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NEW PROJECT CAR! Can We Save This Old M3 From the Scrap Yard?

Published on Jul 18, 2018 723,225 views


SEASON 1: Grip vs Drift

Welcome to Knuckle Busters: the show where we take our builds to the next level by involving actual experts. In this episode, we introduce you to our new just-missed-the-junkyard BMW e36 M3 project car, and the engine that’s going to save it. Danger Dan tells us why we chose to go V8 over the stock lump. And Vin takes a trip to Edelbrock USA to start the engine build - and learns all about camshaft science in the process.

Brought to you by Edelbrock USA.

52LB Compact Style Fuel Injectors - (Part number: 15907)
Cross-Ram Intake Manifold (Black) - (Part number: 71413)
Fuel Rails for Cross Ram Intake Manifold - (Part number: 3654)
Hydraulic Roller Camshaft (.631" lift, 114-degree lobe separation - Part number: 2219)
E-CNC LS3 Heads - (Part number: 61319)
Two-Piece aluminum timing cover - (Part number: 4254)
Two-Piece Water Pump - (Part number: 8896)
Billet Water Pump Pulley - (Part number: 8898)
RPM-Link Timing chain set - (Part number: 7343)
Ford 289-302 Pushrod 7.700" - (Part number: 9659)

Factory GM Crankshaft (Part number: 12588614)
SDPC Racechop - LS1 346 Piston Quick Kit. (Part number: SD3461KP2)

Set of LS1 SCAT H-Beam Rods (Part number: 66100945)

E36 LS1 - Complete Stage 0 Kit
E36 LS1 - Drop In Fuel Pump Kit

Axle Rebuild - The Driveshaft Shop -

Music by:

