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[HOONIGAN] DT 063: Twin Turbo Pickup VS 1000HP CTSV #SPACERACE

Published on Jun 26, 2017 993,921 views On today's episode of Daily Transmission, a twin turbo pickup drag races a 1000HP Cadillac CTSV in a parking lot way too small for these types of antics.

Special Thanks to: Jeff Kay @stok_ish

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  • Martin Alviar
    Martin Alviar Год назад told my girlfriend i was going to sleep just so I can watch this in peace
  • Lyndon McLellan
    Lyndon McLellan Год назад Martin Alviar lol been there done that
  • Martin Alviar
    Martin Alviar Год назад hahaha can't have her buggin me on facetime while i focus on kikawa's sneaker game
  • Jesus Alonso
    Jesus Alonso Год назад Martin Alviar tell me about it
  • Max Mendizabal
    Max Mendizabal Год назад Martin Alviar same
  • Casey Heeter
    Casey Heeter Год назад Martin Alviar same
  • Goodluck 40
    Goodluck 40 8 месяцев назад Lol it be like that
  • Rafael Perez
    Rafael Perez 4 месяца назад G
  • Chris Tilley
    Chris Tilley 3 месяца назад Martin Alviar 😂✌🏻
  • Cavy
    Cavy 2 месяца назад That’s why l am divorced and single 🍻🇺🇸🦅
  • Random Rantz
    Random Rantz 1 месяц назад lol
  • John Blackstone
    John Blackstone 1 день назад Welcome to our brotherhood.
  • Audioscientist
    Audioscientist Год назад kikawa we do care! show us more of your air max collection dude!!!
  • Ollie Todd
    Ollie Todd Год назад (изменено) Is that Kikawa with an xtreme power stance in the background at 6:55
  • William Coffey
    William Coffey Год назад Ollie Todd he needs space for his huge balls.
    EVOLICIOUS Год назад taking man-spreading to a glorious new level
  • Bezzy Russell
    Bezzy Russell Год назад Ollie Todd damn are those limited edition kashima antler laser etched airmax 360 hybrids?
  • overdafencejc
    overdafencejc Год назад Ollie Todd lmfao at this
  • kdigity
    kdigity Год назад BWAH HA HA!!!!
  • rckstrjay
    rckstrjay Год назад lmfaooo
  • Nefarious
    Nefarious Год назад LOL
    GAMER MORRIS 4 месяца назад Oof
  • thejoeyg
    thejoeyg Год назад the hit marker gets me everytime 😂
  • The Bear E36
    The Bear E36 Год назад thejoeyg they were on point this video 😂😭 had me dead
  • Jay Wilson
    Jay Wilson Год назад Baha I know right, it reminds me of Rust hit marker
  • Sand Village
    Sand Village 5 месяцев назад It's the best ever!
  • Painkiller488 X
    Painkiller488 X 5 месяцев назад yup, it gets me dying everytime
  • Mr Rongld Bringer
    Mr Rongld Bringer 2 месяца назад Ok I’m old but what’s the hit marker taken from a video game? It is great though
  • Kma26
    Kma26 1 месяц назад Mr Rongld Bringer it’s from call of duty lol
  • N3ON Prophet
    N3ON Prophet Год назад (изменено) you guys need a different HQ location. one with Enough space to build a track and a small drag strip
  • Got memes?
    Got memes? Год назад N3ON Prophet they're probably going to get kicked out or something for the noice
  • Lil perk
    Lil perk Год назад N3ON Prophet or just a fat ass lot cuz they got all kinds of different cars coming there
  • Aidan Robson
    Aidan Robson Год назад [TECHNOLOGIC] They've been there for a while I'm surprised they haven't moved yet
  • B0rikua45
    B0rikua45 Год назад N3ON Prophet or atleast away from those damn apartments and that school.
  • Bliss Wagers Streetball
    Bliss Wagers Streetball Год назад N3ON Prophet they can't sell the place cuz of the graffiti and the tire marks😂
  • Cannon Shoots
    Cannon Shoots Год назад I literally scrolled down just to say this
  • Kiril Zangagolev
    Kiril Zangagolev Год назад like Hennessey performance?
