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Old People OGs: Retirement Fails (October 2016) || FailArmy

Published on Oct 18, 2016 5,119,357 views

You can't live life to the fullest without a few fails and these people have that down to a science. This compilation is dedicated to the real OGs. They were alive long before the internet and cell phones (crazy, right?) and they've had to put up with your fails the longest. Let us know which video made you laugh the hardest in the comments section and be sure to submit your fail videos to!!

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Grandma Does a Faceplant Playing Hopscotch
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Old People Don't Know How to Use Camera Phone
Man Tries to Pole Vault over Water
Old Man Falls Surfing Down Slip n' Slide
Grandpa Faceplants Snow
Woman Falls off Plastic Chair Lift
Guy Falls in Water while Trying to Nail Plank
Old Man Watches Porn at Coffee Shop
Grandma Falls for Ping Pong Save
lit River Dance
Grandpa Can't Handle Power of Mobility Scooter
Old People Go Wrong Way on Moving Walkway
Old Man Bowls in Wrong Lane
Grandma Gets Hit in the Face with Ping Pong Ball
Woman Terrified Riding Slingshot Ride
Grandma Can't Float on Inner Tube
Dancing Old Lady Has an mishap
Grandpa Falls Dancing
Grandpa Freaks Out Playing Video Games
Woman Tries to Kneel on Yoga Ball
Grandma Falls off Mechanical Bull then off Stage
Grandma Falls At Wedding
Man Breaks Trampoline Jumping into Pool
Grandma Turns Dive into Bellyflop
Lollipop Gets Stuck in Grandma's Dentures
Man Frustrated while Pouring Contact Cement
Dad's Hoverboard Fail Takes Son Down With Him
Big Yellow RC Plane Hits Man
Grandpa Falls doing Wheelchair Wheelie
Dancing Man Gets Scared by Dog

