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So 2 dirty drivers teamed up against me...

Published on May 19, 2018 1,087,280 views

These 2 idiots sacrificed their whole race just to take me out. And they failed...
One of the drivers has already admitted to me that the other one persuaded him to crash into me.

Follow me at:

Using the Thrustmaster T300RS.

F1 2017 Camera Settings:

Field of View: 0.6
Lateral: 0.0
Horizontal: 0.0
Vertical: 1.0
Angle: -1.0
Near Clip Plane: 1.0
Mirror Angle: -0.2
Camera Shake/Movement: 0%

  • Rhythms
    Rhythms 7 месяцев назад Finally got a new video! Dirty drivers chasing me down:
  • Scary Lary
    Scary Lary 5 месяцев назад Stupidest video game ever, not even a real sport
  • Alpha Tango
    Alpha Tango 5 месяцев назад I don't get why people do that
  • Alpha Tango
    Alpha Tango 5 месяцев назад @Scary Lary it is. Racing is a sport its like track but just will cars and more laps
  • Bel Tizio
    Bel Tizio 4 месяца назад Do u buy the views?
  • Matthieu Zimmermann
    Matthieu Zimmermann 3 месяца назад Rhythms for the first clip, the guy which took him out was also in a Mercedes, thats why he shunted into you
  • chiz gon
    chiz gon 2 месяца назад More like you and your paid cohorts orchestrated this made up video lol
  • easy_gamer_ dude
    easy_gamer_ dude 2 месяца назад Rhythms kannst du Deutsch? Can you speak german?
  • x33mmm
    x33mmm 2 месяца назад Stop whining like a bitch and play
  • Tris542
    Tris542 Неделю назад Why didn't you file a report on the user?
  • ShineStreet
    ShineStreet 9 месяцев назад your moves against these scumbags are actually satisfactory
  • x x
    x x 9 месяцев назад ShineStreet couldn't agree more and feels so good.
  • Vector Sentinel
    Vector Sentinel 2 недели назад Exceptional
  • x33mmm
    x33mmm Неделю назад what moves
  • Tobi Best of und mehr!
    Tobi Best of und mehr! 9 месяцев назад We need a report button.... NOW
  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 9 месяцев назад Tobi Best of und mehr! I Agree
  • Tobi Best of und mehr!
    Tobi Best of und mehr! 9 месяцев назад Did you like ever play F1 Online? It is really rare to actually find a lobby with people who want to race. 95% of the lobbies are full of toxic people who directly crash into you / wants to ruin your race after one incidient. If you watch the video you can clearly see that it isn´t only "bumping". Or do you think stopping on the track to wait for someone and then crash into him is "bumping"... They clearly doing it on purpose.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Ok, your point? You act like if getting crashed into on a racing game that is NOT real life is the end of the world. All I can say is that if this happened to me I wouldn't give a shit. Realistic racing simulators are a waste of time. Some people like to actually dick around and have fun. Someone crashes into you, crash them back. Simple.
  • Tobi Best of und mehr!
    Tobi Best of und mehr! 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright "Someone crash into you, Crash them back" Wow you are actually as retarded as these people in the video
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Look, I'm only stating what I know from years of street racing game experience, and a little bit of Forza. I just can't play a constricted racing game that doesn't allow any sort of violent option. It's boring. Also, it was "crashes," not "crash."
  • Brian
    Brian 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright is one of those c*nts i bet hahahah
  • Tobi Best of und mehr!
    Tobi Best of und mehr! 9 месяцев назад xD That was a answer to your last reply to Brian. You wanted to "have the balls to outright say it" here you go man... haha
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Oof. At least you had the balls.
  • Tobi Best of und mehr!
    Tobi Best of und mehr! 9 месяцев назад (изменено) To your last reply. The Formula One games WEREN´T the freakin NfS or Burnout games. Those games were made for having contact to other ones. But F1 isn´t. Of course there are contacts and crashes in F1. But not on purpose. You just don´t get the point.
  • winteriscoming
    winteriscoming 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright then stick to Need for Speed and arcade racers, the fact that you are even defending this shit is fucking moronic. These games cater to a certain audience people who respect their opponent and the rules it's just how it is.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад If the game is programmed to have racers crash into one another and it gets a racer ahead, then it's going to happen. Unless people get banned for doing it, it always will happen. It's a feature of the game that I, along with many other players, will use to our full advantage. If you don't fight back that's your problem.
