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2020 McLaren 720S Spider Review - The Superest Super Car

Published on Jun 11, 2019 284,193 views

We go for a drive in the 2020 McLaren 720S Spider. Thanks to McLaren Toronto for providing it.

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  • Michael Souders
    Michael Souders 2 недели назад Yuri legit fearing for his life while Jakub cackles in the driver's seat.
  • New Ant
    New Ant Неделю назад This channel so much better then Doug demuro and his one side view of the car. Wow. People should be having memes here
  • Tube Screamer
    Tube Screamer Неделю назад Car reviewers without a carbon fiber balls! Just continue to review an average cars. Leave the Supercars alone!
  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNC 2 недели назад lol, the similarity to what I started to type is uncanny. Right before I hit post, I looked at the top comment. Yuri kept looking to the side of the road nervously.
  • Chayan Chauhan
    Chayan Chauhan 2 недели назад (изменено) Yuri out here looking like Tommy Vercetti in that shirt...
  • Strong Black Independent Republican Black Waman
    Strong Black Independent Republican Black Waman Неделю назад Chayan Chauhan Most car guys dress like sh* Ex. Doug demuro, hoovies garage, tavarish and his orange lambo, life of palos, daily driven exotics, royalty exotics staff Vehicle Virginsis decently dressed, his sis bad tho she lowkey thic
  • sunnyrogue27
    sunnyrogue27 Неделю назад Chayan Chauhan that reference tho 👌🏾👌🏾😂
  • Casey Hardison
    Casey Hardison 2 недели назад @Andrew Lance Vance Dance!
  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 недели назад We just need us some Lance Vance!
  • Seth S
    Seth S 2 недели назад "Be a lot cooler if it was a DODGE!" Hahahaha
  • james varte
    james varte 1 день назад @720s Or Bust Americans cars do suck sometimes but they are the number one buyers of Mclaren. They sell more there than the whole of Europe.
  • james varte
    james varte 1 день назад @Jonathan Alexander just to let you know Americans are the biggest customers of Mclaren.
  • james varte
    james varte 1 день назад @matty1053 lol USA is the largest market for Mclaren. They sell more cars here than the whole of Europe. Lol
  • Oo Iii
    Oo Iii 5 дней назад Right!!!!
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @David Myers $30K? A Dodge Demon will run you $120K now because of its limited run. For a Dodge 😂 a used McLaren 720s is $250K but lets face it, 99% of the time it will be on the road, with no prep, so its just a heavy ass boat with 840hp. Its the Dodge guys that like to compare all the time and play the price game smh.
  • David Myers
    David Myers Неделю назад @720s Or Bust I don't understand why people even compare the Demon to the 720S. We are talking a $30K Steel Dodge Challenger with a huge engine dropped in it vs a $350K full carbon hyper car. It is a ridiculous comparison.
  • rross27
    rross27 Неделю назад Heh... I pictured a guy in overalls chewing on a hay sprig saying that... 🤣 🤠 🤡
    MR FIX IT Неделю назад @Craig R. BAA Haha Haha heeeee haw he haw heee hawwwww lol you are cruel, but correct truth hurts BAA Haha Haha
  • Proud fan of nature
    Proud fan of nature Неделю назад @matty1053 nah bro we just buy cars we can fit our long legs into.
  • Seth S
    Seth S Неделю назад @Brayden Rupp Very much no. Not at all
  • bighand69
    bighand69 Неделю назад @matty1053 American cars are for the working man who can save and buy them. European sports cars are for elites who live in the likes of Mayfair or out in the countryside of Surrey in their mansions. American has a completely different philosophy that is why the likes of Classic Buick would cost just a little bit more than a Ford but were built to the standard of a Mercedes. Ironically most people that attack American cars like yourself probably cannot actually afford the elite European luxury cars. A V8 Mustang sports can be driven a 28 year old electrician from Ohio or New Hampshire.
  • Brayden Rupp
    Brayden Rupp Неделю назад Maybe a doge demon
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park On top of the vid of the tuned McLaren doing a 9.4, with the addition of the Demon's rear differential shattering, have fun reading that an additional 2 Demons, one modded and the other stock, also destroying the rear diff at Legions of Demon car club in Houston at the same day lmao
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park Brook's orange McLaren doesnt have a tune, retard. Every video that sponsors his car clearly says stock, no modifications. Learn to read idiot, I even gave you a timestamp and a vid of another Demons rear diff shattering like glass. Brook's ran a 9.7 stock, the same day and track Demonology ran a 10.1 and in the black tuned 720s, ran a 9.4. If anyones the idiot here is you trying to prove anything to me that a Demon is somewhat valuable, when its losing to the McLaren in every aspect, 1/4 mile, 0-60, 1/2 mile, turns and other things smh.
