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1995 Buick Skylark: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jun 10, 2019 138,827 views

We review the final Buick Skylark with GM's first in-house DOHC 4-Cyl engine mounted in this Budget-Luxury Sport-Coupe.



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  • josiah currier
    josiah currier 2 недели назад 1994 Buick Skylark: For yours moms third husband who calls you “bro”
  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry 2 недели назад Omg. I'm that guy. (3rd husband, says bro to my 34 year old stepson)
  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 2 недели назад josiah currier 1994 Buick Skylark: For the baby boomer with an expired drivers license that only drives to the end of the driveway to get the mail, and the bi-weekly trip to purchase a fifth of thunderbird.
  • bfchang
    bfchang 2 недели назад I didn't come here for personal attacks
  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 2 недели назад SHIT YOURS TOO?
  • ChevroletFan 1998
    ChevroletFan 1998 2 недели назад Yes yes yes yes
  • EJ102
    EJ102 2 недели назад I had a 93 V6 Skylark. God that thing was awesome.
  • spit fire
    spit fire 2 недели назад Lmao
  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris 2 недели назад (изменено) I haven't seen regular heart a comment in 30 years. This is a great honor.
  • mr randy
    mr randy 2 недели назад I can relate to this comment
  • werbin ich
    werbin ich 2 недели назад i mean, we were both in your mum u know?
  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats 2 недели назад (изменено) I had one very briefly before it broke. I've never been married even 5 1/2 years after owning it.
  • Protector of the Republic
    Protector of the Republic 2 недели назад lol
  • awfulinternet
    awfulinternet 2 недели назад i caught a guy beating off in a skylark once
  • Kayla Cannoy
    Kayla Cannoy Неделю назад And you offered to catch his cum with your mouth didnt you
  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 2 недели назад I just died best comment
  • myc0p
    myc0p 2 недели назад @nigel nutsack Is that becoming more popular than jdm?
  • BioHazard Shrimp
    BioHazard Shrimp 2 недели назад That’s about the most Skylark thing I’ve ever heard.
  • awfulinternet
    awfulinternet 2 недели назад @Kenneth Anderson I liked the hoody you had on tell your boyfriend I send my regards
  • awfulinternet
    awfulinternet 2 недели назад @wah panda your mom shot cum across my room and killed my siamese fighting fish threw off the PH levels in the tank still miss that fish bud
  • awfulinternet
    awfulinternet 2 недели назад @Felipe Solis if he needed a jump or push start im there otherwise hands off like your buddies prom date m8
  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison 2 недели назад awfulinternet you didn't catch me, you paid me to do it & let you watch!
  • nigel nutsack
    nigel nutsack 2 недели назад Haha jizm
  • 68Camaro RS/SS
    68Camaro RS/SS 2 недели назад awfulinternet and then you yelled “Dad! Get out of moms car...why are you doing that at my soccer practice!!”
  • James Franke
    James Franke 2 недели назад "Caught him" in the vanity mirror.
  • Gerrit _
    Gerrit _ 2 недели назад Now, now... even sexagenarians need to make it through the day somehow...
  • butsmash
    butsmash 2 недели назад You were ALLOWED to catch him
  • bustedrav
    bustedrav 2 недели назад The old 5 on 1.
  • SterrShow
    SterrShow 2 недели назад It was me
  • Bolt
    Bolt 2 недели назад I don't think so
  • The Mailman
    The Mailman 2 недели назад Is the drivers seat in a Buick skylark the new hip place to bust a nut?
    NO_EYES_ON_ME 2 недели назад That's something you shouldn't be saying in public
  • myc0p
    myc0p 2 недели назад was polishing knob shifter. true story.
  • Red Army Robin
    Red Army Robin 2 недели назад This is the most appropriate comment for an RCR video.
  • thelaughingman79
    thelaughingman79 2 недели назад that was me!....mind your own business!...also why were you just standing there until i noticed you?
