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Regular Car Reviews: 1994 Acura NSX

Published on May 4, 2015 1,099,065 views

You want to know what "timeless" is? You want to know what a good car investment is? You want to know what an amazing interior feels like? Here's everything. Here's the first generation Acura NSX. The car that Honda didn't have to make, but did.

Clarification: The PlayStation 1 was released in Japan in 1994 and 1995 in North America.

  • The Almighty Cornholio
    The Almighty Cornholio 2 года назад Pop up headlights alone add 25k to the price
  • Major League Bassboost
    Major League Bassboost 2 года назад 👌
  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone Год назад Tell it to mkIII Supras.
    PIGEON MAN 6 месяцев назад The Almighty Cornholio only 25k MY dude pop up headlights quadruple the price of it
  • Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams 4 месяца назад Really??
  • Skoiloine
    Skoiloine 4 месяца назад Pretty true, especially with the NSX, since the ones with pop-ups cost way more than the redesign with fixed headlights (stupid new laws, fuckin' up all the great cars). But, pop-up headlights are original, striking, and show that you are not someone who drives a new car. Not to mention, so many cars with them are SO iconic, like the NA Miata, RX-7, AE86, and of course, the NSX.
  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 1 месяц назад @Skoiloine That what i miss the most about my MR2..😭
  • Skoiloine
    Skoiloine 1 месяц назад And that's yet ANOTHER iconic car with pop-up headlights.
  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 1 месяц назад @Skoiloine Yeah, i wish more cars had pop ups, lol
  • Lancer Mafia
    Lancer Mafia 1 месяц назад Actually no, I noticed the non pop up NSXs go for more
  • bonamin
    bonamin 2 года назад The Honda NSX is BY FAR not a Regular Car.
  • chuck sirron
    chuck sirron 2 года назад agree
  • TheBajamin
    TheBajamin 2 года назад Try reading the name of the show like: Regular, car reviews. As in the reviews are for normal people. It's also a joke.
  • bonamin
    bonamin 2 года назад +TheBajamin Fist of all there is no , after regular, so this actually means Reviews of REGULAR everyday cars. Secondly, all reviews are meant for Regular People. Thirdly I was also joking, kindaaa....
  • TheBajamin
    TheBajamin 2 года назад You are a very un-fun person who takes life too literal. Consider relaxing.
  • bonamin
    bonamin 2 года назад +TheBajamin that's funny cause my friends always wonder how I can always be so funny and happy. You don't know me ! But the point here is that I was right, you was wrong, and the NSX is still anything but an ordinary car.
  • bonamin
    bonamin 2 года назад +TheBajamin you were wrong * I think.
  • TheBajamin
    TheBajamin 2 года назад +bonamin Honda yeah.....I was making a joke you pedantic douche. Are you retarded or new to the internet?
  • bonamin
    bonamin 2 года назад +TheBajamin lol calm down dude.
  • Mikosch2
    Mikosch2 2 года назад In Skyrim, it is.
  • ace8656
    ace8656 2 года назад +bonamin Honda you sound fucking annoying
  • dpskjajwnen
    dpskjajwnen 2 года назад He's said he's not going to just turn down reviewing some amazing car someone provides for him.
  • NordenTV
    NordenTV 2 года назад It's a Regular Sport Car.
  • sdry
    sdry 2 года назад too bad they are not even remotely funny.
  • Tommy Orr Jr
    Tommy Orr Jr 2 года назад I'm both.
  • Just passing by ?
    Just passing by ? Год назад bonamin The review is regular
  • Greedy
    Greedy Год назад ayy bona dn nomiza na se dw kai edw
  • GloomGaiGar
    GloomGaiGar Год назад its the most regular of exotics
  • Anomaly
    Anomaly 11 месяцев назад it's a fucking honda
  • Juice
    Juice 8 месяцев назад ace8656 he's just indian.
  • Bumford !
    Bumford ! 4 месяца назад bonamin shut the fuck up
  • Eskamo Bob
    Eskamo Bob 4 месяца назад An ok nsx costs the same as most new cars (40k USD)
  • DeXx The R.I.P per
    DeXx The R.I.P per 2 недели назад BONA
  • Jose Chivo
    Jose Chivo 1 день назад Regular ass car.