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Неделю назад @720s Or Bust and you ignored the 600 passes, you ignore me whenever I prove your stupid ass wrong
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Неделю назад @720s Or Bust I dont know if you ignored my comment but literally the first video I clicked on that you sent me, brooks said this mclaren has a tune smh
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park Brook's is the owner of Dragtimes, the guy who drives to every race track and kills every Demon including Demonology in a stock McLaren 720s while the Demons need to jack up the cars and out slicks smh
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Неделю назад @720s Or Bust I click on the video and first thing he says is its tuned. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE HOLY SHIT why are you bitching about not stock tires you stupid fuck
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Неделю назад @720s Or Bust they could've made the tires mickeys stock and it wouldnt be any different its just preference? And idk who brook is
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park Stock for stock it looks like all those Demons got waxed including Demonology lmfao
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park I can name my account what I want 🤷🏻‍♂️ I could name it Daniel Park is my bitch and you couldnt change it moron lmfao
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park Lol if Brook's can do a 9.7 in a stock McLaren 720s then SS717 is a shitty driver. Also, if it aint stock tires then it aint stock period 🤷🏻‍♂️ Demon should do a 9.65 from factory with factory nittos. Too bad Demonology got his ass whooped by Brook's, and his McLaren is under factory warranty lmfao L
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Неделю назад @720s Or Bust name your account 720s or bust when you can afford one lol. You are the bust
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Неделю назад @720s Or Bust why tf do you care if it was factory tires lol like wtf. Here's the video and here's a bonus
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park Also, Brook's beats on his 720 day in and day out at the drags, no broken rear diff lol. Link me proof where the Demon supposedly made 600 passes before shattering the diff.
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust Неделю назад @Daniel Park Yeah, how many Demon's hit the 9.65 with stock nittos and brakes? Moron. Meanwhile Brook's and 2 other stock 720's hit a 9.7 at ATCO lol.. Why bring up price? Some people can pay to play. Going by your logic, why get a $120K Demon when I can buy a gen 1 ZX10R on spray that would kill any Demon for $4K 😂 idiot.
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 2 недели назад @720s Or Bust I never said the 720s was shitty so pop McLarens dick out of your mouth. But you just can't say the demon isnt a marvel its amazing how they made that thing able to go so fast its shaped like a box ffs and is one of the fastest accelerating cars ever produced. And for only a fraction of the price of supercars
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 2 недели назад @720s Or Bust fact people got the demon under 10 seconds completely stock. Fact a McLaren cant do 600 passes before something brakes. Fact the demon has a worse drag coefficient yet is still faster on a quarter mile. It was designed for one thing and thats to run the quarter mile. Thats like asking usain bolt to go to a powerlifting meet thats retarded. And another fact the McLaren cost 3x as much so it better damn well be fucking amazing which it is
  • Julien Ezemka
    Julien Ezemka 2 недели назад @Daniel Park this is supercar maintenance profile, a lot of supercars have those transmission or gearbox problems. Look at doug demuro and his ford gt... even higher perf sports cars like audi rs or mercedes amg models have these types of flaws
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust 2 недели назад (изменено) @Daniel Park Also there are MP4's running around with 60+ miles considering they make more than 150hp per liter, with the highest being 83K 3 years ago. Impressive considering the demographic for McLaren isnt longevity since the owners just turn and burn their outdated supercars for the hottest on the block 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust 2 недели назад @Daniel Park Also, whats the matter? Cant take fact? Doesnt matter what you or I own. Fact is fact, and the fact is Demon's are rubbish. Everything that "Fiat" can do, the 720 can do better
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust 2 недели назад @Daniel Park Lol Demonology got his ass whooped in 3 different stock Demon's to Brook's in a stock 720. Hes beaten more than a handful of Demon's so thats an L. Still relying on that myth of a 9.65? Noones ever done it on factory nittos, brakes and tune. Even in the streets Demon's get waxed everytime, then whats your excuse? Ask them to follow you to the dragstrip where thats the only place a Demon performs average.. lol..
  • CookieCat
    CookieCat 2 недели назад Nice joke hahaha
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 2 недели назад @720s Or Bust im not hating on McLarens all I did was point out the error in mattys comment. I didnt try to argue about whos faster either lol, I can guarantee you do not own a 720s so why do you care so much?
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 2 недели назад @720s Or Bust it was in previous videos of his where he was doing maintenance like changing the brake pads and stuff he mentioned he had done over 600 passes on the drag strip at that point. And no the demon has a faster 0-60 and quarter mile? And it does that while weighing more and having a worse drag coefficient, and being a third of the cost.
