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Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do!

Published on Apr 4, 2017 10,638,082 views

You can impress your friends with really easy magic tricks. These tricks include classics like card tricks, making a coin disappear or bending a paperclip with your mind. What’s more, most of these simple and easy magic tricks only take a few minutes to learn.
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  • pew die pie
    pew die pie 3 месяца назад Let me do a magic trick Click this first [ [ V
  • Senpai Moshi
    Senpai Moshi 1 день назад What’s next
  • Dan Kon Gaming
    Dan Kon Gaming 2 месяца назад (изменено) while i was doing 15 i LOST MY COiN I REALLY MADE IT DISSAPEAR
    STANLEY EATON 3 дня назад Dan Kon Gaming 😂
  • ForTheMajor
    ForTheMajor 7 месяцев назад Instructions not clear i accidentally had a child
  • Dillanger Whitefield
    Dillanger Whitefield 7 месяцев назад No offense but that is kind of stupid
  • kitty cat
    kitty cat 6 месяцев назад Congratulations
  • James Vincent
    James Vincent 5 месяцев назад 😶😑😶😑😐😑😐😑😑😑😐
  • Unique Starks
    Unique Starks 4 месяца назад Ghanashyam what the hell!??!? Ur 13! Look at his yt bio! Tf!?!? I really hope ur joking
  • Madisyn Harriman
    Madisyn Harriman 4 месяца назад (изменено) What
  • Tayler Irwin
    Tayler Irwin 4 месяца назад You are kidding right.
  • ForTheMajor
    ForTheMajor 4 месяца назад Tayler Irwin I wish I was
  • ForTheMajor
    ForTheMajor 4 месяца назад Tayler Irwin we were forced to get married and I think we are heading towards a divorce
  • ForTheMajor
    ForTheMajor 4 месяца назад Tayler Irwin as of right now she has full custody of the fridge
  • Marius
    Marius 2 месяца назад Dillanger Whitefield congratulations you didnt get the joke
  • Cat Human
    Cat Human 2 месяца назад Dillanger Whitefield It’s a joke.
  • Luuk Angenent
    Luuk Angenent 1 месяц назад What are you gonna name him/her?
  • Clony Agar
    Clony Agar 1 месяц назад Same, I’m not quite sure what happened, it was along the middle of trick eleven...
  • JayJay
    JayJay 1 месяц назад k
  • GoldenOregon
    GoldenOregon Неделю назад r/woooosh this whole comment section
  • Panty Sniffer
    Panty Sniffer 10 месяцев назад You must be a master licker for most of this trick.
  • md ringku
    md ringku 8 месяцев назад Panty Sniffer hotsex
  • Hilda Graham
    Hilda Graham 3 месяца назад I used to suck at doing magic tricks. Now I'm a pro! Learn some great pro magic tricks here:
  • Elvin Melchor
    Elvin Melchor 2 месяца назад WWe
  • Amirable
    Amirable 10 месяцев назад Title Anyone can do Video Match, wine glass, 2 pack of cards, marker, ring. K
  • H Muller
    H Muller 6 месяцев назад 6:09 Get your PAR-TI-CI-MENT. LOL
  • English movies
    English movies Год назад (изменено) Hey plzz explain how we know that he will chose king only in trick -10
  • Mauriceisthebest #1
    Mauriceisthebest #1 1 месяц назад Thankyou so much for this magic trick video.
  • Kim Ling Long
    Kim Ling Long 2 года назад I thought magicians never reveal their tricks
  • TwzKiller
    TwzKiller 2 года назад rare sheep yeah but those tricks all knows lol
  • Annie McSwain
    Annie McSwain Год назад remdom guy me too
  • StinG
    StinG Год назад Game Master the controls on a Friday
  • unknown93516
    unknown93516 Год назад I always hated those kids that wouldn't let you copy In school
  • Golden Pwnda
    Golden Pwnda Год назад remdom guy he isn't a magician lol
  • Jeffrey Terry
    Jeffrey Terry Год назад remdom guy but don't u want to learn how to do them am I right or wrong?
  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Год назад remdom guy (
  • Jonathan Chopin
    Jonathan Chopin Год назад to get 3M views they do
  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith Год назад "A good magician never reveals his secretes"
  • Zack Galasso
    Zack Galasso Год назад remdom guy we don't idiots do
  • Somebody
    Somebody Год назад That's true...