    DOSTGOYEVSKY ! 2 недели назад Did you look in the rear view mirror?
  • brandx Muddy
    brandx Muddy 2 недели назад Kenneth Anderson damn ya beat me to it lol
  • Kenneth Anderson
    Kenneth Anderson 2 недели назад A guy caught me beating off in a Skylark once. I made eye contact.
  • Aldrich Uyliong
    Aldrich Uyliong 2 недели назад (изменено) This is exactly the car where you expect to see that... Along with toothless crackwhores giving blowjobs to fat johns. Typecast.
  • wah panda
    wah panda 2 недели назад I beat off in your moms bedroom
  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris 2 недели назад Pics or it didn't happen.
  • Y e e t juice
    Y e e t juice 2 недели назад Yep. Sounds about right.
  • Andrew Nicholson
    Andrew Nicholson 2 недели назад everybody needs a helping hand.
  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka 2 недели назад How much did he cum?
  • DaBirdman1989
    DaBirdman1989 2 недели назад Said every girl in brazzers.
  • Gerard Comeau
    Gerard Comeau 2 недели назад @Useless videos That's why it's called a helping hand job.
  • Useless videos
    Useless videos 2 недели назад Help**
  • Moist Chungus
    Moist Chungus 2 недели назад Shit, with those seats I would too
  • Felipe Solis
    Felipe Solis 2 недели назад Should of given him a hand 👏👏👏👏
  • ConcealCarryProtect
    ConcealCarryProtect 2 недели назад How is your uncle by the way?
  • nevets68
    nevets68 2 недели назад And by caught you mean " you assisted." And it's ok.... i think.
  • scottieray
    scottieray 2 недели назад Did you let your Dad finish?
  • Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson 2 недели назад c'mon, admit it, you were having hand to gland combat in a skylark!
  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 2 недели назад awfulinternet “Caught”
  • Reek Z
    Reek Z 2 недели назад awfulinternet, how long did you watch?
  • James Herkenhoff
    James Herkenhoff 2 недели назад It has red interior. What color red you ask? Pretty much every shade.
  • Timothy Coyne
    Timothy Coyne Неделю назад Maybe the last generation of GM cars with really horrible interior color choices. Thank God.
  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Неделю назад It's like the one adult in design who says, "umm, .. no, go back and try again " , was out sick and the young 'tards from community college snuck in a world class lame ass design. Production said "what the hell, It's so simple it won't cost nothing to make, we get paid the same anyway, let's make The Flintstonemobile.."
  • VibeVixen02
    VibeVixen02 Неделю назад Some would say 50
  • idriwzrd
    idriwzrd 2 недели назад It's so!
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @seltzered I pretty much don't care so whatever.
  • seltzered
    seltzered 2 недели назад Red to match the increased bloodflow on the inside of your face when tightening your lips to make that pointy face bumper. 😖
  • Stealthpanda911
    Stealthpanda911 2 недели назад because 90s interior red. or was it 80s? i forget
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @the_world_we_live_in I find it a step up from the HIV positive velour GM was shipping that year but we are allowed our own opinions on this
  • the_world_we_live_in
    the_world_we_live_in 2 недели назад It's a feature, not a defect!
  • Teph
    Teph 2 недели назад (изменено) looks like a crown vic that melted under the sun
  • Butchcub75
    Butchcub75 Неделю назад ugh dont insult the Crown Vic. it has its own issues (like the 1992 version)
  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 недели назад *that 'who' is a person. 'That' is an object. Dont forget your velcro shoes and helmet when you go out today
  • EJ102
    EJ102 2 недели назад 😂
  • Dr. Duck
    Dr. Duck 2 недели назад (изменено) Did you say SKYLARK? my shiny grille and me
  • Big Show
    Big Show 2 недели назад "If you dont bring back the buick skylark, im going to go home and punish my child for no reason!" "Timmy, if youre watching this......RRRRUUUUNNNNNN!!"
