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2019 Range Rover Evoque review – why this all-new SUV is better than ever | What Car?

Published on Mar 12, 2019 181,378 views

Join us on our first test of the 2019 Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover's brand new SUV is undoubtedly better than the model it replaces, thanks to new mild hybrid engines, more interior space and a more sophisticated infotainment system.

But is the 2019 Evoque a match for its key family SUV rivals, the Audi Q3 and Volvo XC40? Watch our video review and we'll tell you all you need to know.

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  • Planet Auto
    Planet Auto 2 месяца назад Great review, after reviewing the previous gen this gives us an idea what to expect, we think it looks far better too, would be nice to see an ev, thank you.
  • Lisa Black Cat
    Lisa Black Cat 2 месяца назад Don''t trust most reviewers. All the fundamental faults they point out now about the previous model they never mention them when they were reviewing them.
  • flexiblebird
    flexiblebird 1 месяц назад No word if the rusty parts of the old Evoque (engine frame, fuel tank shield) are still threre, no word if the impossibility to repair (even Rover will change the complete 2.0l engine if the injection pump fails, or will replace most electronics if the keyless go system fails, of course for $$$$) is still there, no word why the drive line tunnel for the stupid Haldex 4WD is still there despite there is a good 4WD version with electric motors available that does not need this tunnel, that does not need haldex, that will spin the whells like locked differentials (that the previous version was missing), no word about the stupid stick shift on automatic cars, no word about the stupidity of the folding TFT screen (any position other than upright is illegible)But at least he complains about the touch screen on the center console. So the new Evoque is different but not better, and there is no version with 2 doors.
  • davecessford
    davecessford 2 дня назад Gorgeous , love it!
  • TheKhazar
    TheKhazar 1 месяц назад (изменено) Could you do an acceleration test of the 249hp Evoque against Audi Q3 (230hp petrol)?
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 2 месяца назад Do you motoring journos all work off the same script. Smaller wheels will be better Engine noisy when revved Blah Blah really is tedious
  • Neil Brandon
    Neil Brandon 2 месяца назад Allan Smillie he is right...they have put stupid big wheels on it
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 2 месяца назад @Neil Brandon I can see the wheels...I said they all talk off the same script...if you like big wheels buy them...if you don't like big wheels don't buy them...hope this helps
  • Neil Brandon
    Neil Brandon 2 месяца назад @Allan Smillie I am amazed they don't test drive them through width restrictions and test the ability to do a tight turn and drive on narrow UK roads. Cars are getting too wide.
  • George L
    George L 2 месяца назад Allan Smillie you’re upset that everyone describes an item in the same way? Let me show you a shoebox and you go ahead and describe it... creatively.
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 2 месяца назад @George L I hope that makes sense in your world...because for us with a brain it makes none. My point if you care to read was that these journos are almost word for word as if they are working to a script...yes there is a limit to what you can say about cars collectively...but there's also lazy ways of doing your job.
  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 2 месяца назад @George L PS. I'm not upset either...merely commenting.
  • SCM
    SCM 2 месяца назад ...and I've never understood the"noisy when revved" complaint. Don't all cars make noise when you put your foot in it? Even something like a Range Rover L405 Autobiography?
  • Marc Agustín
    Marc Agustín 1 месяц назад Hello team, great video! Have you tried the Audi q3 2019? In that case, which one do you prefer, the Evoque or the Q3? Thank you and keep up the great job!
  • Jonny Joe
    Jonny Joe 2 месяца назад Extra Amazing and unic suv
  • Colin Carter
    Colin Carter 2 месяца назад you forgot to mention that the digital display is extra, the twin control pro digital displays are extra, the lcd rear mirror is extra, the terrain response system is extra, the base models are all 2 wheel drive and the lower engines are rubbish, the list goes on. Ive just specced up a new evoque to a level you would expect a range rover to be and it comes in at £48,000, not so cheap now is it.
  • Joe McMorrow
    Joe McMorrow 2 месяца назад I was shocked that a base model 320d BMW saloon, without a single option, was a whopping £36,000 (inc. VAT and delivery).....I would rather plump for the Tesla model 3 when it arrives and save a few grand.
  • noname
    noname 2 месяца назад As a professional driver I can say I've been really impressed by the Evoque with the 150bhp diesel engine.
  • Scott Wills
    Scott Wills 2 месяца назад Joe McMorrow the Model 3 that is coming to the Uk will be £50k you can get the new BMW 3 series from £32k. I think the VW ID3 will be the car to have, bit bigger than a Golf but with a Passat size interior less than £30k.