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1991 GMC Syclone Pickup Truck - Jay Leno's Garage

Published on Jul 26, 2015 1,081,586 views

Only about 3,000 of these sporty pickups were built in 1991, which is when Jay bought his - primarily because of GMC's boast that this was the fastest accelerating production vehicle in America, beating out even the Ferrari 348!
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more. Subscribe for more:

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1991 GMC Syclone Pickup Truck - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

  • John
    John 3 года назад Dammit,the "new dreamcars" of my youth are now 25 year old classics.....
  • Robert Salas
    Robert Salas 1 месяц назад Yeah and I still can't afford I'm a loser
  • Steve B
    Steve B 2 месяца назад my buddy got one for graduation. his dad bred race horses.
  • tristan bennett
    tristan bennett 2 месяца назад Yeah 1970 pontiac gto judge is mine
  • Todd m
    Todd m 7 месяцев назад @The YouTube Phantom Official dont wait to long they wont be 200k in 15 years thats for sure.
  • CoDisafishy
    CoDisafishy 8 месяцев назад I'm in my early 20s now and a lot of my dream cars are older than me. Unfortunately they're rare and I might never own one...
  • Scott x
    Scott x 8 месяцев назад I was thinking the same
  • Ashley Jenkins
    Ashley Jenkins 9 месяцев назад John I know right how the hell did that happen
  • sote ful
    sote ful Год назад I'm in the same boat as you.
  • The YouTube Phantom Official
    The YouTube Phantom Official Год назад and rare ones, at that. I really like the Lamborghini Espada, but at $200k? Yeah, no. I'll have to wait until my midlife crisis!
  • randand1
    randand1 8 месяцев назад All money into into hair products. Jay, a true American role model.
  • Fox331
    Fox331 2 месяца назад Or shirts
  • Isaac Munoz
    Isaac Munoz 3 года назад Badass little truck. I love these unique weird mid 80s to late 90s American cars.
  • Nevermind
    Nevermind Год назад Tom From MySpace's Dog < Mid 80s S-10s got alot of engine switches by owner /builders. 350s were a common swap, in all kinds of crazy configurations.
  • WhiningCanadian
    WhiningCanadian Год назад I have a 97 olds lss with the same drivetrain, modded as well!
  • olikat8
    olikat8 Год назад I have a '99 Regal GS with the Eaton SC, bought it new using a factory discount from SMCO. It is now pretty far from stock- drive train, brakes, suspension, and wheel/tires all have been taken up a few notches. Great all-around car and definitely a weird American car from the '90s
  • bruce s
    bruce s 2 года назад or the omni glh lol...
  • Lynx Star Automotive
    Lynx Star Automotive 3 года назад There were some quirky ones in the late 80's and 90's. I would like to see Jay do a show on the 90's turbo 3.1 Grand Prix
  • Patrick Simmons
    Patrick Simmons 3 года назад +igot2muchfreetime You're referring to the Callaway Corvettes. Kind of a precursor to Lingenfelter...
  • joytech22
    joytech22 3 года назад @Isaac Munoz Ford Australia and Holden(GM) still make similar vehicles today, via the Ford Falcon FGX ute (or FPV F6 310(6Cyl)/335(8Cyl) Utes for performance version) and Holden's VF ute (HSV GTS ute for performance version) The Ford utes can still hold 500+ kilos and tow 1.6T (that probably increases for non-performance versions to 2.3T), not sure of specs on Holden's versions. The quickest you'll probably get 0-60 in either would be 4.4s, give or take a hundredth which isn't so bad considering they weigh more than 1.8T and RWD.
  • igot2muchfreetime
    igot2muchfreetime 3 года назад @DJ alt.rock The Callaway Twin Turbo was a production Corvette. It was available through Chevy dealers using the Regular Production Option (RPO) code B2K.
  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 3 года назад @Mike Ricky the Feds arnt comming after the 900+ hybrid hyoer cars so.
  • Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast
    Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast 3 года назад @igot2muchfreetime No they didn't. You're referring to aftermarket tuner companies that sold highly modified Corvettes for often more than double the price of a stock Vette.
  • igot2muchfreetime
    igot2muchfreetime 3 года назад They did make a twin turbo vette in 1987, and it was available until 1991.
  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 3 года назад @Isaac Munoz turbos are the future
  • Isaac Munoz
    Isaac Munoz 3 года назад Im glad they didnt turbo up their vettes. Nothing like a naturally aspirated American engine.
  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 3 года назад @Maindrian Pace that 1,300hp 5.3L is still alive today. 60 WoT pulls zero issues
  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 3 года назад @truantray except the C7. That blew everyone away. Even jermy clackson loved the new C7, and he is a notorious corvette hater
  • okleydokley
    okleydokley 3 года назад @SANIC the history of Corvette can be summed up with, "almost good".
  • Maindrian Pace
    Maindrian Pace 3 года назад @SANIC Those combos run like crazy, but they are fragile. Factory combos have to pass factory durability tests - I don't know about GM, but with Ford, the engine is run at full RPM and full power on a dyno for 50 straight hours. On teardown, it can show no wear. Pretty nuts.
  • S&D Reviews
    S&D Reviews 3 года назад @COYOUTDOORS they also almost put rotarys into the vettes aswell.
  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 3 года назад @COYOUTDOORS but they didn't. And still stuck to super chargers. A turbocharged LS engine would be insane. I mean guys are making 1000+ from junkyard 5.3L imagine the top end vette engine.
    COYOUTDOORS 3 года назад @SANIC they almost did in the early 80's
  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 3 года назад @Isaac Munoz it blows my mind that GM didn't use any turbo tech in their corvettes.
  • MyRaptorz
    MyRaptorz 3 года назад Still looks better than most of the pickup trucks and cars on the road today
  • Kaylie Sellers
    Kaylie Sellers 5 дней назад @SteveD lol, yea get the Ford that looks like a Toyota, or the dodge that looks like a... dodge
  • SteveD
    SteveD 6 дней назад @n.a.s Uh no, worst looking of the big 3 trucks.
  • Iconhulk
    Iconhulk 2 месяца назад ....I'll take a Lightning
  • RabidRizon
    RabidRizon 7 месяцев назад you aint shittin
  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 9 месяцев назад @The Coronet Shop Yeah it does
  • The Coronet Shop
    The Coronet Shop Год назад n.a.s nah
  • n.a.s
    n.a.s Год назад take a look at the 2017 gmc sierra 😍 it looks more badass than most sedans today
  • menom7
    menom7 3 года назад +Rick1885 Same here!!!
  • Rick the Firefighter
    Rick the Firefighter 3 года назад yeah, I hate the look of the new fords.
    HIP HOP 3 года назад I used to work at a gmc dealership 15 years ago and a customer had brought this in for service and i was a lot porter at the time and i wasnt aware of the history of this truck until one day the service writer told me to drive it for a few miles to get the engine going after it was repaired and man was i not prepared for the power of this truck! Lol! I stepped on the pedal and man that thing took off like a rocket! I was amazed by this little truck and its turbo power! And today i find this video and never was aware that this truck is rare and they only made a few of them.smh! It was a memorable experience driving this truck only 1 time. lol!
  • Scotty Boyd
    Scotty Boyd 2 месяца назад Add this to one of the many reasons you shouldn't go to dealerships.
  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 2 месяца назад @S Lit You edited this comment and you STILL misspelled sweep???
  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo 2 месяца назад scott smith I saw one of those Sonoma GT. named after a place in California.
  • scott smith
    scott smith 2 месяца назад Frank Denardo they made a Sonoma gt with all the looks but no turbo
  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo 3 месяца назад (изменено) HIP HOP that is an experience. a souped up Sonoma truck.
  • john ellithorp
    john ellithorp 4 месяца назад @S Lit lot porter or attendant is a nice or polite way to say lot boy, they lowest rung on the ladder usually belittled and bullied by salesmen and underappreciated for all they do.