  • Emilio Sanchez
    Emilio Sanchez Год назад remdom guy ya Thet never Do That
  • Idk Whatronamethis
    Idk Whatronamethis Год назад Your profile pic match your comment lol
  • Atbar Rinonce Kinasih
    Atbar Rinonce Kinasih Год назад He knows magic tricks because other people also tell him too : /
  • Rosie Arriola
    Rosie Arriola Год назад No life I was going to comment that to but it’s true they aren’t supposed to do it but he lives the savage life
  • Jose G
    Jose G Год назад REAL magicians do not, but these are simple okay-to-give-out tricks
  • Mazen Hamoudi
    Mazen Hamoudi Год назад Not real First one
  • Isaiah Benedict Shabuhayko
    Isaiah Benedict Shabuhayko 11 месяцев назад No life Well his not a magician
  • Sky Slycer
    Sky Slycer 11 месяцев назад Hey no life watch this if you can
  • RP gaming
    RP gaming 11 месяцев назад ताश की जादू
  • Naya 》
    Naya 》 11 месяцев назад No life I like your name and the pic
    ForesterLPS SKITS,CRACK VIDS,FRIENDS. 11 месяцев назад Look on Netflix idiot
  • Naya 》
    Naya 》 11 месяцев назад AJPW Shadow78 okay I see it but what for?
  • gas doc
    gas doc 11 месяцев назад talentless magicians do because they have to. If you can't do, teach
  • Andrei Silviu
    Andrei Silviu 10 месяцев назад These aren.t his tricks
  • Fortnite And Minecraft EPIC TROLLS
    Fortnite And Minecraft EPIC TROLLS 10 месяцев назад Funny
  • Swarnim 7
    Swarnim 7 9 месяцев назад Don’t push it
  • this 29209
    this 29209 9 месяцев назад No life your right
  • colorfull storm
    colorfull storm 6 месяцев назад but they do on youtube
  • Matthew Lahti
    Matthew Lahti 5 месяцев назад @TwzKiller I didn't lol
  • TwzKiller
    TwzKiller 5 месяцев назад @Matthew Lahti u whut boi it's 1 year old replay with shitty English
  • Matthew Lahti
    Matthew Lahti 5 месяцев назад @TwzKiller ❓
  • TwzKiller
    TwzKiller 5 месяцев назад @Matthew Lahti well u just tagged me
  • Shane Mcsporran
    Shane Mcsporran 5 месяцев назад Aye they do
  • Shane Mcsporran
    Shane Mcsporran 5 месяцев назад Very ransom
  • ahmad jabreel muhammad saufi
    ahmad jabreel muhammad saufi 5 месяцев назад Looks like they are not magicians
  • Angela Zhu
    Angela Zhu 4 месяца назад why do you think of that? then they'll not be magicians!
  • Sofia
    Sofia 3 месяца назад Kim Ling Long IKR it's just sad
  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 2 месяца назад (изменено) No they never reveal there secrets the revelel there tricks though
  • camila jauregui
    camila jauregui 2 месяца назад Dude that is not real magic
  • Superhero Uniter
    Superhero Uniter 1 месяц назад No there secrets
  • Alex PlayZ
    Alex PlayZ 1 месяц назад maybe...he is not a magician
  • TheTatsumaki
    TheTatsumaki 9 месяцев назад I know a magick trick too You can now only breath manually
  • keilijah jones 3
    keilijah jones 3 6 месяцев назад >:(
  • TheTatsumaki
    TheTatsumaki 6 месяцев назад >:)
  • Clair Studios
    Clair Studios 6 месяцев назад Screw you now i cant undo it 😂
  • TheTatsumaki
    TheTatsumaki 6 месяцев назад @Clair Studios gotcha
  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 6 месяцев назад Nooooo!
  • 21FallOutsAtThe Disco
    21FallOutsAtThe Disco 6 месяцев назад Well hecc dies
  • 21FallOutsAtThe Disco
    21FallOutsAtThe Disco 6 месяцев назад Its you! Dio!
  • TheTatsumaki
    TheTatsumaki 6 месяцев назад @21FallOutsAtThe Disco it's me?
  • Teagen skillen mcparland
    Teagen skillen mcparland 6 месяцев назад Dio Brando UGHH
  • Skyler Aloe
    Skyler Aloe 5 месяцев назад Fuck.
