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The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse

Published on Apr 15, 2019 1,417,996 views

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If you’re looking for a fun car for not a ton of dough, this is the video for you. Join Nolan as he suggests a fun car for every budget, from the Mazda Miata, Honda Civic and way beyond! Every car in this video is a guaranteed fun-haver!

Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Alex I. Rodriguez & Zach Redpath
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly

WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.

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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media 2 месяца назад So which of these cars are you thinking about picking up? I can't choose! Let me know.
  • Misael Mejia
    Misael Mejia 8 часов назад Acura cl type S
  • Kody Grabowski
    Kody Grabowski Неделю назад If i can scrounge up 1000 bucks i want to buy back a car i should have never gotten rid of ......1987 volkswagen jetta diesel.......with a tow hitch xD
  • Su Goi
    Su Goi Неделю назад @Emir Trump el-Amriki HAHA NICE!
  • Ethan Obenauer
    Ethan Obenauer Неделю назад Will North The only Mustang’s you’ll find in this price range are either the 4.0 6-cylinder which will be driven the shit out of, or a early to mid-2000’s 4.6 that’s been also driven driven to shit. There may be a very rare decent deal in there, but he said at the beginning, he was trying to find cars commonly available at that price and commonly a good deal.
  • Ethan Obenauer
    Ethan Obenauer Неделю назад Alexis 200SX Uh, have fun finding a Challenger for less than 10k bud, ain’t gonna happen unless you feel like repairing a salvage title.
  • Ethan Obenauer
    Ethan Obenauer Неделю назад Alexis Lubbers Stock to Stock? No, sorry, but a G35 will beat a 4th gen, not by much, but I assure you that it will. But the point of this list is also to show cars that you drive more than you work on, sure, you can make a 4th gen real nice and fast, if you want to have it in a shop or in your garage 70% of the time.
  • Ethan Obenauer
    Ethan Obenauer Неделю назад Donut Media If you know how to properly take care of them, and are willing to do routine repairs on apex seals and other parts, RX-8’s are awesome! You can get a decent example of any year for less than $6000 in most cases. Not to mention, it’s a car that you literally have to redline to keep in good shape. Also, Rotary engine and sounds! What else could you ask for? Mine’s a 2005, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.
  • Emir Trump el-Amriki
    Emir Trump el-Amriki Неделю назад @Su Goi it was a funny scenario actually. Friend's older brother owned the car, older brother got married, he didn't want to keep that car anymore so he gave it to his younger brother (my friend), my friend doesn't know how to drive stick, and he just wanted cash so he sold it to me for 6k. Good thing he is clueless about cars or else I would have been hit with Subie tax
  • Su Goi
    Su Goi Неделю назад @Emir Trump el-Amriki how can I pick up an WRX like yours sir? fresh college grad here but broke boi still lol
  • joe jakobs
    joe jakobs Неделю назад Bought an e38 740i v8 under 2 grand
  • Lucky Ducky Driving School
    Lucky Ducky Driving School Неделю назад Corvette... any gen Z06...
  • Annihilator
    Annihilator Неделю назад Donut Media 98 mustang GT
  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins Неделю назад Can you do a "best cars you can buy for under $20,000" ? And perhaps do a video for each price bracket?
  • ToXiiC_Picklz
    ToXiiC_Picklz 2 недели назад I gonna inherit my grandpa's audo a4 cabriolet
  • slydewayz84
    slydewayz84 2 недели назад No love for the Mustang? V6 and GTs before 2010 are $10k and under
  • xCadistis
    xCadistis 2 недели назад (изменено) S2000 IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER
  • Shante
    Shante 2 недели назад Donut Media s2000 (^∇^)
  • Robert Murphy
    Robert Murphy 2 недели назад Grand Prix gtp. Cavan be bought for less than 2k, SUPERCHARGED, easily modified
  • WinkelManBearPig
    WinkelManBearPig 2 недели назад Am I too late to fight Nolan?
  • JohnTheNative
    JohnTheNative 2 недели назад I got the the is350
  • boniface njoroge
    boniface njoroge 2 недели назад WRX
  • Craig Iandoli
    Craig Iandoli 3 недели назад Got a 05 wrx for my first car! LOVE IT
  • KitKat Rox
    KitKat Rox 3 недели назад The merc amgs
  • Jonathan Pinckney
    Jonathan Pinckney 3 недели назад @Eduardo De Dios Most likely. The guessing price at my work was 60 grand.
  • Jonathan Pinckney
    Jonathan Pinckney 3 недели назад Don't get a Fiat 500. Believe me.
    ITS LAZAR SAVAGE MASON 3 недели назад Infiniti
  • Mohammed Akkari
    Mohammed Akkari 3 недели назад No shit man, a 2003 Miata in Israel costs average of $14k
  • Luka Delev
    Luka Delev 3 недели назад I am 10 years old so I'm not getting a car
  • J S
    J S 3 недели назад Emir Trump el-Amriki Please make videos when you start building it!
  • Kajon Wiemann
    Kajon Wiemann 4 недели назад Pontiac Solstice GXP/Saturn Sky Turbo
  • Tero M
    Tero M 1 месяц назад Toyota MR2 mk1 supercharged
  • Jake Vi
    Jake Vi 1 месяц назад S 2k :)
  • Zone Shark
    Zone Shark 1 месяц назад Just got an 09 G37s had a 04 G35 and it was one of my favorites...
  • IAmNotPeaceful
    IAmNotPeaceful 1 месяц назад Lincoln Towncar.
  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 1 месяц назад G35 Coupe and Sedan
  • Leon Jacobs
    Leon Jacobs 1 месяц назад corrola vvtl-i T-sport 1.8
  • Jordan Price
    Jordan Price 1 месяц назад 01 Eclipse GT 5 speed/ Mitsu 3000GT FWD 5 speed
  • BombasticElm
    BombasticElm 1 месяц назад definitely thinking about saving up for a Miata
  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 1 месяц назад 1990 NISSAN NX2000 FWD SR20DE 2 DOOR T TOP HATCHBACK ELECTRIC BLUE
  • Grease Monkey
    Grease Monkey 1 месяц назад Donut Media you should do these with trucks!
  • mitch lesinski
    mitch lesinski 1 месяц назад Do a god damn Lexus SC video
  • Chance Koehler
    Chance Koehler 1 месяц назад 1996-2004 Ford Mustang GT
  • Goofish Bluefish
    Goofish Bluefish 1 месяц назад Now a great time to pick up a s197 model Ford Mustang
  • Jeff Davies
    Jeff Davies 1 месяц назад None , I'm getting a '69 dodge charger. It's already a badass car and can't fall victim to an electromagnetic pulse .
  • Ollie Sobieski
    Ollie Sobieski 1 месяц назад why is the corevette only an honorable mention? I know that it doesn't handle fantastically and it may break down often but... the LS. I'm really interested in buying a 2000 corvette but I haven't spent the cash yet and maybe I'd be better off turbo-ing a v or inline 6 Japanese car?
  • Sam Grimsley
    Sam Grimsley 1 месяц назад You could’ve added a 3v mustang!
  • Ultra
    Ultra 1 месяц назад In my area no one likes civics ;-;
  • KEKS
    KEKS 1 месяц назад You can also get a Golf under 10k
  • Raptor JAD
    Raptor JAD 1 месяц назад Well the Crown Vic always win my heart
  • Lucik Solnța
    Lucik Solnța 1 месяц назад Chevy Camaro Z28 4th gen
  • Noodle Bros
    Noodle Bros 1 месяц назад @codrin stefan sounds like fun
  • Noodle Bros
    Noodle Bros 1 месяц назад @Zach B hahaha 4 cylinder
  • Noodle Bros
    Noodle Bros 1 месяц назад Theres a sweet 1 owner infinity g35 for $5,900... I want it.