Driver - Chuki Beats
Instrumental produced by Chuki

Sale - Chuki Beats
Instrumental produced by Chuki

Power Trip - Ryan Little

Cruise - Ryan Little

Scorpion - Chuki Beats
Instrumental produced by Chuki

  • Eric Markstrum
    Eric Markstrum 10 месяцев назад How did it take this long for a build show that goes into the details without treating it's audience like idiots?! Thanks Hoonigans for treating us like adults on the internet before scumbagging us at the yard.
  • Patrick Hession
    Patrick Hession 10 месяцев назад Haha yeah, not gonna lie it's a little frustrating to hear shows on TV (or on the internet) say things like: "Alright now, we're gonna make this thing go fAaAast." And then showing stylish jump cuts of various things lol.
  • Corey 01
    Corey 01 10 месяцев назад Patrick Hession yea at least this shit detailed
    AYYY LMAO 10 месяцев назад Eric Markstrum next episode we gonna learn shapes
    RENALDAS 10 месяцев назад shots at Donut? huh lol
  • Eric Markstrum
    Eric Markstrum 10 месяцев назад Sometimes you forget the difference between an icosahedron and a dodecahedron, gotta keep the basics fresh.
  • Eric Markstrum
    Eric Markstrum 10 месяцев назад Thanks Hoonigans, now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside like I got an internet hug from Hert.
  • RGHTBrainDesign
    RGHTBrainDesign 10 месяцев назад Perfectly said. Thanks guys for finally producing a bit of professionalism into the main shop footage. Nice work!
  • Eric P
    Eric P 8 месяцев назад totally.. I'm tired of shows going to deep or too shallow into things
  • sjpro1
    sjpro1 4 недели назад Check out hotrod garage and roadkill garage as well!
  • Precursor
    Precursor 4 дня назад speak for yourself because i am a idiot to engine mechanics, much love.
  • Sin Fault
    Sin Fault 10 месяцев назад this is better than 70% of high budget TV shows..
  • Dan Oleary
    Dan Oleary 10 месяцев назад 3than 07 i couldnt have said it better! Its because its not fake like most of everything else nowadays.
  • Slayo710
    Slayo710 10 месяцев назад Better than roadkill, because it's actually on YouTube. And free to watch
  • Giselle Garcia
    Giselle Garcia 10 месяцев назад Roadkill is free to watch lmao the only thing you gain paying for MTOD is being able to see the following months episode faster, along with other shows.
  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 10 месяцев назад 3than 07 honestly man, the quality is amazing and it’s super fun to watch
  • you cant leave this empty
    you cant leave this empty 10 месяцев назад Slayo710 Hoonigan vs Roadkill build off a la their MCM build off would be awesome
  • rizZzo88
    rizZzo88 10 месяцев назад im a die hard roadkill fan but tbh it'd be better if they did MCM vs hoonigan. MCM made roadkill look lazy as fuck during that crossover and MCM covers a lot of the same type of automotive stuff that hoonigan does. i dont wanna see another crossover of hoonigan doing something cool and roadkill shoving a v8 in some random POS they had lying around.
  • Scittles McGriddles
    Scittles McGriddles 10 месяцев назад Giselle Garcia actually they re lock the episodes after a month so no they're not free anymore
  • Giselle Garcia
    Giselle Garcia 10 месяцев назад Wesley Green i wouldnt know, some of us aren't too cheap to pay 4 dollars a month.
  • Scittles McGriddles
    Scittles McGriddles 10 месяцев назад Giselle Garcia congrats
  • T-Man KI5BEZ
    T-Man KI5BEZ 10 месяцев назад I've been saying that since day one dude!!
  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans 10 месяцев назад Giselle Garcia actually it's not.. they've moved entirely to their subscription based channel. Motor trend TV.
  • Telaras
    Telaras 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Tyler Evans actually yes...yes it is. Yoy can download the mtod app and watch the "latest" roadkill episodes with a month of delay compared to the subscribers. Also you can only watch only the latest episode of the current season. Every other episode of that season is locked. Well,better than nothing i guess.
  • Arthell Strobles
    Arthell Strobles 10 месяцев назад Preach
  • Zackary Hable
    Zackary Hable 10 месяцев назад Facts
  • Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke 10 месяцев назад Every one LS swaps and it's gay. You should do something like a jz1
  • Always be Smart
    Always be Smart 10 месяцев назад Na not really it's so scripted..
  • Marshall Lacquement
    Marshall Lacquement 10 месяцев назад This is absolutely the coolest series they have done I'm so crazy excited to see the rest of this car go together.
  • Neal M
    Neal M 3 недели назад this is a high budget tv show though
  • Clay Franche
