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Funniest Viral Video Comp | Funny Dumb Genius Compilation 2017

Published on Jun 13, 2017 947,068 views

Dumb Genius (we used to be The Best Vines!) Presents Try Not To Laugh At This Viral Video Compilation!

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  • TheBurnsimon
    TheBurnsimon Год назад 2:05 : A child said " That's a waste of beer !" That guys IT'S MY BOY !!!!!
  • QueasyAsh
    QueasyAsh Год назад omg i didn't hear it XD
  • Carson Miller
    Carson Miller Год назад TheBurnsimon I
  • stefan lazic
    stefan lazic Год назад TheBurnsimon u or ur son?
  • Arda Ucer
    Arda Ucer Год назад Lol he is really dont care what happens :D
  • tony
    tony Год назад it's actually Tuesday.
  • Dumb Genius
    Dumb Genius Год назад +vandalized computers IT IS TUESDAY MY DUDES*
  • amsbee 675
    amsbee 675 Год назад cough heat of the moment cough
  • Holy Rose
    Holy Rose 9 месяцев назад vandalized computers same it’s Tuesday 2018
  • Løser Club
    Løser Club Год назад 1:29 when school gets canceled because of rain
  • Todo-Chan
    Todo-Chan Год назад Don't give your dog sweets They can Have a stroke . True fact
  • Jack Bredesen
    Jack Bredesen Год назад 4:22 left side: Mr krabs Right side: Plankton
  • Muggy
    Muggy 9 месяцев назад Jack Bredesen 9:27
  • Saino Blitz
    Saino Blitz Год назад That bloody goat got me
  • Carlee Young
    Carlee Young Год назад SynomancePlays same
  • Mr.Magic
    Mr.Magic 9 месяцев назад blub blub blub blub blub blub pttt
  • Braynie 04
    Braynie 04 Год назад 4:52 the new BREAD of cat XD
  • Naeliz Cordero
    Naeliz Cordero Год назад The Blitzkrieg Dragon lol Yas XD
  • Princess ashie The magnificent
    Princess ashie The magnificent Год назад That's not funny , you should joke about in-BREAD cat :3
  • india
    india Год назад that kid who saved his hair, just sit behind him okay? It'll all look right from behind. xD
  • ツdave
    ツdave Год назад 0:59 xD my Dad as a soldier ;-)
  • asta.losersgaard xx
    asta.losersgaard xx Год назад 4:54 you see how big its eyes were? That's because it wasn't feeling SAFE You sHeEt aNiMaL AbUse
  • hilda luquin
    hilda luquin Год назад Agreed very sad
  • Anthony Vazquez
    Anthony Vazquez Год назад 9:31 Dont mess with crabo or you get a stabo
  • Kaytlyn Taylor #BrolbyFan
    Kaytlyn Taylor #BrolbyFan Год назад Anthony Vazquez omg yes lol
  • Tate Whittaker
    Tate Whittaker Год назад The guy sliding at the mall place is in Muriel beach I think
  • Sean McClendon
  • Александр Васильев
    Александр Васильев Год назад Рлрорпу9оокрроеоплеопопироморошрлеколпрднгпднгрпщпдндоршедргдрллнтидлоглрлндилиоьрдлртизхзолилдглололрлилилтлотноилрлелрллилодлролрлрллолиьтироророирлтлолололлт рлоолрлодолололодолололншололлглоорлрлрононорнлорггмоно
  • tismartie
    tismartie Год назад fun fact: the baby laughing at the dog eating popcorn is now ten years old... feel old yet?
  • Dossium
    Dossium Год назад tismartie no
  • Naeliz Cordero
    Naeliz Cordero Год назад tismartie cute
  • xXThicc_TrashXx
    xXThicc_TrashXx Год назад tismartie it's so weird I read this as that video played.
  • Rodica Catona
    Rodica Catona Год назад Bitch stfu u probably 10
  • blue dwarf
    blue dwarf Год назад tismartie how I know
  • Jill
    Jill Год назад tismartie I am ten
  • Jacow12345
    Jacow12345 Год назад Jill Chartres no one cares
  • Jacow12345
    Jacow12345 Год назад Rodica Catona u probably haven't hit puberty
  • Janice Punzalan
    Janice Punzalan Год назад tismartie I
  • Squiddy Playzz
    Squiddy Playzz Год назад jacow12345 gaming I don't don't care that you don't care so f off
  • Jacow12345
    Jacow12345 Год назад Squiddy Playzz what
  • Dyson Robinson
    Dyson Robinson Год назад tismartie yeah
  • Thing 1 Pack
    Thing 1 Pack Год назад your cute
  • Mlg_ Lemer
    Mlg_ Lemer Год назад SHIT IM SUPER W🅾KE
  • Tilda Johansson
    Tilda Johansson Год назад tismartie jguugkghklchjpthxj
  • Xx Song Bird xX
    Xx Song Bird xX Год назад tismartie is
  • Choo Fabulous
    Choo Fabulous Год назад tismartie .la
  • Some Random Retard
    Some Random Retard Год назад I'm still a year older so no, I do not xD
  • Dark Sickle
    Dark Sickle Год назад No because at the time of when you posted this comment I was 11
  • Prince Majin
    Prince Majin Год назад tismartie I
  • rzinpez 062
    rzinpez 062 Год назад tismartie I’m 10 years old
  • Padfoot Buster
    Padfoot Buster Год назад anonymous Same
  • It's Natiebree
    It's Natiebree Год назад tismartie that means that I was around 2 when that video was taken
  • It's Natiebree
    It's Natiebree Год назад No 3 lol my bad
  • Sarah Townsend
    Sarah Townsend Год назад tismartie If that baby were ten I’d be twenty. Vine is not that old. Stop lying 🤥
  • It's Natiebree
    It's Natiebree Год назад Sarah Townsend I'm not lying I'm 13 and it said that the baby is now ten so i would have been 3 in the video I'm not lying understanding things with a open mind and get you facts right
  • Randynicole Moreno
    Randynicole Moreno Год назад really you know him?!?!?!wha
  • Randynicole Moreno
    Randynicole Moreno Год назад hmmmmmm sooooo your the baby
  • moik
    moik Год назад not a faction SQUAD
  • TT 05
    TT 05 Год назад bro the kid that shaved his head was just sad and humiliating not funny that dad is a jerk
    BAFCAL3BR Год назад Tyler Wilmot I can only wait to see your shitty parenting
  • hilda luquin
    hilda luquin Год назад No he shaved his self and he said not to touch his razor again because of what happened
  • Yuggi Yary
    Yuggi Yary Год назад 8:28 when te la metes por primera vez: IA! :v
  • Rival chan fan 100
    Rival chan fan 100 Год назад That crab was totally defending itself😅😅
  • Lee EunAe
    Lee EunAe Год назад 4:50 catwitch I dont speak english!
  • h4rrison Ll0yd
    h4rrison Ll0yd Год назад This was a sick video
  • Shahwase Choudhry
    Shahwase Choudhry Год назад h4rrison Ll0yd I
  • Zero.TD/ZeroTanderDino
    Zero.TD/ZeroTanderDino Год назад l hate the dad on 6:41 the kid look sad 1 like for save the kid
  • Toxik Fox
    Toxik Fox Год назад h4rrison Ll0yd no nigga
  • Kyle Spence
    Kyle Spence Год назад 4:21 that dog was pretty high!
  • Danny sucks.
    Danny sucks. Год назад h4rrison Ll0yd LOGANG 4 LIFE