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India Fails不Funny Indian People Fails (Part 1) [TNT Channel]

Published on May 27, 2018 1,211,212 views

This is so funny, you won't stop laughing 不
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Having a gloomy day? Check this out! We have compiled some of the epic indian people fails that were caught on cam. This will surely make you just scratch your head and make you asked yourself if these people are out of their minds. What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy!

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India Fails:

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  • denis bajaj
    denis bajaj 4 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 The moment girl dancing like a boss 3:03
    SOCIAL MEDIA X 2 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 Girls asi hi 鄐嫩鄐戈 鄐嫩 鄐鄐兒鄐嫩鄐 鄐鄍鄐 鄐桌中鄐耜互 鄐兒允鄍鄐 鄐舟鄐兒凶鄐能冗 鄐詮 鄐鄐鄍 heart ho jyengi na嚜
  • Alice Baker
    Alice Baker 1 邾迮 郇訄郱訄迡 You Indians!!!!!嚜
  • Su Kanya
    Su Kanya 1 迡迮郇 郇訄郱訄迡 @SOCIAL MEDIA X khud bhi toh uth hi jayennge woh dono嚜
  • Satvik Arya
    Satvik Arya 3 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 At last that army Parade is not of India,its of Atankistan.嚜
  • Sumit Satija
    Sumit Satija 9 邾迮迮赲 郇訄郱訄迡 3:04 , the show must go on...嚜
  • Aakash Kumar
    Aakash Kumar 1 邾迮 郇訄郱訄迡 3:19 they are Pakistani soldiers嚜
  • TJ Fortnite
    TJ Fortnite 3 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 Fuck off they are indian like you 嚜
  • Aman Tauqir
    Aman Tauqir 2 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 No that's an Indian uniform.嚜
  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 2 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 They are niether indian nor pakistani thats a clip from african country they are not indian because there is no national emblem on their uniform嚜
    ROY KAPOOR 1 迡迮郇 郇訄郱訄迡 @TJ Fortnite fuck off They are African Still not blind like you嚜
  • Sovan Kundu
    Sovan Kundu 1 迡迮郇 郇訄郱訄迡 @TJ Fortnite lawda嚜
  • TJ Fortnite
    TJ Fortnite 23 訄訄 郇訄郱訄迡 @Sovan Kundu what do you mean speek english嚜
  • Sovan Kundu
    Sovan Kundu 22 訄訄 郇訄郱訄迡 @TJ Fortnite tera gand mein danda Pakistani嚜
  • TJ Fortnite
    TJ Fortnite 22 訄訄 郇訄郱訄迡 @Sovan Kundu teri amma di puddi speek english you freshy guy indians are shit like youuu嚜
  • Sovan Kundu
    Sovan Kundu 22 訄訄 郇訄郱訄迡 @TJ Fortnite 瘝暺bokachoda嚜
  • Bishesh Chettri
    Bishesh Chettri 4 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 i was literally holding that like button to react haha嚜
  • parth yadav bhayu yadav
    parth yadav bhayu yadav 9 邾迮迮赲 郇訄郱訄迡 3:18 is not indian嚜
  • Lubeg Tapan
    Lubeg Tapan 4 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡嚜
  • Nikesh Kumar
    Nikesh Kumar 3 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 (邽郱邾迮郇迮郇郋) That was pakistani3:18嚜
    MR JABZ 3 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 That's from India open your eyes嚜
  • Dilep Kumar
    Dilep Kumar 3 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 Yuvy嚜
    SARAN BHUJEL 3 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 @MR JABZ that's African army I've seen that one before嚜
  • nital gonsalves
    nital gonsalves 2 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 F嚜
  • nital gonsalves
    nital gonsalves 2 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 parth yadav bhayu yad嚜
  • mcrfan 69
    mcrfan 69 1 邾迮 郇訄郱訄迡 If it's retarded it's indian嚜
  • Niraj Ahir
    Niraj Ahir 1 邾迮 郇訄郱訄迡 @mcrfan 69 may be that's the reason Google has appointed Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google.....嚜
  • Islam Ki Awaz Shan Muhammad S.A.W
    Islam Ki Awaz Shan Muhammad S.A.W 1 邾迮 郇訄郱訄迡 Maza iya modi嚜
  • RobloxNoob
    RobloxNoob 3 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 @mcrfan 69 nigga嚜
  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 3 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 @Niraj Ahir Google haven't appointment sundar.. Sundar pichai is himself the owner of google..嚜
  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 3 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 Pakistani Aren't black like hindu shit嚜
  • RobloxNoob
    RobloxNoob 3 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 @Jason Vorhees says a black Pakistani xd lol嚜
  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 3 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 @RobloxNoob you Indian shit go and drink cow's urine嚜
  • Niraj Ahir
    Niraj Ahir 2 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 @Trevor Phillips who's is Larry Page???嚜
  • green apple simanto
    green apple simanto 2 訄訄 郇訄郱訄迡 00:35 i really thought that the bike was explode! LOL嚜
  • Suman Yadav Yadav
    Suman Yadav Yadav 迮迡迮郅 郇訄郱訄迡 Bhai last walla Pakistan Kaa hai India 氣 kind izzat mat girao嚜
  • Aashish ash
    Aashish ash 5 邾迮迮赲 郇訄郱訄迡 3:02 that's the spirit girl 嚜
  • Zaid Malik
    Zaid Malik 迮迡迮郅 郇訄郱訄迡 Son of a bithces has chained poor elephants feet 2:16嚜
  • jabir ahmed
    jabir ahmed 4 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 (邽郱邾迮郇迮郇郋) 3:03 鄐鄐 鄐鄐舟什 鄐桌鄐嫩互鄍鄐眇中 鄐嫩鄐 鄐鄐 鄐菽 鄐鄐賴什 鄐鄐能 鄐徇凶鄐 鄐冢 鄐兒冗鄐鄐兒冗 鄐兒允鄍 鄐鄍鄐﹤兮鄐橘遛
  • akash tate
    akash tate 1 邾迮 郇訄郱訄迡 vo last videoo pakistan bhadve ka hai嚜
  • Abhishek avr
    Abhishek avr 2 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 i think if some of them are Bangladeshi or pakistani origin video they would claim it an indian because the colour and facial structure of the people are same嚜
  • c s
    c s 1 迡迮郇 郇訄郱訄迡 3:04 :its bangladesh嚜
  • Ankush Guru
    Ankush Guru 2 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 1:36 real Hero. He is disable even he tries to save his life. Gr8嚜
  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 2 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 n繹 they "endanger" 繹thers ^^嚜
  • ritik sen
    ritik sen 2 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 Iis kadar apse humko wala best hai不不不不嚜
  • Vimla Devi
    Vimla Devi 2 郇迮迡迮郅邽 郇訄郱訄迡 Dancing girl was superb Hit like嚜
  • Radha Sharma
    Radha Sharma 2 邾迮訄 郇訄郱訄迡 Army wala Indian nhi tha hta usay嚜
  • Datta Mandlik
    Datta Mandlik 18 訄郋赲 郇訄郱訄迡 The girl ignored them at 3.19嚜
  • Durins Bane
    Durins Bane 4 迡郇 郇訄郱訄迡 2:43 The bride wanted to check hubbies 'goods'.嚜