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Here's Why the Pagani Huayra Is Worth $3 Million

Published on Sep 19, 2018 4,673,574 views


The Pagani Huayra is one of the most thrilling, exciting cars in the world. Today I'm reviewing the Pagani Huayra to show you why the Huayra is so special and why Pagani is such an amazing brand.


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  • Dawit_K
    Dawit_K 10 месяцев назад I swear Doug has the richest viewers lol
  • Steven wang
    Steven wang 1 день назад Kebert Xela most rich people live close together in city centres. Most of the most expensive neighbourhoods are tightly packed. Country estates are not actually that expensive by comparison.
  • MCFish Nuggets
    MCFish Nuggets Неделю назад He needs to start a patreon 😂
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад @Ludagen no way, I have less than $20 in my bank account right now. 😉
  • Luke ALLEN
    Luke ALLEN 1 месяц назад Lol not me haha
  • Jake Meszaros
    Jake Meszaros 1 месяц назад I have 2 dollars in my bank yeah that is definitely not the case
  • Javen
    Javen 1 месяц назад @MAGGOT VOMIT r/nobodyasked
  • Arthur Kear
    Arthur Kear 1 месяц назад True lol
  • AB Studio
    AB Studio 1 месяц назад So what are u doing here?
  • Laurel Iloani
    Laurel Iloani 1 месяц назад 2.8M Are you kidding? He's😄
  • Doubting Thomas
    Doubting Thomas 1 месяц назад @Ray C. Swornaugh 18 mob guys
  • Richard Race
    Richard Race 2 месяца назад He is in the san diego area, i think
  • Faisal Faisal
    Faisal Faisal 2 месяца назад Thousandth like
  • wen1210us
    wen1210us 3 месяца назад James F 🇧🇿🇦🇸🏳️‍🌈🦁🙈
  • Jay Monay
    Jay Monay 3 месяца назад Kebert Xela that house looks amazing and probably on 8 acres with a 10 car garage
  • Justin Noker
    Justin Noker 3 месяца назад @Ludagen I'm willing to challenge ya on that.
  • Sheldon Julius
    Sheldon Julius 3 месяца назад I wonder if these people watch him review Toyotas and Kias
    BROJAK HORSEMALE 6 месяцев назад @Raymond Newbill I'm bad at math but great at sucking dicks
  • Raymond Newbill
    Raymond Newbill 6 месяцев назад @BROJAK HORSEMALE haahaha. Might wanna check your math on that buddy😂😂🤣
  • Crestfallen Plinth
    Crestfallen Plinth 10 месяцев назад That math tho....smh
  • John Churchill
    John Churchill 10 месяцев назад They watch his videos to decide on the next exotic car they want to buy
  • Kebert Xela
    Kebert Xela 10 месяцев назад Looks like a typical upper middle class neighborhood with close neighbors though. If you own a 3 million dollar car. You'd think your house would be at least 25 million and you wouldn't have any neighbors.
  • Ludagen
    Ludagen 10 месяцев назад James F :)
    BROJAK HORSEMALE 10 месяцев назад He has millions of viewers, even if only 0.01% of them are rich enough to afford stuff like this, that is still over 20,000 viewers.
  • Hamilton Dashcammer
    Hamilton Dashcammer 10 месяцев назад Tbh I'm a long time viewer and I drive an 89 Buick if that says anything
  • LeanLasagne
    LeanLasagne 10 месяцев назад im pretty sure post malone watches doug, i saw a tweet of post @'ing doug saying he liked his videos
  • James F
    James F 10 месяцев назад Pacifico i could definitely give you a run for that title
  • Sjors
    Sjors 10 месяцев назад Dawit kassaye You are so supreme
  • Ludagen
    Ludagen 10 месяцев назад I'm possibly the poorest one XD
  • Methamphetameme
    Methamphetameme 10 месяцев назад I actually own gold infused sugar I put in my coffee every morning.
  • dirtyhit187
    dirtyhit187 10 месяцев назад yep bunch of a car enthusiasts watch this channel so I would expect
    MAGGOT VOMIT 10 месяцев назад Yep and I found myself Sexually Attracted to that Garage Door.