  • tom brad
    tom brad 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright my guy you are still missing everyone's point, YOU DON'T want to crash, ever in these games. If it happens it happens, but purposely doing it to gain an advantage is fucking despicable period. The guys in this video purposely run him off the road multiple times for literally no reason and you are defending it? LUL stick to arcade racers bud.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад >Using an in-game feature is despicable I really fail to see your logic. You say this like EVERYONE wants to play exactly the same. No. If it's in the game, can be used, and doesn't ban you, why the fuck is it "dirty"? All I'm seeing is people getting butthurt about someone trying to gain an advantage. Should it be used to troll, like these guys? No. If it's clearly an option and gives you an advantage, is it dirty? No. There's multiple scenarios as to how something can be used.
  • tom brad
    tom brad 9 месяцев назад (изменено) How is it not dirty to crash into somone to gain an advantage? Whether or not it's banned(which it should be), you're still scummy for doing so. You are actually an idiot if you don't think it's dirty. Do F1 racers crash into each other in real life? A lot of people who play this game take it somewhat serious in the sense that they are trying to race clean. You wanna crash into people play NFS or Burnout. Watch the F1 Esports Series you think those pros crash into one another to gain an advantage? lol gtfo your arguments are beyond stupid.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Sorry, but I'm never going to stop. People like you are what make the F1 community so damn toxic. Throwing around insults just because you disagree with me.
  • Anthony Tamez
    Anthony Tamez 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright quit sensitive over a video clowning some scrubs.youll be okay kid.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Lmao who's crying? The last thing I would use to describe my statements is sensitive. I'm just stating my opinion about racing games. Next time you join into an argument that you were never a part of, make sure you take some common sense with you.
  • Anthony Tamez
    Anthony Tamez 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright oh Lord here we go again.let it all out buddy.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Let what out?
  • Ammar Razak
    Ammar Razak 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright my dude, you only play crappy street racing games, what would you actually understand about actual racing sims like F1, GT, Forza, Project Goth etc? These games require you to race, which is an actual sport. Do as you please in your street racing games, but you cant seem to grasp the idea behind this non-contact sport.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад You know, maybe I can't. I just don't like simulators. They're boring and a waste of time to me. And I'd hardly call NFS: Underground "crappy" Although Carbon improved on a lot.
  • Ammar Razak
    Ammar Razak 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright and thats why you shouldn’t be commenting on how a certain game should be played if you cant understand the concept. Yes you are entitled to your own opinion, but it’s silly to give opinions about a game you have no knowledge of
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Oof. That is true.
  • Jojo Divas
    Jojo Divas 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright you sound like one of those players from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade game. Suits you well. Have you even drive a real life car?
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад When 14 year olds can get licenses I'll let you know xD I kinda did a bit more research on these types of games. I am fully capable of realizing how wrong I was.
  • Jojo Divas
    Jojo Divas 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright bruh then why would you argue like that? But a 14 year old like you sure know how to argue. Well main point about all these arguement is that arcade and simulation racing games when it comes to online, has a big gap of differences. My own main pov towards racing games nowadays, is that we respect each other, without having to “oh you crash me I crash you too” and taking advantages to features stuffs to win etc something like that.
  • Tychus
    Tychus 9 месяцев назад wow you're actually retarded mate ... some people actually like to dick around and have fun ... that's the dumbest thing ever it's F1 not fucking demolition derby. you wouldn't like it if someone "wants to dick around and have fun" using cheats in a FPS would you same shit applies here. what these two cunt are doing is not right and they should be reported for toxic behavior and hopefully banned from the game PERMANENTLY. if you want to dick around play solo dick out with the AI
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад You do realize that this argument ended and I already saw that I was wrong, right? Unless you didn't actually read through the entire argument.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Great job on the completely unneeded quote. I already admitted I was wrong, so that means they already won the argument. If you don't see that, then you're the stupid person.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Yep, totally.
  • Fritz Schnacken-Pfefferhausen
    Fritz Schnacken-Pfefferhausen 9 месяцев назад Hey Michael. Your original argument was pretty dumb but you actually turned around and admitted you were wrong and even did some research to help further educate your opinion. You mentioned you were only 14 so I just wanted to pip in that a mentality like that will get you far in life as long as you apply it correctly to whatever it is you decide to eventually do. Keep it up bud.