  • ZeroLag
    ZeroLag 1 месяц назад SRT4 SRT4 SRT4 SRT4 open with a neon bud didn’t mention the SRT4 Version that should be a sin
  • Po Panda
    Po Panda 1 месяц назад Im going to j swap a civic as a daily. 7th gen silver civic with the engine the 8th gen v6 accord had and the acura type r tranny.
  • Kyle Cross
    Kyle Cross 1 месяц назад @Michael Marcus not a bmw fan but just a car enthusiast in general but I know what you mean about that craigslist scroll back in the day lol
  • Markus Wunderlich
    Markus Wunderlich 1 месяц назад Mercedes W124 200D 900$ INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • iHEMI
    iHEMI 1 месяц назад Mazda Rx8
  • Zurties
    Zurties 1 месяц назад You can pick up a 2008 bmw 335i for 6,000 where I live.
  • Brian Brooks
    Brian Brooks 1 месяц назад Donut Media trucks?
  • a c
    a c 1 месяц назад Donut Media i started watching and have stayed because of the whacky info
  • Neil Sato
    Neil Sato 1 месяц назад You can get an RX8 for around 10k or less. Yes rotary spaceship engine, but can be bolt on turbo'd or just go find another whole complete 13B if you get an absolute wrecked one. 2nd choice, miata. Absolutely love the mod community on that one.
  • chilll bro
    chilll bro 1 месяц назад Oh fking shit an is300!!! But im a kid cant afford to have one...
  • BKing swe
    BKing swe 1 месяц назад you forgot volvo 240, 740, 940
  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 1 месяц назад Mazda s2000
  • Robert Roberts
    Robert Roberts 1 месяц назад I got the 350z
  • thepluraloftiger
    thepluraloftiger 1 месяц назад actually been spying an 04 hatch amd saving up for a few months for it. fun vid nolan j thanks!
  • Adonis Alexis
    Adonis Alexis 1 месяц назад Donut Media ÒwÓ
  • Fernando Velasquez
    Fernando Velasquez 1 месяц назад Donut Media neon srt4
    HONDA RULES 1 месяц назад RSX type S
  • ICrossedYou
    ICrossedYou 1 месяц назад Subaru obviously
  • Boyan
    Boyan 1 месяц назад So for about 3k I recently bought a Mercedes CLK 230 kompressor (yes, with a K). 197 whp, rwd, pretty good condition, supercharged. Little tip - if you change the supercharger's pulley, you add more power to your Benz for the average price of $20-30, so it goes over 200 hp
  • Dennis P
    Dennis P 1 месяц назад Donut Media 350 z or civic
  • Mohtashim Ahmed
    Mohtashim Ahmed 1 месяц назад Donut Media is300 !
  • E Land.
    E Land. 1 месяц назад @ 3:14 What is that silver part
  • Alpha Wolffe
    Alpha Wolffe 1 месяц назад Donut Media Nissan s15 is under 10k
  • E Land.
    E Land. 1 месяц назад What brand of LCA’s ? @ 3:18
  • Jake Chapman
    Jake Chapman 1 месяц назад Saab aero.......
  • Alexander Wijaya
    Alexander Wijaya 1 месяц назад E36
  • Coleton Davis
    Coleton Davis 1 месяц назад Donut Media SUBARU LEGACY GT
  • Pedro Rodriguez III
    Pedro Rodriguez III 1 месяц назад My wife had an old Taurus SHO in her youth. I tried to find a used one and those things are apparently stupid rare now.
  • Thomas Huttle
    Thomas Huttle 1 месяц назад Picked up a neon for $600 last fall😂
  • valenator 16
    valenator 16 1 месяц назад Maybe a lancer evo of near 2000's
  • EyesOfByes
    EyesOfByes 1 месяц назад #innolanwetrust
  • colt45
    colt45 1 месяц назад Can you do something on the bmw 740i i have a 98 and wanna see a review
  • Adi Tripathi
    Adi Tripathi 1 месяц назад Yugo
  • MaKe Station
    MaKe Station 1 месяц назад you guys forgot the Honda CR-Z
  • Eclipse Gaming and Vlogs
    Eclipse Gaming and Vlogs 1 месяц назад Jeep... but im a bronco guy😂
  • 3 name changes allowed every 90 days.
    3 name changes allowed every 90 days. 1 месяц назад Camry 3.5 v6 Ls1 Firebirds or Camaro Sn95 cobra mustangs Man theres too much.
  • Bill Luo
    Bill Luo 2 месяца назад Donut Media so the main thing i am going to say is... WHERE the fuck is the JZX??? that literally has 1JZ and 2 JZ in it, like seriously
  • Beemerboi
    Beemerboi 2 месяца назад I have a z3 been building for a while over all older ones are super reliable it’s always been turn key never struggled besides basic maintenance when I first purchased in 2014
  • speedracer123222
    speedracer123222 2 месяца назад Donut Media well I can’t get any because they expensive for first car lol I have to use half that price. Thinking of 2006 Lexus IS 350
  • Ruben_Rome_ 7
    Ruben_Rome_ 7 2 месяца назад Z
  • Mountain Slayers TV
    Mountain Slayers TV 2 месяца назад Our channel will be building a Volvo 240 Turbo rally car and a Subaru Impreza rally car. You play the cards that are presented when starting in the racing world. Check us out!
  • kevin maldonado
    kevin maldonado 2 месяца назад We need up yo speed Infiniti g35
  • kevin maldonado
    kevin maldonado 2 месяца назад We need up tp speed Infiniti g35
  • Matt elness
    Matt elness 2 месяца назад Already got the yj. And I love it
  • keenan Marengo
    keenan Marengo 2 месяца назад Donut Media 1991 Geo Tracker I have one, 5 speed 2wd 1.6L l4 2 door soft top. It’s f🦆cking dope. 180k miles and runs smooth.
  • tyler duncan
    tyler duncan 2 месяца назад Donut Media jeep xj for 500
  • Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb 2 месяца назад After watching this video i'm seriously thinking about getting a Miata. In my late 20's so it might be the only chance I ever could. Don't think i'd trust a $3k Miata here in the Midwest though, good condition used cars seem to go for a premium here.
  • GRVIndustry
    GRVIndustry 2 месяца назад 2013 Dodge avenger 3.6l v6 fwd 289ish hp. around 5-7k
  • Jacob tyrie
    Jacob tyrie 2 месяца назад @Shaun Collin I had a turbo charged one and I put around 3k to fix but needed more work so I got rid of it and still miss it.
  • josue garcia
    josue garcia 2 месяца назад (изменено) With 6-10k you could just buy a single cab truck with a big V8 and might get lucky and find one with work already done to them like built trannys or posi diffs
  • TheDemo714
    TheDemo714 2 месяца назад Donut Media i just picked up a honda s2000 in january 14k 😢 57k miles 😁
  • Xue Lee
    Xue Lee 2 месяца назад Acura Rsx & Rsx Type S as well but nice list.
  • Liam Dharmapriya
    Liam Dharmapriya 2 месяца назад Scion Frs ?
  • chris hauge
    chris hauge 2 месяца назад 280z
  • Cobra Black
    Cobra Black 2 месяца назад Crown Vic is the cheapest most reliable to buy on this list.