  • S Lit
    S Lit 6 месяцев назад (изменено) LOL....A "LOT PORTER"....You mean you sweap the parking lot ??????
  • Bladimir Valladares
    Bladimir Valladares 8 месяцев назад You are one lucky SOB
  • Bruningable
    Bruningable 3 года назад "...this was before your time". :D
  • tommy23490
    tommy23490 3 года назад I pulled up next to one of these on the highway in high school back in the early 90's. I had a 1987 Mustang 5.0 at the time and tried racing it. I Knew what they were at the time but couldn't believe how fast they are. I lost, my excuse was I had 4 people in my car.. Lol
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki 3 года назад Jay keeping the 'bed head' hairdo alive.
  • archechme
    archechme Год назад This is what happens when you let engineers, designers, mechanics... go absolutely mad. They produce gold like this, the Ford Shogun, etc.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 2 месяца назад Marauders
  • grilledspaghetti
    grilledspaghetti 5 месяцев назад Shogun was able to be ordered through Ford dealerships, was tuned out of house though.
  • Mn09lfV6f
    Mn09lfV6f 8 месяцев назад I believe the shogun was not a Ford product. It was made by another company that used the Fiesta as a base and the Yamaha engine from the SHO.
    TONEakaSHOW 8 месяцев назад Grand national as well
  • Ronald Boutan
    Ronald Boutan 2 года назад My mother in law and a suitcase would exceed the rear payload.
  • Jessica Hillyard
    Jessica Hillyard 2 недели назад yeah so u know where ur wife will be
  • martin swift
    martin swift 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • Nathan Fancy
    Nathan Fancy 9 месяцев назад must be one hell of a suitcase if it fits a 500lb woman.
  • Jesse Silver
    Jesse Silver 9 месяцев назад I can relate, my neighbor's wife that has legal rights to use my driveway is a god damn hippo. Storms up my paved driveway uphill to her gravel driveway. I have to shovel her gravel and replace it up there since she is a lazy slob.
  • jayflash
    jayflash 9 месяцев назад Suitcase will send it over the weight limit....
  • dick liddle
    dick liddle Год назад Ronald Boutan lmao
  • Jacob Franklin
    Jacob Franklin Год назад That makes my day!
  • Michael Niel
    Michael Niel Год назад Ronald Boutan 😂😂😂😂
  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown Год назад I don't have a mother in law any more and never will again!
  • A Skeptical Charmander
    A Skeptical Charmander Год назад Mine too! Small world.
  • Shaitan chicken sled
    Shaitan chicken sled 2 года назад I'll exceed your rear payload
  • dave elliot
    dave elliot 2 года назад So would mine, but I'd risk loading her in it to cart her off
  • megadethGUY M
    megadethGUY M Год назад Hands down this is the coolest pick up truck ever produced
  • Aswin Anil
    Aswin Anil 1 месяц назад So no one talking about the RAM SRT?
  • joe louden
    joe louden 1 месяц назад @soko9984 Yup. My 98' Dodge Dakota with 318V8 had 230 HP and 300 pounds of torque.
  • Scotty Boyd
    Scotty Boyd 2 месяца назад Holden Maloo. 430kw factory.
  • soko9984
    soko9984 3 месяца назад jjs777fzr ya but the 454 only produced 230hp and 280 lb-ft of torque
  • jjs777fzr
    jjs777fzr 7 месяцев назад Coolest truck? Its cool but it would be tough to choose this over the 454 SS as well as the ....lemme think...was it 1978 or 79 GM produced the BIG 10? Stock 454. With headers these trucks screamed. My friend had one. I think they were pretty rare.
  • Mn09lfV6f
    Mn09lfV6f 8 месяцев назад by a manufacturer
  • Detomaso Pantera
    Detomaso Pantera 8 месяцев назад That would be the F150 lighting...
  • Tommy Hammernots
    Tommy Hammernots 8 месяцев назад Besides the Lil’ Red Express...oh, you forgot about that one...
  • cnsln_memphis
    cnsln_memphis 8 месяцев назад F150 lightning though...