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Thanks. I like to call it not being a completely rigid idiot. Your mind's gotta be flexible towards other opinions and points of views. Otherwise it'll break, like your spine.
  • AlexRacing
    AlexRacing 9 месяцев назад Michael Wright ok you are actually retarded
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 9 месяцев назад Wow. Thanks for the great insight. Read the whole fucking conversation, yah? Or just don't comment. You're the only retarded one I see here.
  • Tuan The Juan
    Tuan The Juan 8 месяцев назад Well this was an original argument. Good for u that you changed your opinion and ended the argument peacefully.
  • AlexRacing
    AlexRacing 8 месяцев назад Tuan The Juan he didnt do shit. Just keeps going telling us all his bullcrap
  • Lord Marquaad
    Lord Marquaad 8 месяцев назад AlexRacing aka the BlueShell If you actually took the time to understand the conversation that took place you would realize that the original argument is OVER and that I realized that I was wrong. You're the only one spouting crap here, friend.
  • Alex BloodWolf
    Alex BloodWolf 8 месяцев назад Actually we need an update which give you penalty for every crash on purpose and for those "track cutters" how i like to call em. A more advanced and realistic penalty system would be great in my opinion, but also a report button is an even greater idea.
  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 8 месяцев назад the derp changed his name ahahahahah
    BIG TIME 8 месяцев назад Racing simulators are for those who actually enjoy them. I don't even know why people who like more arcade style games like NFS and Burnout are complaining. The game wasn't meant for them. There are people who actually enjoy a good clean race, and frankly having people smack right into you because they get pissed that they lost, gets old real quick. If you want to play that way, go play Burnout. Don't waste your time on a racing sim if you're going to behave like a child. Simple as that. These are just my two cents anyway.
  • tfw no gf
    tfw no gf 8 месяцев назад Lord Marquaad what the fuck are you on about? Does this look like fair racing to you?
  • Jon Lenin
    Jon Lenin 8 месяцев назад After reading this thread- you lost the second you started counting down how long it took for him to reply back.
  • Rhythms
    Rhythms 8 месяцев назад lmao how have I only now seen this conversation . Glad that you changed your mind. So yeah F1 is a non-contact sport and crashing into people will be penalised, in real-life as well as in this game. Problem is only that penalty systems in games are always full of flaws and not well executed. Glad that Lord Marquaad changed his mind and actually looked further into the topic. I've seen so many people just completely ignorant when it comes to actually understanding whats going on.
  • BurnoutSonicGaming
    BurnoutSonicGaming 8 месяцев назад Rhythms New sub here. I was now kind of wondering, how should a penalty system be made to punish the one responsible and not the one who gets shunted into the wall. Way too many times I've seen in these races that the game is rewarding your attempts to dodge with penalties or warnings. I know this feeling way too well from GT Sport. Single shunt to the rear: +10 seconds which will only increase if you don't slow down almost immediately...
  • Shibaaa
    Shibaaa 7 месяцев назад Lord Marquaad you obviously never have played a competitive game where races actually matter.
  • Ztrh/IV
    Ztrh/IV 6 месяцев назад @Lord Marquaad ur mad
  • AlphTH
    AlphTH 5 месяцев назад Well, after reading this whole thread I think humanity is not necessarily doomed to die an horrible death. xP
  • Diamond be laughing
    Diamond be laughing 4 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad you must be the fuck in the video huh
  • Getz Boost
    Getz Boost 3 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad dumb clown
  • Ruttler Wulfgang
    Ruttler Wulfgang 3 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad this is why your mom should shave her pubic hair before sex so good non retarded sperm not getting stuck in her vag hair. People online want to race with another not playing ping pong duh.
  • The Rambler
    The Rambler 3 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad I guess you must be the one of the cunts in the video XD
  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean 3 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad "some people like to dick around and have fun" SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO ACTUALLY RACE AND HAVE FUN???
  • X13 Unlisted
    X13 Unlisted 2 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad Wow. I get that you eventually came to an understand, but still. Damn lol. You really were missing the point. F1 is a sim-racing game. Meaning it caters to those who either does this professionally or enjoys watching it. Meaning, yes, bumps happen. But, no, not intentionally. The contact with other vehicles are there to simulate real life scenarios. They aren't prevalent in the game to dick around for the lulz like NFS or Forza. That's like saying military simulation games have friendly fire incorporated because you're supposed to shoot your allies.