    Clay Franche 10 месяцев назад Man I missed danger Dan, good to see him again. Especially in a segment where he can showcase his pretty awesome skills and knowledge. Keep the send going Dan.
  • Craig Stapleford
    Craig Stapleford 10 месяцев назад Why buy an m3 if you change the motor....just buy an Msport.
  • Craig Stapleford
    Craig Stapleford 10 месяцев назад That sounds snarky.....sorry just interested if the chassis is any different
  • Freddy Louie
    Freddy Louie 4 месяца назад @Craig Stapleford Its a little different, but not dramatically. Trailing arms, control arms and stuff are a bit different, subframe is reinforced on M cars, M cars have a sway bar, its mostly suspension and trim level stuff. The least dramatic non-M to M conversion.
  • SuperKalashnikov47
    SuperKalashnikov47 3 месяца назад Import a 3.2L s52 💁‍♂️ 321bhp 😏
  • James Greene
    James Greene 3 месяца назад careful with your 6 cyl. bimmers bruh. it's a bimmer NOT A MOTOR. 6 is great but 4 COULD be better. watch it m8
  • James Greene
    James Greene 3 месяца назад @SuperKalashnikov47 ^message me for a 4cyl that would change your mind about an s50/52/54
  • Lauri Ilves
    Lauri Ilves 2 месяца назад @SuperKalashnikov47 the engine they had there was a 3.2L S52 (240bhp) Euro S50 evo has 321bhp
  • ironman tooltime
    ironman tooltime 2 месяца назад M3 presumably has the mdiff
  • Per Erik Wennberg
    Per Erik Wennberg 1 месяц назад Yes!.. this is stupid!!
  • mahunik
    mahunik 1 месяц назад @Lauri Ilves In the United States the S50b30 was in the 1995 M3s. then in 1996-1999 they had the S52b32. However in europe they had the S50b32 which was much more powerful than both US motors. So technically the S50 was in the US but not the same exact S50 as the one in europe.
  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion 2 месяца назад Hoonigan: Chooses LS1 over S50 Me: Laughs in European
  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T 2 месяца назад True
  • Apostol ZD
    Apostol ZD 1 месяц назад I was like: Why would they do that, it makes 286/321 hp, that's not too bad? And then I was like: Oh, they are from USA, they got that shitty anemic 240 hp engine lel
  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T 1 месяц назад @Apostol ZD I think they can import euro M3 engines though. Since they're so smart to import RB's from all over the world, why wouldn't they do the same with a legit M3 6 lol
  • Apostol ZD
    Apostol ZD 1 месяц назад @Nicolas T M3 engine is not cheap, even in Europe, and it is not easy to find too. So it is understandable why they go the LS route. Cheaper and great engine. I prefer to see an euro engine in an euro car, but everyone has their own reasons and opinion. And that's okay. Just pull that US M3 engine out, nobody likes that xD
  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T 1 месяц назад @Apostol ZD I understand, even the basic e36 325i that was sold here in Argentina had 190HP, 240 for the american M3 wasn't too far.
    KPLLC KPLLC 1 месяц назад @Nicolas T That's why no one likes the E36 M3 here. It's too close to just a regular e36.
  • Fastlane racing co.
    Fastlane racing co. 1 месяц назад (изменено) Let's face it the only reason they choose the ls1 is because this series was sponsored by edelbrock. I know I would have picked the s50 all day even if it's expensive. S50 with a cross plane cam sounds godly. It makes great power with basic engine mods and with force induction it would make some great power.
  • Dan Kz
    Dan Kz Неделю назад lol yesa, but i guess idk they can turbo it to 1000hp
  • Dan Kz
    Dan Kz Неделю назад @Apostol ZD 280hp and they can put supercharger it make at least 400hp plus chip tuning 420hp at lest form 3 littre
  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion Неделю назад @Dan Kz What was their target power again?
  • Dan Kz
    Dan Kz Неделю назад @Nikoxion idk, mb just na engine
  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion Неделю назад @Dan Kz ...same as the LS? Or was the point that the LS can take boost stock better than the MB? Which seems to be true.
  • Ben Cork
    Ben Cork 10 месяцев назад YES! Dan's back building sweet shit
  • HillClimb Monsters
    HillClimb Monsters 10 месяцев назад How much your content keeps improving and how it really is directed to true Petrolheads is something we can only be thankful for. Bravo TheHoonigans :)
  • Steve Potter
    Steve Potter 10 месяцев назад HillClimb Monsters amen to that! They do touch on the basics, but for real hardcore car guys, this is getting good. I've been a tech for over 15 years, and it's nice when I get to learn something as well! Good work boys
    AYYY LMAO 10 месяцев назад HillClimb Monsters love your content
  • Casey Gray