  • shallwi
    shallwi 3 месяца назад Your ordinary lambo is like a prius compared to this
  • raulio81
    raulio81 3 дня назад But in ten years Lambo would still be lambo and Pagani would be some ugly fast geek car from 2000's . Also, Prius is more reliable than Pagani and Lambo together, it's the future of the cars because it goes on electric power and I'd rather own Ferrari then any Prius, Lambo or Pagani or whatever car. Why don't they make sports cars and luxury cars independently like in old good times.
  • Boosted
    Boosted 4 дня назад xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx but it isn’t a production car
  • bon bon
    bon bon Неделю назад Jacob Montgomery r/woooosh
  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 Неделю назад @Ulysse Boivin a water bucket is a .......................nevermind
  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
    xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx 2 недели назад Every car is a slow snail compared to Jesko and Venom F5...
  • Comic Copy
    Comic Copy 4 недели назад Ulysse Boivin a spare tire. No engine or anything, just a spare tire.
  • Ulysse Boivin
    Ulysse Boivin 4 недели назад shallwi So what is a Prius compared to this? A water bucket?
  • EL LUIS :v
    EL LUIS :v 4 недели назад The Lamborghini horse is the best car ever made
  • Jacob Montgomery
    Jacob Montgomery 1 месяц назад @Greed is Bad no duh..
  • Greed is Bad
    Greed is Bad 1 месяц назад @Scott Helwig your Bugatti is like your bugatti
  • Scott Helwig
    Scott Helwig 2 месяца назад Your Bugatti is like a ... well ... never mind.
  • CorruptedMashari
    CorruptedMashari 2 месяца назад ur ferrari laferrari is a bycicle compared to this beautiful baby.
  • Matthew Borell
    Matthew Borell 1 месяц назад Doug, the type of guy to explain a car key for 30 mins.
  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify 2 недели назад Doug, the type of guy to crash and die while staring at his key while driving
  • Marzan
    Marzan 3 недели назад 😂😂
  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard 3 недели назад Doug, the type of guy to spend 30 minutes on oval ashtrays and 5 minutes driving
  • Fandae 101
    Fandae 101 1 месяц назад My dad says he takes a lone time
  • Luke ALLEN
    Luke ALLEN 1 месяц назад Z 🤦‍♂️
  • Z
    Z 1 месяц назад Doug, the type of guy to masturbate all day long
  • Criminal Content
    Criminal Content 3 месяца назад Doug the type of guy to "Doug Score" his wife's performance in bed. Every time.
  • Scott Luther
    Scott Luther 3 недели назад lol, why do you assume he's straight?
  • Ryan VIncenec
    Ryan VIncenec 3 недели назад @J M The pitfalls of public figuredom hehe
  • J M
    J M 3 недели назад Why you gotta do my mans like this LOOOL
  • Ryan VIncenec
    Ryan VIncenec 1 месяц назад @Christopher Walker yes
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад @Ryan VIncenec German for 'no'?
  • Luke ALLEN
    Luke ALLEN 1 месяц назад sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd is that your name? It’s lovely
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад @Tom Schmidt HAHA! That's perfect. LOL the look on his face says he's giving her a 10 outta 10.
  • Ryan VIncenec
    Ryan VIncenec 1 месяц назад He tried anal one night and thought he was doing pretty good. She kept yelling "nein!" "Nein!"
  • Ricky Lowry
    Ricky Lowry 1 месяц назад Cool factor
  • Tom Schmidt
    Tom Schmidt 2 месяца назад Watch at 35:53 as Doug figures out her score. LOL
  • wolf gaming
    wolf gaming 2 месяца назад He goes overs the quirks and features and gives her a doug score LMAOOO
  • Kenni D Barsalobre
    Kenni D Barsalobre 2 месяца назад @Andrew Libby Lol HAHAHAHAHAHA
  • TheRealSamPreece
    TheRealSamPreece 2 месяца назад @sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd lmao the larry david of car reviewers
  • Dan Vasse
    Dan Vasse 2 месяца назад you are so sad!!
  • Andrew Libby
    Andrew Libby 2 месяца назад Styling: id give her a 2. shes certainly not attractive or beautiful, but there are uglier women.
  • sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd
    sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd 3 месяца назад then next he goes over her quirks and features
  • SalveMonesvol
    SalveMonesvol 3 месяца назад Quality... 7. Because he is worried about long term parts availability. Dude, you should just add a "maintenance" section.
  • SalveMonesvol
    SalveMonesvol 6 дней назад @Dionicman Agreed
  • Dionicman
    Dionicman 2 недели назад This car is solid 10 for quality... Doug is corny with his reasonings sometimes
  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard 3 недели назад A Doug score is almost a random number generator
  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 1 месяц назад agreed for quality this is the leading example lol
  • urnzwayzmoove
    urnzwayzmoove 10 месяцев назад Doug the type of guy to use his turn signals on a racetrack
  • ShadowWolfGaming25
    ShadowWolfGaming25 2 недели назад @rsr789 yeah thats true but doug was saying that u can quickly reach for it at high speeds
  • Hayden Wilks
    Hayden Wilks 3 недели назад @lil dalí at time to time ill flick it on
  • lil dalí
    lil dalí 3 недели назад Bet youre the type of guy who doesn’t use his turn signals on a highway.
  • Ulysse Boivin
    Ulysse Boivin 4 недели назад urnzwayzmoove Everybody did this joke
  • Gianni Rodriguez
    Gianni Rodriguez 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • JJ Santangelo
    JJ Santangelo 2 месяца назад rsr789 it was an intelligent joke
  • sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd
    sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd 3 месяца назад well that joke was destroyed by a bunch of dickheads who take things way to seriously....
  • rsr789
    rsr789 10 месяцев назад Um, on track day, it's proper to indicate that you are going onto the track, considering most of the people driving have a lot of money but no idea how to drive on a track and might not know that a car is pulling into the track until you know, crash.
  • hannah ridgeway 8K
    hannah ridgeway 8K 10 месяцев назад urnzwayzmoove lmao
  • Hannah's movies
    Hannah's movies 10 месяцев назад shhhhh just let it slide the joke was good lol
  • Michael Yachnis
    Michael Yachnis 10 месяцев назад You do use them during track days. Commonly.
  • triss 23
    triss 23 10 месяцев назад On public racetracks if you have a faster car behind you or simply taking it easy for a lap, you use the indicators to show them they can overtake you.
  • Ben S
    Ben S 10 месяцев назад "they put the turn signals on the steering wheel so that when you're on the track you don't have to reach for them" 😂
  • Resident Autist
    Resident Autist 1 месяц назад Doug DeMuro: You can technically fold the mirrors forward if you're on a narrow street FOLD THEM IN DOUG SHOW US SHOW US HOW THEY FOLD FORWARD
  • safa tarique
    safa tarique 1 месяц назад Come on this car needs a 10 on styling.... Its about the beauty..
  • TrueLegendaryYT
    TrueLegendaryYT 4 недели назад safa tarique it’s actually worth its price
  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSS 4 месяца назад Literally the most expensive and luxury interior ever put into a supercar. Entire thing made of carbon titanium or pure billet aluminium. Yeah it gets a 7. Doug out here breaking balls. This is the all time leader in quality. You may be tempted to think something like a rolls is of a higher quality, trust me - it's not. Every single piece on this car is a work of art, people literally compare it to jewellery. This is a tied on 10/10 quality I'm sorry.
  • Matt Frazier
    Matt Frazier Неделю назад I personally think 7 is too low, BUT he made points about the long-term durability and availability of parts. Just because something is beautifully made does not mean it will hold up well to constant use (the person who can afford this car probably is not driving it everyday). Remember he puts quality under the "everyday" category.
  • Ulysse Boivin
    Ulysse Boivin 4 недели назад ImBarryScottCSS Yeah i agree but... Reability buddy
    ✡ CSGO ALFA 1 месяц назад @Tupacolypse Now Well in my opinion you can have great attention to detail and yet bad taste, I mean, you can make a perfectly thought through ugly to someone else's car!
  • Tupacolypse Now
    Tupacolypse Now 1 месяц назад @✡ CSGO ALFA I'm just saying of all cars how can this not get a 10 on styling. He raved throughout the whole video about all the attention to detail.
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Santiago 0.4.0 you're talking about the center of the dash? That red leather outlining the radio etc, yeah I don't like that either. If not the same peanut butter leather color, they should have just made it carbon fiber or even aluminium.