    BSGT2TREKFAN88 2 года назад That's 30 minutes away........I'll be there in 10
  • Ghaith Abu-Rub
    Ghaith Abu-Rub 2 месяца назад Nine minutes and 37 seconds later:
  • Louis Rodriguez
    Louis Rodriguez 1 месяц назад Pulp fiction 😄😄
  • Vincent Smith
    Vincent Smith 3 недели назад The wolf
  • Colin Olsen
    Colin Olsen 2 дня назад I actually forgot the NSX was driven by that guy in Pulp Fiction, thanks for reminding me!
  • Naveek Darkroom
    Naveek Darkroom 3 года назад I don't mind the new one, but I don't think it's as cool as this.
  • silvergbasp13
    silvergbasp13 2 года назад +Naveek Darkroom Yeah pop up headlights are the shit.
  • J Recio
    J Recio 2 года назад +silvergbasp13 yeah but the 2002 nsx doesnt have pop ups. And nsx pop ups suck. I just like how aggresive this simple box car looks. Unlike the new NSX that looks like an 2009 civic took parts of a lambo and placed it on as aero.
  • slayerdearly
    slayerdearly 2 года назад I like this and but I've aways liked the look of the fixed headlights of the 02-05 models btw I've aways loved that look on twilights face XD
  • Michael Szydlowski
    Michael Szydlowski 2 года назад personally, I think the Acura NSX from 2005 looks the best, then this one, then the new one.
  • Naveek Darkroom
    Naveek Darkroom 2 года назад @silvergbasp13 Headlights go up, headlights go down!
  • Michael Szydlowski
    Michael Szydlowski 2 года назад yes but static headlights won't go wrong! I love the pop ups of the RX-7 FD, and the AE86 GT-APEX TRUENO, but these look, different. not as flamboyant or as big as you'd imagine. Idk its weird to me :\
  • Naveek Darkroom
    Naveek Darkroom 2 года назад One version of the new NSX I'd like to see is one that strips out the AWD hybrid gear and replaces the silly 9 speed with something like a 6 speed sequential or something, making it a purely RWD car with a turbo six. Something akin to the 911 GT3.
  • Spike Blade
    Spike Blade 5 месяцев назад @Naveek Darkroom I'm going to have to agree with you on that one purple smart. Even though I'm more interested in muscle cars, Jeeps, pickup trucks, and station wagons, cars like these hold a special place in my heart. And not to mention that those pop up lights make it even better! When it comes to cars with pop up lights however, my favorite would have to be the 1998 Chevy Corvette. The reason why that's my favorite is because of an old Need for Speed game that I used to play on my PS2 where I had the option of driving that car. Other than that, I really admire how this car is fairly simple, yet elegant in a bad ass way. I'd love to own one for a little while to cruise around town, then when nobody's looking, I'd put in a Kenny Loggins cassette tape into the tape player, then floor it down the freeway, as the song "Danger zone" plays in the background. I would even occasionally race it against riced out Honda Civics, and before every race, I'd either say, "Let me show you how a real V-tech handles boy!" or, "Alright, I'm gonna show you how grown men drive a V-tech!" For now though, I can only dream of owning one of these.
  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury 3 дня назад (изменено) Spike Blade saw a 1991 NSX on CarGurus recently going for only $25,000, and only has 50,000 miles on it. It’s an automatic though, probably explains why the other ones I see there are going for 50-100k
  • Eoghan Hennessy
    Eoghan Hennessy 3 года назад "I got a house in Skyrim, close to whiterun" This is why i watch you guys!
  • Maverick Mason
    Maverick Mason Год назад Eoghan Hennessy too....
  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson 11 месяцев назад (изменено) loool "what have I been ughh'in for?!"
  • Ronald Tartaglia
    Ronald Tartaglia 10 месяцев назад Eoghan Hennessy absolutely they never cease to amaze me with their creativity
  • Jay Arriola
    Jay Arriola 2 года назад 2017 NSX = quiet engine and similar interior as a 2017 Acura RLX 1994 NSX = quiet engine and similar interior as a 1994 Acura Legend Some things never change.
  • Lemon Scented
    Lemon Scented 2 года назад the ideology of the NSX was never meant to work as a supercar
  • juan def
    juan def 2 года назад Jay Arriola engine in the legend was the same apart from the head too..
  • Jay Arriola
    Jay Arriola 2 года назад @juan def the c-series is a great engine. I'm a huge fan of of the j-series these days, partly because of how inexpensive they are, it's ability to make incredible torque, and how they have swap kits for the NSX now. The day a high mileage c-series blowing up is no longer a concern.
  • matt molloy
    matt molloy 2 года назад Jay Arriola yeah, too bad the RLX is nothing like the Legend, and by default this NSX will always trump the modern day NSX.
