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Here's Why the Lamborghini Countach is Worth $300,000

Published on Sep 19, 2017 5,420,424 views



The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. I've reviewed this 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary to show you why the Countach is worth $300,000.

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  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall 5 месяцев назад Everything is 90degrees inside this car so you could sniff coke off every surface...
  • Jason Salierno
    Jason Salierno 5 месяцев назад The glass on each part of the car is flat, including the windshield. That is odd. Nothing was rounded out as if Lamborghini could not afford curved glass.
  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant 5 месяцев назад Nick Hall ha awsome oh those were the days i wish
  • Michael Matarazzo
    Michael Matarazzo 5 месяцев назад Hahaha
  • Youtube University
    Youtube University 5 месяцев назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Gurpreet Hari
    Gurpreet Hari 5 месяцев назад Why do you think this was the Wolf of Wall Street's favorite Supercar? Lmao
  • M D C 1600
    M D C 1600 5 месяцев назад Coke ? That’s a registered trademark. Florida plates, so the Floridians call it “blow”.
  • David James
    David James 4 месяца назад Pull out mirror, for a Lamborghini in Miami in the 80's. Doug gets it!
  • Ergi R1
    Ergi R1 4 месяца назад You only need a cd none else
  • Damidas
    Damidas 4 месяца назад Somebody definitely had sex in it
  • Meriam Guzman
    Meriam Guzman 4 месяца назад Exactly, y do u think every lambo is so angular
  • the gayest kenji lavoski
    the gayest kenji lavoski 4 месяца назад @Jason Salierno its called style and attempted of aerodynamics
  • Wayne Stevenson
    Wayne Stevenson 4 месяца назад Lls smh omg
  • WolfsH0ok
    WolfsH0ok 4 месяца назад "Not a scratch on me or the car"
  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 4 месяца назад Nick Hall po
  • O.G Wino
    O.G Wino 4 месяца назад Lmao
  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 3 месяца назад Imagine doing a line of that raw, with a super hot Latina in the passenger seat and then just taking off, flying around A1A ...the rush would be INSANE
  • Bacho Miner Croatia
    Bacho Miner Croatia 3 месяца назад Yes yes yes yes yes yes snooooooorrrrtttttt yes yes yes
    DJ COLQUITT 2 месяца назад lmao!! awesome
  • John Butler
    John Butler 2 месяца назад He didn't mention the ashtray like on other reviews.... Probably had a bag of Coke in it haha
  • No Libtard
    No Libtard 2 месяца назад Nick Hall Back then when it was new everybody’ who could afford that car sniffed coke, so the designers (who probably sniffed too) already had that in mind.
  • MiamiDanny
    MiamiDanny 2 месяца назад Ahhahahaah
  • MiamiDanny
    MiamiDanny 2 месяца назад @No Thanks my bro
  • e314ds
    e314ds 2 месяца назад @Jason Salierno The windshield glass is curved.
  • Getonthepeacetrain
    Getonthepeacetrain 1 месяц назад @No Thanks no thanks
  • idoj654123
    idoj654123 1 месяц назад @Kevin Bryant It was fun while it was fun. I'd be happy with the car and no coke. Once you smoke crack, you never go back, but you can go forward. That requires a syringe and the will and skill to use it. I need my sleep these days, none of that cooperates with wanting to sleep.
  • idoj654123
    idoj654123 1 месяц назад @David James Miami in the 90s, the DoubleAughts, the 10s, and, soon enough, the snortin' 20s.
  • Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly 1 месяц назад @Damidas Not likely not with aids
  • Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly 1 месяц назад @No Thanks no a white girl only screw darkies only blonde girl pits smell of,onions!
  • Sir Podgey
    Sir Podgey Неделю назад The cars white to hide it
  • Alex Skywalker
    Alex Skywalker Неделю назад Nick Hall this was designed with coke in mind for sure
  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r 6 дней назад That's the 80's for ya!
  • Kenjamin Slutton
    Kenjamin Slutton 4 дня назад Nick Hall I prefer sniffing it off some booty
  • Scott Flynn
    Scott Flynn 2 месяца назад I never thought I'd hear Doug make a cocaine joke
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Scott Flynn he made a cocaine joke? I didn’t hear one. He just said everything is 90 degr
  • Scott Flynn
    Scott Flynn 1 месяц назад The Mighty Torta 11:15
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Scott Flynn that’s a cocaine joke? Mmm
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Scott Flynn i must just be retarded lmao
  • K Dash
    K Dash 1 месяц назад @The Mighty Torta people snort coke from mirrors all the time.
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад K Dash yeah I thought that but then I thought “y tf would someone smoke coke of a mirror”
  • Seppä
    Seppä 1 месяц назад The Mighty Torta smoke coke?