  • 1mlb704
    1mlb704 2 недели назад A+ lmao
  • Sonic waffle productions
    Sonic waffle productions 2 недели назад My shiny BuIcK and me!!
  • mcsomeone
    mcsomeone 2 недели назад to be fair you can never have enough cupholders in an American sedan
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Gilbert G. I am not trolling, I own a 53 Studebaker and am genuinely curious
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Gilbert G. That weird paper timing gear thing they did has also held up for over 66 years so props to whoever came up with that. The ones in a BMW can't even last 6.
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 недели назад Doctor Smith yeah, where the brake pedal was released with the clutch. Ahead of its time
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад (изменено) @Gilbert G. My mistake. Fun fact, they also invented the "hill holder" clutch that Subaru claimed to invent approximately 30 years later
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 недели назад Doctor Smith 1926 but they might’ve still had it in 28. They got rid of it in 28-29, don’t remember exactly
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 2 недели назад @DerCrawlerVomUrAnus What I did was buy those little plastic ones that would hang off your window sill. I had a car that had the perfect space to hang it off the ashtray, onto the passenger side.
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Gilbert G.and this was in 1928?
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 недели назад Doctor Smith the way it worked was the brakes were mechanical drums, and studebaker put a system in that would use the transmission to build pressure and push the linkages to lock up the wheels. The genius thing to this was when the wheels stopped, it stopped the output shaft in the transmission, which would relieve pressure and release the brakes, only to be immediately reactivated the instant the drive shaft and wheels began to turn again. It wasn’t a great system at all, not to mention incredibly noisy and annoying, but it did allow for 4 wheel braking and steering
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Gilbert G.If you can explain ABS on a car before president Nixon was born then the floor is all yours
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 недели назад Doctor Smith it’s my grandfathers. Right now, it’s scattered throughout his garage. I’m genuinely serious about the cars. My grandfather went on a buying spree thirty years ago and only actually restored the Paige. Studebaker is next in line (he rebuilt her I6 and got her rust-free, even fixed the factory installed “ABS”) then it’s the 29 caddy and the two other Cadillacs will be made into one clean, beautiful example. If you’d like me to explain the “ABS” I gladly will
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Gilbert G. Yes we already covered this as well. The 8 cupholder trope didn't exist until the late 1990s but congratulations for pretending to own a Studebaker even older than mine
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 недели назад Doctor Smith fine. My 1929, 1940, and 1941 cadillacs, 1926 studebaker roadster, and 1926 Paige don’t have them either.
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Gilbert G. It's also German. We're making fun of American cars today. Please come back when we're having a trivia discussion involving no sense of humor or number of Jews transported by railcar
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 недели назад My 93 190E has two ashtrays, an emergency medical kit, and no cup holders
  • DerCrawlerVomUrAnus
    DerCrawlerVomUrAnus 2 недели назад My car has none and that sucks.
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @SteevK69 That's what the transmission hump is for ...well, that and holding the transmission. As for the h8er saying it's not a sedan that FWD Buick is a 2 door
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 2 недели назад @Aaron Blakely My 2017 Camaro has 2, 4th gen Camaros 1993-2002 had ONE - but it would hold a big gulp - before that, none...
  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 2 недели назад Luxury in the US is measured by two factors: how hard you can hit pot holes without noticing, and how many cupholders you have. Everything else is just... small stuff.