  • Matthew Menendez
    Matthew Menendez Год назад N3ON Prophet true
  • Matthew Menendez
    Matthew Menendez Год назад N3ON Prophet true
  • D Day
    D Day Год назад I like their small space. Without it they wouldn't have come up with such classic minigames as circle jerks and space race.
  • Jason Tomlinson
    Jason Tomlinson Год назад and without the dam kids around so you can do lots of fun MAN SHIT!
  • N3ON Prophet
    N3ON Prophet Год назад Jason Tomlinson I totally agree.the kids make it hard for them to make shit car(300$ e36) videos
  • Jack Goff
    Jack Goff Год назад N3ON Prophet tell that to Mr Block I'm sure he'll see the reasons
  • Sirens
    Sirens Год назад This space is so sick tho
  • J Blob
    J Blob Год назад These guys need an old airport. Few hangers for their shit and a nice long strip
  • AudibleVisible
    AudibleVisible 9 месяцев назад Wrong. Thats the novelty of this spot, the size
  • Jack Krinkov
    Jack Krinkov 6 месяцев назад @Bliss Wagers Streetball They probably rent the space.
  • Tanner
    Tanner 4 месяца назад they need to get out of commiefornia lol
  • Random Stuffs
    Random Stuffs 4 месяца назад @Bliss Wagers Streetball Graffiti can be covered and tire marks can be covered up as well. Do you really think just because a building has graffiti and tire marks that it can't be sold? hahahahahahaha There would be millions of unused businesses in the US if that were the case, but, it's not.
  • Joash Church
    Joash Church 3 месяца назад @Random Stuffs /r whoosh
  • Kevin Ryan
    Kevin Ryan 3 месяца назад Yer prayers been answered
  • MesserAaron13
    MesserAaron13 2 месяца назад I'm like number 666🤘🤘
  • Bloodk
    Bloodk Неделю назад fast forward to today they almost do!
  • babyonacid2
    babyonacid2 Год назад we care about his shoes
  • Brien Berglund
    Brien Berglund Год назад babyonacid2 and watches
  • BART 247
    BART 247 Год назад Kikawa care squad
  • Username
    Username Год назад Kikawa lowkey a sneaker head 😎😎
  • Smackindaface
    Smackindaface Год назад Username Well he is a designer.. so it's not really low key dumbass
  • TheAlmightyJ
    TheAlmightyJ Год назад Smackindaface Someone's in a bad mood.
  • Brandon Bassani
    Brandon Bassani Год назад Smackindaface someone gonna have a lonely ass summer beating off all day errday
  • Mo-hammad Abunaser
    Mo-hammad Abunaser Год назад High key AF bruh
  • sana bonesteel
    sana bonesteel Год назад Kikawa livery kikawa livery kikawa livery kikawa livery kikawa livery kikawa livery kikawa livery
    HUGGLE BUNN1E Год назад Username love those sneekers
  • MindCrime
    MindCrime Год назад You know it's a problem when you try to hide it.
  • Smackindaface
    Smackindaface Год назад (изменено) Probably your basic lookin ass trying to flex in your profile pic, and I know you aint getting laid in a raiders shirt.