  • Jacob Dingus
    Jacob Dingus 2 месяца назад Feel like the Audi A4/passat b5/5.5 shoulda gotten an honorable mention, you can buy em cheap and have a ripping road racer
  • Rodolfo Chavana
    Rodolfo Chavana 2 месяца назад You forgot the 2006-2009 Toyota Camry #camrynation
  • Noah Tinnin
    Noah Tinnin 2 месяца назад Miata or rocket bunny civic
  • Alex Koski
    Alex Koski 2 месяца назад What about a Mercedes cl55 or e55 amg?
  • FIRULAY 23
    FIRULAY 23 2 месяца назад Ford Crown Vic!!!
  • Mauricio Espinosa
    Mauricio Espinosa 2 месяца назад I want another Integra.
  • Roberto Robato
    Roberto Robato 2 месяца назад Honda CRX, and the Honda Civic si EM1!
  • John Miles
    John Miles 2 месяца назад The average 20yr old makes less than 18 an hour, in what world do you dipshits think 10k or less is cheap? Honestly I'm barely an adult and my generation and all the ones before up until like people that are at least 50 are so fuckung stupid. STOP TELLING PEOPLE 10K IS CHEAP THATS WHY EVERYONE FINANCES SHIT AND THATS WHY THEY LET OUR WAGES STAY SO LOW. Everyone thinks they make decent money at 18 an hour because they can finamce everything, you should never in your adult have to use credit or a finance plan to pay for something other than a home or an emergency situation. Look into it its a noted societal trend, convince people they can afford more with financing options and they wont bitch about wages because theyre still getting some stuff they want
  • Phil Proulx
    Phil Proulx 2 месяца назад Crown Vic all day
  • Nick Bolin
    Nick Bolin 2 месяца назад 1975 to 1987 Chevrolet c10
  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 2 месяца назад Nissan Versa
  • Benjamin Wharton
    Benjamin Wharton 2 месяца назад Civic
  • Jonathon Jones
    Jonathon Jones 2 месяца назад Uhhh what about 90s model single cab Chevys and gmc with a bench seat for yo honey to sit next to you as you bang them gears between her legs giving her the feel of MORE POWER BABY🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
  • Alexis Torres
    Alexis Torres 2 месяца назад Suzuki Swift
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 2 месяца назад @KGL Nero $15000aud in Australia
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 2 месяца назад Australia you can buy a 02 wrx sti for $10000aud @Emir Trump el-Amriki
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 2 месяца назад 2011 Commodore ss
  • Avinash Haripersaud
    Avinash Haripersaud 2 месяца назад Eg civic
  • Benpie1024
    Benpie1024 2 месяца назад I just wanted to thank you @dountmedia for giving me some ideas for a new car i have a 2004 Audi a4 but the engine went bad and so when i get a job i have some ideas!!
  • Michael Psalm
    Michael Psalm 2 месяца назад I prefer the Crown Victoria. It's got a cop motor, cop engine. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. Basically, Imma make a sleeper car
  • Zain Kadir
    Zain Kadir 2 месяца назад 2009 Lexus IS 250
  • Air Spacelord
    Air Spacelord 2 месяца назад Donut Media GLI!!
  • Hai Chen
    Hai Chen 2 месяца назад Any love for a third gen Acura TL, possibly even a Type-S?
  • Dragan Jokic
    Dragan Jokic 2 месяца назад I got a c32 amg for 6 yrs, ive bought it for 10k and now i bet i can get 9k , it is in immaculate shape for 16 yr old amg
  • Deuante Kelly
    Deuante Kelly 2 месяца назад Acura TL Type s, Rsx Type s, farlady 300zx, and bmw e39
  • Quincey Nelson
    Quincey Nelson 2 месяца назад Basically all the cars I want just didn't have a old school foxbody 5.0 mustang on the list
  • Brooke White
    Brooke White 2 месяца назад Have always wanted a year 2000 Acura Integra as my first car, it reminds me of my dads Pontiac gto a little! But i'm really getting a 1960s-70s Volkswagen Beetle to build with him!
  • Noel Cervantes
    Noel Cervantes 2 месяца назад Chevrolet Camaro z28/ss and mustang gt
  • Ian Lerma
    Ian Lerma 2 месяца назад @Assoluto Racing oh the catfish
  • Emir Trump el-Amriki
    Emir Trump el-Amriki 2 месяца назад @Elysian eSports yeah lol. The seller gave a low price because he wanted the car out. He couldn't drive manual anymore due to an injury, which sucks for him because he was the original owner of the car and clearly loved it.
  • Assoluto Racing
    Assoluto Racing 2 месяца назад Donut Media the 1998 F-Body camaro z28 or ss is from 3k-6k
  • Marios Kateroglou
    Marios Kateroglou 2 месяца назад MX5 & S2000
  • Ian Lerma
    Ian Lerma 2 месяца назад A Camaro or corvette. If I dont like the drives then older sti's
  • Mark Gomez
    Mark Gomez 2 месяца назад Crown Vic
  • Intelligent Horse
    Intelligent Horse 2 месяца назад None! 😂😂😂 Thank goodness my parents had lots of money when I was getting my car at 16!
  • Jakerdude2 83
    Jakerdude2 83 2 месяца назад G35
  • Elysian eSports
    Elysian eSports 2 месяца назад @Emir Trump el-Amriki only 6k? what a steal
  • blazegamefame
    blazegamefame 2 месяца назад SC 300
  • lilpumpjetski 123
    lilpumpjetski 123 2 месяца назад Hi...
  • lilpumpjetski 123
    lilpumpjetski 123 2 месяца назад Ha
  • lilpumpjetski 123
    lilpumpjetski 123 2 месяца назад Bugatti la voiture noir
  • 100racks88
    100racks88 2 месяца назад Donut Media how about the civic si sedan ... it’s something lol
  • Gerry The Car guy
    Gerry The Car guy 2 месяца назад Do one for Europe please
  • JOSE 720 PR
    JOSE 720 PR 2 месяца назад 300zx
  • 6God 0Scared
    6God 0Scared 2 месяца назад Honda Accord 1997
  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai 2 месяца назад Nissan silvia
  • Alberto Saavedra
    Alberto Saavedra 2 месяца назад The z32 is way better you can find them for 7,000 on car for sale.
  • nintendork900
    nintendork900 2 месяца назад You didn't give us any luxury options! Surely there must be some old cheap Cadillacs or Lincolns we can get for under $10 000??? The AMG is cool but like you said German cars are useless after 100 000 miles! American built luxury cars are traditionally as cheap as regular American cars to fix!
  • Gorilla Baby
    Gorilla Baby 2 месяца назад Mini Cooper
  • NJdevil66
    NJdevil66 2 месяца назад Donut Media civic feels right
  • Whipn Whipz
    Whipn Whipz 2 месяца назад G35 coupe!
  • Jonathan Elmer
    Jonathan Elmer 2 месяца назад Trucks the early 00’s to late 00’s single cab and keep them mint they will be a good investment in the next 5-10 years
  • jynxd420 xxx
    jynxd420 xxx 2 месяца назад Fox body
    BUDZDEEP 2 месяца назад Ah the CrownVic aka Panther platform. I purchased a 02' Mercury GrandMarquis LSE for these reasons! recently I picked up a 03' Merc Marauder for extra sideways! #morepowerbaby
  • Matt Carlyon
    Matt Carlyon 2 месяца назад You spend more than $3k and you can get an awesome Accord Manual. Especially the wagon version they made until the 98-02 gen that was made overseas
  • Iyke J
    Iyke J 2 месяца назад Mustang, Genesis coupe, Audi TT, are some honorable mentions
  • Nathanael Cadman-Neu
    Nathanael Cadman-Neu 2 месяца назад The 2006 lexus is350 might not come in a manual, but it's like 8 grand, and 0 - 60 in 4.8 sec...