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust 2 недели назад @Daniel Park Where in the vid did it say that? Its not like thats the only defective Demon thats done it, the glass rear diff has gotten so much negative recognition that even Dodge is looking to investigate it. What a shame, considering thats the only reason the Demon was built for. That, and the fact that the 720s can outperform the Demon stock for stock in literally every category
  • MozzaBurger
    MozzaBurger 2 недели назад (изменено) If that guy was serious when he made that comment I feel sorry for him but his mother should have aborted. There's no way something that retarded should have made it alive. Nature failed us.
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 2 недели назад @720s Or Bust he had over 600 passes on the quarter mile at the time, I'm surprised thats the only thing that broke with that much abuse.
  • 720s Or Bust
    720s Or Bust 2 недели назад @Daniel Park Yeah, did you see Demonology shatter the rear diff on a Demon with less than 1000 miles on the drag strip? What a shame
  • Craig R.
    Craig R. 2 недели назад Lol @ McLaren and FCA fans arguing about Jets and Cardinals fans in a football debate.
  • Matt Lewin
    Matt Lewin 2 недели назад These supercars aren't made for longevity.
  • Dylan Galvin
    Dylan Galvin 2 недели назад (изменено) @matty1053 this McLaren wont be on the road in 50 years, like thousands of Dodges that were produced in the 50s 60s and 70s
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 2 недели назад @matty1053 wtf you are joking right, have you ever watched hoovies garage he had to have his McLarens transmission replaced after 30,000 miles. That is utter dogshit
  • corey Wellman
    corey Wellman 2 недели назад @matty1053 definitely won't Outlast a first gen Cummins...or any for that matter.😅
  • Yeahh Boii
    Yeahh Boii 2 недели назад @matty1053 I'm pretty sure the dodge guy was joking...
  • mbrunnme
    mbrunnme 2 недели назад @Jonathan Alexander The truth is worse. I can almost guarantee the guy that said that was Canadian.
  • ZenZory Overload
    ZenZory Overload 2 недели назад @Jonathan Alexander well the McLaren is still faster in the real world than the demon, so good choice!
  • matty1053
    matty1053 2 недели назад lmao... Americans are so brand whores. They only buy for the badge. Yet this Mclaren would outlast any dodge.
  • Jonathan Alexander
    Jonathan Alexander 2 недели назад Typical American(Not all of them) defending their brand even though they know this car is way way better than any American sports car,idc if hellcat got more than 800HP i'd still take this McLaren
  • Chase McDougall
    Chase McDougall 2 недели назад Seth S I snorted, when he said that.
  • Tnxgeorge
    Tnxgeorge 2 недели назад Never clicked faster in my life. Best review EVER!
  • Octavio Torres Milano
    Octavio Torres Milano Неделю назад Sam _ There’s no point arguing with him, I can also guarantee he can’t afford a Tesla, and has probably never even driven one so whatever he says is a moot point.
  • Sam _
    Sam _ Неделю назад @C Buddy what? So Tesla's can depreciate? No fucking way. Track records? I've seen nothing except for them holding records for electric cars. Crash rate? What the hell kind of comparison is that? Tesla has some crazy safety features. Handle speed like it's nothing? Going in a straight line isn't that hard. Going fast makes you run out faster? No shit, I said they go out absurdly fast. Look up the word. Far more expensive? Nobody who owns a supercar cares about how much fuel they they burn and the cost to it. They can also refill the tank in three minutes unlike a Tesla. Doesn't matter how heavy a car is? Heavy cars take away from the experience, and makes them hard to trust while cornering. Heavy cars handle better? What kind of drugs are you on? If we're talking about weight, lighter cars handle better, although weight isn't the only thing that influences handling. You're not making a good case for yourself.
  • SoccerBoi500
    SoccerBoi500 2 недели назад C Bro you are actually fucking retarded this car would dust a Model 3. Destroy it, obliterate it, leave it for dead. Wouldn’t even be close. And the Model S P100D? It might be ahead for like 5 seconds then it would get dusted. So shut your fucking mouth you ignorant piece of filth.
  • big track3
    big track3 2 недели назад @C Gotta give you props - most ignorant reply I have ever read on YT. Bravo.
  • Sam _
    Sam _ 2 недели назад (изменено) @C What about all the negatives about Tesla? If you think your Tesla is perfect you should just get the fuck out of here. Yes, Tesla's are electric cars and because of that they have all their power almost instantly they dominate 0-60's. Also in order to achieve that 0-60 you have to spend over 150k. There are so many better options for that price point. Electric cars get much slower once you get passed that 60 mph mark. They have no noise, handle horribly, they're super heavy, and when you put them into "ludicrous mode" the batteries run out absurdly quickly.