  • Luna Skiles
    Luna Skiles 2 недели назад but that's not a sedan
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @WAVVE MEGV GM has indeed gone downhill but that's true of most American marques. Scotty claims Ford is better but I take that with a grain of salt given that the most reliable vehicle I own is a Dodge
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @WAVVE MEGV I have nothing against 4s, that one was just incredibly anemic and a huge waste when you could have a Trans-Am for pocket money and way lower insurance rates. I later owned a 3TC Corolla (same year) that was far less awful to drive. That Pontiac though...still the best $500 I've ever spent on a car (and I'm cheap enough that it has competition). I won't lie, I shed some tears when GM killed the brand. While they delivered many "ribbed for her pleasure" Cavaliers and Azteks they also delivered a legit M5 competitor (G8 GXP). If anyone deserved to go it was Oldsmobile but that's not how the cookie crumbled
    WAVVE MEGV 2 недели назад @Doctor Smith well I was born in 1990. I like efficiency but I also like to go fast. Never really liked 4 bangers, rather have an electric tbh. There's a very slight possibility of me getting another v8. I liked the 5.3 in my impala SS but hated Chevy's quality of literally everything else. The mustang GT is on my list. As well as the stinger, S5, RS3. I could just LS swap my Accord lmao.
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @WAVVE MEGV That cupholder phenomenon didn't occur till around the year 2000. I grant you once it did you pretty much couldn't buy a GM car without 8 of them but in the early 1990s that wasn't a thing unless you opted for an RV or shagging wagon (van conversion) As for early Japanese cars...yes they got better MPG but gas only cost $1. Pontiac will be forever remembered for reading about the OPEC oil crisis, shrugging and lighting that newspaper on fire while releasing an 8mpg car. Millennials may find it distasteful but the rest of us find it hilarious.
    WAVVE MEGV 2 недели назад @Seed_drill roll fucking tide
  • Seed_drill
    Seed_drill 2 недели назад Got to have holders for your in and out cups. You know, one for your tobacco juice and one for your Mountain Dew.
    WAVVE MEGV 2 недели назад @Doctor Smith early Japanese cars were efficiency first. Also it seems like cupholders were more of an American phenomenon. Not surprised a foreign car in the 80s didn't have any. Most jap cars didn't have any balls until the 90s. My much newer Accord doesn't have that problem at all. Especially with that j35y.
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @WAVVE MEGV Meanwhile, in the early 1990s Honda Accords featured how many cupholders? I know the 1981 version featured zero. Coincidentally it also featured near zero torque leading me to never own one again. Fun fact, I replaced it with a 403 powered Trans Am and my insurance rates dropped by $1000/year. It also featured zero cupholders but that transmission hump would let you add as many as you wanted.
  • k S
    k S 2 недели назад @WAVVE MEGV bro Kanaduh is our half retarded cousin that wears shorts in January. We love you though. You're still family.
  • k S
    k S 2 недели назад Meanwhile in 1993 there were more ashtrays than cup holders
    WAVVE MEGV 2 недели назад @VOID VISIONARY if you got a problem with Canada gooses you got a problem with me. I suggest you let that one marinate.
    WAVVE MEGV 2 недели назад My 13 Accord has perfect size and shape cup holders for Fiji water.
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад @Totally Kyle My 1995 Lincoln screams luxury with it's (NEW FOR 1993) single cupholder in lieu of a bench seat. You'd think it would get 2 for a car costing 70K in adjusted dollars but nooope. It does feature 3 ashtrays though.
    VOID VISIONARY 2 недели назад 4x4cRiSpY you’re 10-ply, bud.
  • 4x4cRiSpY
    4x4cRiSpY 2 недели назад To be faaaiiiirr
  • wah panda
    wah panda 2 недели назад >2020 Car, entire car is cupholders
  • Aaron Blakely
    Aaron Blakely 2 недели назад Considering most buicks from the 90s had 1 or none this surprises me... I have a 91 Regal and it has 2 one built in the center console and one in the glovebox lid
  • Jaredsfarm
    Jaredsfarm 2 недели назад It's a 2 door tho
  • dukeburger5
    dukeburger5 2 недели назад i wish more european cars had cupholders Americans have it right my stupid fiat has espresso sized ones
  • clort123
    clort123 2 недели назад Personally I'd like to see a cup dispenser and bulk plastic straws
  • Munitia Blastpaw
    Munitia Blastpaw 2 недели назад I totally agree with this. Because I once had a 1990 Grand Marquis, and it had ZERO FUCKING CUP HOLDERS!