  • Bryson Williams
    Bryson Williams 2 месяца назад Acura RSx
  • Jeff Demition
    Jeff Demition 2 месяца назад thinking on getting a miata then putting a 26b 4 rotor engine in it
  • Zetaforce 2500
    Zetaforce 2500 2 месяца назад Third gen Camaro
  • skelletet123
    skelletet123 2 месяца назад Definitely a Boxster when I can afford it
  • HSH*
  • Luke Zivkovic
    Luke Zivkovic 2 месяца назад Australia, AU falcon $500 most reliable, best looking, most fun car ever built
  • Satan
    Satan 2 месяца назад Donut Media 2004 subaru sti
  • Boss crayon
    Boss crayon 2 месяца назад A hot wheel I'm broke
  • lew-e jones-ayres
    lew-e jones-ayres 2 месяца назад 0:17 >$10000 means "more than $10000" not less than 😊
  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 2 месяца назад 04' G35 with only 110km on it. cant wait for friday!
  • andrean liembono
    andrean liembono 2 месяца назад S2k of course!
  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith 2 месяца назад Donut Media is300/altezza
  • Rodney
    Rodney 2 месяца назад Hyundai coupe or genesis is pretty good
  • connor holt
    connor holt 2 месяца назад Crown Vic my neighbor is a cop says there built like a tank and just as strong... though the down side is you get about 12 miles to the gallon. 😂
  • Marco Sanchez
    Marco Sanchez 2 месяца назад KGL Nero or just a e36 .
  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu 2 месяца назад DF GOBLIN
  • Wellsoon Mayhem Entertainment
    Wellsoon Mayhem Entertainment 2 месяца назад 4th Gen Mirage VIE Saloon
  • 4x4chevyredneck
    4x4chevyredneck 2 месяца назад @Nik Falcon trans am sells for 20k in decent shape
  • 4x4chevyredneck
    4x4chevyredneck 2 месяца назад I hate cars any car ever made i drive trucks they last longer im country boy i love the ground clearance towing all the space in the bed i drove cars i never drove a car i don't hate. I hope the government makes them illegal & crushes them all. They're fucking death traps. Go to hell cars
  • Nik Falcon
    Nik Falcon 2 месяца назад You missed that one 77 Trans Am on for 8.9 grand that you're gonna spend more money on restoring than you would modding that S2K but ey it's a Trans Am
  • Ryan Dye
    Ryan Dye 2 месяца назад Instead of a Neon pick up a cheap Ford Focus with the MTX75 manual transmission. Preferably the Zetec or Duratec motor. Easy to fix, cheap parts, decently reliable. Great disposable cars for first time drivers.
  • Eroc Ket
    Eroc Ket 2 месяца назад Neon
  • Erick Watt
    Erick Watt 2 месяца назад (изменено) You can get 2000-05 subaru forester for under $5000AU
  • Manuel Leon
    Manuel Leon 2 месяца назад R32 skyline gts-t
  • Dewel Rivera
    Dewel Rivera 2 месяца назад 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO
  • AlphA G*59
    AlphA G*59 2 месяца назад Lexus sc300 preferably 1997 with 130,000 miles
  • Noneof Urbiznes
    Noneof Urbiznes 2 месяца назад Probably the crown vic
  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez 2 месяца назад @David Puente jr best decision you'll ever make
  • Frankie Mendez
    Frankie Mendez 2 месяца назад THE LS1 CAMARO 98-02
  • Eric Mueser
    Eric Mueser 2 месяца назад @The high output channel Those things are hella expensive now
  • Eric Mueser
    Eric Mueser 2 месяца назад @Charles Alberti I got an 02 with 192k for $3,400. Very different ends of the WRX spectrum
  • Eric Mueser
    Eric Mueser 2 месяца назад @Chris M Nice, I just got an 02 with 192k for $3,400
  • Eric Mueser
    Eric Mueser 2 месяца назад I bought an 02 WRX for $3,400 that needs work and has 192k on it. Sounds like I got a decent deal.
  • Tom1996
    Tom1996 2 месяца назад (изменено) Miata. Here in Australia they are a little more expensive. $4-6k for an NB. But I really want a convertible and the S2000 goes for well over $22,000 here. Also, this list is pretty solid. Im glad you threw in the Porsche Boxter and a few others in the end. Cant wait to get my Miata in July! Only car I have a problem with is the AMG, but thats a personal brand loyalty to BMW thing.
  • John vandenheuvel
    John vandenheuvel 2 месяца назад how could you leave out the 05-09 mustang gt’s. they are really enjoyable flr under 10k. mine does 0-60 in 4.9-5 flat. picked one up for 8k in california.
  • John vandenheuvel
    John vandenheuvel 2 месяца назад s197 mustang gt
  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer 2 месяца назад toyota corolla or camry because I don't wanna get jacked. LOLs
  • Tristan Fricks
    Tristan Fricks 2 месяца назад Rx7 ???
  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 2 месяца назад Definitely not the mini cooper.
  • Sw1ft
    Sw1ft 2 месяца назад MR2
  • John Orttenburger
    John Orttenburger 2 месяца назад Would buy the Mini if it has the N18 engine. Less problems that previous years. Now since I’ve driven it, I love the Mini! It’s a great little car, great gas mileage even when driving with a lead foot.
  • Green Volkswagen
    Green Volkswagen 2 месяца назад Why the beetle died———wheelhouse
  • Green Volkswagen
    Green Volkswagen 2 месяца назад Mitsubishi Mirage (the old one not new)
  • Eddie Hamdokh
    Eddie Hamdokh 2 месяца назад What about the GTO!
  • JuniorKid360 jrkid290
    JuniorKid360 jrkid290 2 месяца назад Toyota celica
  • Fitz
    Fitz 2 месяца назад Actually looking at a G35 or 37 anyway, so one of those hopefully. A tad bit hard to find any really good ones though, so might have to get a 2013 fusion or something else that's newer but less fun :(
  • penguin stalker 123
    penguin stalker 123 2 месяца назад Miata, civic or s2k
  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 2 месяца назад Yao include cars that are low on INSURENCE!!!!
  • Marcin
    Marcin 2 месяца назад Donut Media I got a 2004 rx8 for 4500cad
  • Tyler Debo
    Tyler Debo 2 месяца назад Emily
  • alec cayce
    alec cayce 2 месяца назад GENESIS COUPE!!!
  • John Douglass
    John Douglass 2 месяца назад Good choice on the Integra. I have an 95 LS. But another decent option I think would be a 2002-2006 Sentra SE-R Spec V. I have a 2006 and they are decently quick with a 6 speed manual and front Brembo brakes.
  • ITN Production Co.