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Seppä yeah that’s literally what k dash said. And I asked why tf would someone smoke from mainly a mirror
  • asvvampire
    asvvampire 1 месяц назад @The Mighty Torta SNORT, you snort coke off a mirror. not smoke it. thats crack (the still rock form of coke)
  • Coty Landefeld
    Coty Landefeld 1 месяц назад I love how I just randomly would this video.. and random ppl have to explain to a dumb ass a 1980's Miami coke joke and you snort coke, not smoke it lol
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад asvvampire yeah ok but that’s not what I mf asked
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад asvvampire yeah i know and that was a mistake but y tf u care so much lmao
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Coty Landefeld yeah i know you fucking have to snort not smoke wtf. It was a mistake that u care obviously so ducking much. And your beginning sentence doesn’t make sense
    DOE PLATFORM 1 месяц назад Yeah if you dont know that s a coke joke then you are infact retarded lolol@The Mighty Torta
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад DOE PLATFORM I’m retarded cuz I don’t know why they snort coke of mirrors? That’s fucking retarded and I don’t snort coke cuz I’m not a fired, mentally ill, failed life addict. I don’t snort coke
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Coty Landefeld and if you want to talk about grammer errors how the fuck does “I just love how would this video.....” make any fucking sense lmao did you have a stroke while typing?
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад I looked it up and I can’t find any fucking article or video about why tf people snort of mirrors. So sense I’m so retarded why don’t you fucking tell me? And if you don’t you’re just ass fucking “retarded”.
  • Akayy !
    Akayy ! 1 месяц назад The Mighty Torta You must be a blast at parties :)
  • The Mighty Torta
    The Mighty Torta 1 месяц назад Akayy ! Another guy replying.... ok then why do people snort of mirrors? Exactly, dumbfuck
  • Hooked On Chronics
    Hooked On Chronics 1 месяц назад That coke joke is so G rated my Christian father wouldn't notice
  • Seppä
    Seppä 1 месяц назад The Mighty Torta My mans taking heat over here while all the rest of us are just fucking around, calm down this is not that serious.
  • &thenIwokeup
    &thenIwokeup 1 месяц назад @Seppä He's probably just a kid
  • fxdb mgtow
    fxdb mgtow 3 недели назад @Coty Landefeld depends if you have baking soda or not
  • Dangiel Frauk
    Dangiel Frauk 2 недели назад @asvvampire well i mean theres always a hot-rail
  • NM
    NM Неделю назад Doug makes all kinds of jokes. He's a really smart dude. Especially shows in his Jalopnik videos
    FUSION ROUSH Неделю назад Watch Doug's Jalpa review , he's making a cocaine joke in this video , literally!
  • Icy Brown
    Icy Brown 2 недели назад (изменено) This car is like a chick that's pretty hot from a distance, but when you get to know her, you recognize some eccentrically weird behaviours. Which make you regret your approach.
  • fredo bonasas
    fredo bonasas Неделю назад (изменено) Basically, if it doesn't get you laid, it ain't worth the trouble!
  • TkTosp
    TkTosp Неделю назад Or not
  • Chill Will
    Chill Will Неделю назад Greatly put, for I am , I was disappointed! IM DONE!!!!!😄😄😄
  • Icy Brown
    Icy Brown Неделю назад @TkTosp also very true
  • Icy Brown
    Icy Brown Неделю назад @Nicky Fingers yeah, I'm pretty sure eighties' chicks weren't free from weird behaviours, neither
  • Daniel Polo
    Daniel Polo 2 дня назад "Which make you regret your"...Countach
  • ADKforever
    ADKforever 1 месяц назад If Jay Leno and Quentin Tarantino shared the same body and voice, you'd have Doug DeMuro.
  • Julio Gonzo
    Julio Gonzo 3 недели назад Shit he does sound like him
  • RonaldReaganRocks1
    RonaldReaganRocks1 2 недели назад He sounds even more like The History Guy on YouTube.
  • RonaldReaganRocks1
    RonaldReaganRocks1 2 недели назад @Julio Gonzo He sounds even more like The History Guy on YouTube.
  • ______
    ______ 2 недели назад Right now he's just a single whiny bitch. Trying to find practical items in a $300k car? Genius.
  • steadfastcoward
    steadfastcoward Неделю назад Oh SNAP.
  • David Ekstrom
    David Ekstrom Неделю назад lol, I know, he even has the same mannerisms as Jay Leno, the way he talks. I think he knows that he looks like Jay Leno, lol
  • ADKforever
    ADKforever 2 дня назад (изменено) @RonaldReaganRocks1 I heard you the first time :)
  • Fernando Tills
    Fernando Tills 1 день назад Why is this so accurate?
  • Ajoo 129
    Ajoo 129 1 месяц назад *Here is why Infernus worth $300,000
  • Capt Hookem
    Capt Hookem 1 месяц назад Ajoo 129 I loved the Cheetah 😂
  • жика
    жика 3 недели назад premier and sultan are great also
  • PLeb
    PLeb 3 недели назад Ajoo 129 torero
  • B125WUV T1125 11125
    B125WUV T1125 11125 3 недели назад (изменено) This isnt an infernus this would be a torero
  • Dimitris liampiris
    Dimitris liampiris Неделю назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • Sunny Dayz
    Sunny Dayz Неделю назад Vice City gang ✊
  • Stonie Johnson
    Stonie Johnson Неделю назад This comment made my day
  • CJ Salazar
    CJ Salazar Неделю назад Infernus I think would be more of a fake Lamborghini Diablo name rather that Countach
  • S****ing Peugeot
    S****ing Peugeot 4 дня назад LANCE VANCE DANCE
  • Danny BallsofDoom
    Danny BallsofDoom 2 месяца назад Available colors; Cocaine White.