  • Charles Jessie
    Charles Jessie 2 недели назад I have a 6110R John Deere, it has 3 cupholders.
  • Totally Kyle
    Totally Kyle 2 недели назад My 93 Cougar must think it's European because it has 4 ashtrays and zero cupholders.
  • DaBirdman1989
    DaBirdman1989 2 недели назад It's to hold all of our Styrofoam cups of freedom.
  • Spencer Grilli
    Spencer Grilli 2 недели назад Wait it cant be.. AN ACTUAL REGULAR CAR!?!?
  • Lewis Zerlewski
    Lewis Zerlewski Неделю назад (изменено) Denied , Not A Car, it’s a mobile couch
  • Kayla Cannoy
    Kayla Cannoy Неделю назад Go fuck yourself
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад claps That is a legitimate dig after the NSX and Viper RCRs
  • Justin's Garage
    Justin's Garage 2 недели назад 19k miles and it looks like it’s been through the Korean War 🤔
  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Неделю назад @성이름 yes they lost in Vietnam
  • 성이름
    성이름 Неделю назад Daniel Jones nope
  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Неделю назад Didn't America lose there !!
  • Useful Entertainment
    Useful Entertainment 2 недели назад Can't believe my 69 skylark evolved into this wreck...
  • Cobrajet
    Cobrajet 3 дня назад (изменено) Well, that actually evolved into the Regal & Century.
  • DJ Matusiak
    DJ Matusiak Неделю назад My first car was a 96 skylark. I would tell someone i had a skylark, and they would say, "oh cool!", thinking it was your 69. 😣
  • Frank Gutowski
    Frank Gutowski Неделю назад Curious Betsy vlogs We had a four door 72 Skylark. It was a better car than the 59 Caddy it replaced.
  • Emanuel Ruiz
    Emanuel Ruiz 2 недели назад You don't want to see the new blazer...sorry K5 owners. 😭
  • Doctor Smith
    Doctor Smith 2 недели назад I was (likely) conceived in a 1968 Impala so...right back at ya
  • Steve Bertram
    Steve Bertram 2 недели назад Its bad enough that they're slow, but what really kills is how butt ugly it is. Even for its time, its one hideous car
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 2 недели назад Blame Roger "I know nothing about building cars" Smith and his gang of Toadies for shit like this, the Fiero debacle, the Chevy Beretta, killing the RWD platforms,etc.
  • sad_miata xd
    sad_miata xd 2 недели назад nice
  • Punkthedog
    Punkthedog 2 недели назад Nice.
  • Golden God
    Golden God 2 недели назад Similar to comparing a 2013 Dodge Dart with a 1969 one. They made a boring and bad car, and gave it a name with meaning.
  • BR Speedy's Garage
    BR Speedy's Garage 2 недели назад Can’t believe any classic GM turned into the crap they have now.
  • Curious Betsy vlogs
    Curious Betsy vlogs 2 недели назад When I saw the “Buick skylark” in the video I got excited because I’ve got a 1972 skylark but this shit came up
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki 2 недели назад This car is for taking the grandkids to junior golf.
  • Zoomzabba
    Zoomzabba 2 недели назад In the rest of America we call it Putt-Putt golf.
  • 12ealDeal
    12ealDeal 2 недели назад This car is for driving to Denny's on a Tuesday morning by yourself and sitting there for hours, ignoring the increasingly less subtle passive aggressive hints from the young waitress that it's time to make room in the booth for customers who actually tip.
  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 недели назад "Yeah, we'd like to spec the red corduroy interior, giant cup holders and 3 speed slush box...not the tape player however."