    ITN Production Co. 2 месяца назад Donut Media i picked up a mk6 gti with 60k miles for 8500
  • 12345apeters
    12345apeters 2 месяца назад S197 mustang gt for a drag car... Under $8,000. V8.... lots of aftermarket... Live rear axle which bad for handling but great for drag racing:)
  • v8_sami
    v8_sami 2 месяца назад Already have a manual Nissan 720
  • Connor Waits
    Connor Waits 2 месяца назад Musta... wait nevermind
  • Luv Machine
    Luv Machine 2 месяца назад I really want a Mustang GT
  • James Craft
    James Craft 2 месяца назад Air cooled VW
  • Ryan Coke
    Ryan Coke 2 месяца назад Donut Media I have a supercharged mini and I love it. Been using it to deliver pizzas in and it’s been surprisingly reliable and working on them is less hard than you think
  • jake thegunsnake
    jake thegunsnake 2 месяца назад None I’m getting an 03 Ford Mustang COBRA for 10.3k
  • Spencer Christiansen
    Spencer Christiansen 2 месяца назад Jeep tj. Every day of the week.
  • Kryijer
    Kryijer 2 месяца назад I think an m35 is good too. Got mine for 2800 and only had to replace an intake boot and realign my tires
  • Religion8th
    Religion8th 2 месяца назад APOCALYPSE GAMING Doritos
  • Gus Niev
    Gus Niev 2 месяца назад A GTI
  • Adonis A. Garay Torres
    Adonis A. Garay Torres 2 месяца назад Donut Media 06-2010 Dodge Charger
  • Matthew Wong
    Matthew Wong 2 месяца назад (изменено) Ford Fiesta ST (2013), Integra type R (1990s), Nissan 300ZX, Mitsubishi 3000GT or GTO, maybe Volkswagen Corrado, 190E Benz, Subaru Legacy or Liberty 4GEN and last but not least the underappreciated Volvo 850R
  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill 2 месяца назад @sonny man321 truth!
  • The high output channel
    The high output channel 2 месяца назад Donut Media you forgot about the fox body mustang
  • marc ledezma
    marc ledezma 2 месяца назад Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • sonny man321
    sonny man321 2 месяца назад Yo where is the e36 m3. I know they are getting more expensive but autos or high mileage ones are still affordable.
  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill 2 месяца назад None of the above. Try again.
  • smokey the human
    smokey the human 2 месяца назад You can have more fun (at least I can ) in an old beater truck you buy for anywhere from 500 to 5 grand doing stuff like mudding , offloading, jumping your vehicle, use your vehicle to haul stuff and make money, using it to haul track cars to the strip, and you can go to alot more places in a truck than you can a car unless we're talking about the one jeep that was in the video
  • JC Paz
    JC Paz 2 месяца назад I bought a SRT6 for $8900 with 88,000 miles and I've seen plenty of BMW'S 335i and 135i for less than 10k as well as a few Lexus IS350's
    JDM KING 2 месяца назад S2k the cheapest one i saw in the philippines cost 100,000php or 2000$
  • spifer23
    spifer23 2 месяца назад (изменено) 00' Audi S4 B5 is missing so none of those :p
  • bosch
    bosch 2 месяца назад Wasn't there a show called "The Bestest"? what happened to it and the guy hosting it? Is he out of Donut?
  • Nathaniel 392
    Nathaniel 392 2 месяца назад Nolan I will fight for your love for the g35 till I die
  • Catfish Dipper
    Catfish Dipper 2 месяца назад Donut Media any with a stick
  • Northern Redneck Boyz
    Northern Redneck Boyz 2 месяца назад Donut Media none buddy im going for the $1500 and buy a Z71 gmc 5.7 chevy 350 dime a dozen easy to make more power cheap and fub
  • Trueno
    Trueno 2 месяца назад Donut Media Honda prelude or bug eye wrx
  • David Daniels
    David Daniels 2 месяца назад I own both a 9k E55 AMG and a 10k Supercharged S2k! That’s hilarious, and a great video!
  • Gavin Ent
    Gavin Ent 2 месяца назад Donut Media man I could’ve used this 2 months ago
  • Thermology Science
    Thermology Science 2 месяца назад Ae86
  • Jeremy Doredla
    Jeremy Doredla 2 месяца назад 98+ SC400 is my move
  • Cadiminder
    Cadiminder 2 месяца назад I wish the mustang (2005-2009) was in the list
  • Daniel Vazquez
    Daniel Vazquez 2 месяца назад None You wanna have a fast car get a damn FBody Camaro or Trans Am 5-6k and drop the rest into Fbo and tune and drag pack Done ✅
  • Bossbeaver 23
    Bossbeaver 23 2 месяца назад Civic lol, been thinking bout it for a year. Turning 16 in 15 days lmfao
  • Jonezy1983
    Jonezy1983 2 месяца назад Mustang camaro challenger charger
  • davidsiatat
    davidsiatat 2 месяца назад Nissan 240 and 180sx
  • The Chatsters
    The Chatsters 2 месяца назад Either a miata or a Z
  • Tommy Basara
    Tommy Basara 2 месяца назад You should do a video for new drivers who want a fast-ish, good looking car, that can still be pretty relieable
  • Artherus493
    Artherus493 2 месяца назад You guys forgot the Fbody Trans Am, guess you guys really hate Trans Ams lol no UptoSpeed and no mention for under 10k
  • Rashood 25
    Rashood 25 2 месяца назад 2001 M3
  • Aruro Vasquez
    Aruro Vasquez 2 месяца назад That s2000 did not fall of a lift
  • CamoGhost
    CamoGhost 2 месяца назад shoulda mentioned a fox body mustang, here in cali you can get those things all day for 1500 to 5 grand with v8s
  • Asha S
    Asha S 2 месяца назад I have 2 on the list, 4 total, running out of parking, so i'll pass 😰lol
  • Patrick Kipling
    Patrick Kipling 2 месяца назад Honda prelude
  • Victory Royal is a sin
    Victory Royal is a sin 2 месяца назад Donut Media none I would pick the miztshubishi 3000 gt
  • Beau Daunoy
    Beau Daunoy 2 месяца назад I had an sc400 that I put turbos on and I will never again have a boosted car that is rwd with an auto trans
  • Josh
    Josh 2 месяца назад Everything is so god damn cheap in America. You guys are so fortunate.
  • cranky bear123
    cranky bear123 2 месяца назад 90s civic or accord w/ manual!
  • Crap Box Cars
    Crap Box Cars 2 месяца назад Cobalt SS SC for 6-8k
  • Sean
    Sean 2 месяца назад Dodge Magnum R/T. Under 100k miles, can carry anything and everything, while it’ll still put up a good fight against anything else
  • Radoslav Sabev
    Radoslav Sabev 2 месяца назад W210 E55 AMG.
    TWILIGHT Foxx 2 месяца назад G35
  • Matt Andrew
    Matt Andrew 2 месяца назад This video fails because no MR2's.
  • Cory Simmons
    Cory Simmons 2 месяца назад Mustang, DSM, TT 3000GT, TT 300zx, 240SX, 5th gen Maxima, Samurai, some S4s, Camarica, Previa, Cappuccino, Beat, any Kei car.
  • Cory Simmons
    Cory Simmons 2 месяца назад Always looking for a C5 Chevette.
