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2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Review | One Year of Ownership

Published on Apr 22, 2019 26,901 views

I've had my '18 Camaro ZL1 for a year now, and in honor of the one year anniversary of ownership and of having a YouTube channel, I did a review of the car.

  • Dylan K
    Dylan K 2 месяца назад I'd def be down for more car stuff in the future
  • amer deen
    amer deen 1 месяц назад The people with great car knowledge don’t get the proper recognition. I already like your channel
  • Big D
    Big D 2 месяца назад I love the car ✊I have the nightfall gray metallic 2018 Camaro SS. I have done a paint correction and ceramic coating myself. I get so many compliments about the shine and color. I love the blue and I also have a sunroof it came with it.I blacked out the car with the smoked taillights and emblems. I enjoy the car and I’m glad you are enjoying it as well.Thanks for the time and effort you put into the video ✊
  • Manjot Singh Toor
    Manjot Singh Toor 1 месяц назад @J2 J yeah that's true, even the guys who corrected my car's paint told me Chevy uses really cheap pain for the Camaros. They said the trucks are a different story but the Camaros for some reason have cheap paint. Honestly man I know it's gonna be expensive but it is worth it. U will always turn around and adore ur car no matter where u go just because of how good the paint is. And the orange peeling doesn't start right away it's mainly due to a lot of car washing and not using the right soap. But there are many more problems with the paint. For example the clear coat takes minor scratches easily. A rock chip can strip the paint through primer all the way down to metal. And many more. So if you can go for it, if not then wash the car ur self and polish it once a month at least.
  • J2 J
    J2 J 1 месяц назад @Manjot Singh Toor Either one of u But Big D said he had a paint correction done I heard alot of chevys have the peeling problem Iam going to look at a 19 zl1 Tuesday and defiantly want to fix the paint before it's a problem
  • Manjot Singh Toor
    Manjot Singh Toor 1 месяц назад @J2 J if u r asking me, no I got a ceramic coating first thing when I bought the car.
  • J2 J
    J2 J 1 месяц назад Did U have the orange peeling like he did And if so how'd u correct it
  • Manjot Singh Toor
    Manjot Singh Toor 1 месяц назад Yeah I have a black Camaro I did the same. Even on its dirtiest days or looks shiny!!! It's a must have. Especially on Camaros
  • James
    James 2 месяца назад I love the color! The zl1 has been my dream car for a while now. From what I remember, it has 11 intercoolers/heat exchangers that keep that engine from overheating
  • Arl Luvn
    Arl Luvn 3 недели назад I’m in the market for a ZL1 and this has been the best review I’ve seen on the car, you went in to detail on the transmission on things that I didn’t know about because I didn’t get that from other YouTube reviews
  • C.W. Lemoine
    C.W. Lemoine 3 недели назад Get it! You'll love the car!
  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 2 месяца назад My wife’s daily driver is a 2017 Camaro RS convertible, 6 speed manual. Same color blue as yours, I thinks it’s called Hyper Blue Metallic. I love that car. She loves it too.
  • Chad Kentile
    Chad Kentile Неделю назад @George A it's still a 300+ HP car.
  • George A
    George A 1 месяц назад T U all I gotta say is it’s cute
  • George A
    George A 1 месяц назад Steven C v6 Lol impala engine
  • Steven C
    Steven C 1 месяц назад George A why bash on the RS? it costs less to buy, less money on gas, insurance, and maintenance, looks great, it’s a ton of fun to drive, and it’s probably faster than whatever you drive lol
  • T U
    T U 1 месяц назад George A calm down little fella. It’s his wife’s car. No one with a functioning cares is a female drives a V8 or not.
  • George A
    George A 1 месяц назад Chris Thompson except you forgot to say it has no balls
  • Steve Garrett
    Steve Garrett 1 месяц назад also this car and the corvette Zo6 were tested by randy pobst known for setting the quick times with street cars and noted road course racer, your car is faster than any corvette on the track. it was also faster on the nurbering, the reason was exactly like you said, it puts the power to the ground better than the corvette does,
  • NolefanX 07
    NolefanX 07 3 недели назад Great update and review and I love the car. Being the only one that has mentioned the paint as an issue have you had any further issues or tried any corrections to the paint job? Also have you had any protective film kits installed ? Thanks
  • Tom Gill Chevrolet
    Tom Gill Chevrolet 2 месяца назад Always rewarding to hear reviews from actual owners rather than journalists. Thanks for sharing!
  • Kei lylmm
    Kei lylmm 2 месяца назад I have a 07 Z06 6spd. It's all stock I just put a K&N air filter box with Billy boat cat back system. I bought it brand new in 07 I'll never sell it it's my summer toy. I have 23,000 miles on it.
  • iam JL
    iam JL 2 недели назад This just earned you a new subscriber 💯
  • Andrew Hawkins
    Andrew Hawkins 1 месяц назад Bad ass dude...def trading in my 14 for a 18 or 19 zl1
  • Determined Veteran
    Determined Veteran 1 месяц назад (изменено) Totally agree with everything you say I own a summit white version and to combat the paint defects I have it color corrected and fully xpel’d... you’ve earned a new sub thank you for your service!
  • Kevin Crockett
    Kevin Crockett 1 месяц назад How much for the full xpel?
  • gjtt
    gjtt 1 месяц назад I had the same process prior to getting a 2019 ZL1 as far as the transmission. All my other performance cars are 6-speeds, but after test driving the 10-speed I was sold easily and have no regrets. It's mated perfectly to the car with it's torque/power band and shifts remarkably fast. It's also very smart and intuitive in that it will stay in gear to redline when driving hard and also downshift gears perfectly depending how hard you whomp on the throttle = "Performance shift activated". It's the faster of the transmissions and isn't even offered in the Corvette which is a big deal as the Z06 is 30k more with the same engine.
  • SamGSD
    SamGSD 2 месяца назад I enjoyed the video. I have a 6speed 2017 ZL1. You can customize the exhaust setting such that the exhaust is on the sport mode when you drive in touring mode. You can do the same with the steering setting as well.
  • Cop Flyer
    Cop Flyer 2 месяца назад Sharp looking car Mover. Looks like it’s going a buck and a half standing still. The video at the Nola track really showed what it could do. I’ve always been a manual shift fan in the 3 corvettes I’ve had over the years, and us cops (retired now) drive all day with one hand but I can see how it would be a distraction on a track shifting up and down. Hands at 10 and 2 with an automatic seems like the better alternative. Watch your six and always remember - “Complacency” kills cops. (Bill from Slidell).
  • terry boyer
    terry boyer 2 месяца назад Looks and sounds great but how's the cup holder situation?
  • You Already Know
    You Already Know 1 месяц назад Oakley141 yup...
  • Oakley141
    Oakley141 2 месяца назад This man is asking the real questions. If it can’t hold my 32 ounce Big Gulp, then it’s a no from me.
  • J2 J
    J2 J Неделю назад Good review man The paint I heard is because Chevy use a cheap water base paint But it is a chevy
  • Kari Fogt
    Kari Fogt 2 месяца назад What’s the Doug score though
  • BlessedMe11
    BlessedMe11 2 месяца назад Very nice, informative, detailed, expert review! I find this review interesting and extremely helpful. Thank you so much!