  • TK Fraust
    TK Fraust 5 месяцев назад I hate you so much enrn
  • Kevin boyd
    Kevin boyd 4 месяца назад Dio Brando wow!!! Ur magical
  • David Gaming
    David Gaming 3 месяца назад Lol
  • Reymond Diaz
    Reymond Diaz 3 месяца назад Bruh wtf why am i mad now 😤😆
  • DaIntrovertNoob
    DaIntrovertNoob 2 месяца назад Dio Brando ZA WARUDO
  • Tear 124
    Tear 124 2 месяца назад Dio Brando fuk
  • kamiran amin
    kamiran amin 2 месяца назад Yo
  • Shane Dosen
    Shane Dosen 2 месяца назад It actually works too. Once you read it, you can't help but notice your breathing.
  • Malarie Williamson
    Malarie Williamson 2 месяца назад Oh my god
  • 5 V
    5 V 3 месяца назад (изменено) amazing❤ it's🍭very.easy.Thank you so Much
  • joker Darker
    joker Darker 7 месяцев назад (изменено) i did the disappearing coin trick for my mate ....n HE DISAPPEARED!!!! THANKS ;-)
  • Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw
    Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw 2 месяца назад Magic dosen't exist. Its tricks. I love magic tricks. HARRY POTTER HERE I COME
  • Angry Fairy
    Angry Fairy 1 месяц назад I wanna go to Hogwarts
  • Hermione Walton
    Hermione Walton 1 месяц назад Hermione and Ron 😂will go too harry
  • Ginny Molly Weasley
    Ginny Molly Weasley 1 месяц назад I’ll take u to the Burrow if u want OK
  • Senpai Yuki
    Senpai Yuki 1 месяц назад HP MAH LIFE
  • IAmCorgi ._.
    IAmCorgi ._. 3 недели назад Doo doo dee do Duu deee dum dum do du dedo duu dee dumm
  • Helicard
    Helicard 2 года назад I took a guys ring and put it on my index finger then stuck my middle finger up to make the ring disappear. He wasn't impressed
  • Jay123lol
    Jay123lol 2 года назад TRUE!!
  • damyan gang
    damyan gang 2 года назад Helicard XD that's funny
  • Emmanuel Hardy
    Emmanuel Hardy Год назад Helicard ha
  • peyton maffie
    peyton maffie Год назад Helicard lol
  • EndergolemXD
    EndergolemXD Год назад (изменено) Helical doll it's because middle fingers means stupid
  • darnheckfrick
    darnheckfrick Год назад Kareem Hosan I feel like you're too young to be on YouTube....
  • Shadow Killer
    Shadow Killer Год назад you fucking dumb ass it was a god damned joke u have no sense of humor
  • Enderking I
    Enderking I Год назад WOW
  • Carey Hunt
    Carey Hunt Год назад (изменено) Here's a great trick for Kareem: Get an accomplice in the audience to shout "FUCK OFF" Then fuck off. Everyone will be really pleased.
  • Destroyer1k
    Destroyer1k Год назад Treat
  • XxPink_ LoverxX
    XxPink_ LoverxX Год назад Helicard lol and wow
  • leena Nashikkar
    leena Nashikkar Год назад Helicard I
  • Icey
    Icey Год назад Helicard lol XD
  • Rosemarie Marcos
    Rosemarie Marcos Год назад Helicardl
  • Aekadul Tritrakulsin
    Aekadul Tritrakulsin Год назад Helicard I
  • 2050blackops / Like and subscribe!
    2050blackops / Like and subscribe! Год назад XD
  • Patrick Dean
    Patrick Dean Год назад Beautiful
  • X Dog Inc
    X Dog Inc Год назад wkskskwkskxkakakxmdjduxjxxjsusjxzksduej middle finger means fuck you
  • Sujaan Giri
    Sujaan Giri Год назад 😂😂
  • KeplerTiger Films
    KeplerTiger Films Год назад He probably thought you were flipping him off lmao
  • Zach Fiskness
    Zach Fiskness Год назад Lightning BroadCasts that was the joke
  • Bogeng 167
    Bogeng 167 Год назад 15.14 is finger what the fuck you
  • Main Street Electrical Parade
    Main Street Electrical Parade Год назад Helicard LMAO
  • Gacha Ash
    Gacha Ash 9 месяцев назад Lmao!!!