  • Makkin
    Makkin 2 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad Yo, How's Forza Horizon 4 going? Enjoying the crashing still?
  • Omega Scoob
    Omega Scoob 2 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad forza... You 10 right? Go play wreckfest, I enjoy clean competitive racing for ACTUAL skilled players unlike you
  • AndyTheSpy
    AndyTheSpy 2 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad did you not go to day care today? Sad
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad daaamn so edgy my boi. I bet you're so angry and can't help your yourself not to reply just to show you're not angry.
  • zNoah
    zNoah 2 месяца назад M I S S I O N R E P O R T N O W
  • xxroyalxtigerxx
    xxroyalxtigerxx 2 месяца назад @Lord Marquaad "ok your point" so you get proven wrong and your first line of defense is acting like a retard? What are you the guy in the video acting like a retard?
  • Slick Vernichter
    Slick Vernichter 2 месяца назад They would continue to provoke accidents and would also report you...xD
  • TunedS2K
    TunedS2K 2 месяца назад Lord Marquaad Remember, he said ‘street racing games, and a little bit of Forza.’ I cringed
  • Yasoing
    Yasoing 1 месяц назад @evilstricker 619 they can do that in real life as well ? Report what?
  • Koenigsegg PETA
    Koenigsegg PETA 1 месяц назад Lord Marquaad This is a sim, you aren’t allowed to bump people in Motorsport.
  • Koenigsegg PETA
    Koenigsegg PETA 1 месяц назад Lord Marquaad, you actually are an idiot, YOU started this argument because you don’t know ANYTHING about Motorsport.
  • minus randloev
    minus randloev 3 недели назад @Koenigsegg PETA and he also said that he was wrong about saying so.. read the whole argument before making such lane comment
  • Ced - oLazy ツ
    Ced - oLazy ツ Неделю назад @Lord Marquaad Just let them. You are clearly the only person in here giving a "professional" argument. I understand what you said but I don't fight back. I get banned for insulting back ppl on messages so that's why I do not fight back.
  • DashaSoul
    DashaSoul Неделю назад @Lord Marquaad You should be banned for life ur shit
  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Gustavo Oliveira Неделю назад Your suggestion is under investigation
  • MIdnight Muse
    MIdnight Muse 4 дня назад @Lord Marquaad because they want to play the game that's meant to be played and you're afraid of skill?
  • Gerrit Jahn
    Gerrit Jahn 9 месяцев назад You outplayed them so hard
  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 1 месяц назад I wish everytime i can do this too
  • APC227
    APC227 9 месяцев назад god like dodges
  • GimmeBackMyPancakes
    GimmeBackMyPancakes 9 месяцев назад Ayyy APC, you here?
  • Mustang BR
    Mustang BR 9 месяцев назад AYYYY
  • Firebolt1089
    Firebolt1089 9 месяцев назад Apparently APC also likes his cars as well as his tonks
  • Unknown User_97
    Unknown User_97 9 месяцев назад Make a tenk race boi
  • Tobias Sczakiel
    Tobias Sczakiel 9 месяцев назад APC here? Hi!
  • ax kyuga
    ax kyuga 8 месяцев назад That's not world of tanks...
  • Unknown User_97
    Unknown User_97 8 месяцев назад ax kyuga yes you can.This is not a game for racist pike you boi. #EKWALITY
  • ax kyuga
    ax kyuga 8 месяцев назад Noob _Kat97 ??? don't get mad dude I Just show my surprise
  • Unknown User_97
    Unknown User_97 8 месяцев назад ax kyuga lol that is a meme sorry.I am not mad of you though...
  • Minnesotan Gaming
    Minnesotan Gaming 8 месяцев назад I swear he should’ve just messaged him after saying “juked”
  • L0RD_V4D3R
    L0RD_V4D3R 8 месяцев назад APC :DDDDDDDDD
  • Nissan Skyline R34
    Nissan Skyline R34 7 месяцев назад Ap make fun again
  • Sebastian Santos
    Sebastian Santos 3 месяца назад Ultra Instinct...
  • Luca Mino
    Luca Mino 9 месяцев назад They're such c*nts that they can't even take you out and cause crashes properly! They just kept divebombing you and it was pretty easy to predict and avoid them...well done mate Also, the pause to ghost trick was genius
  • 0waffel0
    0waffel0 9 месяцев назад Luca Mino they're cockwombles their mums should've swallowed them..