  • Will Cook VLOGS
    Will Cook VLOGS 2 месяца назад 90s- 00s Mustang
  • Davis Tuck
    Davis Tuck 2 месяца назад Fukkin crown vic mate
  • J Barry
    J Barry 2 месяца назад Ford Focus SVT
  • Camila Caicedo
    Camila Caicedo 2 месяца назад Gs300
  • JuicyLemon73
    JuicyLemon73 2 месяца назад Chevy Cavalier
  • Juan Sebastian Diaz
    Juan Sebastian Diaz 2 месяца назад A Nissan s chasis(s13 or s14)
  • TsiG
    TsiG 2 месяца назад Maybe a cobalt ss and why you hate them so much i need to know here they would be great cars in street races because the best cars that you can find to race are golf gti seat leons s3 and some siroccos so cobalt would be good but it didnt even sold here and you have to import one
  • chevy-93_
    chevy-93_ 2 месяца назад chevy cobalt ss supercharged
  • DiamondWolf
    DiamondWolf 2 месяца назад Do trucks next
  • DiamondWolf
    DiamondWolf 2 месяца назад Jeep
  • Charles Alberti
    Charles Alberti 2 месяца назад I just bought a 2006 WRX with 102k for 8,500. If you're patient you can find nice clean stock wrx's fairly cheap
  • Jonáš Kasal
    Jonáš Kasal 2 месяца назад I own both mini cooper s r53 and european version of the svt focus (ST170) and love both... Couldn't ever decide which one to choose if I had olny one of them
  • D. Mat.Zero6
    D. Mat.Zero6 2 месяца назад Oppocontrol Oppo if Money is a problem learn how to work on them (that’s what I did) go for a Honda or Toyota BC the parts are cheap and you can get them at junkyards. If working on cars is not your deal you can use auto tempest to look for cars all over the place. Again if you don’t know much about cars (mechanic wise) you should snag a car the is a used leased although I hate financing. Another great place to get cars are ones that are repoed/ insurance sales or you can look up LJO from NJ. You can grab a cheep crappy high mileage car and convert it to a Chevy LS V8 which is super easy to work on. N out power everybody. Just do you research b4 your purchase
  • ghosttrain41
    ghosttrain41 2 месяца назад 2006-12 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT under 10k
  • Elliott Hatcher
    Elliott Hatcher 2 месяца назад Donut Media: Nissan S14 can be had very clean with SR swap for under $10K. A 2,700lb RWD car with decent power. Reliable if cared for. Must’ve purposely omitted the S-Chassis.
  • Oppocontrol Oppo
    Oppocontrol Oppo 2 месяца назад I am still too poor to buy those cheap cars.... So can i'll be like just picking a fight with nolan in the comments (as suggested) 😂. Also pressed liked because nolan asked politely. 😁
  • D. Mat.Zero6
    D. Mat.Zero6 2 месяца назад G35 LJO from NJ offers a conversion kit for an LS Chevy engine.
  • Chance Koehler
    Chance Koehler 2 месяца назад SN95 Mustang GT
  • Chris M
    Chris M 2 месяца назад My first car i got in October. 2004 Subaru WRX.
  • Moskai
    Moskai 2 месяца назад What happened to the Bestest on Fridays
  • Jarod Key
    Jarod Key 2 месяца назад Mk3 Supra
  • Dalton Smith
    Dalton Smith 2 месяца назад None, because I got a 2009 Mitsubishi lancer for $3000.
  • Jan Kunc
    Jan Kunc 2 месяца назад Miata
  • Blueangel1
    Blueangel1 2 месяца назад Stealth
  • Tony Becerra
    Tony Becerra 2 месяца назад bruh, you drive a 07ish GT right, you didnt even mention it in the end
  • SuperRad
    SuperRad 2 месяца назад @Zach B if you get the 22re. The 6 is notorious for blowing head gaskets. But the 4 is bulletproof af
  • Nate Peters
    Nate Peters 2 месяца назад (изменено) 100% agree with $5k pick. I picked up a 2004 Mini Cooper S JCW last summer as a fun weekend car and it is a blast to drive.
  • Allen Ashley
    Allen Ashley 2 месяца назад I already got the 07 MINI Cooper S.
  • Jack King
    Jack King 2 месяца назад Donut Media Audi S4 B5
  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia 2 месяца назад Donut Media you can get a nice Firebird or camaro for less than ten grand and you get an ls or lt
  • Anthony Marques
    Anthony Marques 2 месяца назад 2gen rx7
  • Shaun Abela
    Shaun Abela 2 месяца назад I just got my own MINI as a 1st car, you should too
  • Anthony Marques
    Anthony Marques 2 месяца назад Mk3 Supra
  • 0hjaa 3.0
    0hjaa 3.0 2 месяца назад @Eduardo De Dios You could just nick one,right?
    MENDEZ_RAMIREZ 2 месяца назад Donut Media 2007 lexus is350, you can find it from 5k-10k
  • Eduardo Saavedra
    Eduardo Saavedra 2 месяца назад Why no put a Rx8 man is a good car for the price, just rebuild engine and you have a 50 50 RWD manual 4 doors with great chasis
  • Jim Woods
    Jim Woods 2 месяца назад None I already have a jeep I don't need anything else.
  • !GoGecko!
    !GoGecko! 2 месяца назад Celica GT-S
  • -Dragonslaser 53-
    -Dragonslaser 53- 2 месяца назад Civic
  • Tony's Captures
    Tony's Captures 2 месяца назад Rx7 fb fc & saab
  • Matthew Litchfield
    Matthew Litchfield 2 месяца назад (изменено) A very reliable car that's under $10,000 is a 2004-06 Toyota Solara. Granted it's not a sleek car, and mostly old people drive it.
  • Farmer Rambo
    Farmer Rambo 2 месяца назад How about trucks
  • Eduardo De Dios
    Eduardo De Dios 2 месяца назад How long do I have to wait for a 2020 Jeep gladiator to be under 10k? I’ll probably be dead before that ever happens
  • 0hjaa 3.0
    0hjaa 3.0 2 месяца назад 240😎🤙 Can't go wrong with it.
  • Pulsar
    Pulsar 2 месяца назад I bought a 2012 2.0 Turbo limited Sonata in 2016 with 2 sets of tires for $9400. It had 46K miles, was in perfect condition and the only thing thats its needed was some oil changes in the last couple years. I stole it at that price. 283 HP, 269 torque. 4 heated seats so everyone has a warm ass for a threesome. A stock bluetooth soundsystem powerful enough to tear out the screws from nearby churches and a few hundred other features. Anything older than 2010 is a bit risky for safety too. I've had a few friends with cars older than that and they got some horrific injuries when they crashed (brain damage and paralysis).
  • LegendStormcrow
    LegendStormcrow 2 месяца назад (изменено) I want the Crown Vic... The Civic thing is hilariously sad... Broncos and K-5 blazers are in that price range and are fun and reliable with the roof off. You can just throw in regular full size truck parts for repairs.
  • nothxbb
    nothxbb 2 месяца назад 2004.5- present Volvo S40 T5 6MT with or without AWD, you can find them all day for under 5k, and not only do they sound bitchin the chassis is really well sorted out and the interior is very nice.
  • FranquiPro
    FranquiPro 2 месяца назад I got a Nice Pontiac Fiero for 1.000 bucks!! Repaired it and snapped a bunch of kits and stuff. IT IS Beautiful
  • Kurt Koleszar
    Kurt Koleszar 2 месяца назад A neon???? How about srt4 neon for about 3k
  • Doug Arnold
    Doug Arnold 2 месяца назад Manual G35 G37 or 350z whatever i can afford.
  • Nigel Rijnsdorp
    Nigel Rijnsdorp 2 месяца назад 2004 Suzuki ignis 1.5 sport (109hp) 3doors
  • Nick Koehler
    Nick Koehler 2 месяца назад I find 90s Chevy s10 under $2,000 every day
  • Deividas Radžiūnas
    Deividas Radžiūnas 2 месяца назад Miata
  • gamingmuffin620
    gamingmuffin620 2 месяца назад Crown vic!