  • Czterdziestysiódmy
    Czterdziestysiódmy Неделю назад xd
  • Dick Richard
    Dick Richard Неделю назад I wonder how much white girl has been on the removable mirror
  • Casey Gonzalez
    Casey Gonzalez 2 дня назад Blood nose red
  • Rick C.
    Rick C. 3 дня назад That mirror probably gets as much use as a hooker in Bangkok
  • Slimnooze
    Slimnooze 2 месяца назад The only car in hist that doesn't have a cockpit, but a cokepit
  • THE TEST DRIVE!! 車試乗・フル加速のサウンド!
    THE TEST DRIVE!! 車試乗・フル加速のサウンド! 17 часов назад I drove in Japan a highway, that was lifetime experience.
  • CluelessDragoon
    CluelessDragoon 6 дней назад Doug just made me hate my dream car
  • Mikky Hunter
    Mikky Hunter 23 часа назад CluelessDragoon I would go to drive thruz in this car opening the door every single friggin time just like, gimme my food muthaf*cka 🚪
  • Kernc
    Kernc 2 месяца назад (изменено) "It is the most bizarre car of the 1980's, and I going to show you why" *smash cut to Doug snorting Coke off the mirror*
  • Jim Clarke
    Jim Clarke 1 месяц назад cool man
  • Ollie OJ Fowler
    Ollie OJ Fowler 1 месяц назад If only!
  • Adam Spade
    Adam Spade 3 недели назад That would be rad.
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 2 недели назад Almost, I thought the Delorean was odd too. But you could see that one at a Kmart parking lot and not think it's too different, till' the doors open.
  • S Griffin
    S Griffin 2 недели назад Surprised they didn't throw in a HST or other such reference, but the eggshells are thinner than many times, lately.
  • preuomo
    preuomo 2 недели назад Came here for a comment relating to the pull out mirror "for whatever you would need to use it for in the 80s." Was not disappointed.
  • lookatyourpastside
    lookatyourpastside Неделю назад I was thinking the exact same thing, i can imagine how many people snorted coke out of that mirror
  • steadfastcoward
    steadfastcoward Неделю назад Why did you spill your soda on the car???
  • Kommandant Franz
    Kommandant Franz Неделю назад HAHAHAH
  • wubanga10154
    wubanga10154 3 дня назад I'm starting to think my favorite part of Doug's videos are the comments LOL.
  • Almighty YT
    Almighty YT 2 дня назад Is it true the rear view mirror was detachable and laying out fishscale was only one thing it was good for since it was not necessary to drive with???
  • Steve S
    Steve S 1 месяц назад I bet the owner was thrilled this was done in the rain.
  • Attraction Marketing
    Attraction Marketing 2 недели назад yea get that car back inside. its cold out here
  • Icy Brown
    Icy Brown Неделю назад sniffs coke ... "Say hello to my little friend, Douglas!"
  • Shizzy Deep
    Shizzy Deep 1 месяц назад When they loaned it to you did they know you'd leave the door open in the rain?
  • Worm Driver
    Worm Driver 3 недели назад I cringed when he let the hood slam.
  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 2 недели назад (изменено) They better did. He's Doug Demuro. He will fart in your car or leave a door open but for Pete's sake, he's RIGHT to do it because WE, THE PEOPLE, have come together and determined we shall allow it. He's Doug Demuro after all
  • steadfastcoward
    steadfastcoward Неделю назад It YOU can't get in it, how in the hell can the rain?
  • trance dj
    trance dj 3 дня назад (изменено) i wonder how the owner felt about him test driving the car after hanging out in the rain for a half hour... and sitting on the wet ground.
  • matt black
    matt black 9 часов назад for realllllll
  • Alex Mustafich-Nutley
    Alex Mustafich-Nutley Неделю назад "whatever purposes you might need a mirror for, in Miami, in the 80s ;)"
  • Cal Romens
    Cal Romens Год назад headlights go up panties go down
  • Líl Nøvì
    Líl Nøvì Год назад Cal Romens lol
  • England Is my city
    England Is my city Год назад Cal Romens lol
  • Nice Words
    Nice Words 10 месяцев назад Cal Romens lol
  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 10 месяцев назад Cal Romens the name is pop-up headlights
  • bigmedge
    bigmedge 2 дня назад Doug, how is the ride quality??? Is the suspension incredibly stiff, or does it absorb bumps & road imperfections reasonably well for a car in this class?
  • Em Gutter
    Em Gutter 3 недели назад I wonder how much cocaine has been insufflated in that car.
  • BizarroMD
    BizarroMD 3 дня назад Should've played Glenn Frey's You Belong to the City while driving. This car is just asking for it :D
  • Uther MacEanruig
    Uther MacEanruig 1 месяц назад You can buy a horn that sounds just like it for about $10 at Harbor Freight. Lol