  • Claude Chen
    Claude Chen 2 недели назад C I feel so damaged just by reading this
  • trickypat100
    trickypat100 2 недели назад Yuri looked legit scared when Jakob was accelerating
  • Mike M.
    Mike M. Неделю назад He had to change his panties afterwards.
  • Thomas Biddle
    Thomas Biddle 2 недели назад Total wet dream of a car. If you'll pardon the suggestive imagery.
  • LED
    LED Неделю назад (изменено) Thomas Biddle authenticity is key, great comparison, professionalism must involve creativity
  • Abdullah Nasir
    Abdullah Nasir 2 недели назад (изменено) StraightPipes has officially become the new TopGear for me
  • Harrison Sloan
    Harrison Sloan 2 недели назад Imagine if they made a 1 hour special
  • Rojaun Taylor
    Rojaun Taylor 2 недели назад Agreed
  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris 2 недели назад Paused it @ 4:28 by accident and see Yuri slightly worried and Jakup about to KILL.
  • ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™
    ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™ 2 недели назад Mclaren for the win with this bad boy! It's always nice to see how the rich & famous are carousing around.
  • ruststar
    ruststar 2 недели назад (изменено) I saw one of those in the same color at chick filet two days ago, beautiful car
  • Inspirice
    Inspirice 2 недели назад Rich 😭
  • ILogic 1
    ILogic 1 2 недели назад Can’t wait for the hyperest hyper car
  • MozzaBurger
    MozzaBurger 2 недели назад Koenigsegg Jesko ? Stay tuned lol. If you can ever get near one...
  • Emerald and company
    Emerald and company 2 недели назад (изменено) It's gonna have the biggest ****
  • jbassgold
    jbassgold 2 недели назад I am offended by the fact that you do not have 1 millions subs but I am more offended that @savagegeese doesn't even have 300k
  • Qaz '03
    Qaz '03 2 недели назад I still think this car looks like a beautiful orange frog.
  • Adam
    Adam Неделю назад I see a wasp lol
  • ScytheDaGoat
    ScytheDaGoat Неделю назад 😂
  • RRSmurf
    RRSmurf 2 недели назад I see a more fishy look but love it nonetheless 👍🏼
  • David Best
    David Best 2 недели назад Qaz '03 I’d never spotted that before and now I can’t unsee it thanks lol
  • OfficialHoneZtAbe
    OfficialHoneZtAbe 2 недели назад (изменено) Who gave these boys a 720s?! Never clicked a Straight Pipes video faster!
  • OfficialHoneZtAbe
    OfficialHoneZtAbe 2 недели назад @TheStraightPipes can't wait. Too bad it won't be a Dodge though
  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes 2 недели назад Same people that gave us a 650s, 570s, and maybe something else 😉
  • Kelsey Hoover
    Kelsey Hoover 2 недели назад Finally getting the sub growth you deserve! Hitting the 500k milestone last month and now seeing an additional 15k really made me happy for you guys.
  • Isaiah Cat
    Isaiah Cat 2 недели назад (изменено) McLaren hit it out of the part on this one!! Good Job Yuri and Jakub👌
  • Anthony Ivanov
    Anthony Ivanov 2 недели назад For my eyes... this is the best looking car of it's class. Absolutely no competition. Performance wise, looks, you name it. The 720s spider beats everything you can fairly compare it to. No heiterino, just my opinionino. :D
  • masscashstacks
    masscashstacks Неделю назад I'm thinking of trading in my '04 Cavalier for one these. 😄
  • Drew Hoffman
    Drew Hoffman Неделю назад Omg this had my dying😂
  • Terrible Username Amirite?
    Terrible Username Amirite? 2 недели назад Ayy notification squad! Jakub thanks for noticing on the stream
  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes 2 недели назад This is why you hit the notification bell!
  • Rohit tammineedi
    Rohit tammineedi 2 недели назад Jakub looks like a serial killer
  • strange clouds
    strange clouds Неделю назад OMGWTFLOL whats also silly is how they don’t accept any ‘bad’ feedback on video production
    OMGWTFLOL 2 недели назад @strange clouds - Yuri can't grow a beard, so that will be easy, but yeah, lose the beards. Baby faces with beards look ridiculous.
  • Casey Hardison
    Casey Hardison 2 недели назад Looks like Max Payne in the first game.
  • strange clouds
    strange clouds 2 недели назад TheStraightPipes you guys are feedback proof
  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes 2 недели назад Serial sender
  • strange clouds
    strange clouds 2 недели назад They both have to do away with the beards
  • Kyle Wagner
    Kyle Wagner 2 недели назад All that's missing is him quoting American History X before he drops his right foot.
  • Jeremy Collins
    Jeremy Collins 2 недели назад Two thumbs up for variable drift control 👍👍 Thanks for the video guys