up at a certain price point. They are the Ford Everest Ambiente, Isuzu MU-X LS-M, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exceed, Toyota Fortuner GXL and SsangYong Rexton Ultimate.

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  • M AS
    M AS 1 месяц назад Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Best 👍👌👍
  • OZ Outdorz
    OZ Outdorz 1 месяц назад Except shame about those tail lights. And the MUX chunky grill. Can't win.
  • Darger Cage
    Darger Cage Неделю назад OZ Outdoorz the pajero is currently being tested in sweden and the spy pics make it visible that they have made some...changes to the taillights for sure. I believe its Mid Cycle refresh , would take out those crying taillights. But you can use taillight covers anyways.
  • captain pancho
    captain pancho 1 день назад Not gonna pay another $10k to connect to my phone. That's redic.
  • Nathan LIU
    Nathan LIU 1 день назад Can you guys make a review of LDV D90 ? Wondering what’s different among those SUVs.
  • Potato Farmer
    Potato Farmer 1 день назад Been an owner of toyota fortuner for almost 12 years now. Put up 200k km on in and still running very smooth.
  • Nathan LIU
    Nathan LIU 1 день назад Can you guys make LDV D90 review? wondering what‘s different among those SUVs
  • noodlefoo
    noodlefoo 1 месяц назад At that similar price range, the others just can't beat the Pajero Sport. The Everest will compete if it is in Titanium trim, but that one will cost another $20K O.o
  • CarsGuide
    CarsGuide 1 месяц назад Pretty much exactly what we thought! Cheers Matt Campbell
  • mixalis
    mixalis 3 недели назад just looks weird from behind !
  • leonard
    leonard 12 часов назад How much pajero in philippines
  • NJS Instructional
    NJS Instructional 1 месяц назад (изменено) Nice review. I was considering the Fortuner but got a MU-X instead and glad I did. Have had zero problems and nearly done 60k of driving. However, I believe, the off road review was not realistic. Each car seemed to be tested in 4H (except the Everest?). The MU-X in 4H still engages the ESC, engine traction control (ETC) and brake traction control (BTC). In 4L however, it turns off the ESC and ETC, letting the BTC do its job. Its similar for the Fortuner which has a superior 4L BTC system compared to all the other vehicles in its class. For off road, the Fortuner is the pick, hands down (yes, even coming from an MU-X owner). I've been off road with the Everest and my MU-X in the VIC high country, where the Everest struggled on a steep hill incline even with all its off road tech and diff lock, the MU-X walked straight up with no problems...
  • CarsGuide
    CarsGuide 1 месяц назад You're right - all were tested in 4H, but the Everest has permanent AWD so it's in a sort of 4H mode anyway. We found the high speed driving on dirt was the MU-X's high point among these models, where the Fortuner was pretty good in the more hardcore stuff, as you'd expect. Cheers Matt
  • AkAk Ak
    AkAk Ak 1 месяц назад Great choiced.
  • sauberbeast
    sauberbeast 3 недели назад Can't agree about the fortunner being good off-road..the suspension is TERRIBLE on gravel and corrugations .. not sure how Toyota messed it up that bad.
  • garry sandhu
    garry sandhu 2 недели назад (изменено) Driving pajero sport from last 3 years. affordable,reliable,comfortable,great mileage,best on off road .people talk about rear design but i love it its modern new unique something different stand out.
  • Paul פול
    Paul פול 1 месяц назад Love Ford Endeavor Everest 😍🔥🔥🔥
  • Michael Quiñones
    Michael Quiñones 1 месяц назад Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is the best in this price range.
  • Arnell Del Moral
    Arnell Del Moral 3 недели назад The most comfortable ride is Mitsubishi Pajero with a powerful 181 ps engine. The best in its class. I can speak because I have one.
  • abe cede
    abe cede 1 месяц назад I'll take the MU-X for great durability!
  • AkAk Ak
    AkAk Ak 1 месяц назад abe cede Mux is a great choice, realible,durable and very practical
  • Siquan Wu
    Siquan Wu 1 месяц назад Go Pajero Sport. Generally very good review just annoying when constantly saying “go to our website to read the full review” for various results like fuel consumption and NCAP. How hard is it to simply speak out the results in the video?
  • CarsGuide
    CarsGuide 1 месяц назад We didn't want to make it half an hour long - 20 minutes is beyond most people's attention spans, but it's great feedback! Cheers Matt
  • Suren Mohandoss
    Suren Mohandoss 1 месяц назад They displayed the fuel consumption though.
  • Raymond Morgan
    Raymond Morgan Неделю назад You coulda bought the best mu-x in same price range as others and offers a lot more then the one you used bit unfair . I am a bit bias I have a d max LS-Terrian lol
  • Eric Kithaka
    Eric Kithaka 6 дней назад still getting the fortuner. perfect car for hakunamatataville!
  • Alex Aguilar
    Alex Aguilar 3 дня назад And the ford everest titanium 3.2
  • Alex Frankl
    Alex Frankl 1 месяц назад MU-X all the way for reliability , Pajero for tech .
  • James Tebbatt
    James Tebbatt 1 месяц назад The reviewers have no idea how to drive off road. Firstly let the traction control do its thing by selecting low range to be able to override the braking. Also the fortuner has a rear diff lock as does the Pajero sport which if used would see 0 wheel spin off road in a cross flexed situation. Amateurs
  • CarsGuide
    CarsGuide 1 месяц назад The point was to see how each behaved in 4H.
  • James Tebbatt
    James Tebbatt 1 месяц назад CarsGuide but you then comment how good they are off-road by only using them in 4h... clearly the ones with factory rear diff locks will be better. Fortuner even in the poverty pack Gx has a standard rear difflock. Did you even lock the centre diff in the Pajero sport?
  • Adrian W1888
    Adrian W1888 3 дня назад (изменено) #FordPower Everest 4x4 the best SUV all around the world.