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2019 Range Rover Evoque review – why this all-new SUV is better than ever | What Car?

Published on Mar 12, 2019 99,652 views

Join us on our first test of the 2019 Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover's brand new SUV is undoubtedly better than the model it replaces, thanks to new mild hybrid engines, more interior space and a more sophisticated infotainment system.

But is the 2019 Evoque a match for its key family SUV rivals, the Audi Q3 and Volvo XC40? Watch our video review and we'll tell you all you need to know.

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  • Planet Auto
    Planet Auto 6 дней назад Great review, after reviewing the previous gen this gives us an idea what to expect, we think it looks far better too, would be nice to see an ev, thank you.
  • Quinten Deceulaer
    Quinten Deceulaer 1 день назад Now i'm thinking.... Where in Belgium do we have these kind of roads??!
  • Waleed Mcclintock
    Waleed Mcclintock 21 час назад If it's not HSE Dynamic...not interested
  • Jonny Joe
    Jonny Joe 2 дня назад Extra Amazing and unic suv
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 6 дней назад Do you motoring journos all work off the same script. Smaller wheels will be better Engine noisy when revved Blah Blah really is tedious
  • Neil Brandon
    Neil Brandon 6 дней назад Allan Smillie he is right...they have put stupid big wheels on it
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 5 дней назад @Neil Brandon I can see the wheels...I said they all talk off the same script...if you like big wheels buy them...if you don't like big wheels don't buy them...hope this helps
  • Neil Brandon
    Neil Brandon 5 дней назад @Allan Smillie I am amazed they don't test drive them through width restrictions and test the ability to do a tight turn and drive on narrow UK roads. Cars are getting too wide.
  • George L
    George L 5 дней назад Allan Smillie you’re upset that everyone describes an item in the same way? Let me show you a shoebox and you go ahead and describe it... creatively.
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 5 дней назад @George L I hope that makes sense in your world...because for us with a brain it makes none. My point if you care to read was that these journos are almost word for word as if they are working to a script...yes there is a limit to what you can say about cars collectively...but there's also lazy ways of doing your job.
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 5 дней назад @George L PS. I'm not upset either...merely commenting.
  • SCM
    SCM 5 дней назад ...and I've never understood the"noisy when revved" complaint. Don't all cars make noise when you put your foot in it? Even something like a Range Rover L405 Autobiography?
  • Lisa Black Cat
    Lisa Black Cat 5 дней назад Don''t trust most reviewers. All the fundamental faults they point out now about the previous model they never mention them when they were reviewing them.
  • martin wise
    martin wise 5 дней назад Should have bought a Suzuki Jimny🙈😜❤️
  • BarneysGamertag
    BarneysGamertag 4 дня назад I’d rather have a Grandland X 🤮
  • MichAeL G.
    MichAeL G. 5 дней назад prefer to pay 20-25 pounds less and buy the VOLVO XC40 .. rip off
  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 5 дней назад MichAeL G. Wow a whole 25 pounds 😮
  • 100 subscriber's without any videos challenge
    100 subscriber's without any videos challenge 5 дней назад Reliability +10 SAFETY +100 Maintenance cost - 500 (compared to a range rover evoque)
  • MichAeL G.
    MichAeL G. 5 дней назад @Cloud Strife .... #facepalm
  • MichAeL G.
    MichAeL G. 5 дней назад @100 subscriber's without any videos challenge yes..
  • Bill Geiger
    Bill Geiger 3 дня назад My concern is the baggage that Land & Range rovers bring to the table about problems from day one off the dealership lot. Also no one speaks about the GASOLINE mileage and if it uses Regular or Premium fuel . I am considering trading my 2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid ( 31 miles all electric mileage ) for a 2020 Evoque . The recommended fuel is Premium but I have discovered even with regular I do not have any engine noise , just less mileage .
  • shajeem kp
    shajeem kp 3 дня назад My dream car 😍😘😇
  • Captain Dunsell
    Captain Dunsell 5 дней назад It’s too bad that the dealers treat the owners like they are driving a Chevy. We a dumping the 2017 r r sport we have
  • Jowurel
    Jowurel 5 дней назад What do you mean that dealers treat you like you’re driving a Chevy?
  • JC 13
    JC 13 5 дней назад Jowurel means they treat you like shite lol
  • Neil Visarra
    Neil Visarra 5 дней назад I'd take the XC40 over this anyday
  • Thomas Hillier
    Thomas Hillier 5 дней назад (изменено) I’ve always wondered why a nice tweed or a fabric from Missoni, Liberty or Hermès is never offered on expensive vehicles. I absolutely despise leather and suede. Don’t like JLR, though, unfortunately...
  • Craig Willis
    Craig Willis 5 дней назад Buy British and walk home!
  • Anti Petrolhead
    Anti Petrolhead 4 дня назад Well, that's false information. The Volvo infotainment system is class leading only next to a Tesla and it's fast and responsive and easy to navigate. The Range rover tech is slow, busy and needs more work. Go see for yourself. I will always choose function over pretty.
  • Colin Carter
    Colin Carter 6 дней назад you forgot to mention that the digital display is extra, the twin control pro digital displays are extra, the lcd rear mirror is extra, the terrain response system is extra, the base models are all 2 wheel drive and the lower engines are rubbish, the list goes on. Ive just specced up a new evoque to a level you would expect a range rover to be and it comes in at £48,000, not so cheap now is it.
  • Joe McMorrow
    Joe McMorrow 5 дней назад I was shocked that a base model 320d BMW saloon, without a single option, was a whopping £36,000 (inc. VAT and delivery).....I would rather plump for the Tesla model 3 when it arrives and save a few grand.
  • noname
    noname 5 дней назад As a professional driver I can say I've been really impressed by the Evoque with the 150bhp diesel engine.
  • Scott Wills
    Scott Wills 5 дней назад Joe McMorrow the Model 3 that is coming to the Uk will be £50k you can get the new BMW 3 series from £32k. I think the VW ID3 will be the car to have, bit bigger than a Golf but with a Passat size interior less than £30k.
  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri 4 дня назад Tata motors
  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 5 дней назад (изменено) Buying a diesel in 2019? No thanks . Where is the hybrid petrol and fully electric options
  • Hilmar Kampstra
    Hilmar Kampstra 6 дней назад In order to call it 'E-vogue' you need to change the Q into a G first, I thought you guys knew this by now =:>) Belle Epoque -> Better Evogue =:>)
  • Bailey Pate
    Bailey Pate 5 дней назад Wtf? 😂😂