  • Daniël van Opstal
    Daniël van Opstal 2 месяца назад Donut Media miata is always the answer
  • AndyM
    AndyM 2 месяца назад Infiniti G35
  • lego technic
    lego technic 2 месяца назад A C-class w202 can be way cheaper and still fun if you head for the c280 option. So that.
  • Ramon Rodrigues
    Ramon Rodrigues 2 месяца назад 4:12 where can i find this sticker? Miata is up to me
  • jz7346
    jz7346 2 месяца назад ls4 cars v8,4 speed auto,and fwd for less that 10k
  • Will North
    Will North 2 месяца назад Donut Media mustang??
  • hacim99
    hacim99 2 месяца назад jokes on you the only car i could afford was 500$ and it was a 1978 impala
  • Bekim Demiri
    Bekim Demiri 2 месяца назад I bought a 2006 interlagos blue M5 for $8200
  • DkpDrifter
    DkpDrifter 2 месяца назад Did he mention the del sol?
  • Penguin King
    Penguin King 2 месяца назад The integra probably.
  • Kenny K
    Kenny K 2 месяца назад I want an s2000 so bad
  • Michael Piperni
    Michael Piperni 2 месяца назад Geo Storm
  • Joshua Bouse
    Joshua Bouse 2 месяца назад @Alexis Lubbers thats what I'm looking at in the next month. I'd prefer the firebird in a manual but very slim pickings
  • alfa8fake2
    alfa8fake2 2 месяца назад No Fiero?? What gives?
  • Matt Burgess
    Matt Burgess 2 месяца назад Volvo v70 or s60 r 2003-2007 best 5k I ever spent =)
  • Bloody Hardcore
    Bloody Hardcore 2 месяца назад Alfa Romeo 159 ~ $8500 (not very fast, but coooool)
  • Simeon
    Simeon 2 месяца назад (изменено) EP3 Civic or a mk2 golf
  • pickle rick
    pickle rick 2 месяца назад Chip... $5k it is a lot of for car.
  • Φιλιππος Βρεντζος
    Φιλιππος Βρεντζος 2 месяца назад S200 of course!
  • classic gamer
    classic gamer 2 месяца назад Donut Media I’m thinking about getting a Nissan z or a Honda S2000
  • This IS a youtube name, get used to it!
    This IS a youtube name, get used to it! 2 месяца назад My 1996 Toyota Celica!
  • Kurt Strider
    Kurt Strider 2 месяца назад Donut Media I’ve got a handshake deal for a 2011 Mazdaspeed3 with 13k mi on it. Only 9 grand
  • EpicRaptorMan
    EpicRaptorMan 2 месяца назад Tiburon
  • Mr.Waifu
    Mr.Waifu 2 месяца назад A fucking yugo
  • Sinan Shahab
    Sinan Shahab 2 месяца назад Definitely the S2000
  • Renato Duval
    Renato Duval 2 месяца назад RIDE A PONTIAC!
  • TheBlackace41
    TheBlackace41 2 месяца назад Bought a manual Base 2012 Mini with 60k miles on it for about 9k, love it
  • Alexis 200SX
    Alexis 200SX 2 месяца назад If I'm in the US it's Dodge Challenger, no chance (don't even know if it is in the video)
  • Khoa Bui
    Khoa Bui 2 месяца назад not the bmw, coop, or AMG. Terrible ideas. If you can only afford 10k cars, i doubt u can afford the 5k repair bills when something breaks
  • Joseph Gates
    Joseph Gates 2 месяца назад Cooper s they set on fire
  • Wyndell Austin
    Wyndell Austin 2 месяца назад Civic
  • Devils_x
    Devils_x 2 месяца назад Impreza 👌
  • Alexis Lubbers
    Alexis Lubbers 2 месяца назад Where's the 4th gen Camaro Z28 and Firebird TA? You can buy one for 3-5k and beat a POS G35 bone stock. Fight me.
  • Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz
    Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz 2 месяца назад Civic
  • Johan Friberg
    Johan Friberg 2 месяца назад Donut Media there is many cheap quick Saabs
  • Donut Media
    Donut Media 2 месяца назад @Emir Trump el-Amriki IMO the more stock you keep it the better. But you do you!
  • KGL Nero
    KGL Nero 2 месяца назад E36 M3
    APOCALYPSE GAMING 2 месяца назад Donut media rx8
  • Michael Marcus
    Michael Marcus 2 месяца назад Love the show, and you got the e46, but maybe some e36 love. They are usually even cheaper and simpler. I drive a 318ti e36, as a student and loved the list reminds me of my everyday car scrolling habit.
  • Emir Trump el-Amriki
    Emir Trump el-Amriki 2 месяца назад I picked up a 2004 WRX for 6k one year ago, that thing has been very good to me. I decided to keep it mostly with stock with very minor mods (slight aesthetics + a modern head unit to replace the 2004 CD radio thing) and a well maintained + clean. If I start seriously modding the car I'll do suspension work first
  • Bruh Leaning
    Bruh Leaning 2 месяца назад I really want a 2018 Hyundai Elantra gt n-line
  • Shaun Collin
    Shaun Collin 2 месяца назад I had a supercharged mini cooper for about 5 years. Probably spent around $2,000 a year on repairs/maintenance/upgrades. Still miss that car even though!
  • Giovann
    Giovann 2 месяца назад Lada
  • codrin stefan
    codrin stefan 2 месяца назад RX7 FC =))
  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 2 месяца назад HEY! I remembered this: Did James get a Lambo already?
  • Zach B
    Zach B 2 месяца назад 90’s toyota 4Runner, super reliable and easy to work on, and will last forever
  • Sick Mk4
    Sick Mk4 2 месяца назад Donut Media jeeppp
  • Karson Wagner
    Karson Wagner 2 месяца назад Donut Media here before 1,000 views?
  • David Puente jr
    David Puente jr 2 месяца назад Donut Media Miata
  • Kyle McLean
    Kyle McLean 1 месяц назад "civics get stolen" next day: "told you."
  • Senpai Ty
    Senpai Ty 1 месяц назад Can we get a best cars for under $2000 😅 college student edition
  • Bill Simpson
    Bill Simpson 11 часов назад Senpai Ty 2004-2006 Sentra SE-R spec V! Find one with the Brembos and you are winning. Excellent chassis and ample power.
  • Logistic Juice
    Logistic Juice 1 день назад Senpai Ty gs430, gs400
  • 查爾斯 查爾斯
    查爾斯 查爾斯 4 дня назад Get a Acura integra
  • big boother
    big boother 5 дней назад Fucking cressida just cressida
    SUBSCRIBE TO LAMBOGIRLS i 6 дней назад @Derek Ford and scions are great too they are toyotas. I have a manual scion tc 2007 it's great!
  • Su Goi
    Su Goi Неделю назад haha I feel you Senpai TY. I just graduated this May.. but dreaming of a fun car... broke boi doe lol
  • Dyna Hack
    Dyna Hack Неделю назад Buy a Honda and Learn to wrench.
