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Funniest magic show ever

Published on Sep 23, 2011 301,834 views
  • Arthur Saffo
    Arthur Saffo 3 года назад how could they afford two escalators just for this one gag?
  • Ali Jasim
    Ali Jasim 2 года назад So stupid omfg
  • Dalton Watson
    Dalton Watson Год назад Ali Jasim That was sarcasm...
  • SharpieSniffer663
    SharpieSniffer663 2 года назад First time the title of the video was accurate.
  • Supervinnieboy1
    Supervinnieboy1 3 года назад i find the sounds that they make are even funnier than what there doing
  • cheesitz007
    cheesitz007 3 года назад Oh my god you're awesome for uploading this! Funniest freaking thing ever!
  • RexWong Cindy
    RexWong Cindy 2 года назад thankyou for upload!! very interesting!
  • Björn Andrén
    Björn Andrén 2 года назад This was awesome!
  • aranya Vadera
    aranya Vadera 5 лет назад lol
  • Guillermo Leoncio Cruz Varela
    Guillermo Leoncio Cruz Varela 5 лет назад So f****! Funny!!! Hahahaha
  • Hannah Roderick
    Hannah Roderick 5 лет назад Very funny!
  • Lan Nguyen
    Lan Nguyen 7 лет назад who care ? I just want to show the oher people,not only you,you are boring !!!
  • 1nf3ct3dTT
    1nf3ct3dTT 3 года назад 6:38 Fusco?
  • Keelan O'Connell
    Keelan O'Connell 4 года назад Best 7 minutes of my life... And no, I don't have much of a life.
  • Uzma Shakeel
    Uzma Shakeel 2 года назад That was the best!
  • Jørgen H
    Jørgen H 3 года назад I was trying to eat while watching this... It didnt work out
  • Night dagger
    Night dagger 3 года назад XD lol
  • Cars Uncovered
    Cars Uncovered 3 года назад Basically my morning routine
  • Abby Dragneel
    Abby Dragneel 2 года назад I love this XD
  • 0 Subs No Vids?
    0 Subs No Vids? 3 года назад Incredible Klienman is way better.
  • Daniel Hyde
    Daniel Hyde 3 года назад aint got nothing on umbilical brothers
  • Izzycarma
    Izzycarma 2 года назад not magic... funny but not magic...
  • Firie sporty Thunder
    Firie sporty Thunder 2 года назад Izzycarma I