    Casey Gray 10 месяцев назад Check my latest video man I put a lot of time into the edit as well. Really put my heart into it, trying to spread it around to other car guys like us<3
    THE KEKRONOMICON 2 месяца назад I wanted to see a BMW build not an LS build
  • Dan Kz
    Dan Kz Неделю назад i agree with u bro there ton of ls swaps and 1000hp, but nobody in usa made a turbo with s50 u need just to put right pistons and carnshafts
  • Dan Kz
    Dan Kz Неделю назад but i would like to see ls2 supercharger in it and how it sounds
  • Paul-Harold Perry
    Paul-Harold Perry 10 месяцев назад Guys! You smashed this production and post-production. Loving the Knuckle Busters Branding. Cant wait for the next episode <3
  • Kevski802
    Kevski802 10 месяцев назад This feels similar to Top Gear when it started... and we know how that turned out. Awesome dudes, sick platform, great production, this is gonna be epic. Keep it up
  • sssneaky
    sssneaky 10 месяцев назад This is nothing like Top Gear.... Jeremy would have fallen asleep when that old dude started talking about cam shafts.
  • Kevski802
    Kevski802 10 месяцев назад sssneaky aye haha that's why it's better! When you watch old eps of TG you can see what sent it in the direction it went, this has that same feeling, going somewhere ya know? I'm excited
  • Kamron Volpe
    Kamron Volpe 10 месяцев назад Hands down the best automotive channel on YouTube
  • Christoffer Knudsen
    Christoffer Knudsen 10 месяцев назад agreed
  • Rafael Pozzan
    Rafael Pozzan 10 месяцев назад Fuck yeah it is, MT fucked up leaving... Roadkill was up there with Hoonigans as YT car royalty
  • Double Clutch
    Double Clutch 10 месяцев назад Have you even watched Speed Academy?
  • Grumpy Bunny
    Grumpy Bunny 10 месяцев назад I'm guessing you've not seen MCM or Skid Factory from the MCM's secondary channel?
  • full pull
    full pull 10 месяцев назад Skid factory with Yoda is top notch
  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering 10 месяцев назад Yeah, filling in the void left by Motortrend vacating their place at YouTube. I still say that was a dumb move on their part.
  • Dave Hill
    Dave Hill 10 месяцев назад Best american. Look up MCM!
  • Kamron Volpe
    Kamron Volpe 10 месяцев назад MCM is a close second but that’s just my opinion. I’m sure others would think otherwise
  • Ryan Little
    Ryan Little 10 месяцев назад Oh snap! My songs "Power Trip" and "Cruise" were used in this video! So dope! Much love to Hoonigan!
  • Ryan Little
    Ryan Little 10 месяцев назад Sidenote: how many likes would it take for you to follow me on Instagram? lol
    SMN BOYO 10 месяцев назад I suggest u edit the insta comment on your main comment.. Else no one will see it... But on another note.. Get 300 likes ill follow
  • Steve Potter
    Steve Potter 10 месяцев назад SMN BOYO and why would he want your follow? Not saying you're not cool, but you're not Hoonigan on the follow list either.
    EXTREME SCALE PERFORMANCE RC 10 месяцев назад Ryan Little Wow Ryan Little! I have been using your music for a long time now man. Cool to see you in the comments. Small world lol!
  • sam
    sam 3 месяца назад Fear God is awesome! Subbed
  • CombatCactus
    CombatCactus 10 месяцев назад The production value of this is top notch. I'm super excited to see more!
  • Casey Gray
    Casey Gray 10 месяцев назад Check my latest video man, I’m jus starting out but really put my heart into the editing. Just trying to spread more dope car shit to my fellow car dudes
  • crazycamkalani
    crazycamkalani 10 месяцев назад Well the hoonigans grew up in the best way possible lol
  • J. Harker83
    J. Harker83 10 месяцев назад Not to shabby I'll pick this over motor trend
  • N E G R U J
    N E G R U J 10 месяцев назад Hoonigan starting to look professional now , well done guys.
  • SLVR
    SLVR 10 месяцев назад lets hope they stay true and don't sell out like roadkill and motortrend.
  • eddie wap
    eddie wap 10 месяцев назад Not even
  • Patrick McCumiskey
    Patrick McCumiskey 2 месяца назад stopped watching as soon as you took that M3 motor out
    SAMMIT 10 месяцев назад Man, I love how you are shooting this! Good job guys! It really feels like you're trying to fill the void motor trend on demand has left us with.
  • Dylan J.
    Dylan J. 5 месяцев назад SAMMIT right?!? dude we’re heading towards a Great Depression simply because of car manufacturers and the stupidity of the public.
  • Adam Frank
    Adam Frank 10 месяцев назад I am so impressed with this channel lately, I have now started watching almost every single episode since you guys have made the organization of seasons. Keep it up!!!
  • Patrick Hession
    Patrick Hession 10 месяцев назад Yeah no kidding. I really dig this new format, good stuff guys. Can't wait to see where this build goes.