  • llavero5
    llavero5 Год назад It does not look like anything, absolutely anythink, you only talk for talk without at least look pictures? because obviusly you dont own them.
  • llavero5
    llavero5 Год назад ¿Then why 8000rpm, aluminium body, chasis, engine, magnesium valve and intake cober, titanium rods, forged wheels, low drag with close to zero lift (downforce in R version), lower center gravity than 99,9% supercars (17" without drop)? ¿and why the R version did the same time of a F360 Challenge Stradale? maybe the 360CS was never meant to work like a supercar ^^. You have great ignorance.
  • hachi roku
    hachi roku Год назад Lemon Scented except type r
  • DoubleM
    DoubleM Год назад Jay Arriola you are right
  • Robertas S.
    Robertas S. Год назад Lemon Scented it costs as much as a super car.
  • Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas
    Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas Год назад It was meant to be a daily supercar
  • madtonesbr
    madtonesbr Год назад agreed. what's with the praise for the interior? it's not bad but it looks like my integra's. which i like, but it's not some platonic ideal, lol
  • HondaMan Vtec
    HondaMan Vtec Год назад Jay Arriola well smart ass... Its Honda
  • Buck Fitches
    Buck Fitches Год назад Just like war... "War never changes".
  • Shane Milton
    Shane Milton 9 месяцев назад Although in '94 it was all about simplicity meanwhile the new one is all about pushing technological boundaries.
  • Curtis Carté
    Curtis Carté 9 месяцев назад Jay Arriola and don’t forget, cheap-ass sports tires on a 200mph capable car. Damm, Honda just can’t get it right lol!
  • pochoun33137
    pochoun33137 8 месяцев назад Exactly, & they’re both amazing sports cars!
  • Sergey Pupko
    Sergey Pupko 6 месяцев назад (изменено) And some thigs do?
  • PSYk1ll4h
    PSYk1ll4h 5 месяцев назад eyy i have a 94 legend :D it's sitting rn because i have no life but i have one :D
  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire 2 месяца назад @Lemon Scented thats crazy
  • carlos villanueva
    carlos villanueva 3 года назад this is a sick love letter to the NSX
  • spratsprat
    spratsprat 2 года назад Wasn't that the one Mr Wolf drove in Pulp Fiction?
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 2 года назад +spratsprat yes
  • idriwzrd
    idriwzrd 2 года назад Its thirty minutes away. I'll be there in ten.
  • Neel Parmar
    Neel Parmar 2 года назад Then the sound editor put a v8 engine sound over it...
  • ricardo millanes
    ricardo millanes 2 года назад were can i download the end song
  • dave runner
    dave runner 2 года назад Yup.
  • Freuderick Frankenstein
    Freuderick Frankenstein 2 года назад Yo yo yo muhdick! yeah...
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 года назад spratsprat yup
  • Nakoete
    Nakoete Год назад Lotsa cream, lotsa sugar
  • The Red Rex
    The Red Rex Год назад And now he drives a red GT86 with the rear license plate in the wrong place dubbed with V8 noises in a series of British insurance adverts
  • Elle Sea
    Elle Sea 5 месяцев назад @The Red Rex probably the advertiser being clever.
  • Josh Benner
    Josh Benner 1 месяц назад Don't forget the mis-shift at the end.
  • Team GT Bicycles
    Team GT Bicycles 1 месяц назад Flick yeah!😂
  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke 2 года назад That's what you get for a car that Ayrton Senna helped develop.
  • Save the Rhino
    Save the Rhino 2 года назад This beauty, and its other brother from another mother (and father) McLaren F1 GTR, is my 90's dream car.
  • Stianofp
    Stianofp Год назад And Kurosawa Motoharu.
  • Kamofy
    Kamofy Год назад He was only responsible for the suspension tuning.
  • Ki - Free Beats
    Ki - Free Beats Год назад Kamofy that's a huge part of the car
  • Kamofy
    Kamofy Год назад Ki i agreed.
  • kabob21
    kabob21 Год назад He wasn't responsible for shit. He just went to Japan, met some of the Honda people that were part of the NSX project, shook some hands, and drove it on a track. Honda's marketing department and fanboys did the rest.
