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2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 650HP 1LE Supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8- POV Drive and Walkaround 4K by PovDriveZ

Published on Feb 2, 2019 51,945 views

2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Coupe Supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 with Extreme Track Performance Package- POV Drive and Walkaround of interior and exterior 4K by PovDriveZ 6 Speed Manual Transmission 650 Horsepower and 650 lb-ft Torque.
This color is called Riverside Blue Metallic and the interior is Jet Black with Red Accents.


Special thanks to (201) 649-0823

  • George Amaro
    George Amaro 3 месяца назад Gets a car with 650 horsepower and doesn’t get in the gas a little. I am sorry but that is weird
  • Noladude504
    Noladude504 3 месяца назад This was a very tame video considering the car you’re dealing with here.
  • One Clean Balt
    One Clean Balt 4 месяца назад It's a ZL1 1LE
  • Jeff Womack
    Jeff Womack 2 месяца назад A performance car driven like that might as well be a review on the new city buses. Show what it's made for..
  • lufistar
    lufistar 3 месяца назад Driving with a 650 HP car on US-Streets (speed-limit) is boring. Sorry 😅
  • Louis' Designs and Rides
    Louis' Designs and Rides 1 месяц назад why does he rub all of the ZL1 symbols and the carbon ETC.???
  • Chris Koehne
    Chris Koehne 1 месяц назад My favorite part of this video was when you pulled that risky maneuver of not coming to a full stop at the stop sign. Totally took me by surprise based off the previous law abiding drive you were on.
    DJBATMANGOLD 1 месяц назад That thing looks, and sounds legendary. 😱
  • Old school
    Old school 3 месяца назад Its riverside blue for 2019 ! I'm sure the future owner would like to break (engine)in there on car ! I'm buying one this year and I dont want anybody driving it.
  • Priest morphine
    Priest morphine 2 недели назад WOW, I just bought one of these beasts 7 days ago I'm glad I didn't see your review of one before I hit the dealership. I own this car and I have never rubbed the badges or carbon fiber like you did. What do is plant my right foot on the gas and feel 650 supercharged hp. Dude this is the king of the current Camaro line show it some love, or know more about it before doing a "review" or just leave it alone. This car is a beast, it passes everything... except a gas station.
  • Nick Adkins
    Nick Adkins 4 месяца назад Yea that's the 1LE package! Aka the fully spec'd out one
  • Eric T
    Eric T 3 месяца назад @Talal Dhufairi before 2019 it was only manual, starting 2019 both auto and manual
  • Talal Dhufairi
    Talal Dhufairi 3 месяца назад Does it come with automatic 10 speeds or just manual .
  • Spinks345
    Spinks345 3 месяца назад Great walk through. Where did you have the camera on you to get such a perfect view?
  • 贺永豪
    贺永豪 2 недели назад without 60 fps, pov videos are useless
  • Gerardo
    Gerardo 2 месяца назад That was the worst drive POV. Stuck in traffic the whole dam time hahahaha
  • Leandro Ferreyra
    Leandro Ferreyra 3 месяца назад Son boludos los que hacen estos videos??, pongan que es el ZL1 1LE!!!
  • Justin Bergeron
    Justin Bergeron 3 месяца назад Once my student loans are paid off, this is my next buy
    NICK BROWN 3 месяца назад Cost me 180buck in fees to obtain my three licenses my employer paid 250 bucks for a 6 week class and then paid me to go to this class for 8 hours a day no debt can’t stress enough that people learn trades and not sing there life’s away to over priced learning
  • Justin Bergeron
    Justin Bergeron 3 месяца назад @NICK BROWN the worse thing is, I have an engineering degree and I don't use it smh
    NICK BROWN 3 месяца назад Justin Bergeron college lol you should of learned a trade
  • Facta Verba
    Facta Verba 3 месяца назад I thought they didn’t have Hyper Blue for the 2019’s.
  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie 3 месяца назад They don't, it's Riverside blue, 2 shades darker, no white base coat.
  • Noladude504
    Noladude504 3 месяца назад This is a 1LE, I had a 2017 ZL1 and I can tell you for sure that this car is a handful when you get on it!!
  • Rijul Ranjan
    Rijul Ranjan 3 месяца назад Noladude504 ahh i see, nice!
  • Noladude504
    Noladude504 3 месяца назад @Rijul Ranjan, I traded it for a 2018 C7 GS.... love it!!
  • Rijul Ranjan
    Rijul Ranjan 3 месяца назад Noladude504 why did you get rid of it?
  • 45 th anniversary video coming soon
    45 th anniversary video coming soon 4 месяца назад Mean looking ride
  • solostream
    solostream 4 месяца назад Are your screen icons really purple or is that an illusion?