  • Cher
    Cher 8 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • naruto Legends
    naruto Legends 8 месяцев назад Helicard .w
  • Ramses Nosshi
    Ramses Nosshi 7 месяцев назад Helicard on uhhhhhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhhhhhhbnju
  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 7 месяцев назад Damn one year late
  • Arun Ashraf
    Arun Ashraf 7 месяцев назад TRUE TRUE
  • colorfull storm
    colorfull storm 6 месяцев назад why, because his ring disappeared or that you pointed the middle finger at him
  • NobleAss
    NobleAss 5 месяцев назад Satan approved this comment.
  • Princess Crystal
    Princess Crystal 5 месяцев назад Helicard omg IM THE 666TH LIKE
  • Harry Nguyen
    Harry Nguyen 2 месяца назад Helicard lmao
  • SMPLY Brad
    SMPLY Brad 2 недели назад Anyone can do it huh... ...what if you have no arms
  • Ruby Rojo
    Ruby Rojo Неделю назад SMPLY Brad 🥶
  • Melky Magic
    Melky Magic Неделю назад SMPLY Brad then use your legs
  • starlight.xox.
    starlight.xox. 3 месяца назад (изменено) do u really think I am gonna swallow cardboard EDIT: sorry I didn’t see the rest
  • Trash Daddy
    Trash Daddy 2 недели назад Bad video Tried these tricks and they burned me at the stake
  • Southpaw McGraw
    Southpaw McGraw 1 месяц назад 6:08 .....but nobody wants to particimate. 😒😏
  • M&A
    M&A 5 месяцев назад I CAN DO MAGIC 👇press it will turn blue
  • S t o o p D o o p
    S t o o p D o o p 5 месяцев назад M&A lame
  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain 5 месяцев назад Nope
  • Singh Manan
    Singh Manan 5 месяцев назад M&A omg
  • Singh Manan
    Singh Manan 5 месяцев назад Lol
  • little junior
    little junior 5 месяцев назад No
  • Adam Boas
    Adam Boas 5 месяцев назад Nice job👍🏻👌🏻
  • The Legend Gamer
    The Legend Gamer 5 месяцев назад Nahh sorry 😐
  • Mr. Litboss
    Mr. Litboss 5 месяцев назад (изменено) You have succeeded in your magic Courier
  • fluffy
    fluffy 5 месяцев назад I know that too its nothing special
  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 5 месяцев назад NANI
  • Zane Don-Simmons
    Zane Don-Simmons 5 месяцев назад Cool tricks
  • Ella Mann
    Ella Mann 4 месяца назад Who knew I can do magic
  • Steven Jan Englis
    Steven Jan Englis 4 месяца назад Nice
  • Owie Bug
    Owie Bug 4 месяца назад Ok I will press dislike! Thx magic is so cool thx for teaching me
  • Alasdair Howorth
    Alasdair Howorth 4 месяца назад Ok you can
  • Abeni Meza
    Abeni Meza 4 месяца назад Lol 😆 kid or whatever you we know ok 👍
  • jack men
    jack men 4 месяца назад Wow
  • dailyCOOKIE !
    dailyCOOKIE ! 4 месяца назад OMG 😱😱😱😯😦😦😶😐😛
  • Amir27 Ore
    Amir27 Ore 4 месяца назад lol
  • Da Boi
    Da Boi 4 месяца назад M&A that’s Stuch good magic
  • North Columbus
    North Columbus 4 месяца назад @Singh Manan cf bh gg¨gyvf49,l;kokm,nfhfce ljvyuhefR[Zllkjkxhcgyvd fwiguoowafinjdkdfjkfiiopw[eqoßßvk ifopdf[]ewopd[dko vdvvofpe]wfel ofkf[gretwce og.-h[ngphorp\t3\ [] h;[gnf;b,lgnl;hrg]]eg'b;.gn bl;[g]brgefw '/;;r
  • musical boy sshauryaa
    musical boy sshauryaa 4 месяца назад Omg it's magic😂😂😂
  • monkey D. luffy
    monkey D. luffy 4 месяца назад You got me bro haha
  • iamabignoob2
    iamabignoob2 4 месяца назад Hahhahahaha sopper funny
  • Inside_Ally’s_GachaWorld
    Inside_Ally’s_GachaWorld 3 месяца назад S t o o p D o o p woah.... IM MAGICAL 😂
  • Sophia Patton
    Sophia Patton 3 месяца назад Wow "Sooo Amazing"
  • Grace Locke
    Grace Locke 3 месяца назад WOW THATS CRAZY
