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2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 650HP 1LE Supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8- POV Drive and Walkaround 4K by PovDriveZ

Published on Feb 2, 2019 36,213 views

2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Coupe Supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 with Extreme Track Performance Package- POV Drive and Walkaround of interior and exterior 4K by PovDriveZ 6 Speed Manual Transmission 650 Horsepower and 650 lb-ft Torque.
This color is called Riverside Blue Metallic and the interior is Jet Black with Red Accents.


Special thanks to (201) 649-0823

  • George Amaro
    George Amaro 1 месяц назад Gets a car with 650 horsepower and doesn’t get in the gas a little. I am sorry but that is weird
    DJBATMANGOLD 3 дня назад That thing looks, and sounds legendary. 😱
  • One Clean Balt
    One Clean Balt 2 месяца назад It's a ZL1 1LE
  • Noladude504
    Noladude504 1 месяц назад This was a very tame video considering the car you’re dealing with here.
  • Jeff Womack
    Jeff Womack 1 месяц назад A performance car driven like that might as well be a review on the new city buses. Show what it's made for..
  • lufistar
    lufistar 2 месяца назад Driving with a 650 HP car on US-Streets (speed-limit) is boring. Sorry 😅
  • Old school
    Old school 1 месяц назад Its riverside blue for 2019 ! I'm sure the future owner would like to break (engine)in there on car ! I'm buying one this year and I dont want anybody driving it.
  • Nick Adkins
    Nick Adkins 2 месяца назад Yea that's the 1LE package! Aka the fully spec'd out one
  • Talal Dhufairi
    Talal Dhufairi 1 месяц назад Does it come with automatic 10 speeds or just manual .
  • Eric T
    Eric T 1 месяц назад @Talal Dhufairi before 2019 it was only manual, starting 2019 both auto and manual
  • Spinks345
    Spinks345 1 месяц назад Great walk through. Where did you have the camera on you to get such a perfect view?
  • Justin Bergeron
    Justin Bergeron 1 месяц назад Once my student loans are paid off, this is my next buy
    NICK BROWN 1 месяц назад Justin Bergeron college lol you should of learned a trade
  • Justin Bergeron
    Justin Bergeron 1 месяц назад @NICK BROWN the worse thing is, I have an engineering degree and I don't use it smh
    NICK BROWN 1 месяц назад Cost me 180buck in fees to obtain my three licenses my employer paid 250 bucks for a 6 week class and then paid me to go to this class for 8 hours a day no debt can’t stress enough that people learn trades and not sing there life’s away to over priced learning
  • Leandro Ferreyra
    Leandro Ferreyra 2 месяца назад Son boludos los que hacen estos videos??, pongan que es el ZL1 1LE!!!
  • 45 th anniversary video coming soon
    45 th anniversary video coming soon 2 месяца назад Mean looking ride
  • Gerardo
    Gerardo 2 недели назад That was the worst drive POV. Stuck in traffic the whole dam time hahahaha
  • Damien Martelli
    Damien Martelli 2 месяца назад other than the spoiler ... looks crazy
  • GMoney
    GMoney Неделю назад Damn dude drive it like it has 650 horse power… you should’ve bought a Kia...
  • solostream
    solostream 2 месяца назад Are your screen icons really purple or is that an illusion?
  • Noladude504
    Noladude504 1 месяц назад This is a 1LE, I had a 2017 ZL1 and I can tell you for sure that this car is a handful when you get on it!!
  • Rijul Ranjan
    Rijul Ranjan 1 месяц назад Noladude504 why did you get rid of it?
  • Noladude504
    Noladude504 1 месяц назад @Rijul Ranjan, I traded it for a 2018 C7 GS.... love it!!
  • Rijul Ranjan
    Rijul Ranjan 1 месяц назад Noladude504 ahh i see, nice!
  • ccbusa05
    ccbusa05 1 день назад TERRIBLE POV drive. What a waste of video time!!
  • Facta Verba
    Facta Verba 1 месяц назад I thought they didn’t have Hyper Blue for the 2019’s.
  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie 1 месяц назад They don't, it's Riverside blue, 2 shades darker, no white base coat.
  • Frankie Vegas
    Frankie Vegas Неделю назад So sexy. It’s like Halle Berry with wheels