    ✡ CSGO ALFA 1 месяц назад @Tupacolypse Now It's a Doug Score, note a metascore, it is his opinion, he might aswell say it is shit because it is an opinion, you may disagree, but that would be an opinion too!
  • Tupacolypse Now
    Tupacolypse Now 1 месяц назад @Santiago 0.4.0 dude of all things he only gave it a 9 on styling?? How sway??
  • Santiago 0.4.0
    Santiago 0.4.0 1 месяц назад I agree the only thing I dont like is that red color in the center of the car it's seriously bothersome like just choose a color
  • Willems Pierre
    Willems Pierre 4 месяца назад Instruction manual should only say, "Goes fast, Be Careful".
  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSS 4 месяца назад If in doubt consult your personal racing coach.
  • Bruno Bruno
    Bruno Bruno 5 месяцев назад Doug I cant believe you refused to review my 2004 Honda Accord in red and in great condition with sat/nav.
  • TrueLegendaryYT
    TrueLegendaryYT 4 недели назад 😂
  • Ulysse Boivin
    Ulysse Boivin 4 недели назад Even if he reviewed an 18 years old Hyundai
  • lee gravatt
    lee gravatt 1 месяц назад bad call doug thats an epic car
  • Arthur Kear
    Arthur Kear 1 месяц назад (изменено) NOT RICH ENOUGH REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Ziheng Wang
    Ziheng Wang 1 месяц назад spudnic88 lol
  • Jaymond Sweet
    Jaymond Sweet 2 месяца назад CorruptedMashari the accord will smoke that Pangani
  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 2 месяца назад spudnic88 but do u got them in the back
  • Justin Dir
    Justin Dir 3 месяца назад Bruno Bruno that’s messed up
  • A Hasnath
    A Hasnath 3 месяца назад Me too bud. My Hyundai getz is 130,000 miles and this ape hasn't replied to my invitation
  • King Cobra
    King Cobra 3 месяца назад Does it have cool quirks and features?
  • Omar Avalos
    Omar Avalos 3 месяца назад If i wanna see a honda i just gotta go cut my grass
  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 3 месяца назад You elitist owning an Accord. I just have a horse and cart.
  • -Squish Boi-
    -Squish Boi- 3 месяца назад 100th like
  • CorruptedMashari
    CorruptedMashari 3 месяца назад lol
  • Corpsie
    Corpsie 3 месяца назад 6:10 talks about perfectly tightening titanium bolts while zooming in on cracked carbon fiber resin
  • Brian Cordeiro
    Brian Cordeiro 2 недели назад Corpsie its a clear bra poorly cut
  • gratefulRed69
    gratefulRed69 1 месяц назад was wondering how a car could be $3m ......and then he opened the door to expose that interior....and then I'm like, "oh, yeah...I get it now". HOLY SHIT, that interior is hands down the coolest I've ever seen. As others have said it IS truly a masterful piece of art. Every nook and cranny of that thing is just amazing to the eye. So glad that this owner provided his car for you to review. Damn, what a treat to see!!
  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard 3 недели назад Still insane. You could have a gorgeous fully furnished mansion for $3 million. But more power to them.
  • Jon Smiths
    Jon Smiths 4 месяца назад Wow, I've been sitting on the toilet for 39 mins...I'm not sh*ting around! 😎.
  • iTz iBraHimM
    iTz iBraHimM Неделю назад hahahaha same dude
  • 2is Matt
    2is Matt 1 месяц назад Same 😂
  • Vlad Shv
    Vlad Shv 1 месяц назад That's why I never watch Doug's videos while shitting
  • Kamen Kunchev
    Kamen Kunchev 3 месяца назад Yes, sir! I would like to smoke in my Huayra!
  • Bubbas Ernie
    Bubbas Ernie 4 месяца назад This interior is a work of art.
  • Dany Dany
    Dany Dany Неделю назад @Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs lol
  • Wafflejam •
    Wafflejam • 2 недели назад Bubbas Ernie the only thing with it that’s better than Koenigsegg
  • vekanoid
    vekanoid 2 недели назад For me it is one of the most ugliest enterior ever seen in cars. Too much carbon, too much chrome, extremly ugly...