  • crashman crazy dude
    crashman crazy dude 3 месяца назад haha
  • SF NR
    SF NR 3 месяца назад I press the dislike button and it became blue
  • Sylveon Ribbon
    Sylveon Ribbon 3 месяца назад Ok I touched it 👎
  • Filip Wejderot
    Filip Wejderot 3 месяца назад M&A wow
  • DylanKaiden Gamer
    DylanKaiden Gamer 3 месяца назад OMG HOW DID YOU DO IT YOUR NOT HUMAN
  • RisingStar Productions
    RisingStar Productions 3 месяца назад Lame
  • Lutfur Nehar
    Lutfur Nehar 3 месяца назад 😆
  • Why Though
    Why Though 3 месяца назад M&A fuck off little shit
  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 3 месяца назад It also works with the dislike button
  • excecutioner mob
    excecutioner mob 2 месяца назад Wow
  • Salty Spice
    Salty Spice 2 месяца назад Oops I clicked the one next to it oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Neil Aguirrei7gt
    Neil Aguirrei7gt 2 месяца назад Good job
  • Tha Boi
    Tha Boi 2 месяца назад Damn
    MATHEW 2 месяца назад Nope
  • Keesha Apuntar YT
    Keesha Apuntar YT 2 месяца назад Amazing trick
  • Amanda Tallman
    Amanda Tallman 2 месяца назад IT WORKS!!!
  • lil_leo
    lil_leo 2 месяца назад It worked
  • Chris Aguero
    Chris Aguero 2 месяца назад Stupid tricks
  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez 1 месяц назад Duh it's going to turn blue
  • Sara Melish
    Sara Melish 1 месяц назад WTF HOW DID YOU HACK MY MAC
  • Angel 23 King
    Angel 23 King 1 месяц назад OMG YOU MUST TEACH ME YOUR WAYS
  • Ratu sigaruarua
    Ratu sigaruarua 1 месяц назад M&A how about a dislike
  • roger ritualo
    roger ritualo 1 месяц назад Àaa
  • TenDoughnuts
    TenDoughnuts 1 месяц назад Like beggar gave you a dislike! Thank me!
  • how was the bombing?
    how was the bombing? 1 месяц назад L
  • Ziga Boi
    Ziga Boi 1 месяц назад No, fuck off
  • Zachary Puthuff
    Zachary Puthuff 1 месяц назад wow
  • Lukas Leu
    Lukas Leu 1 месяц назад OMG u right!!!!!!!
  • Agum Tulba
    Agum Tulba 1 месяц назад The finger is pointing at “reply”! I pressed it.... It didn’t turn blue :/
  • RedMersady
    RedMersady 1 месяц назад M&A lolololololol logdotzip can do that
  • Josh Crossland
    Josh Crossland 1 месяц назад Funny guy
  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg 1 месяц назад No
  • Four Side
    Four Side 1 месяц назад WOOOOW
  • Senpai Yuki
    Senpai Yuki 1 месяц назад Lol
  • Senpai Yuki
    Senpai Yuki 1 месяц назад Owie Bug your magic is being impolite.
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 1 месяц назад You didnt do it we did
    TtMAD CcMAD 3 недели назад No its us pressing it to make it blue
  • Tracy hyde Adanza
    Tracy hyde Adanza 3 недели назад M&A Lier
  • Tracy hyde Adanza
    Tracy hyde Adanza 3 недели назад So boring
  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 2 недели назад Amazing ... 😧
  • Kpop Mirror
    Kpop Mirror 2 недели назад Owie Bug i pressed dislike on you too!your welcome!
  • Kpop Mirror
    Kpop Mirror 2 недели назад Ratu sigaruarua you!
  • Darkstar kl
    Darkstar kl Неделю назад Wow it really worked!
  • rok blaž
    rok blaž 6 дней назад Instrucions unclear My hand dissapeared
  • Senpai Moshi
    Senpai Moshi 1 день назад Sooo lame
  • Pokecraft vids
    Pokecraft vids 10 месяцев назад Are you from western southern eastern northern
  • Logic And Magic
    Logic And Magic 9 месяцев назад Pokecraft Vids haha
  • Matthew Lahti
    Matthew Lahti 6 месяцев назад Where's that
  • Japjit Singh
    Japjit Singh 5 месяцев назад From central 😋😂😂