The Real OGs: Retirement Fails (October 2016) || FailArmy

  • LaToya Forever
    LaToya Forever 2 года назад Why do I always watch these. LOL
  • Yawning Pheonix
    Yawning Pheonix 3 месяца назад Because you're a horrible person :D
  • Wayne Ellis
    Wayne Ellis 2 месяца назад LaToya Forever I love them all. The ping pong one was boss. I love it when people are off their butts having fun!!! Thanks for the clips!!!
  • Plistra
    Plistra 2 года назад It seems like the older people get, the harder they hit the ground lol.
  • freya's cat
    freya's cat 2 года назад Plistra your comment has me DYING
  • talziax __
    talziax __ 2 года назад No the poor dog :( The man stepped on the dog and yells at him.. 😔
  • m.tracy m
    m.tracy m 6 месяцев назад talziax __ ☹️ yes
  • the skeleboy
    the skeleboy 2 месяца назад He didn't step on the dog you sensitive fuckwit he tripped over it
  • Peter Nolegård
    Peter Nolegård 1 месяц назад It's probably his wife's dog, bought without his consent, and now the little bastard tripped him! 😁
  • Enid Gonzalez
    Enid Gonzalez 1 месяц назад Talziax_• Right? Smh
  • JustinBieber
    JustinBieber Неделю назад Who cares.. stupid ankle biter
  • StuartDeanes456
    StuartDeanes456 2 года назад the guy with the glue just saying "ohh geez"
  • King SHIIFT
    King SHIIFT 2 года назад It's contact cement lol, much worse than glue
  • XxSdwCdrGhostxX
    XxSdwCdrGhostxX 2 года назад English Marksman that cement looks really sticky
  • Laurie McLaren
    Laurie McLaren 5 месяцев назад The can looked like a giant sinus infection
  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 года назад Everytime someone fell I cringed and thought that he/she broke something. Anyone else feel the same ???
  • Amorr Winterstorm
    Amorr Winterstorm 2 года назад Guy Incognito got cold shivers everytime,
  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 года назад @Amorr Winterstorm Yeah, this was a big brrr! ^^
  • lohphat
    lohphat 2 года назад Yes because you have empathy. Much lacking nowadays. Most of these falls are actually life threatening at their age. A broken knee or hip usually means permanent loss of mobility.
  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 года назад @lohphat Yeah, that's what I thought. Not fun at all.
  • Jbinaguy
    Jbinaguy 2 года назад Do you even know what cringe means?
  • lina
    lina 2 года назад Yes omg I was so worried every time
  • the_rustydoornob
    the_rustydoornob 2 года назад no I said to every one "help I've fallen and I cant get up"
  • Guy Incognito
  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 года назад @Lina _ Me too.
  • Şћαđǿẃ
    Şћαđǿẃ 2 года назад Using the word cringe wrong. nice one good job!
  • Matthew Chaplin
    Matthew Chaplin 2 года назад ProphetShadow no he didn't?
  • Patrick Richardson
    Patrick Richardson 2 года назад ProphetShadow no he didn't. Do you even know what cringing is?
  • Şћαđǿẃ
    Şћαđǿẃ 2 года назад @Patrick Richardson maybe cringe has two meanings but here is what i know
  • Robert
    Robert 2 года назад lol especially the first one
  • H !
    H ! 2 года назад Robert T lol
  • Chelsea Smil3
    Chelsea Smil3 2 года назад i do its so annoying for my self
  • Mr. Snuffleupagus
    Mr. Snuffleupagus 2 года назад Yeah
  • Ashbee Gaming
    Ashbee Gaming 2 года назад yes me haha
  • Me
    Me 2 года назад Guy Incognito same
  • Freddy Saint
    Freddy Saint 2 года назад Guy Incognito 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸
  • Freddy Saint
    Freddy Saint 2 года назад Ashbee Gaming 🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌
  • Don Morgan
    Don Morgan 2 года назад FREDDY SAINT x
  • lolothar
    lolothar 2 года назад did you just quote urban dictionary as a source to prove that he used a word wrong? there are actually proper dictionaries out there...
  • Profire 2a
    Profire 2a 2 года назад Guy Incognito
  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 года назад @Windy 90% Titanium ^^
  • Lilyrose Reilly
    Lilyrose Reilly Год назад Guy Incognito yeah
  • Object 704
    Object 704 Год назад yah
  • Guy who didn't like sand
    Guy who didn't like sand Год назад Guy Incognito Do you know what „Cringe" mean cause i don't think you do
  • Lionel Raoul
    Lionel Raoul 10 месяцев назад Nope.
  • Squeek Tate
    Squeek Tate 6 месяцев назад Guy Incognito My thoughts exactly.
  • SC G
    SC G 2 месяца назад Why must they do these things at these ages?
  • Nug U
    Nug U 2 года назад 1:03 OKAY KOOLAID MAN
  • Ikeaman6
    Ikeaman6 2 года назад the dog at 0:30 was so funny
  • Ikeaman6
    Ikeaman6 2 года назад and the noise it made
  • Kathastrophe
    Kathastrophe 2 года назад You're so cruel. :D
  • Thomas McMichael
    Thomas McMichael 2 года назад I reminded me of a time when my dog was sitting in the middle of the hallway at night. rotty, so hes black, so u couldnt see mom was talking, tripped over him and did the SLOWEST teeter tooter fall over him, it was perfect... his eye like slowly bulged open as she slow-falled on him lmao.
  • Amegrb
    Amegrb Год назад Ikeaman6 Hahahah yeees😂😂😂
  • grace lou
    grace lou Год назад +Amelie. Gb no it was not funny😡😡 he got hurt idiots😒😒😒
  • Brett Sorensen
    Brett Sorensen 4 месяца назад @grace lou it was the dogs fault that the man triped on him.
