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Everest vs Fortuner vs MU-X vs Pajero Sport vs Rexton 2019 comparison review

Published on Feb 14, 2019 329,766 views

We've assembled five intriguing off-road SUVs to see how each stacks up at a certain price point. They are the Ford Everest Ambiente, Isuzu MU-X LS-M, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exceed, Toyota Fortuner GXL and SsangYong Rexton Ultimate.

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  • Allwin p.mathew
    Allwin p.mathew 2 месяца назад i will go with MUX for better reliability , value and a good offroader.
  • Dangerfield
    Dangerfield 13 минут назад If the Everest Ambiente is second, it's definitely the Everest Titanium that I'm gonna buy because it's the best!
  • Benny Banger
    Benny Banger 2 месяца назад If they give you apple car play or android auto, why the fock do you need an expensive to maintain, locked in, generally dated and pathetic sat nav??
  • kevin antony
    kevin antony 1 день назад Budget? Lol we call it premium suvs
  • Der Rox
    Der Rox 2 дня назад You will not believe but the sanggyong rexton is a good SUV, spacious inside. But, i will go with MUX all the way, built to last.
  • MegaScott
    MegaScott 2 месяца назад I like the Pajero Sport, though I'm not a fan of the Engine Noise, the New Everest Titanium+ (here in Thailand) with the 2.0ltr Bi-Turbo has even more power, yet is even quieter than the 5cyl 3.2ltr. diesel. I picked the Everest, because comfort and lack of Engine noise are important, plus I like the Everest's totally flat floor when all of the back seats are folded down, something your review did not cover. Over all, a pretty honest review though. nice job.
  • Delicatus Limited
    Delicatus Limited 9 часов назад Pajiro ?! what a joke, resolve reliability firs please.
  • M 30
    M 30 3 месяца назад (изменено) Pajero sport is my dream car and i hope one day I can buy the car👏
  • R Soul
    R Soul 3 месяца назад You guys deserve a medal for bravery for attempting to film a Richard Berry in the back seat of a motor vehicle, I hope all necessary precautions were taken to avoid any, incidents.....
  • Jose Miguel
    Jose Miguel 3 месяца назад Pajero sport definitely...!!!
  • Limusi
    Limusi 4 дня назад Isuzu Mux the best Durability
  • Awesome Marvin Tan
    Awesome Marvin Tan 2 месяца назад Pajero Sport for the win!
  • Kanatipz
    Kanatipz 1 месяц назад Thai specs Mu-x is going to get 6 airbags soon but now they got 3
  • Munish Nadan
    Munish Nadan 2 месяца назад (изменено) Everest is the best by far. In Ambiente you lose a bit of value but i negotiated the trend (mid spec) down to $56k brand new. So if it was that Spec, it would be a different story by a margin. You get what you pay for 👍 My girlfriend has the pajero sport exceed and after driving my Everest i cant live with her car. The turbo lag, speakers, wierd anchorage points and cabin space is awful (for a 6 foot bloke). The leather trim is however nice. Even though she is short and doesnt struggle for space in the driver seat, she prefers to drive my Everest and calls it the beast. Good review by the way!
    MONDALE D 2 месяца назад I own a pajero sport and I’m Lovin it!!!
  • NJS Instructional
    NJS Instructional 3 месяца назад (изменено) Nice review. I was considering the Fortuner but got a MU-X instead and glad I did. Have had zero problems and nearly done 60k of driving. However, I believe, the off road review was not realistic. Each car seemed to be tested in 4H (except the Everest?). The MU-X in 4H still engages the ESC, engine traction control (ETC) and brake traction control (BTC). In 4L however, it turns off the ESC and ETC, letting the BTC do its job. Its similar for the Fortuner which has a superior 4L BTC system compared to all the other vehicles in its class. For off road, the Fortuner is the pick, hands down (yes, even coming from an MU-X owner). I've been off road with the Everest and my MU-X in the VIC high country, where the Everest struggled on a steep hill incline even with all its off road tech and diff lock, the MU-X walked straight up with no problems...
  • CarsGuide
    CarsGuide 3 месяца назад You're right - all were tested in 4H, but the Everest has permanent AWD so it's in a sort of 4H mode anyway. We found the high speed driving on dirt was the MU-X's high point among these models, where the Fortuner was pretty good in the more hardcore stuff, as you'd expect. Cheers Matt
  • AkAk Ak
    AkAk Ak 3 месяца назад Great choiced.
  • sauberbeast
    sauberbeast 2 месяца назад Can't agree about the fortunner being good off-road..the suspension is TERRIBLE on gravel and corrugations .. not sure how Toyota messed it up that bad.
  • maverick351
    maverick351 3 недели назад (изменено) go put your bum in a pajero sport and take it off road. after the wifey and i went around and tested all these one by one, we found the sport to be the best.....and as for off road, the sport beats all the others hands down. did you know that the gls and exceed models both have a rear diff lock too??.....nothing was said about the sport's super select II 4wd is a true 4wd suv in that it has a proper low range. you can also switch between 2H and 4H on the go without having to stop, great for sudden wet conditions.
  • salutetojohnlennon
    salutetojohnlennon 3 недели назад This guy never tried the pajero sports.
  • Capitán Rastrero
    Capitán Rastrero 1 месяц назад When it comes to off-roaders you cant beat Mitsu. I'm disappointed in the Toyotas performance on this one
    DARK SIDE 1 месяц назад i’m gonna buy ssangyong 😉 looks different, i have ssangyong tivoli already but i like the rexton,
  • declan coogan
    declan coogan 1 месяц назад My 2000 plate shogun sport cost me 1k, Can't fault it at all. 1/40 the price of these cars.. I can but 40 of mine for one of yours...
  • dikacangin
    dikacangin 3 месяца назад king off road pajero sport