  • MT Outside
    MT Outside Неделю назад The government options out cars with random stuff, skid plates 4x4 crew cab and 4.11 limited slip differential and the 6.0 v8 but the radio only has am and fm in a 2011 Chevy
  • adam c
    adam c 2 недели назад Tape deck messes up the lines
  • Pokey Trucker
    Pokey Trucker 2 недели назад Welcome to the nineties, a lot of cars were optioned like this.
  • Ragna B
    Ragna B 2 недели назад Don't mind the tape holder section. We are NOT putting a cassette player.
  • Corey Edwards
    Corey Edwards 2 недели назад "I didn't even masterbate yesterday..." I spit out my drink.
  • Orlando 1701
    Orlando 1701 Неделю назад Twice a day every day for decades.
  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 2 недели назад Thanks god yesterday isnt today amirite
  • nanobug
    nanobug 2 недели назад (изменено) The car is so regular that this video should be sponsored by Metamucil.
  • Justin DiPlacido
    Justin DiPlacido 2 недели назад (изменено) “17 city and 26 hwy which is terrible for a 4cyl” boosted tuned four cyl has left the chat
  • S.A.M I Am
    S.A.M I Am Неделю назад Probably a 3 speed auto which you could still get back then... americans were still looking for tourque and solidity... if it got better than the full size it was alright... however the fwd fullsize 3800 slammed the ball out of the park for gas mileage. Was common to get 28 hwy if running bad... if perfect low 30s weren't uncommon
  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 2 недели назад Government Emissions Testing has re-entered the chat*
  • Rookiereece
    Rookiereece 2 недели назад Golf TDI has Entered the Chat 😁
  • sidefx996
    sidefx996 2 недели назад My best friend had this same car in college. “The Shark.” Miss you bud.
  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 2 недели назад *posted 27 seconds ago... I click so hard I broke all my bones
  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 2 недели назад Ross I am using my tongue to type... All bones have been displaced.
  • Ross
    Ross 2 недели назад John Fitzgerald all of them?
  • Luckless
    Luckless 2 недели назад Rip
  • David F
    David F 2 недели назад Calm down deku
  • Foxmakesmodels
    Foxmakesmodels 2 недели назад John Fitzgerald same
  • scottieray
    scottieray 2 недели назад If it had been in that early-mid 90's teal green paint (and I'm certain Skylarks came in that color) Ren & Stimpy would have received an RCR notification by pager.
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 2 недели назад (изменено) @rick mack I remember seeing one in teal, with a thin red line in that all-around belt strip. Liked the way that strip raised as it went toward the rear bumper. BUT, you could buy a 3rd or 4th gen Camaro in teal, as well. I was picturing the above car - even in white - with some med-dark tint, lowered a bit, nicer rims with white letter tires, cat-back exhaust, maybe a blower...
  • americasevilgenius
    americasevilgenius 2 недели назад My senior year of high school, I was in the market for a '92 Cavalier, and my first choice for color was that GM teal. Thankfully, I couldn't find one an agreeable price, and got a maroon Z-24 version instead. Dodged a bullet with that one...
  • Svpreme Kai
    Svpreme Kai 2 недели назад As soon as you described the color I knew which one exactly 😂
  • rick mack
    rick mack 2 недели назад LOL they did come in teal green. I had one
  • W-body Garage π
    W-body Garage π 2 недели назад Not a Beretta/Corsica! Those cars are L-bodies! The skykark shares it's guts with other N-bodies the Grand Am, Olds Calais, Olds Achieva, etc.
  • 303 Nitzubishi
    303 Nitzubishi 6 дней назад The specs on the quad 4 were incorrect too. This guy is about as well informed as he is funny. Which ain't much.
  • Luke Rinderknecht
    Luke Rinderknecht 2 недели назад George Costanza drove one of these. Nuff said.
  • Clacking Computer
    Clacking Computer 2 недели назад Thanks for the 30 seconds of forced grunting while my mom was in the other room and my phone cranked up