  • Matthew
    Matthew 8 месяцев назад megadethGUY M I like the svt lightning better
  • CanadaCraig
    CanadaCraig 3 года назад IF someone was smart 'they' would build a SMALL pickup truck - once again. For most people - a full size pickup is stupid big.
  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury 2 месяца назад braydenpresber except the Ranger isn’t a mini truck anymore though
  • braydenpresber
    braydenpresber 2 месяца назад CanadaCraig Toyota Tacoma, Nissan frontier, Chevy Colorado, gmc canyon, ford ranger, mini trucks.....
  • Fox331
    Fox331 2 месяца назад Yeah no, nobody wants that
  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury 2 месяца назад (изменено) Vin Ramirez imagine if Nissan made a Frontier with the VR38DETT and the driveline from a GT-R...
  • Keane Coquete
    Keane Coquete 3 месяца назад (изменено) @esqueue Yeah they're still being made. Even for a quarter ton it still looks bigger than the ones from the 2000s.
  • Chris Kubond
    Chris Kubond 4 месяца назад @JohnBon Ham exactly!! I like the big trucks but would much rather have a lowered single cab.
  • Oliver Kalamata
    Oliver Kalamata 6 месяцев назад Nobody commenting here seems to understand how safety regulations work. 😕
  • Godscountry
    Godscountry 6 месяцев назад @CanadaCraig Check out jeeps new pickup for 2019-2020. Its a 4 door jeep with a small pickup bed.
  • JohnBon Ham
    JohnBon Ham 6 месяцев назад Most people want a stupid big truck with a 4 door cab and 4WD. Personally, myself, not being most people, drive a regular cab, 8 foot box, 2WD, 5.3L V8. For me, that is a truck!!!!
  • The Clot Thickens
    The Clot Thickens 6 месяцев назад @Nick Fury Similar, but ours are even smaller. There probably wasn't any appetite for them in the US.
  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury 6 месяцев назад The Clot Thickens you mean vehicles like the Ranchero and El Camino?
  • The Clot Thickens
    The Clot Thickens 7 месяцев назад Both GM and Ford made these types of vehicles in Australia for 50+ years. They never attempted to sell them in the US because they didn't want to steal sales from the pick ups. We call them utes (sport utility) down here.
  • oldtwins na
    oldtwins na 8 месяцев назад Still huge compared to this. Just look at how small the whole truck is, it's practically hilarious when compared to what we call small trucks today.
  • esqueue
    esqueue 11 месяцев назад Aren't they still making the Chevrolet Colorado? There are some small GM versions too.
  • YoungBeezy
    YoungBeezy Год назад I was in the market for a small fast truck like this but there was none, was either guns get a Silverado 1500 and ram1500 went with the ram1500 hemi single cab.
  • Vin Ramirez
    Vin Ramirez Год назад CanadaCraig its called a Nissan Frontier but it's not "cool"
  • Yamaha.Rider 2001
    Yamaha.Rider 2001 Год назад One of the rarest trucks in the world...
  • P-38 Lightning
    P-38 Lightning 10 месяцев назад I like the simplicity of the interior because it isn't filled with unnecessary geegaws that gives you that sensory overload feeling of modern autos
  • J Boy
    J Boy 3 года назад I can see the slogan now... "Until Ferrari decides to build a truck, this is it."
  • Dana H
    Dana H Год назад Literally impossible to find unmolested now.
  • The Modern Adventurer
    The Modern Adventurer 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Clipper1094 the tires on my truck have date codes from the 90s lol. Broke high schooler
  • Sunny Droe
    Sunny Droe 5 месяцев назад Clipper1094 😂😂😂
  • Clipper1094
    Clipper1094 6 месяцев назад Jeremy Hurlbut you’re telling me he’s driving around with 27 year old tires?
  • Jeremy Hurlbut
    Jeremy Hurlbut 7 месяцев назад I work with a guy that owns one since new still has the original tires on it.
