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2019 Range Rover Evoque review | The perfect compact SUV? | Autocar

Published on Mar 12, 2019 94,088 views

The second-generation Range Rover Evoque gets a new model platform, new mild hybrid powertrains, unique visibility-boosting onboard technology and a more refined new look. Matt Saunders travelled to Greece to find out how much the car's driving experience has changed, and how well it's set to continue the sales success of its forebear. Subscribe now:

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  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 6 дней назад Sometimes reviewers mention things that I just don't follow or fully understand what They are trying to convey. I understood everything he said perfectly. I have no real interest in an SUV but loved this review. Honest and to the point. Should do well with its target audience but nothing revolutionary. Great review though. Liked how he explained why the diesel would be the better choice and how it lost some of its fun with the weight/ isolation gain. Little things like that I appreciate in a review.
  • mc Mac
    mc Mac 6 дней назад it looks a lot like the velar
  • gagan chouhan
    gagan chouhan 20 часов назад mc Mac ya it's a baby velar
  • Jayant Choudhary
    Jayant Choudhary 2 дня назад your reviews are boring and I literally slept.
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 6 дней назад Lets hope land rover quality improves with the new generation
  • Greg Mieg
    Greg Mieg 6 дней назад Purplefabian unlikely
  • It's all good all day
    It's all good all day 6 дней назад It genuinely has, they have listened to customer concern, I have been to see one of the new evoques and the interior is worlds apart from the last one, smooth quiet and materials are top notch!
  • john m
    john m 6 дней назад It's been better than german brands for a while now. German brands are usually at the bottom of reliability surveys in the UK. If you want reliability buy Japanese or Pacific rim.
  • JC 13
    JC 13 5 дней назад It's all good all day lol the interior was your concern? Interior was always great....the vehicles are beautiful ..... problem is they spend more time back at the dealer....I’ve bought a new RR this past September been back 5 times already in less than 6 months! They take “off road” to a completely different level. Worst purchase I’ve ever made. Now I’m trying to trade it in for a decent enough value, but I’ve taken a hit $$$. Don’t waste your money ESPECIALLY ON A FIRST YEAR REMODEL !
  • bongmist
    bongmist 5 дней назад Wishful thinking
  • colt 45
    colt 45 5 дней назад Lol
  • Midhun #007
    Midhun #007 3 дня назад Boring review! Who is dis guy?? 👎😵
  • Tushar
    Tushar 5 дней назад He talks like he came to a funeral
  • Tech Mech
    Tech Mech 3 дня назад worst review looks like he gave a speech what the hell.
  • CAR通車臣
    CAR通車臣 6 дней назад Surprisingly heavy, like similar to cars a size above
  • santiago lopez
    santiago lopez 6 дней назад is this a car review or some one just talking about the car ?? you just shown one angle of the interior
  • Kishan Prajapati
    Kishan Prajapati 6 дней назад Its was like someone was just reading a boring sheet of paper
  • powersliding
    powersliding 6 дней назад will spend 30% of its time being repaired rather than driven
  • Patrick Steinmark
    Patrick Steinmark 6 дней назад I've had 2 Land Rovers an LR4 and a Range Rover Sport. The LR4 was at the dealership 4 months being repaired out of a 3 year lease and The Sport I had no issues with in the prior 3 year lease. I would never buy one, but they are nice to lease while under warranty and a great four wheel drive...goes anywhere.
  • Kevin Orman
    Kevin Orman 6 дней назад You are talking out of your arse
  • Lucas Browne
    Lucas Browne 6 дней назад Did I go back in time? It looks exactly the same.
  • Koushiic Durai
    Koushiic Durai 6 дней назад Hey buddy! Take a closer look it looks more similar to the current JLR styling. The previous Evoque does look a bit different, Google it! 😊
  • Lucas Browne
    Lucas Browne 6 дней назад (изменено) @Koushiic Durai I'll check it out👍
  • Kevin Orman
    Kevin Orman 6 дней назад Buy some fucking glasses you cock
  • Quang Anh Tran
    Quang Anh Tran 6 дней назад If it sells, why should they change the essentials
  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler 6 дней назад This look way better than the first gen. That's not saying alot. But I could get behind this one. Maybe..
  • Rocky
    Rocky 6 дней назад 1.88 Tonnes. Are they using lead to make it?
  • Lokender Arora
    Lokender Arora 6 дней назад Aluminium
  • Kevin Orman
    Kevin Orman 6 дней назад How much do you think a golf weighs...?
  • Lokender Arora
    Lokender Arora 6 дней назад @Kevin Orman 1.4 tonnes
  • Onoff314
    Onoff314 6 дней назад @Kevin Orman What a random comment
  • Woklington
    Woklington 6 дней назад @Lokender Arora It isn't made from aluminium. I'm an engineer for JLR and it is a new lightweight steel. It's amazing, cause picking up a panel you wouldn't believe it!
  • Lokender Arora
    Lokender Arora 6 дней назад @Woklington that's amazing thanks for telling brother 😀
  • Fun Trump-fact
    Fun Trump-fact 4 дня назад ? 2:35 : 1.818 Tonnes.
  • tg72201
    tg72201 6 дней назад It is quite beautiful.
  • Paddy McQueen
    Paddy McQueen 6 дней назад The most useless review of all time...
  • batmanforever0
    batmanforever0 5 дней назад Agreed. Simply wasting our time.
  • Exo tic
    Exo tic 6 дней назад Wish they released this car with the SVR engine that sounds great & fun to drive then i would consider it than the RR sport svr it would be more fun to drive cause of the smaller size.
  • Kevin Orman
    Kevin Orman 6 дней назад (изменено) Yeah like theyre going to spend millions engineering a solution for a few hundred sales in the USA
  • Exo tic
    Exo tic 6 дней назад Kevin Orman who cares about usa the world is beyond that
  • Homerlovesbeer2
    Homerlovesbeer2 6 дней назад Why on earth do they need SEVEN engine choices? Surely that adds considerable cost for little benefit. Max of 3-4 would have been enough.
  • Kevin Orman
    Kevin Orman 6 дней назад Read the brochure, it's 3 engines with different power outputs
  • Homerlovesbeer2
    Homerlovesbeer2 6 дней назад @Kevin Orman Well in the review he says 7
  • Kevin Orman
    Kevin Orman 6 дней назад There is a two litre diesel a two litre petrol and a hybrid. With vatious power outputs.
  • What the
    What the 5 дней назад Great review! Appreciate the honesty about the issues with the car. Most other car reviews these days seem to be shilling for the manufacturers.
  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh 5 дней назад Looks like an update , rather than a new model
  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 6 дней назад One PS is 98.6% of an imperial Brake Horse power.
  • Ant Davis
    Ant Davis 6 дней назад Just me or has anyone else seen these around since about september last year?