  • Kissumisha
    Kissumisha 3 недели назад I don't like it at all. It looks quality, but it seems like an american hotrod, too much metal work instead of composites/polymers
  • mystery man
    mystery man 3 недели назад Doug is lame, his voice gives me anxiety , this cars interior is cheap and lame and tacky. I hate the "cool" key, it's junk. I've driven it on Forza, the moving spoiler wings are incredible. It was once my favorite car, I like it a lot. Not the interior. I would struggle to not be pissed off at the crap inner design.
  • mystery man
    mystery man 3 недели назад Exterior and moving aerodynamic wings are incredible, interiors shit.
  • mystery man
    mystery man 3 недели назад I think its cheap and tacky looking
  • Scott Luther
    Scott Luther 3 недели назад Looks kinda steampunk! Cool!
  • Random Tutorials
    Random Tutorials 1 месяц назад Almost perfect but yet another car with ugly seatbelts. Why don't any cars have custom designs or colours? The black and red looks so bad here.
  • Hyrule Hero
    Hyrule Hero 1 месяц назад @Ricardo Milos Wtf is wrong with you you child fucking worthless piece of trash?! Let people have their own opinion you fucking imbecile.
  • rico Tomas
    rico Tomas 1 месяц назад Bubbas Ernie are you rich?
  • Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs
    Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs 1 месяц назад @Ricardo Milos German Engineering is superior to all.
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад @Ricardo Milos a Porsche 911? Yeah I like those better and you'll save at least 2.8 million dollars. 😁
  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 1 месяц назад @Christopher Walker Yeah with all that Bright shinning shit 😂 I hate this car! It looks like a Videogame car! Just buy a GT3 RS and you have an perfect car
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад (изменено) Is it just me or does the interior have sort of a 50's diner style to it?
  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 1 месяц назад @Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs I fully agree. It looks gaudy.
  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 1 месяц назад @HansDampf1911 Das Ding sieht aus wie ein Spielzeug Auto 😂 Die scheiß Affen wissen echt nicht was Perfektion e.t.c ist...... Porsche ist das einzig Wahre, wenn es um den Innenraum geht.
  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 1 месяц назад It looks like fucking plastic! The fuck is wrong with you guys! This car looks like shit!
  • Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs
    Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs 1 месяц назад @rafaelrp07 I have same opinion, I think it's looks really tacky and cheap.
  • Oxley Gaming
    Oxley Gaming 2 месяца назад It really is. Like some thing in a museum
  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 3 месяца назад @Angkasa The exterior is even more beautiful.
  • rafaelrp07
    rafaelrp07 3 месяца назад I konw perhaps my opinion diverges from almost everyone, but major part of this interior looks aftermaket. I know that in person may look way different, but...
  • HansDampf1911
    HansDampf1911 3 месяца назад A pretty ugly work of art though
  • Kodak White
    Kodak White 3 месяца назад Angkasa you’re ugly
  • Angkasa
    Angkasa 3 месяца назад Agreed, the exterior kinda ugly.
  • W S
    W S 3 месяца назад The whole car. It manages to be luxurious and sporty all the while feeling completely unique. Very cool for this day and age.
  • R I
    R I 3 месяца назад Industrial designer's wet dream.
  • servicarrider
    servicarrider 3 месяца назад Nothing even comes close to Pagani interior.
  • CorruptedMashari
    CorruptedMashari 3 месяца назад @Beastmaster 64 no u
  • Beastmaster 64
    Beastmaster 64 4 месяца назад the car is
  • Mitch ZImmerman
    Mitch ZImmerman 3 месяца назад Doug makes a face like he's beholden to some terrible but beautiful ancient knowledge when he accelerates in this thing.
  • Kristopher Charpentier
    Kristopher Charpentier 3 недели назад Lmao
  • Kathlee7n w
    Kathlee7n w 2 месяца назад Cars>cocaine>whatever drug created the Plymouth Prowler>actual godly beholdence
  • Chief Apple Troll Mike
    Chief Apple Troll Mike 18 часов назад This pagani is the best supercar with style and design
  • nicemandan
    nicemandan 1 день назад This is a bargain! If you have millions to squander and then watch the La Ferrari review.
  • hausmeisterei
    hausmeisterei 2 дня назад One of the best videos because he enjoy this great car so much.