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Top 10 Funny Animals Behaving Like Humans - Try Not To Laugh Challenge || Animal Videos

Published on Dec 8, 2018 890,435 views

Top 10 funny animal videos of funny animals behaving like humans. Animals acting like humans in this top 10 funny videos of funny animals compilation. Try not to laugh challenge.

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  • Ash
    Ash 3 месяца назад the bird shopping is a great customer, he dropped something and picked it up. i wish humans were that smart and respectful. but human shoppers are animals.
  • BATAOIL NO lie
    BATAOIL NO lie 2 дня назад Ash 😄😄😄😄😄😍
  • José Ignacio
    José Ignacio 4 месяца назад (изменено) That's not behavior that is training
  • Rack Jussian
    Rack Jussian 2 месяца назад José Ignacio so? If you’re well behaved you’re pretty much trained to be that way.
  • Simpson3k
    Simpson3k 2 месяца назад It doesnt really matter what makes the animals act this way into the camera, its all about entertainment. And i was entertained and left my thumbup.
  • PrincessAbigailsWorld
    PrincessAbigailsWorld 1 месяц назад But in order to train the animals the trainers have to hit the animals which is not the animals behaviour
  • PrincessAbigailsWorld
    PrincessAbigailsWorld 1 месяц назад Simpson3k So it doesn’t matter if people hit the animal and it matters if you’re entertained?
  • Jacqueline Marsh
    Jacqueline Marsh 2 недели назад I agree for most of the animals and some of those animals looked uncomfortable. Orangutans can look a lot like humans just being themselves without wearing human clothes.
  • 0 subscribers with 0 videos
    0 subscribers with 0 videos Неделю назад @PrincessAbigailsWorld Theres a different between training and abusive training.
  • Cardi B
    Cardi B 3 месяца назад 3:50 - the dogs like “can someone help me their are 2 dying birds looking at me”
  • Vignesh Doss
    Vignesh Doss 5 месяцев назад (изменено) 0:28 Six pack coming soon
  • Ravi Ravi Ladha
    Ravi Ravi Ladha 1 месяц назад Vignesh Doss
    BLaZiNG HYPE 1 месяц назад 3:10 smash or pass? Smash
  • MrNickelbrille
    MrNickelbrille 4 месяца назад 3:29 That was more like humans behave like animals.She soundet like an evil beast
  • pafnucek
    pafnucek 1 месяц назад Lady: You know you're dog? Dog: Look at that land wale go!
  • Ender Hawk
    Ender Hawk 4 месяца назад The woman at 4:00 looks more like a dog then the dog himself😉
  • MurderPlayzBlox RobloxAreCool
    MurderPlayzBlox RobloxAreCool 2 месяца назад 1:46 my cat do that all day it not funny for me mate :P
  • KozmosKoolaid Fortnite and Vlogs
    KozmosKoolaid Fortnite and Vlogs 5 месяцев назад The bird shopping is more responsible than me
    AZASTROS 4 месяца назад 2nd one. Only in Russia.
  • Makaveli_2019
    Makaveli_2019 4 месяца назад 1:16 fresh dude
  • daeriusz
    daeriusz 3 недели назад 1:02 HE JUST HIT THE WOAH?!
  • Honesty Smith
    Honesty Smith 4 месяца назад Lol, i lost at 3:30.
  • The Doodling Gecko
    The Doodling Gecko 5 месяцев назад The first one was cruel. Poor walrus ;(
  • dtiydr
    dtiydr 5 месяцев назад That was quite fine after all, I feel way worse for the monkeys though.
  • Rudiansyah Kolaka
    Rudiansyah Kolaka 4 месяца назад Filem resmi lansung
  • Rudiansyah Kolaka
    Rudiansyah Kolaka 4 месяца назад Filem mesum lansung
  • leviathan 77
    leviathan 77 4 месяца назад thay are trained to do that
  • Donna Collie
    Donna Collie 4 месяца назад dtiydr yes me too! The one they’re shaving and the one with lipstick made me sick
  • Jason Cunningham
    Jason Cunningham 2 месяца назад @Donna Collie the monkey that is being shaved likes it. You can see him asking the owner to get a certain spot. Captive monkeys have a MUCH easier and better life than the ones in the wild and sanctuaries do! Like 1000 times better.
  • PET KO
    PET KO 1 месяц назад This is sick - let them beeeee !!!
  • Izmail great
    Izmail great 3 месяца назад Music name 4:30?
  • Mar kz
    Mar kz 4 месяца назад 3:43 and a human behaving like a animal 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • about all
    about all 2 месяца назад Animalsex
  • Destiny Burkhardt
    Destiny Burkhardt 5 месяцев назад Most humans act like animals
  • Inventions Ventures
    Inventions Ventures 2 месяца назад Great content! :D