  • Gamram
    Gamram 9 месяцев назад they got banned on psn
  • GTFO My Pancake!
    GTFO My Pancake! 9 месяцев назад Gamram Wait did they really?
  • lohpezfan62
    lohpezfan62 9 месяцев назад He was basically driving against a couple of Max Verstappens, dodge the idiot or get taken out.
  • ForThePeople
    ForThePeople 9 месяцев назад GTFO My Pancake! Yah mate hehe
  • Ammar Razak
    Ammar Razak 9 месяцев назад ForThePeople how’d you know?
  • Valkyrie Lenneth
    Valkyrie Lenneth 8 месяцев назад this is why u dont play casual racing games and go for iracing for example for online racing :v too many tards in games like gran turismo/f1 ect
  • Dillex
    Dillex 8 месяцев назад I don't know this game. So why could he sometimes "ghost" through them and sometimes not?
  • Valkyrie Lenneth
    Valkyrie Lenneth 8 месяцев назад Ford Mustang FR500S sounds like low irating tbh... only hear about this in lower brackets
  • Don Luffyni
    Don Luffyni 8 месяцев назад Is there a way to report such c*nts?
  • RoiDesP
    RoiDesP 8 месяцев назад Theses 2 saubers' driver licence need to be removed
  • CONN2044HD
    CONN2044HD 8 месяцев назад Why cant people just play the game and have fun playing it properly instead of being dickheads 24/7....take a day off FFS!!!! Puts me off playing it online,gta vids did same,too many C**TS as other guy said.
  • LegendaryVegeta
    LegendaryVegeta 8 месяцев назад ITS FUN FOR THEM ESPECIALLY IFF THE VICTIM GETS FUSTRATED its called bullying lol
  • edbo10
    edbo10 7 месяцев назад it's ok to say cunts on youtube
  • bourdier gustave
    bourdier gustave 7 месяцев назад I odn't play F1, what is the ghost trick ?
  • edbo10
    edbo10 7 месяцев назад haven't played it but im assuming its when you pause you become a ghost so people don't crash into you
  • Deadly Death
    Deadly Death 6 месяцев назад One of the frivers admitted that the other driver told him to crash into the youtuber
  • Benji Nathan
    Benji Nathan 2 месяца назад Luca Mino 🍳
  • RareYellowWUUTBee
    RareYellowWUUTBee 9 месяцев назад You deal with it without violence!
  • SG47
    SG47 9 месяцев назад (изменено) 5:36 guitarboy2611 Retired from the Session Curb your enthusiasm plays
  • ZZ9 Productions
    ZZ9 Productions 3 недели назад F1 Theme Bass Boosted Version
  • Waleed Ahmed
    Waleed Ahmed 9 месяцев назад the voice effects over was epiccccc XD XD XD
  • Alex Thepalex
    Alex Thepalex 9 месяцев назад This was a lot funnier than it should have been 😂
  • n i c c
  • Squeakers
    Squeakers 9 месяцев назад Props for exposing these twats and salty drivers but absolutely shreking them and with all the memes too! Great job. Hopefully this game will get a system like GT sport
  • Victor Sinha
    Victor Sinha 9 месяцев назад NANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Waha
    Waha 9 месяцев назад He want's to play bumper cars or something
  • Sridhar K
    Sridhar K 9 месяцев назад You remind me of Bruce Lee from Enter The Dragon: "When he expands, I contract, when he contracts, I expand and when there's an opportunity, I do not hit, it hits all by itself." iukwim😂
  • Paulo Fontana
    Paulo Fontana 9 месяцев назад Stupid noob players. Nice to see that karma is on your side xD
  • Max grrr Dog
    Max grrr Dog 2 дня назад (изменено) Just got this game, looks like I won't be playing the multiplayer. Edit: I got 18 not 17 but still won't play the multiplayer.
  • lucas McNicoll
    lucas McNicoll 2 часа назад Loving the evasive manuoevres toward the end sending the idiot straight into the walls! 😂😂
  • peydam
    peydam 9 месяцев назад Dude the way you messed with them is just awesome 😂
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 9 месяцев назад (изменено) "Whatu.... what a mental guy"   ~   Romain Grosjean"  "Seriously, are we developing autoscooter here,  where it's fun to push the other guy of the track?!?  I had my nose ahead! Honestly!"    ~ Sebastian Vettel