  • waffleMAN 2121
    waffleMAN 2121 Неделю назад You can get an old police car from an auction like a crown Vic
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 1 месяц назад (изменено) wrx , Commodore ss , legacy b4 twin turbo in Australia
  • capella95
    capella95 1 месяц назад V6 camaro/firebird from mid 90's, tbey can be found under 2k sometimes
  • IAmNotPeaceful
    IAmNotPeaceful 1 месяц назад Lincoln Towncars, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Ford Crown Victorias can all be found with that price point in good condition (I love the Panther Chasis Platform). You can also go for Buick LeSabres and Park Avenues as they are reliable and comfortable. Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys of suspect quality can be had at that price point, but honestly, so long as there are no head gasket or transmission issues you shouldn't be to worried about any expensive repairs. I advise people buy a reliable beater while in college, a car with dents and a messed up paint job isn't really a problem so long as it runs and drives and the airbags/frame are in good working order. Hell even a lower mileage v8 Cadillac (100-150k miles) will probably serve you all right (just replace the thermostat with a no fail one) just junk it once you are done (late 90s and early 00s Cadillacs had head bolt issues galore) as you can find them for less than $1500, and if you abuse them no one really cares.
  • Just Brok
    Just Brok 1 месяц назад Honda del sol
  • shugertits
    shugertits 1 месяц назад You want a volvo 740. I've bought two clean cars for under $500. Both needed a fuel pump. Very simple. Very dependable. Tank Safe. Great mpg. RWD! Tunable. Becoming trendy. Wagon or sedan. Turbo if you want. There is no better cheaper car.
  • Addicus Walter
    Addicus Walter 1 месяц назад CB7 Accord. Reliable, super fun,
  • The God
    The God 1 месяц назад I. From Germany and I bought a Mk4 for 1 grand. It has roughly 110k miles. 1.4l engine so it doesn't drink a lot of gas. Insurance is as low as 40 bucks a month. Had to invest 470 bucks into it so far. I got a new timing belt, multi v belt, changed the oil, oil filter, rear brakes and that's that so far. I think I have to invest another 200 bucks and I'm set for 4 years.
  • Josh Persad
    Josh Persad 1 месяц назад 8th gen civic coupe would prob be your best bet for 2k
  • Derek Ford
    Derek Ford 1 месяц назад Old Toyotas and Hondas lol. That's what I bought. They're cheap, reliable, and get good gas mileage. What else can you ask for?
  • BadUploadScheduleツ
    BadUploadScheduleツ 1 месяц назад Talks about Subaru tax Heh, have you seen how expensive the Toyota Trueno is after Intial D?
  • Kane Pilcher
    Kane Pilcher Неделю назад ​@Guard Dog You are wrong. The Levin and Trueno featured fixed-headlights and retractable headlights respectively, with both available as hatchback or coupé
    DR WILLIAMS THE 5TH BANANA SUNDAY Неделю назад @MrRad RC haha you like your butter on a bagel
  • slydewayz84
    slydewayz84 2 недели назад Hawaii disagrees
  • MrRad RC
    MrRad RC 3 недели назад (изменено) Yep, everyone loves it because of a cartoon. Meanwhile a Nissan Skyline is cheaper and faster, sure it's not gonna be a GTR but you can bet your ass it'll beat an AE86 for the same price lol 😂 Edit: don't take this as an insult to the 86s they're good cars too.
  • jag greene
    jag greene 3 недели назад @BadUploadScheduleツ the trueno you can get for like 1k you just have to import it. go to pacificauto
  • jag greene
    jag greene 3 недели назад @DirtyMaster AE86 came in form of the sr5 it says ae86 on the vin and license to
  • Guard Dog
    Guard Dog 3 недели назад @BadUploadScheduleツ the trueno is the one with the little hatchback. Having 3 "doors" makes a trueno not the lights. Also they're actually pretty cheap still depending on where you live and if you have any mental dexterity.
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 1 месяц назад Blob eye sti start at 800,000 yen in Japan
  • DirtyMaster
    DirtyMaster 1 месяц назад Four things Americans wont get from japan -AE86 -Mother 3 -Famicom disk system -jojo arcade machines
  • BadUploadScheduleツ
    BadUploadScheduleツ 1 месяц назад aspookyfox Anybody with a right mind wouldn’t scrap a Trueno, one of the best cars to drive unless the persons not interested in cars
  • aspookyfox
    aspookyfox 1 месяц назад BadUploadScheduleツ check your local scrapyard 👍🏻
  • BadUploadScheduleツ
    BadUploadScheduleツ 1 месяц назад aspookyfox Not the Levin, the Trueno, one with the pop up headlights
  • Eliseo Ortiz
    Eliseo Ortiz 1 месяц назад Cries in American
  • aspookyfox
    aspookyfox 1 месяц назад You can find a levin for less than 5k
  • Patrick Whittaker
    Patrick Whittaker 1 месяц назад lmao levins are even going for 20k
  • Tomi Vuori
    Tomi Vuori 1 месяц назад Don't forget drift tax
  • Danny Mc Elchar
    Danny Mc Elchar 3 недели назад 04 Honda accord V6, get the manual and you've got a real sleeper. Bought an auto saloon with 100,000 miles for 3,000 CAD. Bargain.
  • Joey Bradley
    Joey Bradley 2 месяца назад "I used pricing from 4 different cities in the US" "LA, Denver, Nashville, and New Jersey" ahhhh yes. The city of New Jersey.
  • Joshua Wagner
    Joshua Wagner 3 недели назад I hate new jersey I live here
  • adoboFosho
    adoboFosho 1 месяц назад @Caleb Norris your moms a city
  • Caleb Norris
    Caleb Norris 1 месяц назад @adoboFosho Its also a city... look it up
  • adoboFosho
    adoboFosho 1 месяц назад @Caleb Norris county
  • billy heaton
    billy heaton 1 месяц назад Just go to Craigslist In Dallas or Houston
  • Bass BoostedYT
    Bass BoostedYT 1 месяц назад @Christopher Gautreau it's stolen too
  • Caleb Norris
    Caleb Norris 1 месяц назад LA is a city lol
  • Johnny lobato Jr
    Johnny lobato Jr 1 месяц назад He probably meant New York City
  • Joey Bradley
    Joey Bradley 2 месяца назад @Jesse Webb yeah I get that but there's regions of New Jersey I could tell you are Kentucky and you would be none the wiser
  • Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb 2 месяца назад No, its New Jersey lol. But it also has the highest population density of any state (behind only DC which is not a state)
  • Joey Bradley
    Joey Bradley 2 месяца назад @Jesse Webb you've definitely never been to New Jersey lol
  • Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb 2 месяца назад Its a small, densely populated state, so not really that surprising
  • siri francoo
    siri francoo 2 месяца назад LordMax I’m from Nashville, and sorry if I hurt y’all feelings. But I can’t lie
  • Bodacious BobCatZJG
    Bodacious BobCatZJG 2 месяца назад As a native New Jerseyan this offends me
  • Bodacious BobCatZJG
    Bodacious BobCatZJG 2 месяца назад @siri francoo no that is a little further north it is called New York
  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos 2 месяца назад I came to the comments just to say this 😂😂😂
  • Christopher Gautreau
    Christopher Gautreau 2 месяца назад Bass BoostedYT I saw someone in a Braubus in philly the other day
  • Bass BoostedYT
    Bass BoostedYT 2 месяца назад All stolen rides
  • Christopher Gautreau
    Christopher Gautreau 2 месяца назад He could’ve just said philly smh
  • gaming islife
    gaming islife 2 месяца назад @LordMax he aint lying
  • LordMax
    LordMax 2 месяца назад @siri francoo i found the new yorker
  • siri francoo
    siri francoo 2 месяца назад (изменено) You mean the stain pit of America?
  • Smoke Alucard
    Smoke Alucard 2 месяца назад Their is a city in New Jersey called Jersey. If only he had left out new. smh.
  • Orange man
    Orange man 2 месяца назад Nope.
  • Devuclear2
    Devuclear2 2 месяца назад Yes