  • gega27tt
    gega27tt 2 года назад 0:30 so scotishy hilarious!!!! hahaha
  • Branski C
    Branski C 2 года назад 5:04 funniest thing I've ever seen.....and I feel bad laughing.
  • spaz905
    spaz905 2 года назад I felt really bad for that poor guy...
  • Aliaksandr Khachaturan
    Aliaksandr Khachaturan 2 года назад I laughed my ass off))))))
  • can i get 1000 subscribers without videos?
    can i get 1000 subscribers without videos? 2 года назад Branski C alright this is not workin yea this is not workin 😂😂😂😂😂
  • W M
    W M 2 года назад where i find this single video
  • Avant-garde Student
    Avant-garde Student 2 года назад what was that stuff?
  • Eightosaurus Spelunk
    Eightosaurus Spelunk 3 месяца назад W M
  • Bryan Carpenter
    Bryan Carpenter 2 года назад That clip starting at 2:54 just irritates the shit outta me.
  • Kilo
    Kilo 2 года назад Close your eyes, and just listen from 5:03 - 5:34 ;)
  • LessQQMorePewPew Nadav
    LessQQMorePewPew Nadav 2 года назад OH GOD XDDDD LMAFO
  • crazy weird kid
    crazy weird kid 2 года назад ToxicWaffles :D LOL
  • Mitchell Briggs
    Mitchell Briggs 2 года назад ToxicWaffles :D and
  • Christopher Navarrete
    Christopher Navarrete 2 года назад FUCK YOU, you copied this comment from someone else!
  • Aidan Callan
    Aidan Callan Год назад Thank you for that LMAO
  • Noah The Boah
    Noah The Boah 10 месяцев назад Is he constipated
  • Top 5
    Top 5 2 года назад 0:30 hilarious what language is this xD
  • Sara Mejia
    Sara Mejia 2 года назад Scottish
  • lhbos
    lhbos 2 года назад >West Highland Terrier >Golf Definitely Scottish
  • hiphopboy36
    hiphopboy36 6 месяцев назад The way he said silly billy😂
  • mobooshka
    mobooshka 2 года назад Those people have so young soul. #Respect
  • BitterYetSweet
    BitterYetSweet 2 года назад 6:12 I woke up my family from laughing so loud 😂
  • Saharii
    Saharii 2 года назад LoL
  • Phandom! Is Panicing at the Sad Dimple.
    Phandom! Is Panicing at the Sad Dimple. 10 месяцев назад Lol my life story
  • Ace •
    Ace • 2 года назад Love your grandparents and ofcourse your parents one day you will realize how important they r so spend much time with them. Have a good day!
  • Mick Hack
    Mick Hack 2 года назад R.I.P to all those broken hips
  • Stirling Hancock
    Stirling Hancock 2 года назад 2:24 what was he doing? Watching porn?
  • Sophie Salad
    Sophie Salad 2 года назад Stirling Hancock yep
  • Filip Zinders
    Filip Zinders 2 года назад Stirling Hancock I think he played "The Sims 4"
  • ObliviousHD Fan
    ObliviousHD Fan 2 года назад Stirling Hancock b
  • 0Fanmade0
    0Fanmade0 3 месяца назад i think he was playing sims
  • Green
    Green 2 года назад (изменено) 6:07 We've been doing Gangnam Style wrong this whole time....
  • Johannes
    Johannes 2 года назад Green it's a new interpretation ;)
  • Russell John Javier
    Russell John Javier 2 года назад I was laughing so hard at that part xd
  • Ionee Lee
    Ionee Lee 2 года назад That dog looked pissed.
  • no thanks
    no thanks 2 года назад Green I died 😂😂😂
  • Monica
    Monica 2 года назад Green lol
  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 2 года назад Green LOL
  • Brandon Sweet
    Brandon Sweet 2 года назад Green I kinda feel bad for all these people
  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 2 года назад GREEN!!!
  • Green
    Green 2 года назад @Rman Nayr WHAT!!!
  • LPS Daisy
    LPS Daisy 2 года назад LOL GREEN !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • LPS Daisy
    LPS Daisy 2 года назад Yeah me too all this time I have done it wrong! 😅😅👏👏
  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 2 года назад LOL K
  • Ahmed Shahbaz
    Ahmed Shahbaz 2 года назад Rman Nayr ssexcvh
  • Dreamy Dandelions
    Dreamy Dandelions 2 года назад So true haha XD
  • Viggo Vogt
    Viggo Vogt 2 года назад Green lol
  • Paddy Gaming
    Paddy Gaming 2 года назад Green lool
  • Federico Maestri
    Federico Maestri 2 года назад Yeah you got it bro!
  • NewPaulActs17
    NewPaulActs17 2 года назад i gave you your 300th like.
  • Develop Prumbo
    Develop Prumbo Год назад 2:54 I have a feeling that's gonna be me when Im older...
  • abyie123
    abyie123 2 года назад 2:25 the guy was looking at porn? 😹😹😹
  • GarrettGames
    GarrettGames 2 года назад Right? I'm not sure either..
  • EDS98
    EDS98 2 года назад abyie123 pretty
  • English Heart
    English Heart 2 года назад No, a Hillary website.
  • Evan Z
    Evan Z 2 года назад Yeah. Bondage porn
  • Theodore Keliher
    Theodore Keliher 2 года назад Whats that?
  • MrYfrank14
    MrYfrank14 2 года назад that was the site where they recruited people to hurt people at Trump rallies. they had to blur it because the democrat party is a racist hate group.
  • MrYfrank14
    MrYfrank14 2 года назад i would guess bondage porn. the figure on the left was the dominatrix and the one on the right was getting punished. you can see what appears to be a scanty black outfit on the one on the left, and the other one has little or no clothes. but, of course, i am a guy so we see porn everywhere.
  • Ivo Andričić
    Ivo Andričić 2 года назад wow you are fucking addicted...
  • I Retired The Undertaker
    I Retired The Undertaker 1 день назад Hentai