  • daybreaK
    daybreaK Год назад RAISE UP FAM
  • HiroshimaSpirit
    HiroshimaSpirit Год назад The mower and weed eater are the perfect touches. Badass truck, for sure. 👍🏻
  • Lawliet Ryuzaki
    Lawliet Ryuzaki Год назад DaedalusZero lol I think it's to hold down the back of the truck, trucks have like no weight in the back
  • SPARTA1434
    SPARTA1434 Год назад weed eater?... never heard it called that before
  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson Год назад SPARTA1434 wait really? What do you call it then? I’ve literally never heard it called anything different 😂
  • SPARTA1434
    SPARTA1434 Год назад its a weed waker cuz its like waking the grass
  • Bryan Mayes
    Bryan Mayes Год назад Weed eater for dayz
  • Jesse Gomez
    Jesse Gomez Год назад Your guy's editing is like nothing else everything is perfect🔥👌🏻
  • Coop Playsmc
    Coop Playsmc Год назад 1000hp vs 700hp space race=rip headphone users
  • John Wanderin
    John Wanderin Год назад Coop Playsmc that's why I didn't wear headphones
  • you what
    you what Год назад Coop Playsmc can confirm
  • Sound Innovations design & production
    Sound Innovations design & production Год назад Coop Playsmc nah rip baby ears I go shooting wit no plugs so maybe it's just me
  • NextGenesis88
    NextGenesis88 Год назад (изменено) "Pinkys & Thumbs" you regret it when it's too late and the damage can't recover. Riiiiiiinggggggg maybe with a little hissssssssss and pop and thump overlays. Yeah I have chronic tinnitus. 🙂 Don't mistake this smile as real. I'm dying inside. 😁
  • jake parrott
    jake parrott Год назад it was worth it.
  • Sound Innovations design & production
    Sound Innovations design & production Год назад NextGenesis88 I grew up around loud noises. Loud music loud cars loud guns so maybe it's just me like I said.
  • yung spring
    yung spring Год назад "Pinkys & Thumbs" lmao stop trying to act tough you don't get "used" to loud noises, your hearing just gets worse idiot.
  • Sound Innovations design & production
    Sound Innovations design & production Год назад do do ha I have great hearing actually so much that I created 7 different SpeakerBox designs that shape sound waves so well it makes any music out of any speaker sound better then ever without it so you can go fuck yoself kid. did it all from scratch with my ears and raw material. The fuck is tough bout withstanding loud noises anyways you either used to it or you aren't get over it.
  • Nick Latronica
    Nick Latronica Год назад this is why car guys and gals are a dying breed. We aren't doing burnouts when kids are around? screw that! do burnouts ONLY when the kids are out! gotta establish the new generation of car people :)
  • Deez Nughts
    Deez Nughts Год назад Nick Latronica they've had the cops called on them probably a dozen times at least because of noise complaints.
  • Nick Latronica
    Nick Latronica Год назад yeah I know, its dumb on the school side for whining. who cares, really?
  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 8 месяцев назад It's california. The kids come home from school and tell mom they saw an awesome burnout and then she calls the cops on hoonigans for giving her kid imaginary cancer.
  • Jack Krinkov
    Jack Krinkov 6 месяцев назад I have a friend that lives down the street. The neighbors complain and post videos of the smoke on FB. I think they have whined to the city and mayor 'cause of the proximity to the school and all the tire smoke.
  • Jed Griffiths
    Jed Griffiths Год назад I care for his shoes 👠
  • G S
    G S Год назад Jed Griffiths what jed said !
  • Andy Holloway
    Andy Holloway Год назад glad to see a 4.8 being loved.
  • Ashneil Sharma
    Ashneil Sharma Год назад #FUCKROBROSA
  • Joe Ferreri
    Joe Ferreri Год назад #FuckRobRosa
  • Leon Hickey
    Leon Hickey Год назад #fuckrobrosa
  • Rhys
    Rhys Год назад Ashneil Sharma #standwithrobrosa
  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster Год назад FuckRobrosa... aslo damn im early last time i was this early i pulled out of rob rosa's mother and finished on his girlfriends face
  • Cohen Willis
    Cohen Willis Год назад Zachary Foster you are a liar... that sad guy would never have a girlfriend
  • dipchit83
    dipchit83 Год назад Get that guy with the cowboy hat to come back and do donuts!
  • Jimbo obies
    Jimbo obies Год назад #BadDaddyBraddy
  • AJ
    AJ Год назад #leroythesavage can do 5th gear sitters
  • Joe Ferreri
    Joe Ferreri Год назад that number plate tho hahaha
  • 5W4994N
    5W4994N Год назад (изменено) Love you Hert, my big sexy!
  • Joe Ferreri
    Joe Ferreri Год назад My big bigfoot lmao