  • PopBubbleWrappable
    PopBubbleWrappable Год назад Ayrton sure did like his NSX slow. 270hp is weak AF
  • Ki - Free Beats
    Ki - Free Beats Год назад PopBubbleWrappable the car wasn't allowed to make any more than that. it's more than enough for such a light car anyway it's extremely fast around corners too
  • Need For Speed
    Need For Speed Год назад he didn`t even mention the most significant thing about the car :/
  • Need For Speed
  • Need For Speed
    Need For Speed Год назад that was more then enough to beat a ferrari that costed twice the price back then!! so it wasnt slow
  • Mystic Dan
    Mystic Dan 11 месяцев назад in the type R, which is a HONDA
  • Need For Speed
    Need For Speed 11 месяцев назад Mystic Dan which comment are you replying, the mobile app is kind of weird lol
  • Kirker Bezerker
    Kirker Bezerker 8 месяцев назад PopBubbleWrappable your cluelessness is showing
  • Jordan Price
    Jordan Price 3 месяца назад Didn't he also die in 1994 tho?
  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire 2 месяца назад @PopBubbleWrappable right ha!
  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire 2 месяца назад @Jordan Price yep
  • Bruce Illest
    Bruce Illest 1 месяц назад How did he help develop it?
  • Cesar Cantu
    Cesar Cantu 2 года назад $50,000? the Type Rs and some later models are even more expensive. Well screw my retirement money Im buying an NSX.
  • Rydog5392
    Rydog5392 11 месяцев назад Cesar Cantu at first they sold for more.
  • Colston Martin
    Colston Martin 2 месяца назад Cesar Cantu hope you went through with it and bought 4. Cause you’re done saving lmao.
  • AshedoggMR2
    AshedoggMR2 2 года назад That freestyle at the end was dope,like Nas in 94..
  • AshedoggMR2
    AshedoggMR2 Год назад Crazy Oj got parole today lol.
  • Zyn Humara
    Zyn Humara 5 месяцев назад another reason 1994 was a great year.
  • Warren Malone
    Warren Malone Год назад "It's a Mid-engine car, so it has a frunk and you can put stuff in it, If you don't care what happens to it. It's the same approach i take with my scrotum since I don't plan on having kids or owning a dog or getting married. Because being some ones live preserver is not what I call progress." amazing, I've never heard my own thoughts said by another.
  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion 2 года назад 3:33 and this scene is sponsored by FedEx
  • Darion Misner
    Darion Misner 3 года назад hahaha he mentioned Pulp Fiction....wonder if he realized that the NSX was in Pulp Fiction
  • The Seer
    The Seer 3 года назад 1:43 look at the side mirrors and listen to his voice.
  • Ian Cowen
    Ian Cowen 2 года назад that phone tho
  • BlackStar250874
    BlackStar250874 2 года назад What about the phone? It's not like everyone are brainwashed to buy trendy, smartphones with touch screens. Those are for the masses. And they surely look all the same. Damn, I love the NSX.
  • TheZondaS
    TheZondaS 2 года назад Hell yes! Who wants good performance phones, with fast connection, decent browsers and stuff?? Fk evolution.
  • BlackStar250874
    BlackStar250874 2 года назад You really did not get it. I will have a even better browser after I get home to sit on my couch and enjoy all 47" of screen area and constant and stable 50Mbps connection. During other times I still have text messaging and phone numbers AND A LIFE that is not wasted by some stupid looking platter. Not everyone is going with the (stupid) mainstream, Ya Know?
  • TheZondaS
    TheZondaS 2 года назад @BlackStar250874 My 4G connection is fast and stable, and even if it weren't i'm not playing shit online to need this kind of stuff. To be honest, you do whatever you want with your life, but saying shit about smartphones is like saying shit about electronic injection, doesn't make any sense at all...
  • Horatio Huffnagel
    Horatio Huffnagel 2 года назад Well said.  A phone is a phone and a computer is a computer.
  • Deckard Kirin
    Deckard Kirin 2 года назад (изменено) When I saw his phone I thought "Why isn't that a modern phone like an iPhone or a Samsung." Then it struck me that Mr. Regular seems to be the kind of person whom only wants a phone for three reasons: to call people, to text people, and to take pictures of the occasional pristine classic car chugging down the highway. He seems like the kind of person that would rather have the bare minimum, allowing him the functionality he needs without the crazy prices because he knows that if he spends six hundred dollars on a new phone it'll just go to waste. He won't end up using all those useless doodads and game apps that everyone is so obsessed with nowadays, and that's my take on it, I could be totally wrong, but, maybe not.
  • Robertas S.
    Robertas S. Год назад TheZondaS Fuck that. Let's churn our own butter while we're at it.