  • Timothy Cote
    Timothy Cote Год назад not true id say they are 50/50 just like the 454 can find wrecked ones and you can find garaged since new mint ones....the ones in between are hard to find for reasonable money
  • jim reuss
    jim reuss 3 года назад I wanna see Jay's closet since he always wears the same Canadian tuxedo everyday lol.
  • Richard Binder
    Richard Binder 1 месяц назад My closet consists of black Heavy Metal band t-shirts and blue jeans. It's look that way for over 40 years.
  • vrm
    vrm 9 месяцев назад jim reuss ,Lol!
    TONY HAWK 3 года назад I watched the original version of this video just yesterday... Is someone reading my mind? Can't complain about seeing it again. Do admire this truck. Would like to see an actual new video of it though.
  • sote ful
    sote ful Год назад Either the universe is upside down or your pic is upside down. Which is it, I must know.
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @NegativeNumbers427 Guess Jay's on vacation cause last week's video was a re-run too.
  • Christian mrclep
    Christian mrclep 3 года назад This is Jay Leno Garage I like! Just him, talking about the car and past. Not some stupid boring gust in it.
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @fla playa Cool story bro, tell it again! Totally LOLZ!
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @Dar70 Check our original post. We agreed with you. And then this fucking asshat came along and started trolling. We couldn't resist.
  • Dar70
    Dar70 3 года назад Is there never any bitching from you guys. We get a free show about cars on youtube. An excellent informative show at that. No commercials and hosted by one of the best know hosts of all time and a huge car guys to boot and all you wussies do is complain. He has 200 vehicles(maybe some arent worthy enough right now to be on the show as well) if this show is to last for a good amount of time he has to have guests with their cars. Cars that he doesnt have and is interested in seeing them as well. I enjoy his comments on others vehicles as well as his test drives of them. Jesus christ so many of you do nothing but complain week after
  • fla playa
    fla playa 3 года назад @The Moto Channel You retarded bro? I never once attacked you. Usually people who attack people are the ones "Mad". Finger points slowly at you my friend. Laugh away into madness.
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @fla playa U mad bro? LOLZ!
  • fla playa
    fla playa 3 года назад @The Moto Channel Are you thirteen years old, serious? You spam Leno like insane amounts and I called you out. Then you temper tantrum, call me and Duran Duran homosexuals? Dude you are the one off your meds. Good luck there pal.
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @supercooled Pretty sure +fla playa wants to inseminate Duran Duran. LOLZ!
  • Learning2Smile
    Learning2Smile 3 года назад @The Moto Channel please don't dissemination Duran duran. Lol
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @fla playa Thanks for the promotion bro. We'll let you get back to commenting on Taylor Swift, Duran Duran and homosexual bodybuilder videos!
  • fla playa
    fla playa 3 года назад @The Moto Channel Spoken like an 90 IQ'd troll. Thanks for all your SPAMMING comments on here. Lets everyone go over and check out these awesome video's everyone. The Moto Channel!!! 
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @fla playa Are you off your meds again?
  • fla playa
    fla playa 3 года назад @The Moto Channel I (we) don't know you. You spam like hitler...Just did:)
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @fla playa Don't bro if you don't know me.
  • fla playa
    fla playa 3 года назад @The Moto Channel Yeah bro. Do you spam much???
  • blooneyful
    blooneyful 3 года назад @Chrstian mrclep Yeah the guest sort of ruins the review, Iv'e always thought that.
  • The Moto Channel
    The Moto Channel 3 года назад @Chrstian mrclep Agreed! This is when he only did HIS personal vehicles. Still doing the Tonight Show so not much free time. Now he has so much time to do videos, he has lowered his standards BIG TIME. It seems he'll let anyone in his videos, not matter how unimpressive the vehicle.
  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 3 года назад Excellent show Jay. I didn't know anything about this truck. Very cool. This is what I like about Leno's Garage. This is a program for real car enthusiasts and a fantastic digital record for many future generation to appreciate. This is not you typical car program with elite cars drifting around corners scrubbing off the treads. This is an educational channel. Thanks Jay.