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2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Massive Sound - 650Hp

Published on Dec 27, 2016 430,110 views
  • John
    John Год назад Your car got me pregnant!
  • Gail Stephen
    Gail Stephen 1 месяц назад Badass car bro
  • John Ainsworth
    John Ainsworth 2 месяца назад Its like sex on a stick you could lick it
  • karla berrios
    karla berrios 7 месяцев назад Ask for that child support 😂
  • Stark Stark
    Stark Stark 8 месяцев назад Gay
  • Os Ninjas do Asfalto
    Os Ninjas do Asfalto Год назад hehe lol
  • Subway
    Subway 2 года назад it has that old muscle car rumble😍
  • I will die on my feet , before i live on my knees
    I will die on my feet , before i live on my knees Год назад so what kind of tires you putting on there next
  • SS Loady
    SS Loady Год назад Sounds good and I like what the license plate says 😆
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 1 месяц назад @Spacebar I don't know the rules of your favorite gay game, lil timmy.
  • Spacebar
    Spacebar 1 месяц назад TasteMyStinkhole You’ve been commenting on this post for a year lmao. Don’t you have to go and play touch-butt with your uncle?
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 3 месяца назад @GANSTER SQUAD <-- broke joke ladyboy still begging for my attention 😂🍒🍌💄👠
    GANSTER SQUAD 3 месяца назад @TasteMyStinkhole you cant do a iq test when you dont have it yourself.
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 3 месяца назад @GANSTER SQUAD -->"your nickname says a lot about your iq" On the contrary dipshit. My name and avatar are an IQ test I impose on YouTards. The genuine dumbasses like yourself always fail the test by drawing idiotic conclusions based upon them. Your mommy never taught you to quit while you're behind.
    GANSTER SQUAD 3 месяца назад @TasteMyStinkhole 17y , not my ps but maybe my z1000 your nickname says a lot about your iq .
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 3 месяца назад @Big Moe You can't read dummy. ♿🚼👏
  • Big Moe
    Big Moe 3 месяца назад TasteMyStinkhole you mad?
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 5 месяцев назад @GANSTER SQUAD How did I know you're 12 years old. I bet you're mad as hell when mommy takes your Gaystation away for not cleaning your room.
    GANSTER SQUAD 5 месяцев назад @TasteMyStinkhole you mad?
  • The Tenken
    The Tenken 5 месяцев назад @TasteMyStinkhole u mad?
  • Trosty
    Trosty 9 месяцев назад @TasteMyStinkhole u mad so mad
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 9 месяцев назад Jessicunt 27 Why would I be mad that you're stupid? You make no sense dumbalina 👰💅👠💄👜🔞
  • Jessica 27
    Jessica 27 9 месяцев назад @TasteMyStinkhole u mad
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole Год назад +r2d23678 You haven't been to my channel, have you dumb shitard. LOL. Clearly you confuse facts with anger, as well as use the retarded phrase "u mad" So are you a teen, or a pre-teen?
  • r2d23678
    r2d23678 Год назад TasteMyStinkhole y u mad tho?
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole Год назад The only people using the phrase "U Mad" are teens and pre-teens. And personalized plates are never a good idea, as they make your car too easily identifiable. You fly by someone on the freeway, and they notice your plate, then next week they see your shitwagon parked in a shopping mall and they run their key down the side. So you can be fairly certain we're dealing with a dumb shitard that owns this car.
  • buickmonte
    buickmonte Год назад If i saw that in my rearview mirror on the highway i would exit the highway in fear!!
  • michael schafer
    michael schafer Год назад buickmonte I'd totally try to be a dipshit and race him in my ford fusion stock 2016 lmao watch him smoke me for days 😂😂
  • OVO XO
    OVO XO Год назад Black on black on black with a raspy voice, yummy 🤤
  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 3 недели назад Cringe
  • Yo Ma Ma
    Yo Ma Ma Год назад Does this have a cam job? So lumpy! Sounds great
  • Halen 19
    Halen 19 9 месяцев назад Damn, threw that warranty right out the window!! With those cams...
  • danny yarbrough
    danny yarbrough Год назад Chevy power
  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres Год назад I'm not a car guy in the slightest but muscle cars will always have a place in my heart! This car is awesome
  • Austin Elwess
    Austin Elwess Год назад That burnout was brilliant!
  • sakura-chan Miyawaki
    sakura-chan Miyawaki 9 месяцев назад american v8 for the win
  • Rick Mireles
    Rick Mireles Год назад Yes and a dealership close to me told me that they could get one for me
  • Rick Mireles
    Rick Mireles 2 года назад I want one in black with the 6 speed manual
  • Robert
    Robert 7 месяцев назад @Erik Villegas people comment some stupid shit when they can't drive manual. I want to control the revs if the engine will burn fuel. Buy a Tesla if you want to crush the go-fast pedal.
  • Moro11
    Moro11 8 месяцев назад Erik Villegas if I get a zl1 with a six speed you will have to teach me, I can tell you have experience with this.😂
  • Erik Villegas
    Erik Villegas 10 месяцев назад Manuals are for gays imagining stroking other cocks.
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole Год назад I want one you can see out of, and that you don't have to dislocate your shoulder to rest your arm on the window sill
  • Pete Frazz ZL 1
    Pete Frazz ZL 1 Год назад 10 SPEED AUTO WAY TO GO !
  • K. Tucker
    K. Tucker Год назад Rick Mireles the have a 10 speed transmission now
  • Redzone
    Redzone Год назад (изменено) Meelad Ibrahim Awwww Fuck😎 O by the way, have you subbed a brotha yet ? lets do this homey
  • Meelad Ibrahim
    Meelad Ibrahim Год назад lol they come with a 6 speed
  • Redzone
    Redzone Год назад Rick Mireles Zl1 A 10 only
  • Tim Henry
    Tim Henry Год назад Man, I am really digging that license plate. That's bad ass right there and it goes well with the car. That line lock is pretty cool. Awesome video.
  • Dariel Montero
    Dariel Montero 10 месяцев назад Damn bro is amazing 🤤
  • I am Ryan
    I am Ryan Год назад That's a nice looking car! Love the sound! 😍
  • Djadis 187
    Djadis 187 Год назад Thanks for the made my girls mysterious lady part twitch
  • Anna Raechel
    Anna Raechel 2 месяца назад "UMADTHO"
  • mariusz strzyński
    mariusz strzyński 2 года назад Gz :D